Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 48

Mother Lei was consciously wronged. Mrs. Lei and Mrs. Lei were both on Yu Qing’s side. It was inevitable that when they returned to the house, they would say a few more words with their husbands.

“Since my father said that the medicine he prepared is good, it is really good.” Father Lei knew how much he disappointed Mr. Lei. Originally, his father wanted him to reach a higher position, but because of what happened in the first place, he His father dare not, for fear that he will harm more people.

Father Lei did not dare to pray for a higher position, nor did he dare to go to the battlefield with his wife again. They should live in a safe place, safe and secure, and don’t mess with others.

“Etiquette, cooking…the strong don’t need these.” Father Lei said seriously, “If he is a senior pharmacist, if not, as long as he can formulate a very effective medicine, then he will be proud. Others have to ask him to prepare medicine.”

So Yu Qing doesn’t need to understand those things, and there is no need to know everything.

Lei’s father can tolerate his wife’s shortcomings, even if his wife’s food is not delicious, he eats with gusto. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that his wife has confidence, and his wife always cooks from time to time, so he can only eat.

In fact, after eating for a long time, Lei’s father really doesn’t want to eat those things, so he can only ask his wife to cook less in the name of caring for his wife. But Lei’s mother didn’t know, she thought that her husband just cared about her purely.

It’s not that Lei’s father said that as far as his wife’s cooking skills are concerned, he really can’t teach others.

“I need, I am weak!” Lei Mu pursed his lips.

“We have been married for many years, don’t do this again.” Father Lei said, “You are wronged, and others are wronged. Even at home, you have to pay attention to it. Don’t you like perfection so much?”

Father Lei couldn’t help but say what was in his heart, and worried that his wife would have trouble finding his daughter-in-law. The old man obviously valued Yu Qing very much, and Yu Qing was recognized by the Chu family again. Compared with Yu Qing, the wife who had long been disliked by his in-laws was even less dominant.

“Well, after they hold the wedding banquet, we will go back.” Lei’s father comforted his wife.

“Can’t you stay in Emperor Star?” Lei Mu hoped that Father Lei could be transferred to Emperor Star, not on a remote planet. If it was Emperor Star, he might be able to climb up.

“Don’t think about it, me, this is the way it’s been in this life.” Father Lei said.

“It’s all because of me…” Mother Lei felt sad when she thought of these things, and felt that Grandpa Lei was too ruthless.

“It’s because of you, but also because of me, because I value love too much and the marriage between us.” Father Lei said, “Look, my parents don’t care about our affairs, let’s not care about Leimeng and them. .”

“Didn’t I take the initiative to learn?” Lei Mu frowned.

“That’s your initiative. Mom didn’t tell you what to do.” Father Lei always saw that his wife was too strong, and his wife was also a noble, but it was a declining noble. Many declining aristocrats are like that. They are obviously no longer able to do so, but they still show off all kinds of things and want face.

Lei’s father fell in love with Lei’s mother back then, and he has long been able to accept the shortcomings of the other party. He can’t completely change the shortcomings of his wife, because if they are all changed, it is not the person he likes.

“…” Lei Mu had to admit this, Mrs. Lei never asked her to do anything, but she tried hard to get Mrs. Lei’s approval.

When Lei’s mother did those things, she didn’t care what Mrs. Lei thought. She just did those things on her own so that people outside could see her efforts, sometimes because others said it in front of Mrs. Lei. She said a few good words, and she was also very happy.

“Don’t worry about those, you know, we already have Raymond, and we were given up by our parents a long time ago.” Father Lei knows that his parents are for his good, but he is worried that his wife’s brain will be convulsed to do stupid things, such as being a bad mother-in-law. , So he has to remind his wife, “Don’t be packed and sent back!”

“No matter!” Lei Mu sighed, her husband had said so, she took care of so many things.

She could understand it, her parents-in-law didn’t want her to interfere with Yu Qing’s affairs, so she would not interfere. As her husband said, Yu Qing is a pharmacist, and she is approved by Mr. Lei, so she shouldn’t let Yu Qing learn other things and delay Yu Qing’s time.

“Am I like a wicked mother-in-law?” Lei Mu asked.

“This…” Lei father paused, “It looks alike!”

“…” Mother Lei stretched out her hand and patted Father Lei’s arm fiercely. What kind of wicked mother-in-law, it is impossible for herself to be a wicked mother-in-law. Mrs. Lei didn’t take much care back then, so she could do it herself.

Thinking about it carefully, Mrs. Lei did not embarrass her too much, even when she was outside, Mrs. Lei did not make people ridicule her too much. Lei’s mother sighed. As a mother, she always worried about her son. Sometimes she would go to talk about her daughter-in-law.

On the other side, Mr. Lei had already visited Yu Qing’s laboratory, and he saw a lot of herbs that were very expensive at auction…

“It wasn’t Raymond who bought it!” Grandpa Lei can be sure that his grandson is rich, but there are not so many such herbs for sale at the auction.

“I’m good at water, I picked it in the sea.” Yu Qing said, “This kind of herb is very suitable for preparing potions for repairing dark wounds. If you want to ease the riot when the power breaks through, you will need a few other herbs, which are also from the sea. ”

“Very research.” Elder Lei sighed.

“I lived in the sea and gnawed those seaweeds.” Yu Qing smiled. When he was a child, he thought about where the seaweed is sweet, where the seaweed is bitter, and what fish is the hardest. Shrimp has shrimp shells and needs to be peeled. Shelling is really troublesome.

At first, Yu Qing didn’t know that he had to peel the shrimp to eat, so he bit directly, and then, of course, he couldn’t bite. The child’s teeth were not so hard, which also caused him to dislike meeting shrimps for a time, and he could not eat, but only watch, which was too troublesome.

As for the big whales, Yu Qing has even taken a ride, just like a ride. Few creatures in the bottom of the sea eat him, and some higher-level strange beasts hide from him…makes Yu Qing even more convinced that he is the darling of the sea-the deep-sea mermaid.

The dream of the deep-sea mermaid has been broken, but the ability is not deceiving.

“The alien beasts in the sea also have their own territories.” Yu Qing has been to the sea on many planets. The newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, so he runs wantonly because he is a deep-sea mermaid. Fortunately, he realized that he was not a true deep-sea mermaid after many years. Otherwise, he would not have the courage to collect so many herbs from the bottom of the sea. “Just like on land, there are some herbs. The alien beast guards.”

“Yes, so the host of the auction often said that the herbs in the sea are so rare.” Of course, Mr. Lei knew that he had also been to the bottom of the sea to collect herbs. It was too difficult, it was really too difficult. The water pressure on the bottom of the sea was not theirs. Those with these abilities can bear it casually.

They can’t go too deep into the sea, and every time the submarine has to drive to a certain position, they go out again. Even so, there are all kinds of strange beasts in the sea. The further down, the more ferocious the strange beasts are, and the shorter the time for them to get out of the submarine. At the same time, the submarine may also be attacked by foreign animals.

When Grandpa Lei thinks about it now, he doesn’t dare to think about the original thing anymore, and once almost died on the bottom of the sea. Once, there were people who wondered if the mermaid could go to a position in the deep sea, but who is willing to let the weak mermaid go? There were also mermaid volunteers before. Those mermaids still can’t get too deep, and they may encounter strangeness. Beast attack.

“Wait for more advanced science and technology.” Elder Lei said, “However, marine life, terrestrial life… People can reach the bottom of the deep sea, so does the deep sea monsters evolve even more terrifying?”

Humans have not yet fully understood the ocean. Not to mention the ocean, it is the forest on the land. Some forests also have very high-level animals in the center. Humans can’t destroy them, they can only coexist with them, and they have to be careful not to go too far.

“Maybe.” Yu Qing thought for a while, and answered Grandpa Lei’s words seriously.

Perhaps the cute whales in their eyes may be ferocious animals in the eyes of these people.

Sharks are also good, but the mouth is bigger. Grandma Shark even asked him to eat fruit from the bottom of the sea. She told him which fish had a delicious mouth and didn’t want to eat it a second time. How could the bottom of the sea be so difficult? Where is the fish to eat?

The old turtle also likes to talk about the little fishes in the coral, asking if the little fishes are having a costume party, all of them look very fancy.

The higher-level strange beasts on the seabed are better for communication, and the lower-level strange beasts are also good. The ordinary ones are basically food. Big fish eat small fish, small fish eat dried shrimps… High-level alien beasts eat low-level, low-level eat ordinary…

Yu Qing used to be a member of the sea, and he is still in the sea when he is free.

“If someone asks you to buy the medicine, they must sell it at a higher price, higher!” Old Lei snorted softly, “Those who dare to ask you are mostly people who are not bad and pay a lot of money. Well, there are only poor people left. Pay the money.”

Elder Lei thinks about his friends. Some families have a lot of contradictions. How can they be as simple as the Lei family. But they are all rich without exception. If they don’t have money, most of them don’t come and ask, unless they are really helpless, there are even those who don’t have money but a little bit of affection may come.

If there is sentiment, there will naturally be other ways of processing, such as installment payments, such as letting those people do other things in return.

Grandpa Lei is not a person who takes things from his grandchildren as favors, and he has to teach his grandchildren to extract more money from those people.

“…” Yu Qing felt the sincerity in the words of Mr. Lei, how did he feel that Mr. Lei was very happy, as if he had fallen into a fool.

After Yu Qing and Mr. Lei came out of the laboratory, they didn’t see Lei’s mother. Yu Qing originally thought Lei’s mother was still waiting for him to learn how to cook, but he didn’t expect the other party to be away. In the evening, Lei Mu didn’t find Yu Qing to learn anything.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Lei Mu received an anonymous email. The email contained photos of Yu Ren and Ye Haisheng when they went to the library together, and Yu Ren sent water and towels to Ye Haisheng, who was sweating profusely…

“There is something wrong!” Lei’s mother was very upset. Who doesn’t have an ex-boyfriend yet, oh, no, some people may not. But what are these photos, tusk, someone must be forcing her to be a bad mother-in-law, she is so difficult, she is so wronged, do these people think she is cheating and bullying.

Haha, she really has to do something, if not, how can she be worthy of these people!


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