Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 33

Outsiders can control Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng’s marriage, let them get married earlier, but can’t control their room affairs. Even if other people put pressure on Ye Haisheng, it is impossible to put pressure on it for a lifetime, but Qin Mian wanted to put pressure on Ye Haisheng at this time, let those people oppress Ye Haisheng, let Ye Haisheng go to bed with him earlier, and give birth to a child earlier.

People like Qin Mian can’t say it straightforwardly. They just want others to listen to him and understand what he wants.

Those people weren’t ignorant children. Everyone knew that Qin Mian wanted to use them, and how could he follow Qin Mian to do those things. Since he didn’t know anything and didn’t oppress Ye Haisheng, Qin Mian had to rely on himself now. Isn’t he a natural mermaid? Then let Ye Hai lively.

Qin Mian is not like an Omega mermaid, and cannot emit the pheromone that attracts Alpha.

“Don’t look like you’ve been wronged all day, so that people don’t like it.” Ye Haisheng’s mother didn’t like to see Qin Mian’s aggrieved expression, as if her mother-in-law had bullied Qin Mian.

After chatting for a while, Ye Haisheng’s mother left, without telling Qin Mian much, that his Alpha couldn’t control it by himself and was expecting what others would do.


Qin Mian pursed his lips and wasted his money. He shouldn’t buy things for his mother-in-law. The other party simply took the money and didn’t do anything. He also didn’t want to think about where the wife of the Ye family would be short of these things. If people want them, they can buy them directly instead of Qin Mian at all.

Two more days later, the old man Chu asked the people of the Chu family in the Emperor Star to return to the old house. There was no banquet to announce Yu Qing’s identity, and he had to explain to the people in the Chu family.

Mrs. Chu was not upset about Yu Qing’s return. The father’s things belonged to him. If he wanted to give things to him, then give it to whoever. What’s more, in the years when Yu Qing was not in the Chu family, the Chu family also spent a lot of money less. If you really want to count it, Mr. Chu alone compensates Yu Qing, which is nothing.

Chu Sanye and his wife also came, and Chu Sanye deliberately came in front of Chu Erye.

“Second brother, now that the little nephew has been found, then…” Third Master Chu rubbed his hands, “Then you can stop blaming us, it’s been so long, and people are back. Between brothers, why bother about that? many.”

“Why bother about so much?” Chu Erye only felt that his younger brother had a pit in his mind. When he came back, he could treat him as if nothing had happened? Did my son suffer in vain during those years?

“That’s right.” Chu Sanye nodded, “Originally, you didn’t only have one son. There really is no need to care about so much.”

Mrs. Chu San said this to Sanye Chu over the years, and Sanye Chu also felt that Mr. Chu was too stingy. Didn’t Mrs. Chu also have two sons?

It’s not that it’s not so painful if it happened to me, but Chu Sanye felt that it was Chu Erye and the others making a fuss. The child is gone. If you can’t give birth, you can adopt it without anyone else.


“Get out!” Chu Erye punched Chu Sanye in the face, no matter whether he was in the main house or not, this younger brother dared to say these things to him. People are too much.

But he was too much. Second Master Chu said that he wouldn’t be able to explain to his younger son if he didn’t hit him hard.

“Second brother, what are you doing for beating?” Mrs. Chu San quickly rushed over, “This is your brother.”

“My brother?” Chu Erye sneered, “My brother is not as important as my son.”

When Mr. Chu went downstairs, he saw the second son and third son quarreling.

“Let San’er go back first!” Father Chu said to the eldest son next to him with a serious expression. Since his third son got married, his IQ has plummeted.

Elder Chu originally thought that after his third son came here, he would be quieter. The third son was like that before, and he was very quiet when he came here. Never thought that the third son would provoke the second son at this time. Father Chu didn’t have to think about it. He also knew what the stupid third son said to the second son. It was nothing but forgiveness. I guess he said that the little nephew was intact. Nothing. Need to make a fuss.


The third son said that he was in big trouble when he encountered something a little bit. When it comes to others, it is said that they are making a fuss.

Master Chu knows his sons too well. The third son is just a love mind, and he listens to his wife every day. Listening to my wife, this is true, the key is also to have a view of right and wrong.

When Chu Sanye’s family was invited out, Chu Sanye was dumbfounded, so was Mrs. Chu San, and the couple’s children were dumbfounded.

“I knew it would be like this.” Mrs. Chu San’s eldest daughter was not surprised at all. Chu Tian felt that her parents were weird, especially her mother. Relatives killed other relatives’ children and wanted to treat other relatives’ children. Throw it to others and be a fool.


That’s all, looking for a sense of existence all day, as if everyone else was wrong.

Chu Tian didn’t like her parents, mainly because after her parents gave birth to her, they didn’t teach her much, but thought about the world of husband and wife. didn’t teach her much, and hoped that she could be very good, and could compete with other cousins ​​for the Chu family property.

Chu Tian thinks that she is very unfortunate, and she almost became a little wonderful little best in her early years. Fortunately, her grandfather took her over to teach. Her younger brother is even more unfortunate. With his parents around, his personality is distorted.

“What are you talking about?” Madam Chu San gave Chu Tian a stare.

“Thanks to you, I was kicked out again.” Chu Tian rolled her eyes, “Leave.”

She didn’t want to stay here, she didn’t want to be said to be unfilial by her parents. Chu Tian knew that the old man didn’t want to drive herself away, but because she happened to be the daughter of Chu Sanye and Madam Chu San, who had such a wonderful pair of parents, he still shouldn’t stay there. People might think of her when they see her. Parents.

Before Chu Tian left, she kicked her brother again, “Standing here in a daze.”

Chu Tian is an Alpha, and her brother is also an Alpha, neither of them is a soft Omega, nor a mermaid. Chu Tian’s younger brother was more favored by Chu Sanye and his wife, and Qin Mian was more favored than Chu Tian.

After being kicked out, Chu Tian is not angry, all she has to do is to let them go quickly, don’t be embarrassed here. The most important thing is to let them not offend the little cousin. The poor little cousin was murdered once when he was born. It is estimated that he will have to meet this strange couple in the future.

Gee, what a pity!

Chu Tian directly dragged Mrs. Chu San away. Only her mother left could her father go with her.

“Wait, what’s going on, people are coming.” Madam Chu San didn’t want to go, she wanted to see who that person was.

Chu Tian didn’t care, she just took the person away. She has great strength and high level of powers. If Mrs. Chu San doesn’t leave, she can just drag her away. If she drags away, she can reduce some troubles.

When Yu Qing and Raymond came over, Chu Sanye’s family had already left, and Mrs. Chu San did not see Yu Qing either. Elder Chu and the others didn’t tell Sanye Chu and the others that the person was Yu Qing. They originally planned to introduce him directly. The family of Chu Sanye didn’t want to listen, so just go back.

Elder Chu didn’t drive away the third son for Yu Qing and the second master. He thought that the third son was already stupid, so he should stop offending others.

Yu Qing has been able to turn fish tails into legs, otherwise, he is still reluctant to go out. He doesn’t like wearing skirts, he doesn’t like to appear in front of everyone in the form of a mermaid, he likes his legs.

Land is not the sea, legs are used on land and fish tails are used for seas, rivers, and pools. There is nothing wrong with it.

“Grandfather.” Yu Qing followed Erye Chu to recognize people.

“Grandfather.” Raymond naturally followed Yu Qing, but he and Yu Qing had already received the certification.

“Okay, okay, okay!” When Mr. Chu heard Raymond calling him grandfather, he was in a good mood. No matter how great Raymond was, he would still become his grandson. Grandpa Lei was proud to have such a powerful grandson as Raymond, but the other powerful grandson still married the Chu family.

No, Mr. Chu later thought that something was wrong. Raymond married the natural mermaid from the Chu family…a natural mermaid who can survive in the sea…

No matter how old Father Chu felt that the Lei family took advantage, yes, it was the Lei family who took advantage. Yu Qing was not raised in the Chu family, and has no affection for the Chu family, and will definitely be more towards the Lei family in the future.

But this grandson would be alive, and Mr. Chu didn’t expect that much.

Madam Chu and they looked at Yu Qing, they were also kind. Uncle Chu and Mrs. Chu confessed their children early in the morning. Don’t think that when people grow up outside or grow up in the countryside, they think they have no rules and temperament. That’s wrong.

Uncle Chu, they are not the third master of Chu. Uncle Chu was raised as the heir of the Chu family since he was a child, and he has always been strict in teaching his children. It is necessary to distinguish between right and wrong. Don’t rashly think that they are not good. Maybe there are other reasons here, maybe they have done a good job.

“My cousin got married really early.” A cousin said, “It’s not thirty yet.”

In the interstellar age with such a long life span, it would be considered early if you did not marry someone in thirty. Didn’t you see that Raymond is over a hundred years old? There are other cousins ​​of the Chu family, most of whom are over a hundred years old and have not married.

“Mature, you can get married.” Raymond said, he did not start with the children, he liked Yu Qing, who was still Yu Ren, and Yu Ren also went to college at that time. You can fall in love when you go to college, and you can get married. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get married early if you have a long life span. That’s not a premature love, but a normal relationship and a normal marriage.

“Yes, your abilities are strong. Even if you get married early, you don’t have children so early.” Chu Xiao joked, “If your abilities are weaker, maybe the children are older than my brother.”

“You are about the same age as me.” Raymond said seriously.

Then, Leimeng saw that the smile on Chu Xiao’s face gradually disappeared.

“You are still young.” Chu Xiao coughed lightly, he was not old, and Raymond was not old either.

Yu Qing is the youngest grandson of the Chu family and is not raised in the Chu family. The people of the Chu family did not deliberately behave closely with Yu Qing, nor did they alienate Yu Qing, even if they asked a few more questions, Yu Qing answered them one by one.

“Have you ever eaten a strange animal in the sea?” There is always a cousin who is curious about the world in the sea. Yes, the more ugly, the more poisonous.”

“…” Yu Qing twitched the corners of her mouth slightly, what is meant by the more ugly, the more poisonous, not that the brighter the color, the more poisonous.Or: Look, I look so ugly, I have tried very hard to grow out of food, you still eat it, no, it’s poisoned, it deserves it!

“Is it delicious?” The cousin was very persistent.

“You are not allowed to eat wild animals at will, there are viruses!” Yu Qing said quietly.

“Does seafood count?” the cousin continued to ask.

“There are parasites, cook and eat!” Yu Qing smiled.

“Have you eaten it?” the cousin asked again, “Don’t eat sashimi?”

The next moment, the cousin’s mouth was thrown by Raymond with an apple, choked up, and asked what so much nonsense what to do.

“If the fish tail is not braised in brown sauce, it can be steamed.” Yu Qing still said.

“Your fishtail.” The cousin took down the apple and said deliberately, “You need a big pot, ahem, the bathroom is bigger.”

“…” Yu Qing said that he suspected that his cousin was teasing himself, this sentence is evidence!


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