Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 34

Since this cousin teased himself so much, Yu Qing thought it was necessary for him to talk to the other party.

“The fish in the sea is different from the game, and the game usually refers to the mountain.” Yu Qing said seriously, “The land-born and the marine-born are not the same. Nowadays, people are susceptible to fish diseases, mainly because of humans. Some are descendants of mermaid.”

Nobles are more likely to get sick from eating fish than ordinary civilians, mostly because nobles also have fish genes, and mermaids live in the sea.

Terrestrial to terrestrial, and marine to marine, there is nothing wrong with it.

“No matter what kind of meat you eat, it’s best to be cooked.” Yu Qing said, “Don’t rely on a high level of ability and good physical fitness, thinking that you are special.”

Then, Yu Qing took out a few bottles of potions from the space, “This is the potion I recently researched. Let me give it to you.”

“Don’t sell it?” Chu Xiao knew that Yu Qing had sold medicine in private before.


“The high level depends on the situation, the low level depends on the mood.” Yu Qing replied, “Now, there is no shortage of money!”

There is no shortage of money, and it is impossible to keep the medicines that can be prepared. Yu Qing thought that he did not have so much money to buy good things as gifts, so he would take medicine as a gift.

“It eases the riots when breaking through the abilities.” Yu Qing likes to study the potions related to the abilities the most. Many abilities people buy them, and they are easy to sell at high prices. “It’s not the same as the ones on the market.”

Back then, Yu Qing also wanted to become a master of pharmacy. The famous kind could get a lot of money. Later, he thought it was better not to be so famous, to keep a low profile, to be careful of being imprisoned, and the people outside were not as good as they thought. Not all people are good people, as long as they live enough.

“Very good.” Raymond said, Yu Qing’s medicine has always been very good, and the effect is very good.

When they were eating, the Chu family sat together. Yu Qing said that it was still difficult to get the names one by one, especially since the descendants of the old brother Chu were still there. It is estimated that outstanding talents would stay here.

The attitude of the old man Chu is very obvious, he has already recognized Yu Qing’s identity, so that other people in the Chu family can also recognize people. Elder Chu didn’t want his family to deny his family, but instead started with his family.

On this day, Yu Qing received a lot of gifts, but fortunately, there were some high-level potions in Yu Qing’s space, which were treated as gifts in return.


When the Chu family saw that Yu Qing took out so many advanced potions at once, they couldn’t help looking at Raymond. Wasn’t Raymond prepared it? This is not right. Few big families give such high-level potions, nor do they suspect that the potions are fake.

Whether the medicine is true or false, it can be tested. The big deal is that one person uses it first, and the others use it one by one. Besides, the Lei family had no reason to slap the Chu family, and Yu Qing had no reason, nor did they lose Yu Qing.

“If you use it well, I will buy it from me in the future, and I will give you a 40% discount.” Yu Qing smiled and said, “The outside words are all high prices.”

Yu Qing once sold it at a high price, but he made money quickly and spent money quickly. Every month, I went to the orphanage I used to pay for. It’s not good that the more I paid, the less, and then Yu Qing would spend more on his own.

“This is very similar to the medicine I bought earlier.” Chu Yuan, Mrs. Chu’s eldest son, Alpha, if nothing else, he will inherit the Chu family in the future.

Chu Yuan once went to the black market to buy medicines. The black market is priced, and some are super expensive. If you like to buy, you can buy it, and you don’t buy it. Sometimes it’s just that some people play mystery, and it’s useless to sell high prices, just want to cheat people, but everyone is not so good at cheating, just some fresh ones that have not appeared before, and high prices may attract some people.


“…” It’s over, could this be the big idiot he had once pitted? Yu Qing kept smiling, and subconsciously grabbed Raymond’s hand and talked!

“The medicines are almost the same.” Leimen said, “The color and smell are not easy to distinguish because they are not a pharmacist.”

“The same kind of medicine, some pharmacists make the same color, some are different.” Yu Qing felt that he had said too much, and forced to explain it like this, really worried that the other party was the big idiot. He once cost only a few hundred points. The medicine sold for one hundred thousand.

Yu Qing bought it on the black market at that time. There are always people going to shop for good things. Some people will accept such high-priced medicines, and those people are not short of money.


This can’t be blamed on him. Changing his status will cost a lot of money, otherwise he will be easily found out. Yu Qing didn’t have that much money, so he had to prepare high-level medicines and sell them on the black market.

“Perhaps.” Chu Yuan nodded. He thought of the potion that had been scoured from the black market. The 100,000 potion allowed him to safely break through level 6 without any sequelae. It also repaired his hidden wounds. It was really worth it. .

He thinks it, guessing whether the young man was spending his money on a large amount of money, and then he invested in high-level medicine prepared by his elders and sold it. Chu Yuan thought it was a big fool. Such a good medicine was only sold on the black market and sold for 100,000. Unfortunately, wanted to find that big fool later, but didn’t find it. want to be found by the elders to play PP. .

There are not millions of such good medicines, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to buy them. Most people’s power level stops at level three or four, and there are few people who can continue to break through. Those who break through level six are already masters.

The black market on each planet is different, and Chu Yuan also went to the black market on other planets, but unfortunately he never encountered such a dude idiot again.

It was Chu Yuan’s younger brother who asked Yu Qing if he could eat fish before. He collected the medicine, and he always felt that the expressions of his brother and cousin were a little subtle.

Generally speaking, Yu Qing and the Chu family get along pretty well. Yu Qing and Raymond are already married, and the Chu family has already separated. There is no conflict of interest, so they get along well.

After dinner, we had a chat, and we went back to our homes.

Mrs. Chu’s second was in a good mood. She found her youngest son, and the old man recognized her. Now she is waiting to prepare the wedding for her youngest son.

“It’s hard to prepare the medicine,” Mrs. Chu said. “Just send it once. If they think it’s good, they will sell it. Don’t charge a fee.”

Mrs. Chu’s second wife believed Yu Qing that the youngest son’s ability to make medicine should not be weak.

“Definitely.” Yu Qing nodded, didn’t grow up together, didn’t have that closeness, and he wouldn’t feel embarrassed if the fees were collected.

If these people need medicine, Yu Qing will be able to sell less outside in the future, who hasn’t made him famous yet. Without a reputation, not many people buy it.

Yu Qing seriously considered that he still had to sell some medicines, which would be regarded as a career line, and would not become a real salted fish. He doesn’t want to deal with those noble ladies all day, he is not a sociable person himself, and he has to make each other feel comfortable when he is perfunctory. It is too difficult, even more difficult than being a salted fish.

Yu Qing quickly returned to Lei’s house with Lei Meng’s clothes. He had to be quiet, always feeling that the big brother in the lobby was probably the big idiot in the black market.

Knowing that he rarely goes to the black market, Yu Qing thinks it was fortunate that he was covered in his face.

One-handed payment and one-handed delivery. Of course, this kind of expensive thing cannot be sold on the Internet alone. On the ground, it’s much easier.

After returning home, Yu Qing wondered whether or not to tell Raymond to lie alone, ah, bah, he didn’t lie, and he didn’t need to lie.

Yeah, he didn’t lie or fear anything.

The black market has always been such a rule, one willing to fight and one willing to endure, it is useful or not, so you should be psychologically prepared. What’s more, the medicines prepared by myself are not bad. They are really useful. They are much higher than the cost. The pharmacists outside are also expensive to sell high-end medicines.

If it weren’t for the fact that you don’t have a big reputation, you need money urgently, and you have to sell more expensively.

Then, Yu Qing calmed down a bit.

“Are you tired?” Seeing Yu Qing’s expression changed several times, Raymond wondered if there was something wrong.

“You know, I used to…may be poor.” Yu Qing coughed slightly, “that is, I sold medicine on the black market.”

Yu Qing decided to tell Raymond that he didn’t lie anyway and didn’t need the other party to help Yuan lie. So many potions have been given out today, in case it is really discovered…If Chu Yuan is the big fool, there is a high probability of being discovered.

“The potions for rioting when the mitigation ability breaks through are very popular.” Yu Qing said, “the price is also higher.”

“The price is high and normal.” Raymond didn’t think it was wrong.

“It’s okay, it’s just that the cost of several hundred medicines was sold for 100,000.” Yu Qing explained, “Oh, the ones sold outside are all high. If it is too cheap, others should not believe it.”

“The formula is different.” Raymond thought of this first.

“Yes.” Yu Qing admitted, “The formula is different. The cost of a few hundred points for me may cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands for others.”

Okay, then I won’t talk about the recipe when the time comes… It doesn’t matter if I say it, I don’t disturb the market price.

Yu Qing found a reason for herself, wait, she thinks that person is a big fool, will the other party think that he is a fool?

“It’s cheaper.” When Raymond heard Yu Qing say this, he felt that his sweetheart would sell it cheaper and could sell it at a higher price. “Sell it to your cousin?”

“Maybe, who knows. The black market, you can’t see the face.” Yu Qing didn’t think about whether it was all right. Anyway, I have already received the money. Seeing that the cousin’s ability level is not low, it is very likely. I took the medicine I sold.

If the effect is good, that is the most important thing. If you are satisfied with each other, there is no problem.

As for whether each other thinks each other is a fool, will know in the future.

“Go, go and wash, there is alcohol on her body, it smells bad.” Yu Qing turned to go upstairs, and threw Raymond downstairs.

Raymond looked at his arm. What about the person who pulled his clothes and held his arm before, and ran away at this moment. Do you think he has no use value?

When Yu Qing took the clothes and was about to go to the bathroom, she saw Raymond standing at the door of the bathroom.

“Do you want to wash first?” Yu Qing tilted his head, the other party should dare to say that, and the other party should not enter the bedroom today.

“Brush your tail.” Raymond raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t it mean that I wiped it before, didn’t it? It just washed it piece by piece.”

“…” Yu Qing blushed, and a little annoyed, what was the other party talking about!

“No scales,” Raymond added, “gentle.”

Yu Qing suspected that the other party wanted to take advantage of him, and stared at the other party.

“Shy?” Raymond said, “Isn’t it the same as wearing clothes if you have fish scales?”

“Wear it!” Yu Qing gritted his teeth, isn’t it just brushing his tail… The key is that the other party’s tail wiping technique is really good, then come.


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