Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 42

Early the next morning, when Yu Qing woke up, he saw Raymond lying on the bed and rolling his eyes. As expected, he couldn’t think that this person would sleep on the sofa with peace of mind.

“I slept on the sofa in the middle of the night.” Raymond emphasized that he was not disobedient. My sweetheart didn’t say how long to sleep, “A full night can be counted as one night.”

Look, Raymond still knows how to quibble.

“Yes, one night.” Yu Qing was too lazy to say, and it was impossible for him to quarrel with Raymond because of this.

When Yu Qing and Raymond went downstairs, Mrs. Lei and Mrs. Lei had already had breakfast and were basking in the garden.

According to Mr. Lei’s words, he is getting older and is not used to sleeping for so long. If Grandpa Lei was young, he was lazy, he didn’t get up early every day to practice supernatural powers, and occasionally wanted to be lazy.

At that time, you can’t be lazy for a few days. Going on the battlefield is killing people. If you don’t work hard to cultivate supernatural powers, you will be taught sooner or later.

After Elder Lei retired, he didn’t forget to cultivate supernatural powers, but he didn’t fight as much as before. If you have been desperately practicing supernatural powers without enjoying life, then what is the point of being alive.


Mrs. Lei is self-supporting Mrs. Lei. The purpose of cultivating supernatural powers is to defend the country and to protect herself, so she naturally has to enjoy it.

When Yu Qing learned that Mrs. Lei and Mrs. Lei were drinking tea and chatting in the yard, they did not rush to the past. The old man also needed time alone, so he wanted to see him in the past.

“Today’s omelette is good.” Raymond said, taking a look at Yu Qing more.

“It’s fried eggs, not fried fish.” Yu Qing said.

“It’s not suitable to eat fish early in the morning.” Leimen coughed slightly, and he didn’t eat fish. At most, he kissed the mermaid on the forehead. “It’s okay another day.”

“…” Yu Qing didn’t speak anymore, let’s have breakfast happily.

At about nine o’clock, Chu Xiao came to Lei’s house. He had already felt the efficacy of Yu Qing’s medicine. He had repaired most of the dark injuries and was still warming up his body. For the time being, he didn’t know what side effects there would be. Some side effects have not been noticed for the time being, and it may take a few years, even more than ten years, and hundreds of years to feel.

Normally, no pharmacist has really waited for so many years. After so many years, the day lily will be cold. At most, the follow-up is simulated by a computer.

“Second brother.” Yu Qing thought that Chu Xiao came to Raymond. Whoever made him and Raymond be good friends, he seemed to have nothing to say to him. As for the wedding, Mrs. Chu Er and others also helped her, mainly Mrs. Chu Er asked Yu Qing.

Chu Xiao looked at his brother’s long hair and wanted to rub his brother’s head a little, so he also stretched out his hand.

“Hairstyle will be messy.” Yu Qing said.

“Long hair, tied.” Chu Xiao smiled and said, “If it’s messed up, comb it again.”

Before her younger brother was born, Chu Xiao thought at the time that she could comb her hair for her younger siblings and take them out to play. Even if he is old and adult, he can take his three-and-a-half-year-old siblings out to play.


It’s a pity that something happened later, and when the younger brother is found, he is already this old.

Chu Xiao wanted to say that he would comb his younger brother’s hair now, so would Raymond jump his feet and grab the comb in his hand.

“Yesterday, I used the medicine you gave to repair most of the dark wounds.” Chu Xiao didn’t mean anything, and his brothers were better off straight. Besides, Yu Qing’s temperament is not the kind of scheming person, “Can I make it again? What kind of herbs are needed, at any price.”

“Just use one potion.” Yu Qing wondered, why his brother still needs that kind of potion, “Give it to a friend?”

“Yes.” Chu Xiao nodded, “There is a friend who once saved my life and suffered a very serious injury. Now that the power level has not been able to break through, it’s just whether this kind of medicine is useful.”

“It should be possible.” Yu Qing said, “The herbs are easy to find.”

Yu Qing goes to the sea every year and picks a lot of herbs on the seabed. Some herbs grow a lot in the sea, and they are not rare at all. The herbs on the land are also simple, and the cost price is a few hundred. As for the herbs that can be smashed on the seabed, Yu Qing said that they are not very valuable, that is, they are more valuable on the land.


Therefore, the cost Yu Qing paid was not high. When he was selling medicine on the black market, he thought that it was a big fool to buy medicine, and the cost was really low.

“One million? Two million? Or a higher price?” Chu Xiao asked, “Money is not a problem. You can buy it at auction outside, and the price has always been high.”

It’s just that the repair potions sold at auctions are not as gentle and effective as those given by Yu Qing. Chu Xiao had bought it at an auction before. The price was 10 million. The reason why he asked Yu Qing whether it was 1 million or 2 million was because he planned to find medicinal herbs for his brother to prepare.

I heard that some herbs are hard to find, but if it’s not good for brother to look for medicinal herbs, it’s already good for brother to send them to his family, so why should give them to his brother’s friend?

Chu Xiao didn’t have such a face yet, because he owed someone else’s life-saving kindness, not his brother.


“Herbs, I’ll look for them. You just need to prepare them.” Chu Xiao never thought about the problem that his brother didn’t know how to prepare such medicines, and didn’t think that those medicines were given to Yu Qing by the Lei family. If the Lei family had used such a good medicine before, it would have been used by Lei Meng long ago, then Chu Xiao would naturally know it.

“There are a few more.” Yu Qing saw Chu Xiao in such a hurry, and said quickly, “You don’t need to look for medicinal herbs. There are some simple and cheap medicinal herbs on land, mainly two kinds of herbs growing on the bottom of the sea. I There are also stocks, so if you want to pay, it’s 60,000 yuan.”

The big idiot sold to the black market is 100,000, and if you sell it to your family, you will get a discount, which is a bit cheaper. Although the two medicines are not the same, Yu Qing has a guilty conscience, if my brother knew that he was selling one hundred thousand to other people, that would be bad.

Since Yu Qing met Madam Chu and the others, he has received planets and a lot of money. He really didn’t need that much money from Chu Xiao.

“The market price is more than just these…”

“Going out to sell more expensive in the future.” Raymond interrupted Chu Xiao, fortunately that he thought that Chu Xiao was coming over on official business, such as the military department. He never expected the other party to sit in front of Yu Qing. Long.

Before, the Chu family and Yu Qing hadn’t recognized each other. Chu Xiao came to Lei’s house mostly to go to Lei Meng’s study, but now, the other party is sitting in front of Yu Qing.

Raymond said that he was ignored and ignored by his sweetheart. Really counting, he and Yu Qing have known each other for a long time. “Anything is 60,000 or 6 million. He bought a similar medicine at the auction before and went. Ten million.”

“…” People are stupid, money is a lot, come quickly, Yu Qing thought of this.

Poverty limits my imagination. Yu Qing sighed. The rich are really willing to buy medicines. I used to sell medicines at a very cheap price. If the big idiot who bought his potion from the black market was in front of him, Yu Qing would definitely say: This is the price of conscience, and I am not a black-hearted businessman!

There are millions at every turn, tens of millions, no wonder the aristocracy’s abilities are always so good, how can it be bad if you spend so much money on it.

“Why care so much between relatives.” Yu Qing said quietly, “This kind of medicine has a few more, and it seems cheap.”

“…” Chu Xiao didn’t feel that this kind of medicine would be cheaper if it had a few more medicines. The population is so huge that a few more medicines are not enough.

Why advanced potions can’t be produced mechanically? That’s because when preparing potions, pharmacists also incorporate abilities into them, and some abilities have the ability to heal after being incorporated into potions.

Chu Xiao didn’t expect Yu Qing to say this. The key is that he wondered if other pharmacists deliberately sold a small amount of medicine, just to raise the price of the medicine? But it shouldn’t be necessary. After all, herbs are hard to find, and the preparation of medicines may fail.

No, he shouldn’t follow his brother’s thoughts.

Chu Xiao looked at Yu Qing, “Sixty thousand is indeed low.”

“It’s okay, the cost of herbs on land is a few hundred.” Yu Qing said frankly, “It’s the herbs on the seabed…For you, it can be a very high price.”

Yes, will say that in the future. The herbs on the sea floor are not worth any money to a mermaid like Yu Qing who has the ability to go to the deep sea. For people on land, it is very valuable, and robots are not so easy to go down to the deep sea. Even if they can go down to the deep sea, it is difficult to find the herbs they want in the deep sea.

“Back then…” Yu Qingyi was happy and almost talked about the black market. No, I can’t say, “Back then, when I was thrown into the sea, that would be my opportunity.”

“Nine deaths for a lifetime.” Chu Xiao twitched slightly, “It’s all fake, almost 100% dead.”

Chu Xiao didn’t think that was an opportunity, it was terrible.

“Do you want to pay?” Raymond said, can you end this topic soon, didn’t you see that the three of them are sitting here? The single dog sits here for so long, what do you do, hurry up and do things, the money is over, then, get out!

Yu Qing stretched out his hand and pinched Leimeng, my God, this man has really thick skin, and it’s still not easy to pinch. It seems that the other party goes to bed late in the morning, and it is impossible to suddenly become an old man with sagging skin.

“Fight!” Chu Xiao sensed Lei Meng’s impatience. Is this because he hates himself for sitting here for too long?

Yu Qing asked for six million, but Chu Xiao called him six million. He looked at Chu Xiao.

“It’s the herbs in the deep sea.” Chu Xiao is not stupid. If it were the herbs in the shallow sea, those pharmacists would have already dealt with them. “It’s worth the price.”

“Yes!” Yu Qing didn’t plan to return to Chu Xiao, tusk, these people are really rich, they are all big brothers.

Yu Qing handed the potion to Chu Xiao, and Chu Xiao took the potion away.Chu Xiao didn’t think about giving the medicine to his friend yesterday, but used it by himself instead of testing the medicine. He simply didn’t want to disappoint his brother.Using the medicine that my brother gave me as a gift, do I just want to wait for my brother to find out, so that he can give me another medicine?

Chu Xiao is not so generous. He wants to help his friends, and he wants to pay back his life, but he also has a selfish side. This is also the truth of human nature.

In the main residence of the Chu family, someone happened to use the potion given by Yu Qing to break through the power level and repair the hidden wounds.

“I’m going, big brother, the little cousin shouldn’t be the little idiot you mentioned.” Chu Yuan’s younger brother rushed in front of Chu Yuan and said in shock. “Bar?”


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