Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 32

Braised in brown sauce, or steamed, of course it is impossible in the end, at most it is a sauna.

These are not the most important, the most important is the relationship between Yu Qing and the Chu family. Yu Qing was never a person to avoid problems. Of course, he faced it directly. He met the Chu family directly. If God sees a person who is good for bullying, he can bully him vigorously.

Yu Qing felt that he was really too miserable. He was not a real deep-sea mermaid, but was born of life, not a deep-sea mermaid. Fortunately, Yu Qing felt that he was different before. People, that’s it. Everyone thinks that they are special, even if not all of them are special, at least a little bit, but later discovered that they are ordinary.

And Yu Qing now feels like herself, she turned out to be very ordinary.

There are inheritance memories, but if others study harder and learn more for a few years, they can also accumulate.

Yu Qing didn’t tell Raymond about this, and didn’t want Raymond to only know about the dark history.

The second day after Yu Qing learned of the identification results, Mrs. Chu and the others came over. The reason why Yu Qing didn’t go over was because Yu Qing’s tail was disobedient and hadn’t turned into legs. The tail must be protesting his brutal behavior of pulling the scales before.


“…” Yu Qing looked at Mrs. Chu and they didn’t know what to say. They were in a subtle mood. They said they were touched, but they didn’t. They just felt weird.

Yu Qing subconsciously sat in the direction of Raymond, but the baby still couldn’t bear it!

Yu Qing wanted to be a baby now, and a little baby, there is no need to face such an embarrassing situation. Originally, Mrs. Chu Er and them were invited to serve as the elders at the wedding banquet, but they did not expect to become the elders.

Madam Chu did not understand their child, after all, the child was taken away not long after it was born. I haven’t been together, I don’t know each other’s preferences, and it’s impossible to say, ‘This is a strawberry, which you liked very much.’ I thought a lot in my heart, and when I was actually facing each other, I didn’t know what to say.

“In the beginning, I should have looked for more.” Madam Chu Er red eyes.

“I can’t find it.” Yu Qing replied, “I have lived in the sea for a long time, five or six years.”

Yu Qing didn’t hide this. He had lived in the sea. There was no shortage of food in the sea, and there was no internet.

“The seaside scenery is also good.” Yu Qing sometimes went to the beach to see, there were some small islands, and he didn’t dare to get too close to those people. Later, when he grew up, he made up his mind to go ashore.

Both Mrs. Chu and them both lived as Yu Qing alone by the sea. As for why they were not discovered, Xu was all coincidences. Now it’s not the time to think about what it used to be, it’s pretty good to find someone.


“Do you like the sea? I will ask you to give you that planet with high ocean coverage.” Mrs. Chu thought that the younger son had obtained the certificate from Raymond, but she did not prepare the dowry for the younger son, so she should prepare more. thing.

“There are a few, you can choose one.” Chu Erye said.

“Give me whatever you choose.” Mrs. Chu second slammed on the foot of the second master Chu. What good choices are there? The eldest son and the second son are not incapable, not to mention the planets with more sea water and less land, and people living on them. Also less, instead of producing a lot of planets. What choice is there for such a relatively inferior planet?

“Yes.” Chu Erye smiled, not reluctant.

“It doesn’t need to be that much.” Yu Qingzhen didn’t want any private planets. Anyway, those people rarely go to the bottom of the sea. Even if there are submarine buildings, they are in the shallow waters.

To put it bluntly, if Yu Qing really wants to go to the sea, there is really no need to care who the sea belongs to. No one cares about who the sea belongs to, and no one guards the sea.


“You can take a look first.” Raymond shook Yu Qing’s hand. There was no need to be nervous, no need to feel embarrassed. Madam Chu and the others were willing to give it, and Yu Qing could keep it. Afterwards, Raymond looked at Second Master Chu, “Master Chu, do they know?”

If the parent-child relationship between Yu Qing and Chu Erye were made public, the rest of the Chu family would definitely know what their attitude towards Yu Qing was.

Raymond didn’t want those people to use Yu Qing as a tool for marriage, and didn’t want them to trouble Yu Qing in the future. Yu Qing used to live alone. It is good to have a family, but it is not so good if there is a lot of trouble. Lei Ming knows that Yu Qing does not like troublesome temperament.

“They can’t affect you.” Second Master Chu said with certainty, “Master can’t control so much.”

Mr. Chu is not a person who blindly indulges the juniors, nor is he the kind of person who must take advantage of the juniors without distinction. At that time, the second master Chu proposed to divide the family, but the old man Chu did not keep him much, but he also divided the third master Chu out. If you want to divide it, you can divide it together. On the surface, the old master Chu gave the second master as much as the third master, but it is even more. Ignore the family of Chu Sanye.


“I’ll be there in a while.” It is impossible for Chu Erye to make Yu Qing a usable pawn in other people’s hands. Yu Qing does not owe the Chu family, and other people are not qualified to ask Yu Qing to do this or that.

When Yu Qing heard the conversation between Erye Chu and Raymond, he clearly understood the merits of the wealthy. He really didn’t understand this.

“Leave these matters to us.” Chu Xiao said, “Big Brother is still on the frontier. He didn’t come back. He has the same attitude as us.”

Chu Erye’s family worked hard and worked hard to earn merits. They just didn’t want to be bullied by others at will.

“Next time, don’t pull the scales.” Chu Xiao looked at Yu Qing, how painful it should be.

“It hurts this time, not the next time.” Yu Qing looked stern, his tail has been disobedient for so many days, whoever pulls the scales is a fool.

The Chu family spent lunch with Yu Qing and Raymond at Lei’s house before leaving.

Madam Chu wanted to see her younger son more, but she also knew that Yu Qing was not used to it, so she didn’t stay too much.

After leaving Lei’s house, Mrs. Chu Er looked at Second Master Chu with a serious expression, “The children are alive, but I will never forgive them. Don’t let the children feel cold.”

It was impossible for Madam Chu Er to forgive those people like Madam Chu San. The child could survive because the child would die. If the child was not a mermaid, then the child would have already died and it would be impossible to stand there. This is enough to show how vicious the relative of Mrs. Chu San is. Under such circumstances, it is absolutely impossible to say anything to reconcile.

“Of course it’s impossible.” Second Master Chu is not stupid, and of course it is impossible to think Third Master Chu and the others are good. It’s been a long time ago, and now it’s even more impossible to reconcile. If the child is not alive, they will think that the child is dead, and they don’t know how much the child has suffered. Also suffered more.

It’s impossible for Erye Chu to forget the original life of the child. The old man still gave those juniors things before. It was Yu Qing’s turn, who was born with him, so naturally he had to make up for it.

Yes, the second master Chu went to see Mr. Chu, just to let him compensate Yu Qing, and Yu Qing must have what other people have.

In the Chu family, Father Chu did not expect that the child of the second son was still alive. Since it is still alive, then Mrs. Chu San and the others… should be taught more, rather than wanting to step on others to gain a good reputation.

“On your third brother’s side, it’s good to scold or beat.” Elder Chu believed that the second son had a sense of measure, “Others, please feel free.”

It’s impossible for Mr. Chu to indulge others in insulting the Chu family, and neither can Mrs. Chu’s relatives. Madam Chu San had already committed a big mistake that year, and if she allowed Qin Mian to bully Yu Qing again this time, then there was no need for Madam Chu San to continue to be.

Of course, Mr. Chu doesn’t think he is a man who persecutes the juniors. If the third son does not divorce, he will continue to be together. Anyway, he hasn’t given them anything for the third son in the past two years.

Elder Chu gave up his third son a long time ago. The ignorant son stupidly defended his wife, thinking that he was affectionate, but in fact it hurt, and he condoned his wife’s mistakes.

“With these words from you, my son is relieved.” Chu Erye said with a smile.

“The other day, let Xiaoqing come and sit down.” Mr. Chu said, “The grandfather is not a stingy person. It’s okay to give him a star to play with.”

It is all false to say how deeply Mr. Chu has feelings for Yu Qing, his grandson. Mr. Chu was decisive and decisive. He had been on the battlefield once and had seen a lot of life and death. A grandson who had been’dead’ for many years really had no place on his side.

But the grandson is alive, and Mr. Chu is happy, and it is impossible to give less of what should be given.

“You all recognize each other, you should also pay more attention to his wedding.” Elder Chu had previously realized that Raymond might have asked his second son to be Yu Qing’s elder, and now he has become a real elder, then he should prepare more instead. Waiting for the wedding to show up.

Elder Chu didn’t plan to use the in-law relationship between the Chu family and the Lei family for anything. For a grandson who was not raised in the Chu family, even if he gave the other party something now, it would not be worth the other party’s help to line up the Chu family. Because Yu Qing can have a lot of things now, he doesn’t need the help of the Chu family. The Chu family has never helped Yu Qing, so naturally they can’t ask Yu Qing to do things for the Chu family.

The old man is sober-minded, and the Chu family is no worse than the Lei family, so there is no need to superfluous.

“That’s how it is.” The second master Chu nodded, and when he came over here, what he wanted was the attitude of the old man. Fortunately, the old man is a sensible person, so he doesn’t need to say much.

Chu Erye did not directly announce the relationship between Yu Qing and the Chu family on the Internet. This is their private matter and there is no need to make it public on the Internet. As for the aristocratic circle, there are opportunities to let others know.

No one went to inform Sanye Chu about this, and the insiders of the Chu family didn’t think it necessary to inform Sanye Chu.

And Qin Mian was coldly violent by Ye Haisheng recently, and Ye Haisheng never slept with Qin Mian. Qin Mian wanted to know how to let Ye Haisheng know, let Ye Haisheng’s parents know, and wanted Ye Haisheng to force Ye Haisheng to compromise.

“It doesn’t matter. The days are still long. The Beta mermaid has a short estrus period, right.” Ye Haisheng’s mother took Qin Mian’s hand and said, “Maybe there is no estrus period at all. Busy, you should be more considerate and considerate.”

Ye Haisheng’s mother didn’t care about that many, it was Qin Mian who wanted to marry Ye Haisheng to die, and Qin Mian loved Ye Haisheng so much. Then there is no need to care too much about Qin Mian’s life, anyway, Qin Mian can’t divorce Ye Haisheng. He lives a long life and is not in a hurry.

“As partners, we can’t help, so we stay at home and be quiet, don’t you think?” Ye Haisheng’s mother stared at Qin Mian.

“Yes…” Qin Mian was stunned, her mother-in-law was not on his side, and didn’t want to hug her grandson earlier?


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