Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 31

In the living room, Chu Xiao took the scales placed in the transparent bag, and he saw the bright red of the scales.

“Pull it out!” Chu Xiao was not blind, how could he not be able to see that the scales looked very fresh.

“Yes.” Raymond nodded, unhappy to think of this. Why doesn’t my sweetheart use hair? Does he think hair is easy to get confused?

Chu Xiao’s hair is not long, and it’s not that easy to get confused. But Yu Qing had already pulled out the scales. Raymond didn’t know it at the time and couldn’t stop it. Now it is even more impossible not to take out the scales.

“Scaly scales are not hair, so it’s not easy to make mistakes.” Raymond said, “It’s better to be more cautious.”

“You said?” Chu Xiao frowned slightly, obviously disapproving of this behavior. Pulling scales is a very unfavorable thing for mermaids. It is very painful. Although it is not so painful afterwards, it is impossible to be normal.

“No.” Raymond said coldly, how could he say that, “He is a very reasonable person.”

It’s impossible for your sweetheart to mess around just to get to the Chu Family.

Raymond loves his partner. The partner doesn’t believe this and doesn’t think there are biological parents, so he pulls out a piece of scales so disregarding his body.

“He…” Chu Xiao opened her mouth and said nothing after all.

After Chu Xiao got the appraisal result, she received a call from Raymond before she told her mother. He could see Raymond’s attitude, and from the other party’s words, he also understood Yu Qing’s attitude. Yu Qing had never thought about finding parents.

That’s right, Yu Qing is a natural mermaid, and married to Raymond, there is really no need to find his parents.

“Identify it early.” Raymond didn’t say much, and they couldn’t change this kind of thing.

Chu Xiao held the scale with a heavy heart. If the mother hadn’t had a whim, if they hadn’t thought about making a paternity test report with Yu Qing, maybe there would be no such scene.

In every paternity test, the Chu family did not falsify and did not deliberately ask the appraisal agency to produce a test report that was not a paternity. Back then, Madam Chu went to the orphanage to do a paternity test with the orphans, which was also true.

Mrs. Chu San once wanted to cheat, making the relatives of Mrs. Chu San’s family fake as Mrs. Chu’s second child. It’s just that Mrs. Chu San’s actions were unsuccessful, and the second master Chu and the others could see through. For this reason, the relationship between Chu Erye and Chu Sanye was even worse.


It happened that Third Master Chu liked Madam Chu San very much, and he was reluctant to say that Mrs. Chu San’s was not the case. He also said that Chu Second’s child was dead, so it would be comfort to adopt one.

“Be careful, other people will come in.” Raymond didn’t say how complicated the Chu family’s interior is. It doesn’t matter how complex the Chu family’s interior is, as long as it doesn’t involve his sweetheart.

“Don’t worry.” Chu Xiao understood Lei Meng’s worries. Mrs. Chu San had a good relationship with Qin Mian. Qin Mian had troubled Yu Qing before.

Chu Xiao took the scales and left, so he had to identify the results sooner.

In the evening, Yu Qing planned to get out of the bed, without a piece of scales, his tail was disobedient and could not change into legs, so he walked with his tail. Yu Qing rarely walks on the land with his tail, it is not so easy to walk, and it is better to jump.

“Be careful.” As soon as Raymond entered the room, he saw Yu Qing dragging the fishtail, and then stepped forward, picked up the person in his waist, and put the person on the sofa. “In a moment, dinner will be here.”

Raymond had already confessed to the servants and asked them to send dinner upstairs.

“You can go downstairs, it’s not that crisp…” Yu Qing reached out and patted his fish’s tail. Before he took two shots, Raymond grabbed his hand.

“Don’t move.” When Raymond heard the patter of Yu Qing’s fish’s tail, he was frightened and quickly stopped his sweetheart. Is this because he disliked the tail hurt enough? “Want to get your hands scratched by scales?”

“There are skirts.” Yu Qing said, this is all separated by fabric, how could it hurt his hands.

“That’s not okay.” When Raymond heard the voice, he felt his scalp numb, and always felt that his sweetheart was about to be hurt, “Wait for dinner.”


The servant soon brought the dinner, and Raymond even fed Yu Qing himself.

Yu Qing wanted to say that his hands were okay, he had pulled out a piece of scale… But after seeing the concern in Lei Meng’s eyes, he did not refuse after all.

In the Chu Family, Madam Chu Er wanted to know the answer early. She thought that the time was up and the results should have come out, so she asked Chu Xiao.

“We have to wait two days.” Chu Xiao didn’t say the previous appraisal results.

It is impossible for Chu Xiao to say that he might be mistaken. If he could be mistaken, then Mrs. Chu two must be able to guess the result. Chu Xiao didn’t want his family to rush to Yu Qing to recognize him when he was excited. Raymond asked for a new appraisal, so he would do the appraisal again.

“Then wait.” Madam Chu nodded, but she wondered how the staff could make such a low-level mistake. But she had been sad for so many years, and she didn’t care about waiting two more days.

At night, Yu Qing wanted to take a bath, but Raymond held him back.

“Just wipe it.” Raymond remembered the doctor’s words, “I’ll help you.”

“A little water, not much, no soaking.” Yu Qing stretched out his hand and gestured, “Just a little bit of water, you will never submerge the place where the scales fall.”

“No.” Raymond refused.

“A mermaid needs water.” Yu Qing looked awkward, looking like a dried fish, “a little bit.”

“Give you a wipe and a little bit of water.” Leimen forced himself to look at Yu Qing, unable to soften his heart and let the other party see his intolerance, “Be obedient, it will be fine in a few days.”

“Repair the warehouse and lie down.” Yu Qing suggested.

“It is not a serious injury. It is not suitable to use the repair chamber. It will reduce the body’s own immunity and it will be more difficult to recover in the future.” Raymond also thought that Yu Qing’s small wounds should heal quickly. The repair chamber is good, but in general, it is not used The doctor does not recommend it.

In the interstellar age of rapid technological development, these high-tech products are indeed useful, but people should not rely too much on these things.

“Didn’t you repair Canggui?” Yu Qing whispered.

“No.” Raymond said helplessly, rubbing his sweetheart’s hair, “It’s not more expensive than you.”

Some dead objects are not so important. Raymond is not reluctant, but he is reluctant to get injured and harder to recover from his sweetheart in the future.


“Ah, I’m a pharmacist, and I understand.” Yu Qing is a pharmacist and knows how to do medicine. Of course, he knows that doctors do not recommend patients with minor injuries to lie in the repair room for repair. He used to take medicine for his injuries. , It passed.

Yu Qing thought he was hypocritical, how could it be like this in front of Raymond. After all, it’s because someone cares and feels different in my heart.

“Then it’s up to you.” Yu Qing said, he is a person with a partner, he can no longer be so rough.

For the sake of your partner, you still have to take care of your body, so that your life span is not so short, and you must live a long life, saving Raymond from looking for someone else in the future.

Yu Qing thought secretly, don’t tell the other party about the inheritance memory of man and fish, don’t tell the other party that you can live a long life. If the other party bores one day and waits for his early death, he can live a long time, share Leimen’s property, let his son inherit everything from Lei’s family, and throw Leimen to a remote planet.

Yu Qing raised his head and glanced at Raymond again. For the sake of the other person’s good looks, he would go on for the first time.

With this excitement, Yu Qing felt that her ears were a little itchy, but her ears changed.

Yu Qing hurriedly stretched out her hands to cover her ears. What’s more, the ears were about to become pointed ears with fins!

One hand and one ear is really easy to cover, but the fish’s ears are a bit big.

“Eyes…” Raymond whispered.

“Eyes?” Yu Qing was flustered, and then covered the eyes with the ear covering hands, and the eyes would also change, ah ah ah.

Yu Qing was anxious, “Don’t watch it!”

“Look at it.” Seeing that Yu Qing was so flustered, Raymond originally thought it was something big, but didn’t expect that the other’s ears and eyes had changed. Raymond had seen a lot of big scenes, and his heart was scared, and he quickly let go of his hanging heart. It’s good if his sweetheart is not seriously injured.

Raymond has seen images of deep-sea mermaid, and the appearance of deep-sea mermaid is indeed different from natural mermaid and transformed mermaid. There used to be deep-sea mermaids combined with humans, but there are too few deep-sea mermaids. I heard that deep-sea mermaids are a kind of person who can put themselves to death.

Deep-sea mermaids are loyal to love, value marriage, and cannot tolerate a little betrayal. This is all right. The key is that the deep-sea mermaid is especially prone to feel insecure during pregnancy. It is more likely to suffer from depression than ordinary people. It needs more than the other half to be accompanied. If the other half is not accompanied, the deep-sea mermaid can depress themselves to death.

The key is that the deep-sea mermaid also likes to tell the other half that they are okay, they like to be strong, and they like to be generous. After waiting, the deep-sea mermaid was dying, and said to hide in the sea.

Then, the mermaid doctors finally researched the characteristics of the deep-sea mermaid, that is, the deep-sea mermaid is indeed good in physique and capable, but the deep-sea mermaid is vulnerable, and can make itself vulnerable to death.

Human: No wonder the deep-sea mermaid is extinct!

Whether the deep-sea mermaid is really extinct, no one can really be sure, but the deep-sea mermaid does not appear in front of the world again. The current transformation of mermaid uses deep-sea mermaid gene fragments. Natural mermaid also has deep-sea mermaid genes, and the probability of returning to ancestors is extremely low.

“Don’t panic.” Raymond held Yu Qing’s hand tightly, “It’s okay, returning to the ancestors, not a monster.”

“Huh?” At this moment, Yu Qing felt strange, a little sour and a little warm.

Yu Qing stayed in the sea for so many years before going ashore, and the mermaid on the shore was also different from him. It’s not that he hasn’t checked, and he has seen the appearance of mermaids in ancient times, but he just feels that he is different, different from the people around him.

“It’s okay.” Raymond was suddenly a little worried, especially with a blank look at Shang Yuqing.

Raymond thought of some information about the deep-sea mermaid. It’s bad. Will he behave badly just now? The deep-sea mermaid’s heart is very fragile, the lover returns to his ancestors, and his psychology is also very fragile.

“Don’t worry.” Raymond’s voice became extra gentle, “Good.”

“Can you put more water?” Yu Qing tilted her head and looked at it pitifully.

Humph, does this one who thinks he is returning to his ancestors want to love him? If he doesn’t hurt him, he will be depressed and show it to Raymond!

Yu Qing didn’t think that his heart was so fragile in terms of information, and that he was strong. If Raymond is willing to give more water, he can be a little more vulnerable.

“No!” Raymond resolutely refused Yu Qing, “At night, I will accompany you and only wipe it, okay?”

“…” Go away, just wipe it, who wants to stink, Yu Qing is not happy.

“Be with you.” Raymond emphasized.

The next moment, Yu Qing jumped up, trying to shake Leimen’s tail. However, Yu Qing’s tail was caught by Raymond again.

“Just wipe it for you, don’t worry.” Raymond smiled.

“…” This was a devil, and Yu Qing was crying in her heart.

Yu Qing found out that Raymond really wrung the towel dry and there was no water. It doesn’t matter, Yu Qing said that he has the water system ability and can produce a little hot water, but he didn’t control it for a while, and half of that ball of warm water was sprinkled on Raymond’s body.

“It’s okay, I didn’t touch the wound.” The first thing Raymond did was to check the wound for Yu Qing.

Yu Qing saw that Leimeng was so embarrassed to do it again, and only said, “You should wash it well. I don’t care if I don’t wash it. If you don’t wash it again, you won’t be able to sleep at night.”

“Are there any peculiar smell?” Raymond looked at Yu Qing amused.

Yu Qing’s cheeks were hot, it was obvious that the other party just spoke ordinary words.

This night, Yu Qing turned over several times, not because he felt that Raymond was scented, but because he felt that his emotions were not stable enough, and the tips of his ears came out.

Leimen didn’t sleep, he just hugged Yu Qing, “It’s legal, you can hug it.”

“Hold it.” Yu Qing replied in a low voice.

After a while, Yu Qing fell asleep in Leimeng’s arms. Leimen opened his eyes and didn’t fall asleep. He was thinking about the Chu family. He heard that the child of the Chu family was thrown into the ocean not long after he was born. It stands to reason that the child must die. If the child is a reborn The mermaid…

Two days later, Chu Xiao got the appraisal result again, and Yu Qing was his own brother.

Dream, too dreamy, Chu Xiao thought it was a coincidence, this time he also changed the appraisal agency purposely. Chu Xiao is indeed a man with a lot of scheming methods. Going on the battlefield and wanting combat skills, how can he make every effort.

Chu Xiao didn’t think about whether it was designed by someone. The genes of natural mermaid are not so easy to modify. Even if the gene fragments are inserted and modified, it is impossible to achieve this point.

“It’s him, it’s him.” Chu Xiao returned home and told his parents that Yu Qing was really their family.

“Really?” Madam Chu Er was excited, took the appraisal report, and looked at it carefully, “Yes, it must be. He is a mermaid. He can live in the sea for a period of time. It’s not that easy to get into trouble. It must be.”

In the past few days, Mrs. Chu’s second wife couldn’t sleep and kept thinking about this matter. A good paternity test has to be postponed. It must be determined that there is a relationship. If there is no relationship, just tell her directly.

Mrs. Chu Er didn’t want to worry about her family, so she assumed that she hadn’t guessed anything, but she would still think about the rationality of Yu Qing as her child.

“Go, go see your brother.” Madam Chu two wished to fly to Yu Qing’s side now, and she finally found the child.

“Mom.” Chu Xiao stopped Madam Chu, “Wait.”

“What are you waiting for? Didn’t the appraisal result come out? It’s him.” Madam Chu didn’t want to wait, so she wanted to take her husband to go quickly. Whether the son is willing to go or not, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the younger son is in Emperor Star. , At Lei’s house.

“Wait a moment, I will contact Raymond to see what he says.” Of course, Chu Xiao also wanted to go directly, but the blood-stained scales appeared in his mind, and he didn’t know how Yu Qing was now or whether he would like to see them. Yu Qing pulled out the scales for identification, did he think the identification result was wrong?

Chu Xiao could not guarantee that Yu Qing was looking forward to their relatives, “Yu…Brother lived outside for so many years and grew up staggeringly. We weren’t by his side and didn’t find him. Wait, let’s see when my brother wants to see us. .”

This matter was not decided by them. Chu Xiao hoped that his family would give Yu Qing some time to accept them.

“Not bad.” Chu Erye nodded. He wanted to go to Lei’s house with his wife, but the second son was right.

In Lei’s family, Yu Qing is lying on the sofa and watching TV. He thinks his fish tail is too squeamish, but is it just a piece of scale? Two days have passed, and he is still not obedient and unwilling to turn into legs.

“Pretentious.” Yu Qing patted the tail of the fish lightly, “If you are not obedient, you are not afraid of being burned.”

“…” Raymond came with the fruit plate just in time, and he heard Yu Qing say that he wanted to braise fish tails.

Raymond has received the paternity test documents, and is thinking about how to tell his sweetheart. He is always worried that his sweetheart is more vulnerable than glass. Oh, no, the glass of the interstellar age is not so fragile, but the ancient glass is very fragile.

“The appraisal result is out.” Without Raymond brewing, Yu Qing asked when Raymond came over, “I’ll say they got it wrong, right?”

Yu Qing didn’t think much about the Chu family’s affairs, and was ready to eat fruit happily, and later have a good talk with Tail to teach Yu Tail to be obedient.

“No, that’s right, you are Chu Xiao’s brother, the child of his parents.” Raymond took a deep breath.

“Don’t want to touch me.” Yu Qing opened his eyes wide, this is absolutely impossible.

“What are you doing with porcelain?” Raymond asked.

“…” I hate it, telling the truth, there is really nothing to touch porcelain on my side, they don’t understand their memory of the inheritance of human beings and fish, Yu Qing suddenly found that he is very poor, has no connections, and has no power and power. , I am Mrs. Lei, Chu Xiao is still Lei Meng’s good partner, or grew up together.

Yu Qing pouted, was silent for a while, and said quietly, “It turns out I am useless, let’s get a divorce.”

“You are good everywhere. Without you, I only have money and power. The cold things are not as warm as you.” Leimen coaxed Yu Qing and must be coaxed so that the sweetheart could not be broken into bubbles.

“…” Yu Qing suddenly wanted to say, ‘Dog man, you have become more and more able to talk sweetly these days, asking, are you doing something sorry for me’.

“Ann, I didn’t betray you.” Raymond added.

“Who said you betrayed me?” Yu Qing said with no shame, o(╯□╰)o, he really didn’t mean it like that, “the biological one should be the biological one.”

Yu Qing did not continue to speak, did not say when to meet, did not say why they had not found him before.

At this moment, Yu Qing just wanted Raymond to be so gentle, and he would do it hard. Didn’t you say that you are pets and spoiled? He can.

Raymond was afraid that Yu Qing was upset, and he was relieved to see that Yu Qing was not angry. After all, I didn’t say anything else about the Chu family. Let’s talk about it when I contact Chu Xiao later. Leimen couldn’t bear to embarrass his sweetheart.

“Eat fruit.” Leimen picked up a petal of apple and fed it to Yu Qing. “The mermaid’s fish tail is too long and it won’t be braised.”

“…” This topic has long since passed, so why say it now!So Yu Qing pinched Raymond severely, and disliked that the other party’s flesh was too strong to be pinched.


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