Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 30

It is very troublesome for natural mermaid and people to do paternity testing. The accuracy rate is low, and a special method must be used for paternity testing, which is not so fast. Ordinary people’s paternity test can come out in an hour or two if it’s fast, and it takes two or three days at the earliest for a natural mermaid.

Even if it takes a long time, it may not be able to be identified.

Yu Qing had no hope. In his memory, he was living in the sea from the beginning. Of course, he was not stupid enough to think that he had no parents, that he was formed by the condensation of sea water, and that the argument that the sea water had changed was nothing more than to deceive children. It is impossible for adults to believe it.

However, the slap in the face came so quickly.

The appraisal result came out. Yu Qing and Mrs. Chu Er 99.9% were mother-child relationship, and Chu Erye was father-son relationship.

“Did you take the wrong thing to appraise.” Yu Qing frowned. How could it be possible. It’s not bad that he didn’t say that he was the son of Dahai. How could there be human parents? “Mrs. Chu is not a mermaid. It’s difficult to inherit it from generation to generation.”

Yu Qing didn’t believe it, someone definitely took the wrong thing to verify.

“You don’t need to do this.” Yu Qing said very seriously, “I don’t need a backer, I don’t have to cheat.”

At this moment, Yu Qing and Raymond were at Lei’s family, and the Chu family were not there, so Yu Qing dared to say that to Raymond. Yu Qing doubted Raymond’s hand, the probability of the Chu family doing it was very low. Who would want to recognize a person with no blood relationship as a child? Madam Chu had been disappointed so many times, and she could continue to be disappointed.

If you cheat, it will only make you more sad. Yu Qing didn’t want to deceive the Chu family at all, and he didn’t want the Chu family’s property. Even if he wanted to be incompatible with Lei Meng’s status and status, he was not so inferior. He really didn’t need a strong family to rely on.

“Not cheating.” Raymond really didn’t cheat.

“That’s because they took the wrong thing. Mrs. Chu’s second wife is not just a child.” Yu Qing thought that the Chu family must have taken things from other children of the Chu family for identification. “The Gene Management Bureau has my genes. At a glance, you will know if it is true. The fake will not become the real.”

When Yu Qing saw the paternity test report, he was not too happy. Saying this to Raymond now is purely to clarify the reality.

“You tell me, the orphanage I went to when I was about seven years old lived on the sea at the beginning.” Yu Qing saw that Raymond didn’t admit it, and didn’t say anything about Raymond. Think about it, Lei’s family is so powerful. There is indeed no need for the other party to cheat for themselves. If they are exposed and offend the Chu family, then there is a high probability that they have taken the wrong things. unpalatable.”

Yu Qing’s words did not arouse Raymond’s suspicion. Orphans on some remote planets didn’t go to the orphanage, they just looked for food everywhere. Sometimes, the staff of the orphanage do not know where there are orphans, and it is impossible to find orphans. There are also poor families who have difficulty raising children, relying on mountains to eat mountains and water for drafting.


“Then let them use the genetic sequence you have left in the genetic management bureau to do the identification.” Raymond believes that what he said is not wrong. It is better to be more cautious.

And where there is such a coincidence, don’t really make a mistake, if you make a mistake, it will be embarrassing.

Raymond didn’t think there was anything, but he didn’t want to hurt his sweetheart. He took a close look at the expression of his sweetheart, and the other party didn’t seem to look forward to family affection, which was good too.

So Raymond contacted Chu Xiao and told Chu Xiao in front of Yu Qing, “Did you accidentally take your hair away, do it again, and use my partner’s genetic sequence for identification. You apply, If we agree, we can do it.”

“In this case, it will be half public.” Chu Xiao said. He didn’t think he would make a mistake, but what if.

“This.” Yu Qing rubbed his thigh, and a piece of fish scales fell out of his trousers, which hurt.

Next time, won’t pull the scales again, there is still a bit of bright red on one end of the scales. It’s not the season for scales, so you shouldn’t pull the scales. If it wasn’t for accuracy, Yu Qing wouldn’t pull the scales.

It’s a ruthless mermaid!

Raymond never expected that Yu Qing would pull a piece of scale off, and the scale of a fish’s tail would be the same pain as a human fingernail. Unless the scales fall naturally, it will be very painful.

In the next moment, Yu Qing’s legs turned into blue fish tails.

“…” Yu Qing looked at the trousers that fell on the floor, then took out the blanket from the space and put it on the tail of the fish.

Playing handsome was unsuccessful…

Yu Qing pretended that nothing happened, took a few cherries from the fruit plate on the table, added some vitamins, and was shocked.

“Come here and do it with others.” After Raymond finished speaking, he hung up Guangnao in a hurry, just to see where Yu Qing pulled out a scale and if it was bleeding.


“It’s okay.” Yu Qing was a little panicked and prevented Raymond from lifting the blanket. They were still in the living room.

Even if there were only two of them now, Yu Qing didn’t want to let Raymond check his fish tail in the hall, it was too ashamed.

Raymond was eager to see where Yu Qing was injured, and where it was possible to see if Yu Qing’s earlobes were red.

“It’s okay.” Yu Qing emphasized again.

“There is blood on the scales.” Raymond was not blind, there was a little red on it.

“Go upstairs and get some medicine.” Yu Qing suddenly thought that TV shows are all deceptive. Any mermaid would just pull out a scale from the fish’s tail and give Alpha a token of love. He shouldn’t watch so many TV shows. , And hurt myself.

If the scales grow into the flesh, it hurts when they don’t automatically fall off the scales.

Leimen lazily picked up Yu Qing and prepared to go upstairs.

“Scales!” Yu Qing didn’t want to pull out that scale for nothing.

“Put it there, you can’t lose it.” Raymond said, but under Yu Qing’s disapproval gaze, he still brought the scales upstairs.

After returning to the room, Raymond immediately contacted the family doctor. His power level was high, but he was not a doctor, so he still had to let the doctor take a look. Mermaid fish tails are very fragile, and no mermaid pulls its scales.

“Don’t do this next time.” Raymond put Yu Qing on the bed and then lifted the blanket. He saw a little blood on the fish’s tail, so he didn’t dare to reach out and touch it for fear of hurting his sweetheart.

“No next time!” Yu Qing said firmly, absolutely impossible to do that again, it hurts too much, and the scales are still difficult to grow.

“Be careful of baldness.” Raymond said, “Then you are not in pain, but you will have to be sad for a long time… I’m not relieved.”

When Raymond looked at the bright red, he felt that his heart was shaking.

“…” It’s not the first time Yu Qing heard Raymond say that he cares about him. He dropped his scales before. When the scales grew, he still got a little itchy, so he hid himself.

Now, Yu Qing suddenly felt that maybe he should have let people know that he was a mermaid, maybe he could get more attention. But the concern of those people is not the same as that of Raymond.

“It’s impossible to be bald.” Yu Qing came back to his senses. It was definitely because the other person’s face was better, that he panicked. It turned out that he was also a potential face dog. This is absolutely the case, “If you are bald, you will dislike it. ?”

“Dislike it.” Raymond replied, “How can I make myself bald? That hurts so much.”

“Well, you don’t remove the scales when you shave your head.” Yu Qing joked.

“No, I can wash your hair for you.” Leimen looked at Yu Qing’s long hair. It doesn’t matter if my sweetheart’s hair grows a bit longer. I have time to help my sweetheart wash.

Before the ambiguity between Raymond and Yu Qing continued, the doctor came. Doctor Zhang is a doctor who is also very researched in mermaid. If this is not the case, Raymond would not be able to let Doctor Zhang come over.

There was a knock on the door, and Raymond didn’t say anything else, but let the doctor in.

Doctor Zhang inspected Yu Qing’s fish tail and saw the broken skin of the fish. The scales are the tools used by the mermaid to protect the fish tail, and they also grow from the flesh.

“Don’t touch the water in the last few days.” Dr. Zhang took out a cotton swab to wipe off the other blood-stained scales, and wiped the potion on the wound, then turned to look at Raymond, “You can wipe the madam with warm water. At the end, wring out the towel, don’t have too much water, spray water, it’s also small.”

Dr. Zhang did not explain Yu Qing, so he explained to Raymond more. As a husband, he should take more care of his partner.

“The natural mermaid’s body is better, but it can’t be too much trouble.” Dr. Zhang emphasized, “Be careful to avoid inflammation.”

When Dr. Zhang looked at the wound, he knew that the scales did not fall off naturally. The scales of a mermaid are difficult to grow back, especially for the transformed mermaid, it takes a long time to grow back, and the natural mermaid is better.

When Chu Xiao came over, he happened to see Doctor Zhang coming down from the stairs.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Xiao asked.

“It’s not a good habit to pull out scales.” Doctor Zhang said quietly. Some nobles had many quirks and ran to pull out mermaid scales. He is the family doctor of Lei’s family, but he is not sure whether Lord Lei has such a hobby. Looking at the person in front of him, it is best if the person in front of him does not have such a hobby. ”

“…” Chu Xiao was a little confused, what do you mean?

Doctor Zhang didn’t say much. He took the medicine kit and left. Young people nowadays are too good at playing and will die.

The Raymond upstairs obviously didn’t know that he was misunderstood. He is now letting his sweetheart lie on the bed and raise his tail first.

“Later, you can turn into legs, it’s okay.” Yu Qing just wanted to prove that his fish tail was okay and could become legs, but the fish tail was disobedient.

So angry, Yu Qing was so angry by herself, her body was disobedient, and she was separated from her brain and thinking!

“Hey, rest.” Raymond put the quilt on Yu Qing, his sweetheart looked so naive, and he wanted to be rejected when he looked at it.Well, I just want to let someone lie down with my sweetheart, “Scaly, I’ll take it downstairs.”

Raymond didn’t want his sweetheart to pull out another scale, just looking at the scale on his hand made him feel distressed.


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