Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 44

As the daughter of Mrs. Chu San, Chu Tian did not go to Mrs. Chu No. 2 to apologize. If the apology is useful, the police will have to do anything. What’s more, the apology for being a daughter didn’t make any substantive expressions, nor did Mrs. Chu San change. Chu Tian thought that such an apology was useless and might even make people feel sick.

In order not to disgust others, she should stop apologizing.

What Chu Tian can do is not to do those weird things. When Mrs. Chu San’s relatives approached her, she couldn’t do those stupid things. She is not afraid of being called ruthless by those people. It is better to be ruthless so as not to appear stupid, otherwise it will be difficult for her to achieve something.

Before she took a few steps, she received a call from Chu Xiao, and Chu Xiao asked her to meet in a coffee shop.

Chu Tian went by herself, and she always respected these cousins ​​very much, and never made trouble for them or caused them trouble. She never thought of asking these people to give her a hand. She thought it would be nice if others didn’t suppress her. Who would let her have such a wonderful mother.

After arriving at the coffee shop, when Chu Tian was in front of Chu Xiao, it was much softer.


“Brother Chu Xiao.” Chu Tian was sitting in distress, for fear that the other party might say that Mrs. Chu San or who was annoying. But it shouldn’t be possible. She fantasized about it many times since she was a child, but Chu Xiao and the others have never troubled her.

“This is the medicine prepared by my brother. You left that day and I will give it to you now.” Chu Xiao felt it was a pity. Why is Chu Tian the daughter of Mrs. Chu San. He rarely comes into contact with this cousin, but he also knows that this cousin doesn’t like Madam Chu San’s deeds, but she can’t say much about being a daughter, and it’s hard to change a person like Madam Chu San, “The medicine works well. Don’t let them know if you use it to break through the power level.”

“Yes, if my mother knows, she specifies that I want me to give the medicine to her nephew and niece.” Chu Tian felt sad when she thought of this. Her mother liked to pretend to be magnanimous, and she liked to be nice to those relatives, saying that she was a daughter. The surname Chu can get more from the Chu family, but those relatives can’t…

Chu Tian was tired of her mother saying those things, those people were insatiable, and some of them were indulged by her mother.

“Beat them!” Chu Xiao just said.

“Beat, they don’t dare to come in front of me now.” Chu Tian doesn’t care whether those people are Alpha, Beta, or Omega. Anyway, they have to be beaten when they should be beaten, and when they are fierce, they must be fierce. Don’t let those people snatch those things from their hands.

Chu Tian didn’t care if those people would cry in front of Mrs. Chu San, she just wouldn’t give it anyway.

“Yes.” Chu Xiao nodded. It was precisely because Chu Tian could understand that he mentioned Chu Tian to Yu Qing.

Chu Xiao didn’t want to win over Chu Tian, ​​but simply thought that it would be nice to have a clear-headed person in the third room of the Chu family, at least Chu Tian could suppress some people.

“Don’t give it to your brother.” Chu Xiao added.

“I’m not that stupid.” Chu Tian understands that his younger brother is like a big white lotus in full bloom. What if his younger brother is an Omega, and an Omega is not on the battlefield. This is normal. The key is that the younger brother was raised up by his mother. Every day I want to marry a powerful nobleman.

Such a younger brother has abilities because he has abilities, that is, he has a low talent for abilities.


It’s impossible for Chu Tian to give her own things to her younger brother. When she was a child, she gave it back. When she grew up, she saw it through, so she didn’t give it. “Thank me, cousin. a little.”

She didn’t want to be when Mrs. Chu San said that Yu Qing was wooing her, saying that Yu Qing deliberately let her go against her mother…

Once, her mother had done similar things, and Chu Tian said that she didn’t want to talk to those people, but Mrs. Chu San also said that she was instigated by others.

“Good.” Chu Xiao nodded.

Chu Xiao and Chu Tian didn’t sit in the cafe for long, and soon left one after another. Chu Tian collected the potion. She thought that the potion’s effect should be really good. Otherwise, if it was just a normal potion, Chu Xiao didn’t need to send it to her again.

One reason Chu Tian respected these cousins ​​was because they did not despise her because of Mrs. Chu San.

The Lei family, after Yu Qing gave Chu Xiao the potion, he didn’t care how Chu Xiao gave it to Chu Tian. Had it not been for Chu Xiao to talk about Chu Tian in front of him, it is estimated that Yu Qing hadn’t thought of this person yet.

In Yu Qing’s view, this can be considered a good relationship with Chu Tian. Living in this world, it is inevitable that people have to deal with all kinds of interpersonal relationships. If Yu Qing didn’t give Chu Tian medicine, it was not what it was. It’s just that if someone with a heart speaks in front of Chu Tian, ​​and then mocks Chu Tian, ​​or Yu Qing, it’s not good.


Yu Qing used to live alone and didn’t care about these things much, but now, he recognizes Madam Chu Er and the others, and is married to Lei Meng. Yu Qing wanted to do a good job of superficial skills. Superficial skills were not to suppress themselves, but to shut them up. Sometimes it could be a means of slapping faces.

I rushed up directly, slapped my face, this kind of moment is cool, and there may be a lot of trouble in the back.

However, Yu Qing still looks at the plots of face-slaps. There are more plots like this in novels. TV dramas. There are always all kinds of twists and turns. For a period of time, revenge and face-slaps. Pay attention to a change. There must be conflicts. .

“The flower is dying.” Yu Qingzheng and Raymond were walking in the backyard and saw Mrs. Lei watering a flower.

The soil in the flowerpot is already very wet, but Mrs. Lei is still watering it. The key is that the flower is dying.

“I didn’t have enough water before.” Mrs. Lei hesitated, “The soil doesn’t feel wet to the touch.”

Mrs. Lei likes planting flowers and plants very much, but there are very few live flowers and plants. She is most suitable for planting plants that can live in water without worrying about whether they need sunlight.


“This is a succulent plant. If you water it too much, it will melt away.” Yu Qing is a pharmacist. He also knows the characteristics of some plants. Only by knowing the characteristics of plants can we better pick wild herbs.

“It turns out it’s succulent.” Mrs. Lei sighed, “I thought it was an ordinary plant, it’s boring.”

Mrs. Lei put down the water bottle in her hand. She thought she could save the flower, but she never thought it was because she had been watering more in the past few days. This succulent plant is too expensive and will die so soon.

“Next time, plant alien plants, alien plants are good.” Mrs. Lei said.

“The survival rate of alien plants is high, and it is not easy to die.” Raymond explained to Yu Qing, “but even with alien plants, grandmothers have planted and died.”

“…” Mrs. Lei really wanted to say that her grandson-in-law might not be able to stand her, but she didn’t say that she thought that Yu Qing was a pharmacist. She felt that she had become a prop person for grandson and granddaughter-in-law to increase their feelings. Forget it, her own grandson.

“It’s okay.” Yu Qingduo glanced at Mrs. Lei. Didn’t she just plant dead plants? It’s really nothing.

“Xiao Qing’s planting techniques are good.” Mrs. Lei smiled.

“I have planted some herbs before.” Yu Qing replied, “A pharmacist has to learn how to grow herbs, understand their habits, and sometimes go to gather herbs.”

“From now on, you will go with Leimen.” Mrs. Lei said, “His ability is good, and he can protect you if he encounters danger. I heard that the medicines with the better effects are usually guarded by strange animals.”

“Yes.” Yu Qing nodded, “you can exchange it with them. They eat those herbs to enhance their physique and abilities, as long as they have enough good things to exchange. But it’s difficult. Most monsters don’t believe in people. It’s as if people don’t believe in alien beasts.”

When many people see a strange animal guarding the herb, the first thing they think of is to kill the strange animal. If the strange animal can’t be killed, then try to divert the strange animal and snatch the herb.

In the eyes of the alien beasts, it was people who had taken away the herbs they had worked so hard to guard. Think about it carefully and think about it from another perspective. If a person keeps the herb for many years away from other creatures, he must be very angry.

When Yu Qing thought he was a deep-sea mermaid, he did not regard himself as a human being, thinking that they were two species. So when he saw people picking the herbs guarded by the alien beast, he often thought from the perspective of the alien beast. He also felt that the alien beast was very pitiful. Its herb.

Regarding the strong one, different species can easily treat the other side as an enemy, and there is no such thing as respecting the strong. If a person is defeated by a strange beast, he will swear, and then look for a person to fight with him. Sometimes there is only one strange animal, and there are not so many little brothers, and it quickly becomes weak, and some strange animals guarding the herbs are killed.

In fact, alien animals guard the herbs, but also protect the herbs, so that the herbs will not be destroyed so early, and the herbs will have time to bloom and bear fruit, and have time to bear seeds to develop the next generation.

“Some strange animals are very clever.” Yu Qing had exchanged with Yifang once. He gave them high-efficiency potions suitable for the strange animals, and the strange animals asked him to pick medicinal herbs.

“Yes.” Mrs. Lei is not a pharmacist, but this does not prevent her from chatting with Yu Qing, “Sometimes Alpha is not as good as a strange animal.”

“…” Raymond felt his grandmother scold Alpha.

“Yes.” Yu Qing echoed Mrs. Lei. Anyway, he didn’t live as long as Mrs. Lei, but Ye Haisheng’s bastard is not as good as a strange beast, Lei Meng… Maybe the other party is not as good as a strange beast in the future.

“…” Why did the sweetheart glance at himself? Raymond wondered what he should say, would he say he was better than the alien beast? But I always feel weird.

“There is no betrayal, no betrayal, pets are the same, even if pets flick their tails and run to others, they will be brought back.” Mrs. Lei thought that this is also a topic and can continue to talk.

“Plant flowers!” Raymond didn’t want them to continue talking, “Grandma, if there is no topic to talk, there is really no need to find a topic, I can be with my partner!”

You can accompany your partner, you and your partner must have more common topics.

Raymond only felt that if he let his grandmother go on looking for a topic, what would happen to his sweetheart’s gaze? He has never betrayed his sweetheart, nor is he a scumbag, nor will he be in the future.

The grandmothers of other people always say how good their grandsons are, especially in front of their grandsons, they must boast their grandsons. But when I got to Mrs. Lei’s side… Raymond felt that he was not dear, he was the love rival of Mrs. Lei’s grandson!


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