Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 47

To be shaken is actually a very simple matter.

Especially when a person encounters a difficult situation in reality, Ouyang Jing encounters a setback in reality. He is not a talented pharmacist himself, and relies on his own efforts. Even so, he was still the bottom of the classmates in the same class.

After graduation, Ouyang Jing did not immediately marry, but chose to go to work. Although everyone is always equal to AO, Omega is often underestimated. In addition, Ouyang Jing is not doing a very core job in the company. Without him, there can be other people on top.

If someone sincerely wants to embarrass Ouyang Jing, then Ouyang Jing’s work will not go so smoothly.

At this time, Ouyang Jing is more likely to think of Yu Qing, who has become Mrs. Lei, and thinks that Yu Qing is Yu Ren, and thinks that everyone was once classmates. Even if the other party doesn’t pull himself, but just say a few words and others know their relationship, then he will be better off.

To be honest, isn’t this kind of action just to take advantage of the relationship between the two.

Someone around Ouyang Jing knew that Yu Ren was his former roommate, and someone urged him to talk too much. Ouyang Jing also feels that his life is not going well, if it is…not to mention that he is not a person with much willpower, and the more times he is, he will be shaken.

“Ms. Lin really missed you. He used to find you when you disappeared before.”

Ouyang Jing didn’t want to say that it was him, just that Teacher Lin was ill, so he said to Teacher Lin.

Yu Qing didn’t read the message from Ouyang Jing anymore, but directly blocked Ouyang Jing. He and Ouyang Jing owe no one to each other. Many classmates did not contact each other after graduation, and they were all well.

Ouyang Jing sent another message again, and then he learned that he had been hacked. Ouyang Jing was sad, and only felt that Yu Ren was unreliable. After marrying a wealthy family, he blacked him out. He didn’t believe that Yu Ren didn’t know him. He had already written his name.

“Why was he blocked? I guess he doesn’t want to be known about the past, he wants to completely cut off with the past.”

“Where is the wealthy and nobleman so easy to marry? He is afraid that Lord Lei will not like him. Who will let him have an ex-boyfriend?”

“Falling into the sea, the best reason for amnesia.”

“Do you think you are shooting an idol drama? The protagonist loses his memory when he falls into the sea, where is it easy to lose his memory.”

“You are a pharmacist, you should know how good people are now.”

There are people around Ouyang Jing who follow him like this, and he will inevitably feel that Yu Qing is unreliable and Yu Qing is ruthless. When Ouyang Jing went to see Teacher Lin in the hospital, he also deliberately talked about Yu Qing in front of Teacher Lin.

“I’m afraid he doesn’t recognize us. After all, he changed his name.” Ouyang Jing said, “He didn’t admit that there was such a big noise on the Internet before.”


Teacher Lin frowned, obviously disagreeing with Ouyang Jing, this child was still a little black after he was out of society.

“That’s his personal business.” Teacher Lin said bluntly, “Whether he is Yu Ren or not, he is a victim.”


“The victimization theory is outdated.” Teacher Lin has no contact with Ouyang Jing on weekdays. He has taken many students with him. When students are in school, they often ask him questions, and some of them have good feelings. After those students graduated, they rarely contacted them again.

If you want to contact them one by one, then there should be a dense number of contacts lying on Teacher Lin’s light brain.

“No, teacher, I am…”

“Remember what the teacher told you when you were in school before?” Teacher Lin interrupted Ouyang Jing again, “The teacher knows that you don’t like to listen, but this time, you have to listen. You and others Classmates are just ordinary classmates, and roommates, they are just ordinary roommates, just like outside sharing. After they are separated, they basically disconnected, did not work together, and did not contact. When really needed, they can indeed be connected, but What do you have?”

If there is nothing, just contact others to help you, what is it like? There must also be mutual benefit between classmates and classmates, especially after leaving school.

Teacher Lin has been a teacher after graduation, and occasionally prepares medicine for people outside the school, but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know the society outside.

If anyone thinks that their classmates are doing well, they will come to the door and be a classmate. It’s not that others are ruthless or ruthless. The key is that this person has not rectified his own attitude. There are so many schools and one level at a time. There are dozens of students in a class, and hundreds of people in a department. Under such circumstances , The relationship between classmates is really not that hard.

College classmates are no better than their childhood sweethearts, their neighbors, or even the same friends and friends they make after entering society.

Teacher Lin saw Ouyang Jing’s plea and also saw that the other party was blind.

“I…” Ouyang Jing thought carefully, and he really didn’t have anything. “But… I used to… have dinner, played games together, and went out to gather herbs.”

“Did you protect him?” Teacher Lin asked this sentence.

“…” Of course, Ouyang Jing couldn’t protect Yu Ren, his own abilities were not so strong, and he had to rely on others to protect him when he went out to gather herbs. Sometimes, the mecha department senior who protected Yu Ren had to protect Ouyang Jing.

“The bottom is not terrible, the most terrifying thing is full of benevolence and righteousness.” Teacher Lin waved, “You go back, you don’t need to see the teacher anymore, the teacher will be discharged soon.”

When people get sick, it is impossible to stay ill for the rest of their lives. Sometimes it’s more serious, just stay in the hospital for a few more days.

Teacher Lin didn’t want to be used by Ouyang Jing himself, and he did not send a message to Yu Qing. If Yu Qing is really Yu Ren, then don’t come. Even if Yu Qing really admits that he is Yu Ren someday, you don’t have to be afraid of others saying that he doesn’t come to see the teacher. Many people don’t have to see the teacher in the school for a lifetime. Woolen cloth.

What’s more, Yu Qing’s behavior is indeed excusable. Originally, none of them wanted to use anyone. If Yu Qing came to visit him, it would easily become a superficial skill.

Superficial skills, that is to take action, not to take the heart.

Teacher Lin doesn’t need and doesn’t want any student to be forced to do these things.

After Ouyang Jing left, Lin’s attending doctor, who was also Lin’s friend, brought a medicine.

“There are many hidden injuries on your body. Try it. Your proud student gave it to you.” The attending doctor smiled and said, “I heard that the effect is good.”

This was sent by Yu Qing. He himself did not come, did not meet, and did not make it public. But after the attending doctor said, Teacher Lin understood.

Back then, Teacher Lin was particularly optimistic about Yu Ren, thinking that Yu Ren was a very agile and talented pharmacist, and in time, Yu Ren would surely become a senior pharmacist. Sometimes the prescription for Yu Ren’s medicine is different from theirs. Unlike some teachers, Mr. Lin does not say that Yu Ren is wrong, but instead encourages Yu Ren to innovate.

It is a terrible thing to stand still, and it is also a very worrying thing to keep abiding by the prescriptions of the predecessors and not to innovate.

“You said, isn’t this good?” Teacher Lin’s illness is not a hidden injury, but it has something to do with it.

When Mr. Lin was young, he liked to innovate very much. He even tried to prepare the medicines personally. Some medicines left hidden wounds on the body. And when Teacher Lin went to the wild to pick herbs, sometimes he encountered danger and was injured.

Teacher Lin still remembers that Yu Ren asked him when he was in school: Teacher, are the medicines for repairing hidden injuries expensive?

The answer is inevitable. Humans have a long life span and suffer a lot of injuries. Regardless of everyone’s resilience, they seem to be good, but sometimes they just can’t be seen. Otherwise, there will not be so many nobles and strong men seeking medicine for repairing dark wounds, and senior pharmacists may not be able to formulate good medicines for repairing dark wounds.

“It’s pretty good.” The attending doctor nodded.

After all, Teacher Lin didn’t care much about Ouyang Jing, the relationship between them was just a simple teacher-student relationship, and the other party had also graduated for a few years. Not to mention that teachers and students are not teachers and students. The teachers and students in the school are not the same as those who accept apprentices. There are too many students, which means that students are really not that important in the eyes of teachers.

Ouyang Jing unilaterally thinks that the relationship with the teacher is fairly good, which is all an illusion.

Ouyang Jing was blacked out by Yu Qing, and was turned away by Teacher Lin. Ouyang Jing only thought of the words the teacher said in the coming year, “bottom,” because he is bottom of the school, so does the teacher care about himself? ?

After Ye Haisheng knew what Ouyang Jing had done, he knew that Ouyang Jing was still tempted after all, and Ouyang Jing wanted to climb up. This kind of person is false, saying how sensible they are. The other party hasn’t been firm in the end. In the final analysis, the relationship between Yu Ren and Ouyang Jing is not that strong.

Lei Family, Yu Qing didn’t think much about how suspicious Ouyang Jing’s actions were. He is now Yu Qing, not Yu Ren. Even if he admits that he is Yu Ren now, there is no need for him to contact Ouyang Jingduo.

There is no selfishness about human nature, and no mercilessness about human nature…Look at Xingbo and launch a survey. There must be many people who have rarely contacted their former classmates and seldom go to school teachers, and more are Look at Xingbo, look at the circle of friends, and learn about past acquaintances from the Internet.

After Elder Lei drank the medicine prepared by Yu Qing, the effect of the medicine was more obvious, probably because he was old and had many dark injuries.

“This potion is very good.” Elder Lei only knew that Yu Qing was a pharmacist before, but he didn’t expect this grandson-in-law to make such a good potion.

“…” Lei Mu was unhappy. She was about to take Yu Qing to the kitchen, thinking that Yu Qing could prepare medicines, and medicines should be refined, so Yu Qing should also be able to learn cooking.

Lei Mu still intends to let Yu Qing learn more, don’t just make up medicine all day long, or just play around and don’t know how to care about his partner at all.

“In the kitchen…” Lei Mu didn’t give up.

“Which kitchen should I go to, and I should go to the laboratory to prepare the medicine.” Mr. Lei said, “In a place like the kitchen, you can be a hobby, and there is no need to force it.”

Elder Lei knew the temperament of this daughter-in-law, only a few days after he came back, he planned to let the granddaughter-in-law go to the hall or the kitchen.

“…” Lei mother opened her eyes wide, feeling wronged.

“Walk around.” Elder Lei beckoned to Yu Qing, “Go to your laboratory and have a look, don’t you mind?”

“Don’t mind.” Yu Qing glanced at Lei Mu. “There is a chef, so don’t worry, Mom.”

This mother-in-law should stop cooking. Salt doesn’t need money, sugar doesn’t need money… Anyway, Yu Qing doesn’t like eating Lei Mu’s food, but she can’t say that they are not good. At least they have done it.It can be said that each has its own preferences.

“…” Lei Mu looked at the back of Old Lei and Yu Qing, always feeling that something was wrong.


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