Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 38

Is Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend still alive? The ex-boyfriend married Lord Lei, just to avenge Qin Mian?

There are many posts about these things on the Internet, but netizens are not as good as before.

“This post was made by Qin Mian. Tell you, people are doing it, and the sky is watching. If you do something wrong, can you not allow people to retaliate?”

“Tsk tusk, Qin Mian is really rich. These are all navy soldiers.”

“My friend said that some IP addresses are fictitious, not real. Such people are either high-identity people who need to be kept secret, or navy.”

“Let’s come, there are so many people who need to keep their identities secret, when they are soldiers performing secret missions.”

“When military personnel are stationed on a certain planet, they also display the IP of a certain planet, or a unified virtual IP.”

“I’m afraid, I’m afraid, only Qin Mian is allowed to murder, and no one is allowed to resist. No one else has murdered you.”

Regardless of whether Yu Ren is alive or not, whether Mrs. Lei is Yu Ren or not, netizens think that Qin Mian is fickle. The other party said before that Yu Ren and Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend look very similar. Nowadays, such posts appear on the Internet, most of which are quoted by Qin Mian’s words.

Some people say that Yu Qing is Yu Ren, but this is obviously not the point. The point is that Qin Mian’s best friend chased and killed Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend. That is a fact.

Qin Mian was very angry, those people couldn’t look at Yu Qing more, they weren’t dead!

If it is similar, then it should be.

At least in the current situation, Yu Qing is already Yu Ren! Only when the other party is, can the topic be better changed, but those netizens do not cooperate.

Netizens: Eight hundred years ago, maybe they still cooperated. Now IQ is not so low.

Leimen’s approach is very simple, so he directly contacted Mr. Ye.

“Do you really think my partner is Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend?” Leimen asked Father Ye, if the other party hopes so, should the Lei family prepare to retaliate against the Ye family, who caused the Ye family to hurt Mrs. Lei?

“It’s all a farce.” Elder Ye noticed the coldness in Lei Meng’s words, even after the video, “I can’t take it seriously.”

“Oh?” Raymond raised his eyebrows, “Why not, another day, I will destroy your Ye family heir and say that it was beaten by someone who looks similar to me. How about it?”

Whether it’s true or false, Raymond watched, Yu Qing didn’t retaliate against the Qin Family and Ye Family at all, and these people like to play.

They think that others do not move, then they are not the ones they have offended, so can they drag people into the water recklessly?

If the Lei family did not move, the Ye family would just turn one eye and close the other and let Qin Mian continue to toss on? Qin Mian is the Ye family’s daughter-in-law. Qin Mian’s reputation is bad, and the Ye family is also affected. The Ye family just let Qin Mian go, thinking that after Raymond knew about it, he didn’t blame the Ye family, but was separated from Yu Qing instead?

Raymond was sure that if he didn’t know Yu Qing before and didn’t like Yu Qing, he might indeed be separated from Yu Qing. But this estrangement soon dissipated. What time is it now? Isn’t it allowed that people have an ex-boyfriend?

“Qin Mian is really confused.” Old man Ye did not say Ye Haisheng, he said Qin Mian.

“Remind me, is he a mermaid?” Raymond sneered. These people like this. They like to tell people that XX is a mermaid and XX is an Omega. These people are weak, but it does not mean that these people can insult others at will, “Empire The law does not stipulate that they will not be punished for making mistakes!”

Raymond hung up the light brain, the Ye family likes to be muddled, and Qin Mian thought that there would be nothing to do without clearly showing up.

Afterwards, Raymond sent a star blog: heard that Qin Mian looks a lot like a felon, suspected to be a fugitive from plastic surgery?

“Yes, it is very possible. My lord, let this criminal be arrested.”

“Suspect, nothing wrong, okay.”

“Mrs. Lei is like Qin Mian’s husband’s ex-boyfriend, and Qin Mian is like a fugitive. It makes sense logically.”

So some netizens said that Qin Mian was not wrong. Of course, some people said that Leimeng, a nobleman, could bully the mermaid so much, but the comment that Leimeng was not was quickly covered up.

The first one is cheap, Qin Mian first said that Yu Ren looks like Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend, as he said earlier when Ye Haisheng was taken away by the staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association. If Qin Mian handled things in a low-key manner, did not broadcast live, or forced Mrs. Lei to forgive Ye Haisheng on the Internet, there would be no such things.

Qin Mian likes to say ‘like’, so others can say ‘like’. Not to mention that the damage does not damage the right of reputation. Qin Mian started it first. This kind of thing is not easy to rise to the legal level, so let’s talk about it together.

When Yu Qing saw the star blog posted by Raymond, he liked it and reposted it: join in the fun.

Yu Qing did not say positively whether he was Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend. This was not the point. The point was that Qin Mian’s girlfriend sent someone to chase Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend, and Qin Mian was also involved.

Since Yu Qing saw Raymond guarding him on the Internet several times, she was in a good mood. If Raymond didn’t do anything, Yu Qing wouldn’t say anything. The other party was so busy and had to do serious things, such as going to the military department, where would he have time to manage these things on the Internet.

What’s more, these things on the Internet will be forgotten soon after a period of time has passed.

If it weren’t for Qin Mian’s always tossing about it, Yu Qing wouldn’t want to bother about it.

“Good job.” When Raymond returned home, Yu Qing specially made Lao Ya Tang for Raymond and put some herbs to stew.

Yu Qing’s cooking skills are not as good as those of the chefs, and sometimes the cooking is easy to fry, but if the soup is stewed, it can be stewed well and the taste is also good. He is also afraid of drinking bad-drinking medicines. When preparing medicines, he also studies the taste of medicines, trying to make the taste of medicines better.

This stew has so much moisture, isn’t it just like the whole potion?

“Drink.” Yu Qing specially served Raymond a bowl of old duck soup.

“Okay.” Raymond didn’t think about how good Yu Qing’s stewed soup was. He had received a message from the housekeeper before saying that Yu Qing had specially stewed the soup for him. He disliked the bad food cooked by other chefs, and did not dare to dislike Yu Qing’s bad cooking.

Raymond took a sip, did not frown, but was somewhat surprised, “It tastes very good.”

“Of course, I used to fry less, just stew soup.” Yu Qing said, “Almost all dishes made by robots have the same flavor. It’s better to do it yourself occasionally.”

“It’s good.” Raymond nodded, “I can also grill.”

Even if there is some dry food in the space button, but sometimes when you go out, you still have to eat some whole food in the wild, and you can’t just eat the stored food. Otherwise, it will be difficult to solve the food problem in an unexpected situation.

“I’ll make it for you another day.” Raymond thought it was necessary to learn first, not simply roast the meat, sprinkle some salt, and sprinkle some cumin… This kind of simple, it is estimated that Yu Qing will be able to, the key is to pay. It’s not very tasty, so if you want to eat it for your sweetheart, of course you have to make it better.

“Bake it, sprinkle some salt, sprinkle some cumin?” Yu Qing joked, he did this when he went outside to gather herbs.

“Of course not.” Leimen hurriedly said, “How can it be done for you.”

“You can eat it by yourself?” Yu Qing said, “The taste is not very good, it is just a special period. When you are on the battlefield, sometimes there are no man’s land on other planets, right then? Looking for ingredients from around?”

“Well, there is a tool in the space button to distinguish whether the food is poisonous.” That is a tool that every soldier must equip, even if not every soldier will fall into the jungle, Raymond explained, “It can be appropriately matched with food storage, the space button Space is limited, with nutrients and dry food, but also limited. If it’s okay to stay for a month or two, if unfortunately staying for a year or two, then survival skills are needed.”

Leimen is a member of Lei’s family and has not stayed alone in a certain jungle for a year or two. If he disappears, many people will look for him, and Lei’s family will not give up. If ordinary soldiers are missing for a month or two, Xu Shi’s military department will not be able to keep searching. Therefore, military academy students must learn survival skills outside, and recruits who have just entered the barracks must also learn those survival skills.

Some planets with harsh conditions may not have so many people inhabited, but as long as there are people inhabited, people can survive. Then the military department will have spacecraft patrolled and docked for three to five days to check whether someone has issued a distress signal on the planet and whether someone has rushed to the spacecraft’s docking station.

Sometimes the military department did not find those people, and relied on those people to get to specific locations. Patrol is not a panacea, and it is inevitable that there will be negligence.

“The empire does not give up any citizen.” Raymond emphasized, “Citizens cannot give up themselves either. After all, people are not omnipotent, and an empire made up of people also has omissions.”

“I thought you had to say that there should be no omissions.” Yu Qing had also studied at a military school before. When he was in the identity of Yu Ren, the teacher liked to say that there should be no omissions.

“You can’t follow the omissions, but you have to be considerate.” Raymond said, “Human nature requires criticism and recognition.”

To treat a soldier with omissions, we must consider comprehensively. Some things can be considered considerate, and some things cannot be considered, and strict judgments must be made.

Speaking of these things, Raymond could talk a lot to Yu Qing, especially after seeing the bright eyes of the other party. But he didn’t say so much. If he said too much, he would easily become boring, separated from life and death, wounded with tears… If he said too many touching things, it would easily make people numb, especially when chatting.

If the country is in trouble, telling those touching truths may be more touching. Usually chat, others will say: Isn’t that their duty?

“Drink soup.” Yu Qing didn’t follow up and asked, the other party said enough. He once saw Raymond’s serious appearance. After being with Raymond, he found that the other party was still very gentle, appreciated his partner and respected him.

“Are there any tomorrow?” Raymond asked.

“No!” Yu Qing snorted, “Today, this is a reward.”

“Well, I will protect you and spoil you more from now on.” Raymond added, “Waiting for your reward.”

“Between husband and wife, what reward do you want?” Yu Qing said deliberately.

“Yes, that’s all I should do.” Raymond chuckled, “Then do it for me when you are in a good mood.”

“…” Seeing Lei Meng’s handsome smile, Yu Qing wondered why Omega liked Lei Meng’s face, which was really handsome.

“Pointy ears.” Leimen saw Yu Qing’s pointed ears again.

“Come out!” Yu Qing slapped the table, “Isn’t it allowed?”

“No, I don’t need my permission.” Raymond nodded, his sweetheart is in a good mood, so good that he can get his ears out. I really want to rub my sweetheart’s ear, it’s best to kiss it!


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