Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 39

These days, almost everyone has a light brain, and Qin Mian has become even more popular on the Internet, but it’s not a good side.

The people of the Ye family were very angry. Elder Ye even received a call from Raymond, so how could he not be angry. It’s hard for Ye Old Master to talk about Qin Mian, so let Ye Haisheng take care of the other half of him and don’t be so embarrassed.

Why doesn’t Mr. Ye directly say that Qin Mian belongs to Qin’s family? As a husband’s parent, it is hard to say that Ye Haisheng is more suitable. Elder Ye doesn’t care if the relationship between Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian will be worse. The important thing is the reputation of the Ye family. The Ye family can’t be angered by the Lei family.

No, Ye Haisheng gave Qin Mian a severe lesson when he returned to the room.

“Can’t you be quieter? Do you live live every day, do you want to be an Internet celebrity?” There are indeed many people who do live broadcasts in the interstellar age. The live broadcast page is very developed, but the nobles rarely do live broadcasts, and Ye Haisheng doesn’t like Qin Mian. Go live, “Do you want to seduce someone? Want to get out of the wall?”

“No.” Qin Mian had expected Ye Haisheng’s troubles for a long time, “I…I just want to see if you are jealous, and see if you like me, even if only a little bit.”

Qin Mian wanted Ye Haisheng to have a sense of crisis. He was a mermaid, and many people liked it. Ye Haisheng didn’t have to. However, Ye Haisheng didn’t care if he did live broadcast or not, and he didn’t care about his purpose at all. This made Qin Mian very painful, and he continued to try.

“You have ruined me, do you want to continue to regret it?” Ye Haisheng resented, “Ms. Lei is good for anyone, don’t provoke him.”


“You still love Yu Ren!” Qin Mian hated him, even though Yu Ren himself hadn’t been there for years, but Yu Ren had always been between him and Ye Haisheng.

“Not bad!” Ye Haisheng admitted, “Look at you, how can you compare to Aren. By the way, it’s comparable, are you a mermaid?”

“What about it?” Qin Mian said, “Don’t you think Haisheng Brother doesn’t want to have children?”

After Qin Mian said those words, she began to take off her clothes, trying to seduce Ye Haisheng.

“It’s dirty.” Ye Haisheng didn’t look at it, and pushed Qin Mian away. “Qin Mian, you have the name of the Ye family, so don’t think about anything else. Remember, you grabbed this. It deserves it.”

Ye Haisheng opened the door and went out, not wanting to see Qin Mian again.

Qin Mian sat on the ground wearily, no matter what he did, Ye Haisheng was not satisfied. Qin Mian turned on Guangnao and wanted to seek comfort on the Internet, but the Internet used to scold him.

That night, Qin Mian turned his legs into fishtails, lay in the bathtub and cut his wrists and committed suicide. He shed a lot of blood and was eventually sent to the hospital.

“Why don’t you die?” Ye Haisheng did not go to the hospital. Instead, he asked his assistant Xia Ziyan to see Qin Mian. Xia Ziyan was wearing a book. He started to snatch Ye Haisheng. How could he be good to Qin Mian, “This is Mr. Ye. Let me tell you, suicide without real death is a fearless threat.”


Xia Ziyan did not have that strong ability, and there were omissions in his work, but he was strong in Alpha pheromone, even if his power level was not very high, he was still left behind.

Sometimes the workplace is like this, focusing on gender and ignoring personal abilities.

Xia Ziyan regarded Qin Mian as a rival in love, and Xia Sui was so cheap, committed suicide, and ran with the ball…

“Mr. Qin is good for life,” Xia Ziyan said, “Don’t do live broadcasts anymore.”

Xia Ziyan left after saying this, regardless of whether Qin Mian’s expression was good or not. Ye Haisheng originally wanted him to see if Qin Mian was still alive, and Qin Mian was still alive, so there was no need to care about that much.

Qin Mian’s face was pale. He thought Ye Haisheng would come to see him, but he didn’t expect Ye Haisheng’s assistant to come. That’s right, his behavior must have made Ye Haisheng very angry. The other party didn’t like others to threaten him. It seemed that he had to be pregnant with Ye Haisheng’s child early.


As long as they have a child, the relationship between the two of them can be eased. As long as Ye Haisheng looks at him more, then the other party will definitely see his advantages. This is Qin Mian’s idea.

Some people are like this. They stick to one person, do not hesitate to make all kinds of mistakes, but also love forever. They always feel that the other party will respond sooner or later. It is difficult for normal people to understand this kind of brain circuit, and it is also weird like Xia Ziyan.

In one day, Elder Lei and the others were coming back. Yu Qing was still thinking about giving medicine at that time, but he didn’t expect to hear the news of Qin Mian’s suicide.

“Suicide?” Yu Qing was shocked.

“No.” Madam Chu Er sneered, “His good aunt dared not rush to Lei’s house to find you, so she ran to me and said that yours was not yours.”

Mrs. Chu Second knew Mrs. Chu San very well. Mrs. Chu San was like that. She always pushed her mistakes on others, and felt that it was all other people’s problems, not their own. I didn’t even think about who bit Yu Qing in the first place, not to mention that Yu Qing didn’t run to Ye Haisheng’s presence to brush up on her presence. It was Qin Mian who was there to make up for other people’s broken roots.


The most important point is that Yu Qing has never said that he is Yu Ren. Even if it is true, the name is different, there is no contact, and the meeting is a stranger. Everyone should understand how to do it.

“You don’t need to call that person’s third aunt. If she hadn’t brought her relatives to the house, you wouldn’t have been thrown into the ocean where her relatives might lose their lives at any time.” Madam Chu Er kept remembering this, and she would just I don’t know where Mrs. Chu San’s self-confidence comes from, thinking that others will talk about his own son for Mrs. Chu San’s relatives.

“No.” Of course it is impossible for Yu Qing to call. It can be said that Mrs. Chu San broke Yu Qing’s illusion, and Yu Qing’s dream of being a mermaid in the deep sea was shattered.

“When your wedding comes, your eldest brother will definitely come.” Madam Chu thought that the eldest son was still on the front line. Come back, don’t be nervous, don’t be afraid.”

“Elderly people prefer health care products, don’t they?” Yu Qing asked, “high-end medicine, right?”

“Indeed.” Madam Chu nodded, “In addition to the promotion of high-level ability, it is about health care. Why, you want to give them medicine?”

“There is nothing to give. The medicine prepared by yourself is more sincere.” Yu Qing accepted the money given to him by the Chu family, but Mr. Lei has never seen anything, and there is nothing that can be bought with money. How rare, besides, Yu Qing doesn’t have so much money to buy especially rare things, it is better to give away the medicine that he configures.

Many pharmacists like to give away medicine, on the one hand to show their identity as a pharmacist, and on the other hand to show their strength. Of course, this kind of gift is basically a gift to the elders and leaders. Between ordinary friends, there is no need to send more. The medicines are all made at the expense of buying herbs, and it takes time even if you collect the herbs yourself.

“Yes.” Madam Chu did not attack Yu Qing. The Lei family had many pharmacists, and the medicines prepared by those pharmacists were good.

Mrs. Chu’s second wife didn’t know where Yu Qing had prepared the medicine. She put away all the medicines of the younger son. It’s not that she doesn’t use it, but that she already has other medicines, which are all formulated by high-priced senior pharmacists.

And Yu Qing never cared about the medicine he gave out. When others wanted to drink the medicine, they would drink it, and they would throw it away if they didn’t.

“What kind of medicine is prepared?” Mrs. Chu Er asked.

“Healing the hidden wounds.” Yu Qing replied. People like Mr. Lei have never been on the front line before, and they have not suffered injuries when they were young. Some injuries seem to have healed, but in fact they are not completely healed.

“Very good.” Mrs. Chu nodded. Whether it works or not, this is the heart of the younger son, “What herbs do you need?”

“It’s prepared.” Yu Qing said, “I just prepared a few more bottles. Take them back to Dad and the others.”

So Mrs. Chu Er went back with the medicine prepared by Yu Qing, and she really gave it to Er Ye Chu, saying that it was the medicine for repairing the dark wounds from the younger son. It’s because Mrs. Chu Er didn’t say clearly, or Ye Ye Chu didn’t hear clearly, Chu Erye thought it was Leimeng who Yu Qing asked for, so he drank it.

“…” Madam Chu Er thought that her husband might have to put it next to her first, but she didn’t expect her husband to drink directly in front of her.

At the moment, Chu Erye didn’t feel anything. After all, the potion did not take effect so quickly. Some potions were slow to repair, and it became obvious after a while.

The next day, Yu Qing woke up early in the morning and couldn’t sleep. It was the first time to see his parents in the true sense. No one in Yu Qing had this feeling before seeing the Ye family, probably because the Ye family didn’t plan to let him and Ye Haisheng be together.

“Grandfather.” Yu Qing followed Raymond to call.

“Oh, look at your face.” The old man Lei turned his head to look at Raymond, opened his mouth and teased, “Good-looking.”

“Look at the face? Didn’t this learn from you?” Mrs. Lei said funnyly, “You are ashamed to say that you didn’t see my face first?”

Mrs. Lei exposed Mr. Lei, and then looked at Yu Qing with a gentle expression, “Sit down, don’t have to stand, your grandfather is not a serious old man, he must be serious, and he can’t be serious to you. He just likes to keep his face straight. .”

“…” Elder Lei just wanted to say that he doesn’t have a straight face at all now, and his old wife is ruining his reputation again.

“Walk around and see what we bring you delicious.” Mrs. Lei took Yu Qing away.

Yu Qing originally thought that Elder Lei and the others were more serious, maybe not so gentle towards him, but he didn’t expect their expressions to be very kind.

“You don’t need to look at Leimen, you are his partner, so he has to spoil you more and listen to you more.” Mrs. Lei is not self-familiar, she just pulls Yuqing and doesn’t pull it again. She just looks at herself. Her husband is very angry. People who have been on the battlefield for so many years will inevitably be different even if they retire now.

Mrs. Lei didn’t want Yu Qing to be frightened. They all came back. Some of them had time to get along, get along for a while, and then left. They would never disturb their grandson and granddaughter-in-law being alone.

The Lei family are basically on the battlefield, and they are very murderous, and sometimes it is easy to scare people. Mrs. Lei recalled that she was shocked by Mrs. Lei. She didn’t like those who didn’t want to marry back then, and was moved later.

“Is that to listen to my partner or grandmother more?” Raymond joked.

“Isn’t this nonsense?” Mrs. Lei rolled her eyes, “I won’t be with you for the rest of my life, of course I heard Xiaoqing.”

“…” Yu Qing only felt that the style of painting was not right. Are they teasing themselves? Hold it back, the ears can’t come out!


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