Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 43

Beaten up? If it was Yu Qing, how could Yu please be beaten up?

Chu Yuan didn’t think that Yu Qing turned out to be the person who sold medicine on the black market that he was looking for. Thinking about it carefully, young man, Yu please can match it, and it is indeed possible to have such an effective medicine.

The ingredients of the medicaments are not the same, which does not mean that the medicaments are not made by one person.

When Chu Yuan thinks about it now, he feels that his previous judgments were too wrong. Pharmacists have improved their medicine formulas, moving towards lower cost and better efficacy.

“Whether he was severely beaten, I don’t know.” Chu Yuan stared at his brother, “And you…obviously haven’t received enough social beatings.”

“…” Chu Yuan’s younger brother only felt that it was getting worse, and this one was really a real brother.

Chu Yuan didn’t rush to contact Yu Qing. The senior pharmacists were hard to find, and they couldn’t make so many medicines at one time. Besides, Yu asked Raymond to have his wedding soon. At this time, I went to tell people, could you help me prepare some medicine? That would be bad.

Chu Yuan couldn’t break through the power level again for the time being, and it will take many years, so there is no need to be so anxious. And the people of the Chu family, Chu Sanye’s room, everyone who came to the main house that day received the medicine from Yu Qing.

Wait, a lot of people came to the main house that day.

Chu Yuan thought this was also quite good. The Chu family who came to the main house that day were all outstanding. With a good potion, they could smoothly break through the abilities.

From Lei’s family, Chu Xiao had already left with the potion, and was going to give it to his savior.

“It will be more expensive in the future.” Raymond didn’t want his sweetheart to be called by those pharmacists. Although Yu Qing was only one person, he could not make a lot of medicines at once, and would not disrupt the market, but he would buy those high-level ones. There are already few people who take medicine.

The reason why those senior pharmacists are regarded as guests by various families is also because the medicines they prepare are good. When a person formulates a medicine that is much better than them, it is inevitable that someone will say a few ugly things.

People like to compare, and if you compare and compare, problems are prone to appear.

“Of course.” Yu Qing nodded, “Of course it will be more expensive in the future, and some will be cheaper. That’s my pleasure.”

For someone like Chu Xiao, it’s okay to send one or two potions. If the relationship is farther away, it is impossible to give it to others casually, and the gift is easy to make people feel cheap.

Yu Qing didn’t want to hear someone say one day: Those are all medicines that people failed to prepare, otherwise how could it be given away casually.

When Yu Qing was in school, she heard the teacher say that. Sometimes the things that are given make people feel insecure. Those people are willing to spend money to buy, give it away, emmm… One is that some people don’t cherish it, and the other is that some people are not grateful, and the third is their own It’s easy to be called a fool by others…

Of course, Yu Qing doesn’t like being considered a fool. If he can afford to pay a higher price, he will make money anyway. After the price is higher, he makes money while others spend money.

“Yes.” Raymond nodded, “Senior pharmacists usually have their tempers.”

“Why don’t you say that they are weird?” Yu Qing said, “In ancient times, they are weird, and sometimes they have various requirements, right?”

“This is not what I said.” Raymond coughed lightly.

“The teacher said that some pharmacists are indeed like that.” Yu Qing thinks that this is not all to blame the pharmacist. If the pharmacist is easy to get along with, then some people always ask the pharmacist to talk because the pharmacist is good. To prepare medicine.

Yu Qing wanted someone to always find himself to prepare medicines, so he was also very annoying.

“…” Yu Qing’s mouth twitched slightly, what does this have to do with whether he can sleep on the sofa or not. Of course, if the other party dares to say that he is not, stop sleeping on the sofa and let the other party go to the study to sleep!

Ye Family, Qin Mian’s life is not easy, he has indeed hooked Ye Haisheng to the bed, and the two have had a relationship. But Ye Haisheng obviously didn’t like Qin Mian, so he used Qin Mian as a tool for venting, and sometimes he didn’t care about Qin Mian’s discomfort at all.


But Qin Mian didn’t worry, he wanted to conceive the child early, and the grievances he suffered now would have to be favored by Ye Haisheng in the future.

However, at this time, Qin Mian discovered that Ye Haisheng had the smell of other perfumes. Qin Mian was worried that Ye Haisheng had someone outside. Ye Haisheng had always been clean and self-loving before. There was no one outside, but who could guarantee that there would be no one.

Qin Mian suddenly thought of Xia Ziyan who had been to the hospital last time. That Xia Ziyan smelled of Alpha, and Alpha and Alpha repelled each other. Alpha and Alpha were rarely together, but it didn’t mean that there was none. Ye Haisheng works outside and can also meet other Omegas.

“It’s just acting every time.” This is Ye Haisheng’s answer, “Don’t you already have what you want? Why, you want Ya Ya Shengge?”

“No.” Qin Mian shook her head quickly, “I…I’m just worried about you, the people outside are…not clean.”

“Your body is clean, your heart is dirty.” Ye Haisheng sneered, “Just stay well, cut your wrists and commit suicide. Suicide that fails to die is not called suicide, it is a threat.”

Ye Haisheng has always been like this to Qin Mian, with a cold attitude, and he is not afraid of Qin Mian running back to her family. They were married, and the Qin family couldn’t keep Qin Mian at home forever, and Qin Mian still got the Ye family.

In fact, Xia Ziyan really wanted to hook up Ye Haisheng, but his Alpha pheromone was too strong to attract Ye Haisheng. He was thinking about finding a chance later. After drinking, he had to check it out at other times. Xia Ziyan didn’t have contact with other nobles. He always felt that those nobles were inferior to the Ye family power.

Xia Ziyan is not a person who regards love as life. He wants power and Ye Haisheng’s pampering. He thinks he is not as cheap as Qin Mian. He didn’t know, if others knew his thoughts, they would only put him in the same position as Qin Mian, no, maybe even lower.

“Mr. Ye.” Just as Ye Haisheng was about to get in touch with Qin Mian, Xia Ziyan called, “The project in Chengnan has made new progress. Mr. Huang wants to invite you to lunch tomorrow.”

Xia Ziyan deliberately called at this time, also because Ye Haisheng said that if there is any new development in this case, he must be contacted.

Ye Haisheng pushed Qin Mian away, ignoring Qin Mian’s lost eyes, but said, “Okay, I will arrange other things at noon tomorrow.”

Qin Mian wants to pull Ye Haisheng’s clothes. What kind of work is so important. Ye Haisheng ignored Qin Mian, and after hanging up the phone, he planned to go to the study room next door to work.

“Brother Haisheng…” Qin Mian didn’t want to let the other party leave.

“You are not the PR in the clubhouse.” Ye Haisheng said coldly, “Don’t look like a nobleman.”

“…” Qin Mian kept his eyes red and did not speak.

“Don’t worry, this marriage can’t be divorced, so stay at ease.” Ye Haisheng said, but he was just a wife, he could give Qin Mian, as long as the Qin family could help him get the Ye family.

Qin Mian felt very heartbroken when he heard this, but he was helpless. Everything today is because I fell in love with Ye Haisheng, because I dismantled Ye Haisheng and Yu Ren, so I must suffer some suffering, first bitter and sweet later.

During this period of time, Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian had tortured each other. No matter how affectionate they were on the outside, few people believed that there was true love between them, nor did they think they could live so well.

Mrs. Chu Er occasionally heard news about Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian, and she was relieved when she learned that these two people were showing affection. The more affection these two people are showing, the more painful they are. Mrs. Chu Er didn’t like these two people very much, because they had troubled Yu Qing.

When Madam Chu San met Madam Chu Er several times, they said that Madam Chu Er was not good, and Madam Chu Er didn’t bother to pay attention to Mrs. Chu San. Mrs. Chu Er didn’t like Mrs. Chu San at all, not only because of what happened back then, but also Mrs. Chu San liked to be soft and weak, with red eyes at every turn, making others think she was bullied.

Even if many people’s strength is MAX, it does not mean that there are no fools to believe in Mrs. Chu San, and Mrs. Chu San also feels that she has been wronged. This kind of person just pretends for a long time, and he takes it seriously.

Mrs. Chu San’s daughter, Chu Tian, ​​was quite speechless about what her mother had done. If she hadn’t really been born to Mrs. Chu San, she didn’t want to continue to pay attention to her mother.

“Mom, can you not always let Qin Mian come in the future.” Chu Tian lives outside, and occasionally comes back, and has met Qin Mian several times. It can be seen that Qin Mian has come to the house more often.

“He is your cousin.” Madam Chu San frowned.

“What cousin, he just came to let you call him the shots, and then let you go to the second aunt’s side and hit the wall.” Chu Tian was unhappy, “Oh, I didn’t go to the second aunt’s side and hit the wall. Isn’t it okay to tell others? Let others agree with you?”

Chu Tian really couldn’t bear this, it was obviously Qin Mian’s fault, and she had to say that it was someone else’s fault. From childhood to adulthood, Chu Tian has never seen Madam Chu three out for those relatives.

“What nonsense, Mianmian is…”

“Mianmian is wronged, isn’t it?” Chu Tian rolled her eyes, “It’s another excuse, who believes it.”

Anyway, Chu Tian didn’t believe it. Whoever believed in such an excuse was stupid, but Mrs. Chu had always thought that way.

“My grandfather hasn’t cared much about my father recently, right.” Chu Tian said, “Yes, so is my younger brother. There are several cousins ​​who played with him. I guess there is none of them.”

“That’s them…”

“That’s because they are jealous of my brother, I understand, I understand!” Chu Tian was tired of hearing such words, “Just think about it.”

Chu Tian felt that she shouldn’t come back today. If she didn’t come back, she didn’t see Qin Mian going out, she didn’t see Qin Mian’s soft and weak appearance, and she didn’t see her mother’s red eyes. If her mother liked to ask her to help Qin Mian every time, she wouldn’t have to say anything.

“Forget it, I’ll go back first.” Chu Tian didn’t want to stay longer here, so it’s better to live outside.

Mrs. Chu San didn’t keep Chu Tian, but felt that this daughter was not caring, and it was not easy to make an Alpha love the mermaid.

Chu Tian knew that the person who went to the Chu family’s main house had received the medicine from Yu Qing. She didn’t covet the medicine from others. She only felt that the person in her own house was too shameful and too ignorant.

“I have to suspect that I am not my own.” Chu Tian walked to the door and muttered softly.

She really thought about it when she was a child, and went to do a paternity test, and Mrs. Chu San was indeed her mother.Don’t blame Chu Tian for thinking that way, because some of Mrs. Chu San’s relatives are really weird, making her wonder if those people will do anything to lose the child.

Later, Chu Tian found out that those people did too many weird things, and some people were too vicious, and could not be finished in a few words.


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