Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 37

No matter how much Ye Haisheng hates Qin Mian, he has to go to the police station. This trip was unbelievable. He immediately learned from the police the truth that his ex-boyfriend Yu Ren had betrayed him, and that his ex-boyfriend was hunted down by Qin Mian’s best friend. This incident also has something to do with Qin Mian.

Of course, it is impossible for the police to directly say that Qin Mian was the mastermind, only to say that he was suspicious. This was also arranged according to the superiors. These nobles just like to ask, they like to ask, just talk about it, it’s no secret.

Ye Haisheng had long felt that it was an abnormal thing for Yu Ren to leave him. He had suspected that it was only for the power of the Ye family that he could not investigate to the end, and he was betrayed by Yu Ren. Such a person, who pretends to be affectionate and self-deceptive, actually has a plan for a long time, and that little guilt is not enough to make him abandon the Ye family.

“Although he is not good enough, but this may be a misunderstanding.” Ye Haisheng didn’t want to have a murder-convicted partner, and now is not the time to deal with Qin Mian.

“…” The police didn’t say much about the aristocratic and wealthy things, true or false, and what kind of true love is more than profit.


How could the police station let Qin Mian go so quickly? It would be an interrogation and Qin Mian had to stay in the police station for at least 24 hours. Qin Mian’s best friend Zuo Li’an refused to say that the murder of Yu Ren had something to do with Qin Mian, but he did not say how much Qin Mian liked Ye Haisheng, saying that Qin Mian cried in front of them, and cried how Ye Haisheng fell in love with an ordinary person. Omega, how can a mermaid be inferior to an ordinary Omega.

Zuo Li’an thinks that he did not identify Qin Mian, which is regarded as fulfilling his promise. Originally, he had no interest in Yu Ren, and it was impossible to trouble Yu Ren. The reason why he found someone to chase Yu Ren was because of Qin Mian.

The police are not young people outside, and it is impossible to praise Qin Mian’s affection for Ye Haisheng. The more they hear Zuo Li’an say how much Qin Mian loves Ye Haisheng, the more they feel that Qin Mian may be the mastermind.

The next day, Qin Mian was put back, but was also restricted, unable to leave the Emperor Star, or even the city.

Qin Mian hated him, he thought that Yu Ren was dead, so no one would tell the matter again.

After Qin Mian returned to Ye’s house, he arrived at his and Ye Haisheng’s bedroom, and was immediately pinched by Ye Haisheng’s neck.

“Aren was killed by you!” Ye Haisheng stared at Qin Mian with red eyes. Ye Haisheng hasn’t gone out from last night until now. He doesn’t eat or drink. When Qin Mian comes back, he will wait for the person who vents.

“No, it’s not.” Qin Mian refused to admit it, no matter what, if he admits it, Ye Haisheng must hate him even more, “I really don’t know that Li’an will find someone to chase Yu Ren, I really don’t know. ”

Qin Mian could say so long because Ye Haisheng didn’t pinch too hard, and he still gave Qin Mian a chance to speak.


Ye Haisheng needs to step down. He has to show his affection for Yu Ren and shirk responsibility. It is not Yu Ren that he has harmed, but Qin Mian and Zuo Li’an. The reason why he was still with Qin Mian was because Zuo Li’an was the culprit.

“Brother Haisheng, I really love loving you.” Qin Mian confessed that he understood Ye Haisheng’s temperament, and the other party had doubted earlier. Why didn’t there be more moves? It was because Ye Haisheng still wanted Ye Family. .

Qin Mian likes Ye Haisheng very much. He has liked Ye Haisheng for many years. He has done so much for Ye Haisheng, and he must not lose Ye Haisheng. Yes, he can like others, but others are not as ambitious as Ye Haisheng, not as powerful as Ye Haisheng, and others do not like Ye Haisheng so intently to like someone.

There is also that Ye Haisheng used to treat him very well, it is the beam of light in his heart.

“I really didn’t think about killing Yu Ren. At the beginning, my uncle and the others had already let Yu Ren leave. Why should I do this.” Qin Mian hoped that after giving this reason, Ye Haisheng would believe him.

“It’s better to be so.” Does Ye Haisheng believe in Qin Mian? It’s impossible, he doesn’t believe it, but he still needs Qin Mian.

“Well, Brother Haisheng, don’t worry, it’s really not me.” Qin Mian emphasized.


“For you, I have never been relieved.” Ye Haisheng sneered, “Your heart is so dark, who can believe it. I don’t know at the beginning, don’t you know later? Qin Mian, you stole your marriage, Aren had an accident. You have an unshirkable responsibility, less pretending to be weak, obviously you hate Aren to death.”

“Yes, I hate it, but it’s all because of loving you, Brother Haisheng.” Qin Mianhong burst into tears.

“You love yourself.” Ye Haisheng threw Qin Mian’s hand away.

It’s just that Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian still haven’t separated, they are still in the same room, and the things between their husband and wife can’t let the rest of the Ye family read jokes. Closed the door, one bed, one sleeping place, Qin Mian was investigated. Ye Haisheng didn’t say much, and didn’t go to the Qin family to make arrangements.


Whether or not Qin Mian did it, but Zuo Li’an is a good friend of Qin Mian, so the Qin family has to take action.

Ye Haisheng had this attitude, and the Ye family also had this attitude.

When Yu Qing learned of the Ye family’s attitude, she felt that it was in line with the Ye family’s style, and the Ye family were selfish guys.

Qin Mian washed his face with tears, and even made a live broadcast, saying that he was sincerely sorry, saying that he really didn’t expect his friends to do that.

“It’s amazing, a few words casually, unintentionally, no evidence.”

“I’m so scared. Fortunately, I don’t have such a good friend.”

“Lick the dog to the end and nothing.”

“It’s so cruel to cross the river and demolish the bridge.”

“Yes, you are true love, and you will be together forever and ever.”

“Scumbag, scumbag, don’t separate, you are the best match.”

Haha, it’s still live broadcast at this time, and Ewha is raining, who believes it.

Anyway, most netizens don’t believe in Qin Mian, mermaid is great, just say a few words of sorry? When everyone is stupid, they say harmlessly, but everyone is dead.

Sorry to say a few words, can you bring people back to life?

Qin Mian cried to netizens before and found support most of the time, but now, few people support him.

What kind of true love is not true love, can you be a junior when you say true love?

Is it a mermaid, can you be a junior?

Is it a nobleman who can do whatever he wants?

Qin Mian’s live broadcast caused a big backlash. The fans who once fanned him turned black, and only a handful of people supported him.

Yu Qing didn’t know why Qin Mian insisted on doing live broadcast. Was the other party a fool as a netizen, or did Qin Mian think he was a fanatic? Netizens are right, scumbag, how can a normal person understand what a scumbag thinks.

If Yu Qing, it would be impossible for Ye Haisheng to toss to this point. There are so many people around, this is not good, but you can choose others.

Yu Qing was like this. Ye Haisheng failed, so he changed his status; Xia Ziyan was going to undergo a mermaid transformation operation, so he went to the genetic management bureau to match and marry a rich family. What a simple thing, Qin Mian himself is a nobleman, there is no need to hang Ye Haisheng, maybe it is really because of love.

When Qin Mian did the live broadcast, he said to apologize, and then someone sent a post to divert his attention, saying that Mrs. Lei was most likely Yu Ren, and Yu Ren was not dead at all. Anyway, Yu Ren and Mrs. Lei look almost exactly the same. If people weren’t dead, things would be much simpler.

Qin Mian couldn’t bear Ye Haisheng’s cold attitude towards him, so he could hold off for a while, to alleviate his sins and let Ye Haisheng treat him better. Yu Qing is the best choice. Yu Qing is Mrs. Lei, who can make Ye Hai live and die.

And Yu Qing thinks the posts made by those people are very right, he is Yu Ren, but will he admit it? impossible!

Yu Qing deliberately reposted the blog post on Xingbo: Imagination is abundant, and all the strange animals in the sea have been wiped out. There should be applause here.

“They think I am a cat. A cat has nine lives.” Yu Qing said to Lei Meng. Anyway, he can be sure that he doesn’t have nine lives, that is, he can live in the sea. “The strange animals in the sea are very cruel, and some are worse than me. Big, you can swallow me in one bite.”

Yu Qing did encounter all kinds of strange beasts in the sea, but those strange beasts were ferocious, and they were not as cruel to him. Yu Qing thought that he was a mermaid in the deep sea and the overlord of the deep sea. Isn’t the inheritance memory said that, mermaid is the darling of the sea…

Then, some time ago, the identity of the deep-sea mermaid that Yu Qing was so proud of was shattered into dregs. It turned out that he was an ordinary person.

“Tsk, I can really think about it.” Yu Qing thought, “Why don’t they want me to have a power level ten, with a strange beast on my left hand and a strange beast on my right hand, hitting a strange beast is like playing a ball.”

“Maybe it’s because I watched too many hero TV dramas.” Raymond thought that Yu Qing is indeed capable and can survive in the sea. If he were replaced by other mermaids, he would have become a shark’s mouthpiece. “Eat popcorn?”

“If you don’t eat it, it’s easy to get angry.” Yu Qing refused, “Would you like to drink vegetable soup?”

“No, just drink ribs soup.” Raymond thought of the vegetable soup that Yu Qing had tossed out two days ago. The vegetable soup is obviously a medicine. The good vegetables were made like potions. He suspected that Yu Qing was taking revenge on him. He just touched the pointed fish ears a few more times.

At that time, when Raymond touched Yu Qing’s ears, Yu Qing replied: It’s not fluffy, so what happened.

It’s not fluffy, it itches, and it heats up. Don’t think of mermaids as cold-blooded animals.

“Sweet and sour pork ribs are delicious.” Yu Qing said, “what do you think?”

“Listen to you.” Raymond nodded, “Everything is delicious with you.”

“…” In Yu Qing’s mind, Raymond calmly drank the ugly vegetable juice, feeling that he hadn’t abused the other person at all, making him want to taste the vegetable juice if it became delicious.

Forget it, Yu Qing decided not to fix the ugly vegetable juice, otherwise, if he sees the sweetness of the other person, what to do if he can’t help but drink it. The vegetable juice is really awful. How could Yu Qing not know that it is awful. The key is that this kind of thing smells good, but it tastes bad and is easy to be tempted.

“Grandfather and grandmother are coming to Emperor Star in two days.” Raymond did not forget to remind Yu Qing to save him from being locked out of the bedroom. The study was too cold and the guest room was lonely. He is a person with a partner, where is he alone. Sleep in other rooms.

Raymond said that letting his partner sleep alone is cold and violence in disguise. He is not so scumbag. Of course, he wants to sleep with his sweetheart.

“Come on.” Yu Qing nodded slightly, but wondered whether the two elders were getting along well or not. Oh, he was really bad at handling these interpersonal relationships. At this time, it’s time to feel nostalgic for being single.

Yu Qing thought, can continue to send medicine if give something to elders? It’s not often said on TV that if you don’t accept gifts during the New Year this year, you will receive XXX. They are all health products, and medicines can also be health products!


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