Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 41

Chu Xiao had two potions from Yu Qing in his hand. One potion was used to ease the riot when the ability broke through, and the other potion was used to repair hidden wounds. After eating, Chu Xiao went back to the house and drank the potion for repairing the dark wounds.

Over the years, Chu Xiao has worked hard to practice supernatural powers and climbed up hard, and his elder brother has also worked very hard. They all understand that their house cannot inherit the Chu family and will sooner or later become a collateral member, but they must severely suppress Chu Sanye and others, so that Chu Sanye and others can’t get up.

Back then, how young my brother was, he was brutally beaten by Mrs. Chu San’s relatives. Chu Xiao always remembered this incident. It was because of too much effort that something happened when Chu Xiao broke through the ability last time. The ability level was broken, but it also left some hidden injuries. He usually sees nothing, fearing that something will happen at the critical moment.

Chu Xiao was willing to believe in Yu Qing, and Yu Qing had no reason to murder them. He just drank the potion and didn’t feel much, but felt that the potion was a bit cold. After drinking it for a while, he felt a little warm. It was a feeling that the dark injury was gradually repairing.

“You must have suffered a lot.” Chu Xiao doesn’t think that an ordinary person can make such a good medicine at a young age. Most of such pharmacists work hard after suffering a big setback, not just because of their talent.


Chu Xiao thought that Raymond would get the testimony from Yu Qing so quickly, and also brought the person to a good friend. Is there something he didn’t know about him?

When Darryl received Chu Xiao’s call, he still smiled and said, “How is it, how does it feel to be the second brother-in-law of Lei Meng?”

Darryl felt that this was all fate. Who would have thought that the person Raymond was worried about was actually Chu Xiao’s own brother.

“Did Raymond know my brother early?” Chu Xiao didn’t pay attention to Raymond’s personal feelings before. He played well with Raymond, and one thing was that he wanted to take advantage of Lei’s family. People like them who say that they have no other selfishness are all false. Everyone hopes that they can develop better.

“Finally found out?” Darryl raised an eyebrow. Chu Xiao has always paid no attention to the personal emotions of his friends, but instead pays more attention to the emotions of hostile people, or when he wants to use other people’s personal emotions to do something, he will investigate more.

Daryl used to think that Chu Xiao was a black-bellied fox, a cunning fox, but as long as he didn’t offend Chu Xiao, there would be nothing.

“Say.” Chu Xiao said.

“Leimeng had a crush on someone before, Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend, don’t you know.” Daryl didn’t hide it, nor did Chu Xiao go to Leimeng. It’s not impossible to talk about this kind of thing. It doesn’t make sense for Raymond to know, Chu Xiao, who is a real brother, still can’t know, “Now Yu Qing is Yu Ren, the person Raymond has a crush on!”

“Xiao Qing didn’t admit it.” Chu Xiao emphasized, “That’s not it.”

Chu Xiao’s eyes narrowed slightly, no matter whether Yu Qing was Yu Ren or not, as long as Yu Qing didn’t say it clearly, just don’t say it. Regardless of the messy relationship between the Ye family and the Qin family, don’t involve Yu Qing. When Yu Qing didn’t admit it, the Ye family and Qin family could both make so many things, let alone after Yu Qing admitted.


So Chu Xiao didn’t think they needed to admit this matter. Yu Qing didn’t say it, so he didn’t know.

“Don’t tell me, I guess your brother didn’t know that Raymond had a crush on him.” Darryl said, “They were like this at the beginning, the number of times they met directly…”

So Chu Xiao learned a lot from Darryl, but he didn’t say it, nor did he tell his parents. Knowing more people is not necessarily good, not to mention that the parents are in a good mood now, there is no need to know those, so as not to hurt.

Chu Xiao couldn’t help wondering if his younger brother was violent with Madam Chu San’s relatives. Not long after his younger brother was born, he was thrown into the sea by Madam Chu San’s relatives. When he grew up, he was persecuted by another Madam Chu San’s relative.

The relatives of Mrs. Chu San liked to catch up to be a junior. Back then, Mrs. Chu San’s relatives wanted to dismantle Chu Erye and Mrs. Chu Er and became Chu Xiao’s stepmother. Many years later, Qin Mian, another relative of Mrs. Chu San, was a stepmother. Fancy Yu Qing’s boyfriend and continue to break up others.

However, people like Ye Haisheng really didn’t have the right to be with his younger brother. Chu Xiao believed that Ye Haisheng was really not a person who could be trusted for life.

Chu Xiao didn’t ask Yu Qing either. Yu Qing didn’t tell anyone, and Raymond didn’t expose it, so other people shouldn’t know. Sometimes, others feel distressed, but I have to think about whether I am willing to let others know about his dark history, so that I will love my brother more in the future.


After confirming that the medicine prepared by his younger brother was effective, Chu Xiao contacted Chu Yuan to save the other party from giving away the medicine.

“I don’t have the habit of giving away the medicine my brother gave to others.” Chu Yuan didn’t know how good the medicine Yu Qing prepared before, but he really didn’t want to give that medicine to anyone.

My cousin gave such a potion. If he gave the potion to someone else, how would my cousin think? Does my cousin think he doesn’t believe him?

Chu Yuan hadn’t been so stupid yet, as long as he had a brain, he basically knew how to do this kind of thing. There are not many medicines. If there are many medicines, it is said that they will be given to others.

“Listening to you, it reminds me of the young man who sold medicine on the black market.” Chu Yuan said, “I don’t know if his family let him out, or whether he is a highly talented medicine like his cousin. division.”


Because Chu Yuan had only bought one potion, he was not sure if Yu Qing was that person. But where are there so many outstanding geniuses in the world? If you say that the medicine is made by the young man, it is better to believe that Yu Qing is the one who made the medicine, if what Chu Xiao said is true.

“Is that little idiot you’re talking about?” Chu Xiao had heard it, and knew what Chu Yuan had made. The other party had been looking for the young man for several years.

“What a fool, maybe it’s a genius!” Chu Yuan coughed lightly.

“Maybe.” Chu Xiao nodded.

The Lei family, Yu Qing, who was watching Mrs. Lei making brown sugar buns, sneezed. He thought maybe he shouldn’t be standing in the kitchen. Even if the kitchen is big enough, he is not suitable for making noodles.

“You don’t need to learn, just take a look.” Mrs. Lei said with a smile, but did not say that Yu Qing was wrong, and the other party did not sneeze in front of her. If you don’t fry well, you can’t cook complex pasta, so you can only cook simple ones. Steamed buns are simpler.”

“Grandfather likes to eat the steamed buns you made, because steamed buns are easy to make.” Yu Qing felt that he was being used as a handful of hot dog food.

“He is acquainted, he didn’t want to eat complicated.” Mrs. Lei slapped the dough and flattened the dough. “Alpha can’t get used to it. It’s not that they eat whatever they want, but what we give them. They eat whatever they want. They are in a good mood, just make some complicated ones, like boiled live fish, without scraping the scales.”

“…” Yu Qing didn’t know how to say it for a while, it seems that her cooking skills are not bad.

“Like you, it’s good at cooking, isn’t it good at preparing medicines? Just match those foods, and it’s good if you can’t eat them.” Mrs. Lei didn’t even think about how virtuous Yu Qing was, after all, she Don’t ask your granddaughter-in-law for things you haven’t done.

“Yes.” Yu Qing nodded, he did the same.

“Fruit platter, fruit salad… It’s so fast. In fact, the steamed buns are complicated.” Mrs. Lei said again, “It depends on how much sugar is added to make the noodles and ferment. You have to make it smaller…”

“…” Well, steamed buns are already very complicated, Yu Qing understands.

In the evening, when Yu Qing and Raymond lay on the same bed and talked before going to bed, they told Raymond about this.

“Grandma just wants to show her cooking skills in front of you, to prove that she is not a culinary scum, and she knows it.” Raymond said funnyly, “Back then, grandmother also did this in front of her mother, trying to tie Alpha’s heart. , Steamed buns are enough, don’t think about anything else, if Alpha wants it, then Alpha is ignorant.”

“…” Yu Qing thought that Mrs. Lei was spreading dog food, but she never thought that the other party had this meaning.

“Our Lei family have basically been on the front line, and sometimes we haven’t seen a partner for many years.” Leimen said, “If Alpha really wants to have other people, it is impossible to give up just for a little bit of food. There is no need to force yourself to do it. Things you like, unless you already like cooking.”

Raymond believes that appropriate changes can be used, but if you force yourself to do things you don’t like, you will be happy for the other half. After a long time, one of them will definitely feel depressed.

“That’s right.” Yu Qing thought about it carefully, and it was really like this.

“Don’t be afraid, grandmother just wants you to know that our Lei family really didn’t want the other half to be more dignified and virtuous, and didn’t think that the other half could do everything.” Leimen said, “Forcing the virtuous domestic helper, it is better to let the machine do those things. matter.”

Raymond knew that Yu Qing had seen the Ye family before, and Ye Haisheng’s parents and others had a bad attitude towards Yu Ren, and they were playing Mandarin Duck with a high stick.

In fact, after two people meet each other’s elders after being together, the elders will inevitably do something, which is equivalent to a test. This is also normal, even if the marriage between the rich and the nobles is tentative, it is that the Lei family is different, not so turning.

“Actually, my grandfather wanted to eat steamed buns.” Raymond concluded.

“Then you still said so much.” Yu Qing originally thought what a serious thing Raymond was going to say, never expected the other party to say such a sentence. Look, the other party’s hand stretched out again and wanted to hold him again.

Pop, Yu Qing hit the back of Lei Meng’s hand, don’t move it.

“It’s legal, you can hug, you said.” Raymond was stern, and then said again, “Did you hurt your hands?”

“The skin is thick and thick.” Yu Qing pursed his lips. “The skin is very thick!”

“Then tomorrow’s vegetable juice will be sweet or sour?” Raymond still held the person in his arms.

“Bitter!” Yu Qing gritted his teeth.

“It doesn’t matter, that’s what you did.” Raymond said it didn’t matter, “What you did is sweet in my heart.”

“…” Yu Qing always felt that her face was not thick enough, and she couldn’t tell the other party.

So Yu Qing turned his head and turned his back to Raymond, not wanting to talk to him.

“Lying on your side, will your pointed ears be squashed?” Raymond asked.

“Even if you turn into dried persimmons, my ears can’t be squashed.” Yu Qing raised the volume and wanted to get up, but accidentally fell into Raymond’s arms, always feeling that the other party tripped him.

“So are you going to squash me?” Raymond said.

Then, that night, Raymond was rushed to sleep on the sofa, go to the sofa to lie down and think.


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