Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 36

Mrs. Chu San loved Qin Mian very much, and she was spoiled by Mr. Chu San. This caused her to be urged by Qin Mian for a few words and ran to look for Mrs. Chu.

Madam Chu Second didn’t want to see Madam Chu San, but finally met. She just saw what else this person could say.

“What is it to recognize a person who is not blood related to be a godson? If you want to recognize a mermaid, Mian Mian is good.” Madam Chu San seemed to have forgotten the last time she was kicked out of the Chu family, and she thought about her every day. Her relatives are seeking benefits and want to show how strong she is in front of their relatives.

“Your family’s Mianmian is a scourge.” Madam Chu Er didn’t give Madam Chu San’s face. This Qin Mian, who used to persecute her son on the Internet, now encourages Mrs. Chu San to come over again. Is it true that these people are fools?

“He is a natural mermaid.” Madam Chu San emphasized.

“It’s natural or reformed, you know it in your heart.” Chu Er Madame thought this was the open secret of the upper class. The Qin family didn’t have much ability, just being a mermaid. It just so happens that other people with strong abilities also hope that there will be noble mermaid, and the mermaid with status and status is always better than the mermaid transformed by civilians.


The Qin family really thought that no one knew their movements, they knew, but they didn’t care.

“Ms. Lei is my own son, not to climb the Lei family, nor is it that Mrs. Lei is looking for a patron.” Madam Chu Er said coldly, “From now on, I will treat the two as strangers and don’t go back and forth.”

It’s not that Mrs. Chu Er doesn’t want to trouble Mrs. Chu San, but she thinks that she can’t kill the other party. It’s better to let the other party continue to be stupid and let the old man be even more disappointed. In a few years, let’s see if Mrs. Chu San and others can live so well.

Mrs. Chu San was astonished, “Is it fake?”

“The paternity test is true, and the old man has recognized it.” Mrs. Chu said with a smile, “Yes, the last time I went to the main house, the old man introduced my youngest son to everyone. Naturally, there is no need to know someone like you. , After all, there is no blood relationship.”

Hehe, just let the other party talk about blood relationship, can’t you talk about it yourself?

Mrs. Chu two didn’t look down on Mrs. Chu San. It didn’t matter if she had a lower status, but every day she thought about helping her natal family and relatives.

“You…you…” Madam Chu San really knew that Mrs. Chu let everyone together to meet Madam Chu Er’s child, but she just didn’t want to believe that Mrs Chu Er had retrieved her son.

When Mrs. Chu San went back, he saw Mrs. Chu Er posting a long blog post on Xingbo.

Madam Chu had endured Madam Chu San for a long time, and she didn’t want to bear it any longer, so she wrote an article stating that she had found her youngest son, and it was impossible to recognize Madam Chu’s relatives as her son. Let go of Yu Qing’s words.


Qin Mian can use Xingbo, but when someone else really doesn’t know how to use Xingbo?

Even if Qin Mian is considered to be an internet celebrity on the Internet, things of entertainment nature are nowhere comparable to formal articles published by others.

Qin Mian knew that Madam Chu San and Madam Chu Er were not dealing with each other. Even so, he still urged Madam Chu San to speak those words in front of Mrs. Chu Er. He thought that even if Mrs. Chu Er was unhappy, she would not do anything. After all, Mrs. Chu Er had always been like that, and she hadn’t made any noise on the Internet and hadn’t let so many people know.

Qin Mian’s star blog has fallen. Netizens asked Qin Mian if he wanted to be someone else’s son, whether Qin Mian was a natural mermaid or a mermaid, and asked Qin Mian why he was embarrassing Yu Qing, even if Yu Qing and Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend They look similar, so what?

After reading the blog post of Mrs. Chu Er, the netizens showed themselves, and some went to read the blog post that Qin Mian had posted before. No, they quickly found out those miserable and suffocating operations of Qin Mian.

“I have my parents, why do I still want to recognize others as my parents? Are my parents not good enough?”


“Unfilial son, if you don’t want your parents today, don’t you obviously want children?”

“It’s such a big white lotus. It’s coming out and I’ll have to pay it back sooner or later.”

“It’s disgusting. If you transform a mermaid, you will transform a mermaid, pretending to be a natural mermaid.”

“Obviously, the Mermaid Conservation Association does not treat the transformed mermaid and the natural mermaid differently. It’s just that you play a lot, just pretend.”

Qin Mian himself had a lot of black fans, and those black fans had the chance to tell Qin Mian’s not.

At this moment, Xia Ziyan used someone else’s trumpet to send a message on the Internet, saying that Qin Mian was a junior, according to reliable sources. In order to dismantle Ye Haisheng and Ye Haisheng’s boyfriends, Qin Mian first put pressure on the Ye family. Let the Ye family close Ye Haisheng, and then find someone to chase and kill Ye Haisheng’s boyfriend with his best friend. So far, that boyfriend has never seen anyone or a corpse…


Xia Ziyan wanted to be with Ye Haisheng. In order to be with Ye Haisheng, he deliberately underwent a mermaid transformation operation and took a lot of drugs that turned fish tails into legs, so Qin Mian had to be hammered to death. , So that Qin Mian could not turn over again.

During this period of time, Xia Ziyan successfully mixed with Ye Haisheng as an assistant, but there were many mistakes in his work. Ye Haisheng did not reuse Xia Ziyan, which was far from what Xia Ziyan expected.

No matter how much difference it is, Xia Ziyan can’t make Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng’s sadomasochism affect each other deeply. The original text is what Qin Mian’s girlfriend did. It’s right to put it on Qin Mian. Anyway, Qin Mian didn’t act as well on the surface. It is a big white lotus.

Had it not been for the fact that there were no more mentions in the original work, Xia Ziyan would still like to find more black material for Qin Mian.

Not long after Xia Ziyan used his trumpet to post a blog post, Qin Mian’s best friend came forward and said that all of this has nothing to do with Qin Mian, it was his idea. Qin Mian is the person who loves Ye Haisheng the most, and Qin Mian is a mermaid. Ah, and Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend is just an ordinary Omega.

Yes, Qin Mian asked his best friend to post a blog post. He never thought that his best friend would not have one mind with him. The blog post was posted, and he did take all the blame. But this best friend and his family couldn’t stay in Emperor Star, and after leaving Emperor Star, they didn’t see Qin Mian helping them, so she deliberately cheated Qin Mian.

“Is a mermaid born with a higher status than an Omega? Miscar’s hateful face is really ugly.”

“How many noble ladies are Omega, not all mermaids, just ask if you look down on them.”

“Did Omega eat your rice? This is a crime. Call the police!”

“Murder, uncle policeman, there is a crime here!”

Why did Qin Mian’s best friend talk about Omega later, mainly because if he carried these, he would be sentenced. He didn’t want to be caught in the prison, but if Qin Mian threatened him, he could only carry it down.

Damn, Qin Mian’s bestie was so angry that Qin Mian could not admit it, but it would be fine if he refused to admit it, but the other party would push him out.

Qin Mian couldn’t help it. He had to push people to bear it. He was afraid of the investigation by Lei’s family and Chu’s family. Only if he pushed people could he escape. Some things were not investigated, especially when the nobles intervened, Qin Mian saw his girlfriend’s post and immediately contacted his girlfriend.

“Mianmian, I’m sorry, I just sent it according to your words.” Of course, the people on the other end of the light brain quibble and cannot admit, “It’s fine for those netizens to scold me. Are you going to misunderstand me too? If I really want to Say it’s you, you can be said to be you at the police station.”

“…” Qin Mian understood that the other party was threatening him.

“Mianmian, don’t you think?” said my girlfriend, “my home is also waiting for you to help.”

Because Qin Mian and Qin Mian were the daughter-in-law of the Ye family, these were all on his head, and the family members were also persecuting him, so he had to admit it. also said that the empire is more tolerant to mermaid. The big deal is to be sent to a remote planet. After a while, the limelight passes, and they will find a way to rescue him.

Haha, who believes it, by then, the day lily will be cold.

He can only think that he is a mermaid, and those people still want to let the fish marry the nobles, so they should save him.

This bestie hated Qin Mian, especially hate him, others have to bear it if the other party uses her lips.

It’s just that sometimes it’s okay not to put people out to commit the crime. Yu Qing thinks that people like Qin Mian should go to the prison for a while, regardless of whether Qin Mian is suggesting, they have to go in and sit for a while.

Qin Mian was a very cunning person. He didn’t directly contact those killers, but his girlfriends came forward. His best friend also did it through Qin Mian’s suggestive words, so Qin Mian didn’t take the initiative to ask his friends to chase and kill Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend.

Lei Family, Yu Qing is playing Xingbo, of course he cannot admit that he is Yu Ren, and does not want to be tossed by these people in the future.

“You have to check, he is not clean.” Yu Qing pointed to Qin Mian’s Xingbo and said to Raymond, “Even if he can’t be convicted, it seems that he has never been guilty, and he will be disgusting.”

Yu Qing believes that the police may not find evidence of Qin Mian’s crime. In the face of criminals, some of them are suspected of never finding evidence, and it is impossible to force a conviction. In the end, they still have to release people. But some people will stay away from Qin Mian, believing that Qin Mian has done those things in their hearts.

Yu Qing is not afraid that others will call him bad-hearted. If he doesn’t retaliate against Qin Mian, he is already very kind.

“You can let him in or out.” Raymond said.

“False evidence is not necessary.” Yu Qing did not want his partner to create false evidence, “If such a thing happens, who else would dare to get in front of him, this stain, he betrayed it.”

Instead of waiting for the Qin family and the Ye family to fish out Qin Mian, or let Qin Mian make a change, it would be better to nail the other party to the Ye family and make the other party reluctant to give up their current identity. Yu Qing has done things like changing status, and he believes that the Qin family can do it better.

“Okay.” Raymond wanted to kill Qin Mian more directly, but death is sometimes a relief, and Qin Mian should be struggling desperately in the Ye family.

When Qin Mian went to the Ye Group and Ye Haisheng to deliver snacks, he walked into the building and arrived at the front desk. The police rushed in and took Qin Mian directly away.

“No, you…” Qin Mian didn’t want to cooperate with the investigation at all. How could these people rush here? He was afraid that Ye Haisheng would know.No, he can’t admit it. Even if he is bitten by a girlfriend, he doesn’t need to be afraid. He doesn’t leave evidence from chatting on the Internet. He doesn’t say that he wants to kill Yu Ren. It’s not his fault!

It was not the first time that the front desk saw Qin Mian. After learning that Qin Mian had been taken away by the police, he quickly contacted Ye Haisheng.

“That’s because he did something wrong.” Ye Haisheng said blankly, his heart a little irritable, and Qin Mian would lose his face again.

As a junior, can’t he be quieter? Ye Haisheng hated Qin Mian so much. He had to pick up his clothes and go downstairs to see what happened. Since the Ye family and the Qin family are married, they have to play a role. Don’t have an accident at this time. Haven’t grasped the power of the Yip Group yet.


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