Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 35

The scales of the mermaid’s tail have to be washed clean, one by one, with that kind of stiff brush, it is absolutely impossible. didn’t see the fish on the cutting board. brushed it with a big brush, and the scales fell off.

Although the scales of the mermaid are stronger, there is no fish like grass carp and carp, but it is not easy to brush it with a hard-bristled brush. All of them are soft-bristled, and they should be brushed carefully. Say it’s brushing, or wipe it carefully.

Fish are easily parasitized by other parasites, and some creatures like to stick to the scales of fish.

Mermaid’s scales are also easy to be attached to other organisms, so a special shower gel has been developed, which can better remove those things.

Raymond was already thinking about how to scrub the scales for his sweetheart for a while, if the technique is good, would it make his sweetheart more happy.

After waiting for the bathroom, Raymond saw Yu Qing take out a bottle of medicine.

“Medicinal bath?” Raymond frowned slightly.

“Forget it, it cleans the scales.” Yu Qing said, “Soak it, and just brush it with a soft brush.”

“…” Raymond was silent, so was the part of applying the shower gel that he had imagined so gone?


“I don’t need shower gel. Some shower gels are counterproductive, but not so easy to wash.” Yu Qing is very experienced. “The water produced by the water system can be drunk, but it does not have such a strong cleaning ability. It is impossible. Get some power water and wash it off.”

Yu Qing thought that someone on the post bar asked about the water cleaning function of the water system supernatural power, and thought that the super power water would be clean after flushing it? That was all fake.

“Swipe it.” Leimeng looked at Yu Qing’s exposed fish tail.

“Soak first.” Yu Qing emphasized, “Just wait two minutes.”

Haha, after a while, he lay down comfortably and let Raymond brush his tail. Yu Qing thinks that those kittens also like people to help them smooth their hair. In fact, mermaids also like others to help them brush their tails. It is not easy to brush their tails every time.

Raymond originally thought that such a scene should be filled with pink bubbles, but as a result, there were no bubbles in the shower gel, let alone pink bubbles. I am a little excited, and my sweetheart, how do I feel that my sweetheart is planning how to be a salted fish.

Yu Qing said that salted fish is good, and salted fish will not be shy. Raymond himself helped him wipe the scales, and now he helped him wipe the scales again, so shy.

When Raymond saw Yu Qing’s pointed ears, he knew that his sweetheart was not as calm as he thought.

“The water is too hot.” Yu Qing noticed the change in her ears and said quickly, “You have to add some cold water.”


Add some cold water to lower the temperature. If your cheeks are hot, it must be because the water is too hot and it is heated by the steam.

Yu Qing thought that he had lived in the sea before, and the water in the sea was not so high in temperature, so it wouldn’t matter if it was cold.

“At this temperature… the water can’t boil live fish.” Raymond paused, “This is not an excuse for being shy.”

“…” Yu Qing opened his eyes wide and glared at Raymond, telling the truth. He suspected that the other party had special habits, such as watching boiled mermaids, would he still want to add spices to the soup?

“In the future, there will be side dishes.” Raymond said.

“Huh?” Yu Qing was puzzled, and the other party was eavesdropping on what was in his heart again.

“Me!” Raymond said firmly, “Isn’t your mermaid worthy of me? Legal.”


“…” Yu Qing snorted lightly, and flicked his tail, throwing the water onto the opponent.

“Can’t wait…”

“Shut up!” Yu Qing interrupted Leimeng, “Stop talking nonsense, brush your tail!”

Brush your tail and brush your tail. What if you say so much, is it too much time?

Yu Qing thought that he must have been tricked by the other party’s gentleness these days, so that he let the other party brush his tail legally, legally, and legally brush his tail, and he was fooled.

Of course, two people simply brushed their tails, said a few words, and did not do anything further.

Raymond respected Yu Qing, and it was too late for the two to have a further relationship after the wedding. Now is a good time for two people to develop their feelings. If you cultivate more of them, you can live more happily together in the future.


In the main residence of the Chu family, Chu Yuan was looking at the potion that eased the ability level to break through the riot. The potion he bought from the black market that year had already been used by him, leaving only the test data. He didn’t have the courage to buy the medicine from the black market and drink it directly. Who knows if it is poisonous or not. After all, the black market is a very open market. There may be things that are not normally available on the market, forbidden, and the black market may exist.

This kind of medicine is given to the laboratory for testing, not the whole medicine.

Low-level power breakthroughs, riots are not so powerful, and there are relatively more potions to alleviate riots. The higher the power level, the higher the level of the relative mitigation potion.

Chu Yuan couldn’t break through the existing power level in a short time. After all, he had only broken through for a few years, not for dozens or hundreds of years, and it is estimated that it would be difficult to break through again. Regardless of the power level divided into ten levels, in fact, it is difficult to cross between each level, and there is a lot of accumulation in the middle, say ten, that is because the highest level of human breakthrough is ten.

When breaking through, the riot is obvious, and the ability level is also divided according to the big riot at the time of breakthrough.

“Big Brother.” Chu Yuan’s younger brother Chu He came to look for him, “Looking at the medicine?”

“Before using, let the laboratory test it.” Chu Yuan said.

“There is a problem with the medicine?” Chu He was puzzled.

“No, I’m afraid you are allergic.” Chu Yuan joked. Of course, it’s not that he’s afraid of allergies, but it’s safer to take a test.

“Today, when I received the potion from my cousin, I thought about the potion that the eldest brother used to break through the abilities. Did you find someone?” Chu He knew that Chu Yuan had been secretly searching for the potion seller for several years. , Even if the parent is really punished, even if the person is sent to another planet by the family, but there are always traces, mainly the person who made the medicine.

“No.” Chu Yuan didn’t find it. “Pharmaceuticals are not only made up of herbs, some are related to the pharmacist’s personal abilities. Even if the laboratory studies the substances in the medicines and finds some herbs, it is difficult to make them. .”

The key is that a certain substance exists in many kinds of herbs, which brings great difficulty to the preparation of medicines.

At present, some medicines have public formulas, while some medicines do not have public formulas. Different pharmacists may use different formulas.

Chu Yuan wondered that the herbs used in such advanced medicines must not be cheap, and some might be difficult to find. That is to say, the dude doesn’t know the preciousness of this type of medicine, and doesn’t know how rare herbs are used in it to sell so cheaply.

“Keep looking.” Chu He still wants to buy one, waiting for the pharmacist at home to prepare it…Those pharmacists can indeed prepare it, but the effect is definitely not that good, and there are side effects. Chu He would rather wait a few more years.

A good potion can alleviate the riots and allow the superpower to break through safely. Sometimes even if there is a mitigation potion, the breakthrough will fail. Once the breakthrough fails, it is inevitable that there will be dark injuries, not skin injuries on the surface.

“Take away the medicine prepared by my cousin, don’t make people sad.” Chu Yuan said, whether it is used or not is one thing, if you put it casually, it would be disrespectful to people.

“I know.” Chu He nodded, it is impossible not to show it to his cousin.

Two days later, the laboratory issued a test report. The ingredients of the medicines Yu Qing sent out were all the same, but they were different from the medicines Chu Yuan bought on the black market back then.

Lei’s family, Yu Qing thought that the Chu family might go for a test. Regardless of whether Chu Yuan was the person who bought the medicine in the first place, it is impossible for the other party to tell from the composition that it is the same medicine. Over the past few years, Yu Qing has improved the formula to increase the efficacy of the potion, which is more conducive to the ability of the ability to break through the ability smoothly.

Sit nicely. JPG.

Yu Qing heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Chu Yuan and the others had not come to him. Sure enough, he still didn’t want to see the big idiot who had spent 100,000 to buy hundreds of medicines. After improving the formula, the cost dropped by dozens, but the medicine was effective.

“Don’t tell anyone about the cost of my medicine.” Yu Qingzheng was sitting in the room watching a TV series, and when he saw Raymond bring the fruit, he specially reminded him. Oops, I told Raymond that I had a big mouth before, and I hope the other party can keep it secret.

“Why, do you want to sell potions? Give me a sealing fee?” Raymond raised his eyebrows.

“No, it’s useless if you said it.” Yu Qing was stern, “you said that other pharmacists are expensive.”

I praised my own wit, I said that the cost is as much as it is, and Raymond has no evidence. Yu Qing thinks that Raymond is not a pharmacist, it is really great.

Raymond stretched out his hand and rubbed Yu Qing’s head. Yu Qing squinted at him, “What kind of head rubbing?”

“Cute.” Raymond replied, how low the cost is, other pharmacists may not be able to prepare the same high-level medicine with the same herb.

“…” You are so cute, Yu Qing twitched at the corner of her mouth.

Chu Erye and others became Yu Qing’s relatives, and they were more concerned about Yu Qing’s wedding, and they had to increase the list of guests for the banquet.

Mrs. Chu Er didn’t plan to invite Mrs. Chu San. What did Mrs. Chu San do? Do you have a face? If someone makes a fuss at the wedding banquet, the atmosphere will be bad. If you slap your face in a bad atmosphere, it will actually hurt both sides.

It was precisely because of various reasons that the second husband of Chu decided not to invite the third master of Chu and his wife, and also consulted the second master of Chu.

“Don’t invite them.” Chu Erye said, “Even if we are willing, my son is not willing.”

Chu Erye didn’t think Yu Qing was willing. The wedding should go smoothly and be happy. Who wants to meet unhappy people? They didn’t tell Yu Qing what happened back then, but they also told their son, don’t get close to the people like Mrs. Chu San, leave them alone.

The world has no air-tight walls, not to mention that Mrs. Chu’s second wife did not deliberately conceal the situation.

A good friend of Mrs. Chu Er quickly learned that the current Mrs. Lei was Mrs. Chu Er’s own son, and they were willing to invite them to the wedding banquet. They didn’t talk to Madam Chu San more, and their relationship with Madam Chu San was not good.

It’s just that these words are passed on, and the taste will change later. When it reached Madam Chu San’s ears, it became Madam Chu’s second wife who recognized Madam Lei as a godson and wanted to help Madam Lei prepare for the gift.

“Oh, why don’t you say it? You don’t recognize your godson, don’t you still recognize it?” Qin Mian, who came to the house to speak with her, said that Mrs. Chu’s second wife was not. “Ah, bah, Mrs. Lei, I’m so recognizable.”

Qin Mian’s eyes flashed, and the person who looked almost exactly the same as Yu Ren was too annoying. My aunt wanted Madam Chu to treat herself better. When Qin Mian thought of this, she felt that Madam Chu was also very hateful. She was a mermaid. It would be no good for Madam Chu to recognize him as a godson, even if he could not. , Auntie found a few people over, but Madam Chu Er refused.

To put it bluntly, a person like Mrs. Chu Er is shameless.

Qin Mian hated Yu Ren, hated Yu Qing, and blamed the second wife of Chu.


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