Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 40

Indeed, Yu Qing’s ears were not exposed. Perhaps after being with Raymond for a long time, his ability to control his ears gradually improved.

Mrs. Lei didn’t continue to tease Yu Qing. The young man was shy and only met again. It would not be appropriate to tease any more. It would be better to talk about other things.

“You young people, if it’s okay, it doesn’t matter if you wake up later in the morning.” Mrs. Lei said, “You don’t need to get up so early, and you don’t need to wait for us to eat. We live in another building and can eat over there. Occasionally, eating dinner together is enough.”

Mrs. Lei told Yu Qing some habits to save her grandson and daughter-in-law. Mrs. Lei didn’t even think about setting rules for others. It’s not good to be an elder who has so many in charge. It’s not that she didn’t eat or drink.

“Okay.” Yu Qing nodded. He originally thought about whether he should get up early in the morning. Mrs. Lei, what kind of dishes do they like to eat, and whether he wants to cook it.

Some people just want to eat the dishes made by their grand-daughter-in-law, which is a test. When Yu Qing got married for the first time, she didn’t know how to get along with Raymond’s elders, and she was a little bit afraid of messing up.


“Don’t be nervous, we don’t have so many demands. You young couple live a good life.” Mrs. Lei smiled and said, “Don’t worry about having children, you can live more than two people.”

Humans in the interstellar period have a long life span, and there is really no need to worry about having children. What’s more, Raymond has a high level of ability. If the grandson and grand-daughter-in-law have no children, it is probably because of Raymond. It is impossible for Mr. Lei to blame Yu Qing.

Mrs. Lei also gave Yu Qing some things, including food and toys. In the eyes of Mrs. Lei, Yu Qing is still young, in her twenties, isn’t she a child compared to her.

Yu Qing could only give away medicines. The herbs were cheap and effective. Such medicines were most suitable for people to give away. As long as they didn’t tell others the cost of medicines, there would be no big problem. If others know the cost of the medicine, it may be a bit embarrassing: I give you a gift worth tens of thousands, and you will give me medicine that costs a few hundred?

The picture was so beautiful that Yu Qing didn’t dare to think about it. Fortunately, the prices of related medicines sold out were not cheap.

“Very fragrant.” After receiving the medicine, Mrs. Lei opened it and sniffed it. “At such a young age, I know how to make these medicines. I have done a lot of work.”

“Fortunately.” Yu Qing sat on the sofa and stood up straight, and he almost leaned directly on the sofa. If you lean on it, it seems a little lazy and not so energetic.

Yu Qing has inherited memory, and deliberately studied it, turning the inherited memory into his own real memory, real ability. It was much easier for him to prepare these medicines than ordinary pharmacists. Even so, Yu Qing still worked hard, had to remember, and had to experiment and improve the formula.


“It’s specially formulated for us, it’s really good.” Mrs. Lei could see that Yu Qing didn’t need much maintenance or repairing his body wounds at her age, but she was really interested in preparing such high-level medicines.

Mrs. Lei didn’t dislike it. Regardless of the efficacy of the medicine, it was always prepared by the grandson-in-law.

In the evening, Lei’s family ate dinner together, and Raymond picked Yu Qing a fishbone on the table, not afraid that Mrs. Lei would be upset when they saw it.

Yu Qing looked at Mrs. Lei and Mrs. Lei, and when they saw that they were silent, they smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

“He’s okay, let him pick more fishbone.” Mrs. Lei said, “It’s not on the battlefield and resting at home. He should do more things. Don’t do more, let others treat his partner?”

That’s what Mrs. Lei thinks, his partner doesn’t treat him nicely by herself, waiting for her partner to be unhappy to find someone else. The supernatural person who used to be on the front line often leaves his partner for a long time, and it is easy to make the other half empty and lonely. If there is no good memory, how can he persist.

Some people are worthy of the empire, but they are sorry for their little family. But if you can do a little more, and can be worthy of the empire, and worthy of the small family, that would be the best.


“Let’s eat.” Raymond placed the stabbed fish in front of Yu Qing.

Yu Qing glanced at Raymond, how did he feel that the other party was particularly gentle today.

In the Ye family, Qin Mian committed suicide and was hospitalized. With the medical technology of the interstellar age, Qin Mian’s wounds have recovered more than half. As for the lost blood, more supplements and more nourishment will slowly restore vitality.

Because Qin Mian committed suicide, others in the Ye family inevitably ridiculed Ye Haisheng a few words.

Madam Ye was very fortunate. Fortunately, Qin Mian chose Ye Haisheng. If her son had a partner like Qin Mian, she would not be able to stand it. Even if Ye Haisheng got the Ye Family by relying on his marriage with Qin Mian, it is not that other people do not have shares in the Ye Family Group.


If you meet someone like Qin Mian, I am afraid that business will not last long.

Madam Ye hoped that Qin Mian could make a few more noises to see if Elder Ye still valued Ye Haisheng.

Elder Ye really values ​​Ye Haisheng very much. How could Elder didn’t know that Ye Haisheng has been forbearing, and those who make big things have to be patient and know how to forbearance. As for Qin Mian’s suicide, the old man Ye was not afraid that the Qin family would find Ye family, and the people of the Qin family should also see how Qin Mian died on the Internet.

Just because the Qin family saw what Qin Mian did on the Internet, they didn’t bother to find the Ye family, let alone go to the Lei family.

Qin Mian’s mother also went to the hospital to see her son.

“The days are still long, take it slow.” Qin Mian’s mother is not a fuel-efficient lamp. People see her as weak, but she is good at pretending to be weak. She looks gentle and talkative, so she can live better in Qin’s family. “You are a mermaid, just wait until you have a baby. The flowers and plants out there are no better than yours.”

Mother Qin’s husband also raises a little lover outside. If the little lover has a child, he will let the children of Beta and Omega undergo mermaid transformation surgery before bringing them into the house. Mother Qin never said much, as long as her status in the Qin family was not affected, she could bear it.

“Brother Haisheng doesn’t…” Qin Mian pursed her lips.

“This is easy.” Mother Qin knew that Qin Mian hadn’t had any relationship with Ye Haisheng. “I have just a few potions here. You take them and make them a few times. After you have a child, it will be much more convenient. Alpha is just like that, yes. Once I am sorry for my sweetheart, there will be a second time. After all, you are Ye Haisheng’s legal partner.”

Sorry once, you will be guilty. If you are sorry a few times, you will not be guilty. Instead, if you feel that you have done it, then do it a few more times.

Mother Qin just wanted her son to hold Ye Haisheng early, and Qin Mian held Ye Haisheng to bring benefits to the Qin family, so she would have a better life in the Qin family as a mother.

“Don’t be afraid of being discovered.” Mother Qin said, “You can even commit suicide. Isn’t that enough? You behave poorly. If you don’t want him, you need a child.”

A little wronged, a little pitiful, Qin mother believes that Ye Haisheng will always have a tempting day, and when she falls asleep, she will fall asleep with feelings. That Yu Qing who looks almost exactly the same as Yu Ren has become Mrs. Lei, and Mrs. Lei must sleep with Master Lei. Everyone can think of this, and Ye Haisheng must also think of this.

Then they can take advantage of this and say that Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend is with others, what is Ye Haisheng still guarding. As long as Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng slept once, there would be a second time soon, and there would be no use of medicine afterwards.

Mother Qin made a good arrangement for Qin Mian, and then it had to see how Qin Mian did.

“Yeah.” Qin Mian nodded slightly.

One day later, the second master Chu found that the hidden wounds on his body had healed a lot, and that potion was quite useful.

“Go back and give Xiaoqing more money.” During dinner in the morning, Erye Chu deliberately said to Mrs. Chu Er, “Yesterday’s medicine is very effective. If you buy it, you must spend a lot of money, not necessarily. You can buy it. The Lei’s pharmacist really…”

“What the Lei family’s pharmacist?” Chu Er Madam interrupted Second Master Chu, “It was prepared by Xiao Qing.”

Although Mrs. Chu Er didn’t see the medicine Yu Qing prepared with her own eyes, she believed in her son.

“Really?” Chu Erye frowned. It’s not that he didn’t believe in his son, but that yesterday’s potion was faster than the same type of potion he had used before. Only the pharmacist can prepare it.

“Of course it is true.” Madam Chu rolled her eyes, “There are also for your second son.”

Chu Xiao happened to be having a meal with his parents at home. He just listened, but he didn’t expect his mother to talk about him. He did get the medicine from his mother last night, but he didn’t drink it yet. It’s not that he didn’t believe in the medicine prepared by his brother, but he really didn’t expect the medicine prepared by his brother to be so good.

“Try it later.” Chu Xiao thought it was impossible for his father to speak nonsense.

“Use it first.” Chu Erye said, “If you don’t use it, you can leave it alone, and use it when it hurts more in the future.”

“…” Chu Xiao didn’t feel right when he listened to these words. What is hurt is more useful.

Second Master Chu didn’t think that he had said something wrong, that was the way it was. A little injury, with this medicine, it is waste. People like them, who often go to the front line to practice, will inevitably get hurt. Even if they don’t go to the front line, sometimes they don’t break well when they break through the power level, and they still have hidden injuries.

“Brother prepared it.” Chu Xiao emphasized, “I think he shouldn’t mind helping to prepare the medicine.”

As long as he administers the herb and gives some more things, Yu Qing should be able to help them prepare the medicine. Between relatives, why bother about so much, but also help each other. Don’t treat your younger brother as an outsider. Your younger brother will help them, and they will help your younger brother, so that your relationship will be deeper.

“Let’s eat first.” Madam Chu felt that the second son grew up, the less cute she would be. Even though this is true, she said it baldly without any modification, and she felt as if she was taking advantage of others.

In fact, Chu Xiao didn’t even think about using Yu Qing at all, but thought that if Yu Qing was so capable, it would just be able to deter people with ulterior motives, and would also be able to gain a foothold in Lei’s family. The medicine prepared by Yu Qing is good, and Mrs. Chu must pay more attention to Yu Qing. Mrs. Chu will also want to make friends with Yu Qing, so Mrs. Chu and the others will have no place in the Chu family.

Chu Xiao has always hated Madam Chu San and the others. It would be best if his brother can suppress those people and avoid a lot of trouble.

You don’t need to do anything deliberately. After the others in the Chu family have used the potion given by the younger brother, they will know who to go.

Chu Xiao’s eyes flickered, even if his brother was recognized after being missing for many years, his brother should be spoiled.


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