Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 46

What can be resolved by divorce is not a problem!

When Raymond heard this sentence, he had to admit that it still made sense. If you can’t make it through, there are problems that can’t be solved, and you can get a divorce directly, then it can be solved. It’s not about escaping, people can find better people, to pursue a better marriage, as for the ex-husband…

If you are not Yu Qing’s partner, you are likely to agree with this sentence. But Raymond doesn’t want to agree at all now, “Maybe it can be rescued.”

“It doesn’t make much sense to bother to rescue it.” Yu Qing shook his head, “There is no more than three things. If it exceeds, there is no need to rescue. This is not a patient in the hospital. If it is a patient in the hospital, the doctor said to rescue it. Efforts to rescue. Marriage, not to mention rescue, there are really problems, and mutual torture is more appropriate.”

Yu Qing doesn’t think it is necessary to rescue a marriage with a big problem. There are still scars after rescue. Such scars are not tolerated by one person.

“Patient, after getting better, one person will endure the scars. But marriage, if there are scars, usually a few people will endure it.” Yu Qing said, “Under such circumstances, the last way is to divorce.”

After the divorce, there is nothing left.

“…” Raymond had never seen anyone say that, and Yu Qing said so.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Qing wondered, why didn’t this person speak anymore.

“You don’t love me.” Raymond said unhappily.

“Love, maybe a little bit.” Just when Raymond was happy, Yu Qing poured cold water on again, “How long have we been together, just such a little affection, how deep do you think it can be?”

╭(╯^╰)╮, you want to lie to me to confess, let’s dream.


It is true that Yu Qing does not love Raymond so deeply. If he loves him very deeply, wouldn’t it be a lie. How long has it been for him and Raymond to obtain the certificate, and there hasn’t been any major relationship-enhancing things between the two people. It’s plain and plain. It would be nice to have a little relationship.

It’s the same if you change to other people, after all, they are not love brains.

Yu Qing also didn’t want to deceive Raymond, it is difficult to pretend whether a person loves another person deeply. He is not an actor with good acting skills, he can’t do it.

“If you get along for a long time, you can get a little deeper.” Raymond thought he could understand it that way.

When a new day arrived, Yu Qing used breakfast to go to the back garden and saw Mrs. Lei and Mrs. Lei arranging flowers, but Lei’s hands were not so straightforward, and she looked at Mrs. Lei from time to time.

When Mrs. Lei saw the flowers planted by his daughter-in-law, she didn’t say much about her daughter-in-law. She thinks about her daughter-in-law who obviously doesn’t like flower arranging, so she came here specially, but she just doesn’t want to be told that she is not. This daughter-in-law is too strong. She wants to be on the battlefield, and she also thinks that she will perform better than other Omegas. You can be filial to your in-laws even on the battlefield.

Fish and bear’s paw can’t have both, and this daughter-in-law wants to have both.

Mrs. Lei once told this daughter-in-law not to be so tired from living, but the daughter-in-law said not to be tired. These are all trivial things. What little things, after so many years, hundreds of years, the daughter-in-law’s flower arrangement is still so… awful.

The daughter-in-law didn’t behave so badly on purpose, it was really bad.


Mrs. Lei thought that the daughter-in-law was ashamed to be better than her mother-in-law, but later discovered that the daughter-in-law was really not that capable.

“Come on, take a look.” Mrs. Lei smiled and waved to Yu Qing, “How about these flowers?”

“Ornamental flowers are not of high value as medicine.” Yu Qing looked at the flowers seriously, and realized that what he said was not right, and somewhat embarrassedly added, “Flowers should be like this.”

Yu Qing knew flowers and plants, and knew how to plant them, and how to use herbs as medicine, but it would be difficult for him to praise the appearance of flowers.

“It’s for viewing.” Mrs. Lei was not upset because of Yu Qing’s words, but Mother Lei was a little upset.

“The flower arrangement is naturally ornamental, and you should learn it too.” Lei Mu said.

“I’m afraid it’s hard to learn.” Yu Qing’s aesthetics is normal, but right, normal aesthetics doesn’t mean he knows art.

“On the one hand, it’s good that you don’t have to learn this, you also learn that, and in the end you didn’t learn anything.” Mrs. Lei didn’t want Yu Qing to learn so much. Isn’t it good to be an excellent pharmacist? A high-grade medicine is given. By the way, I will let my husband take the medicine formulated by Yu Qing for the treatment of dark injuries.


“That’s what I think.” Yu Qing acknowledged Mrs. Lei’s words, “that is, preparing medicines. There is a skill, no matter what.”

“Yes.” Mrs. Lei nodded. “Any pharmacist, like those senior pharmacists, it is difficult for them to prepare a bottle of high-level medicine. Raymond can also use the medicine you make.”

Mrs. Lei thinks that Yu Qing and Lei Meng can also cooperate with each other and complement each other in this way. It’s not that she doesn’t care about couples who are both on the battlefield, but that accidents happen sometimes. Of course, the empire also hopes that such a good family can keep people behind, not that both couples are killed and no one takes care of the offspring.


It is not that the empire does not help raise children, but that children without parents are different and easy to be wronged.

In most cases, if a husband and wife are on the battlefield together, the empire hopes to fight alone and stay behind. This is not only for the individual, but also for the sustainable development of the empire. It does not discriminate against one side. This is a kind of care for the soldiers and their families.

“You’re still young, take your time.” Lao Mrs. Lei thought of the medicine Yu Qing gave, and looked back to see how it worked. Otherwise, she didn’t drink it, she didn’t know the effect, and she couldn’t praise people.

Lei Mu just felt that she was marginalized and ignored, the old lady didn’t want to pay attention to herself at all.

Mrs. Lei really didn’t want to talk to her daughter-in-law. She could tolerate such a daughter-in-law, but it didn’t mean she was willing to let her daughter-in-law teach her granddaughter-in-law to be such a boring and incompetent person. Yes, in the eyes of Mrs. Lei, Mother Lei is a boring and incompetent person, a person who exaggerates himself without self-awareness, this is also a kind of incompetence.

“While you are young, work harder.” Lei Mu followed in encouragement.

“You don’t have to work too hard, it’s almost done.” Mrs. Lei said, “Our Lei family doesn’t lack anything. The important thing is that you are happy.”

“…” Lei mother wondered if her mother-in-law aimed at her deliberately, she said very simple things, and followed her mother-in-law’s words.

“I bought some medicinal herbs a few days ago, and it’s almost there now. I’ll go to make the medicine first.” Yu Qing doesn’t want to stay here, he shouldn’t come over, the atmosphere is too stiff and cold, “I won’t be free after a while. Other things need to be busy.”

“Go.” Mrs. Lei nodded, and Yu Qing went to prepare the medicine, so he didn’t have to stay here to watch his mother-in-law arranging flowers, so ugly pose… Fortunately, the daughter-in-law still inserted it so seriously, didn’t she always watch others do it? , Why don’t you know how to imitate it.

So Yu Qing left, he really didn’t adapt to that atmosphere. Fortunately, Mrs. Lei was here, and the scene was better.

After Yu Qing left, Lei Mu immediately said to Mrs. Lei, “Mom, let him learn too. Just knowing what is the use of preparing medicine, can he still become a senior pharmacist?”

Lei’s mother didn’t believe in Mrs. Lei, even if Yu Qing was thought to have gone by the Chu family, that would not change that Yu Qing used to live at the bottom of society. If Yu Qing knows nothing, how can he stay in this circle? Senior pharmacists are respected, but many pharmacists cannot become senior pharmacists. Even the Lei family does not raise many senior pharmacists.

“It’s good if you become a senior pharmacist or not. It’s good to have a skill.” Mrs. Lei glanced at his daughter-in-law. This daughter-in-law has been married to Lei’s house for so many years, and still hasn’t figured it out, “Even if he doesn’t know anything. , As long as the character is good, then it becomes. He is Raymond’s partner, no one dared to say that his is not in front of him, even if it’s behind, they said his is not, but when you look back in front of him, you still have to bend over Bow your head.”

Mrs. Lei thinks that there is no need to be afraid of others saying it. If others have the ability to say it, anyway, the other party still has to bend down and bow his head, then the other party’s heart must also be uncomfortable. If others feel uncomfortable, then I will be happier.

“That’s not great.” Mother Lei frowned.

“Do you think you are all right?” Mrs. Lei sneered, “Do you know what others say about you behind your back?”

“What?” Lei Mu had always thought that he was doing very well, except for an accident on the battlefield that year.

“Say you are hypocritical, you are used to superficial skills, but superficial skills are not good enough.” Mrs. Lei said, “You are also a mother-in-law. My mother-in-law didn’t ask you so much, so you just want to mess around. No matter, don’t be a mother-in-law, just ask your daughter-in-law to do this and that. If you have the ability, ask your own son, and don’t use other people’s sons as a broomstick to clean up your troubles.”

How could Mrs. Lei not know that the daughter-in-law just wanted to hear that she tuned and taught her son’s partner very well, and the daughter-in-law likes to be praised. Before the son and daughter-in-law got married, it was not that Mrs. Lei didn’t know her daughter-in-law had shortcomings, she never thought that the other party could be so frustrated.

“It’s okay for others to laugh at you as stupid, don’t let your daughter-in-law also be laughed at.” Mrs. Lei looked at the flower arrangement in front of her, “The pharmacist is very good, with direction and ability.”

“…” Lei Mu didn’t understand, why the old lady liked Yu Qing so much.

If Mrs. Lei knows what Lei’s mother is thinking, she must tell her: With your comparison, grandson-in-law will look even better.

When Yu Qing arrived at the laboratory, he did buy some herbs a few days ago, but not many. There were more herbs from the deep sea, and fewer herbs on the land. No one competed with him for herbs in the sea, and on land, often went to a place, only to find that the herbs were picked by others.

He still prefers the blue sea, picking as many herbs as he wants.

“Ms. Lin is sick.”

Just as Yu Qing was about to prepare the medicine, he received a message, which was sent by his university roommate Ouyang Jing. Yu Ren’s university roommate, Ouyang Jing had sent a message to Yu Qing before, but Yu Qing did not reply.

Teacher Lin, a teacher majoring in pharmacy, a very good teacher, and teacher Lin who often lends a helping hand when students are in difficulties.

Yu Qing really liked this teacher Lin, but he didn’t use Yu Ren’s identity anymore.

“Won’t you come to have a look? Teacher Lin misses you very much.”

Ouyang Jing sent a message again. Teacher Lin taught them. Ouyang Jing also thought that Yu Qing should be Yu Ren. Otherwise, how could Qin Mian target Yu Qing repeatedly, and Ye Haisheng had told him several times.NS.It happened that the school teacher was sick, so Ouyang Jing sent another message to Yu Qing.

Obviously thinking about not contacting each other, each is safe, but Ouyang Jing couldn’t help it after all, he was shaken.


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