Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 49

Regardless of their own affairs one by one, toss other people’s things and do what they do.

Lei Mu particularly bothered these people. She was a downright nobleman. When she married into Lei’s family, many people were not optimistic about her marriage. How many people are waiting for Lei’s family to not want her, waiting for her to divorce, why Lei’s mother worked so hard to learn those things, why she wanted to go to the battlefield, it was because she didn’t want to lose to others.

It is precisely because I am always looked down upon and ridiculed by others that I want to fight and work harder.

But sometimes it is useful not to work hard, but not to fight. Lei’s mother prevents her husband from going to the front line. In the dead of night, she is also sad, and sometimes she blames her in-laws. Even so, Lei Mu knew that the biggest problem was with her, but she was reluctant to admit it. She wanted to go to the battlefield again.

For anonymous emails like this, just think about anyone who looks down on Shun Yuqing. Of course, it is also possible that it is not that person, but someone else in secret.

Back then, Lei Mu thought it was her ene who framed her, but later discovered that it was her best friend. This made Lei Mu really shocked. Now that saw this anonymous email, didn’t easily define it. just went to find someone to check it. Besides, even if she sprayed Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng, it was fine. The two people had been tossing before.


“Why, after laughing at me, now I am going to laugh at my daughter-in-law! Are you too idle, when I am stupid? You still want to bully me!”

Lei Mu deliberately sent screenshots of anonymous emails to Moments of friends, and he might say that the elders who send emails are hidden in Moments of friends.

Anyway, Lei Mu didn’t care about this, and just posted it to Moments. Whoever dares to say that she or Yu Qing is not, just go over.

Someone who doesn’t like Lei Mu deliberately posted a comment: Oh, have you been given a green cap?

Lei Mu replied: Oh, don’t you know the timeline? Yes, how many boyfriends have you had, and how many green hats have you brought to your husband?

Another comment: What do you keep such a daughter-in-law, stop chanting.

Lei’s mother replied: Your husband wants to bring back the bastard, will you divorce?

Mrs. Chu San is also a member of Lei Mu’s circle of friends, and she also made a comment: This kind of thing is to like Pan Gaozhi, who is hardworking, and keeping it is a curse!

Lei’s mother replied: Are you okay with you, your nephew, and the younger sister you want to be the third?

Mrs. Chu Er saw the comments and returned Mrs. Chu San: You are climbing Gaozhi, that is true love, but you are stupid and sweet, and others are serious about it!


Mrs. Chu Er was very angry, and Mrs. Chu San said outside that her son’s was no longer. In the eyes of Mrs. Chu San, should everyone else be a stepping stone for them?

There were many people in the circle of friends, many people who watched it, and some people reposted the screenshots. In less than two hours, Chu Tian knew about Mrs. Chu San’s show operation.

“I’ll go.” Chu Tian was training to return to the place where she lived. She thought that she should have thought of it, and her mother would never avoid trouble for a moment. She turned on Guangnao and contacted Mrs. Chu San, “Mom, you almost killed your little cousin at the beginning, do you still want to frame others?”

“What little cousin?” Madam Chu San was angrily. “The godson they recognize is fake, absolutely fake.”

“It’s true that I did a paternity test.” Chu Tian finds it hard to understand her mother. This mother always doesn’t like to believe the facts, so she likes to believe the other person’s imaginary. , Are others stupid? Maybe they are fishing!”

Chu Tian was speechless, couldn’t her mother’s mind be clearer, she must be upset to be unhappy?


“What kind of paternity test? They moved their hands and feet.” Madam Chu San didn’t believe it. Even if she knew Madam Chu Er they recognized Yu Qing, she still didn’t recognize Yu Qing’s identity, thinking it was the second room person deliberately. Against her, “Wait and see, Raymond will divorce Yu Qing sooner or later, Mrs. Lei will never allow…”

“Where did you see that people didn’t allow it?” Chu Tian was anxious, and laughed angrily. Her mother couldn’t understand what they really meant when she looked at her friends circle.

“I can see.” Madam Chu San thought that Lei Mu was in a similar situation to her, and that the two of them should be in the kind of sympathy. If they were themselves, they would not be willing to let their son marry a terrible person like Yu Qing. Even if Yu Qing and Raymond get the certificate, Mrs. Lei will definitely let them divorce.


“…” Chu Tian didn’t want to say, let’s see who is so bold to send such emails to Mrs. Lei.

The person who sent the e-mail was Ouyang Jing. Ouyang Jing encountered a lot of trouble in his work. He didn’t want to lose his job. In addition, Yu Qing pulled him off. He went to see Teacher Lin and felt that he was mocked. So Ouyang Jing finally bowed his head to Ye Haisheng and sent an email to Lei Mu according to Ye Haisheng’s intention.

Ouyang Jing thought that Yu Qing was too interesting, so he can’t be blamed. He also wondered whether when Yu Ren used to share his dormitory with him, would he also laugh at his bottom in his grades in private? Mingming Yu Ren said that it would be good if he didn’t pass a subject, and Yu Ren’s grades were not the first in his profession.

Once people become jealous, they attribute the wrong things they have done to others, thinking that it is the fault of others, and then they do these things.

Don’t look at Mrs. Lei’s status in Lei’s house, but she wants to check someone, don’t be too simple.

Mrs. Lei went to the pharmaceutical company where Ouyang Jing was in the next day eagerly, and directly approached the company’s executives, and asked if Ouyang Jing belonged to their company. Ouyang Jing is so black-hearted, is it really suitable for research and development of pharmaceuticals? Are you sure Ouyang Jing is not in the potion? For example, get a drug with major side effects in it?

Regarding the person who went to Ouyang Jing herself, Mrs. Lei thought it was a good company. Look, didn’t Ouyang Jing directly approach her, then she went to the top of Ouyang Jing’s company. There was nothing wrong with it, and the logic made sense.

Ouyang Jing wants to ruin Yu Qing’s lifelong happiness, and also ruin her. Mrs. Lei will make her a wicked mother-in-law. Then she, Mrs. Lei, will ruin Ouyang Jing’s career. How reasonable it is to be a villain.

The other party must think that Yu Qing is not together with Raymond, and he must still be able to marry other people. So she thinks Ouyang Jing doesn’t have this job, so it’s normal to change to another job.

It is impossible for Mrs. Lei to think about a person who had nothing to do with her in the first place. If she is going to be doing well in the future, if she asks her for trouble, she can ask her for trouble. As for whether there is someone behind Ouyang Jing, this does not prevent her from tossing Ouyang Jing.

The executives of Ouyang Jing’s company were dumbfounded when they saw Mrs. Lei, and when they heard what the other party said, their expressions became cold. They didn’t think Ouyang Jing was capable of working. They wanted to lay off Ouyang Jing. Later, because someone protected Ouyang Jing, they kept him.

Not everyone likes this kind of relationship households, especially company relationships are complicated and there are factions.

No, Ouyang Jing sent an anonymous e-mail with the intention of destroying someone’s marriage, but if Mrs. Lei caught him, it would be impossible to be kind.

Of course, this kind of thing is not illegal, but the company can indeed lay off Ouyang Jing because of this incident.

“It’s really terrible.” Mrs. Lei deliberately said when she saw Ouyang Jing being called into the office, “When someone else has a knife in his hand and is found to be found, it is also deserved. Today, if it is replaced by something else People, do you want to make your home restless? I’m not a good person, and I want others to be wicked mother-in-laws. It’s not a human being.”

“…” When Ouyang Jing was called over, he had a bad premonition. When he heard Mrs. Lei’s words, he knew that the premonition had come true.

Ouyang Jing really didn’t want to send anonymous emails at the time. It was Ye Haisheng who forced him, so he…can’t blame him. After sending an anonymous email, Ouyang Jing was very nervous and entangled. On the one hand, he thought that Yu Qing would be kicked out of Lei’s house soon, and then Yu Ren would not be able to live so well. Let Yu Ren block him. Everyone It was a classmate, how Yu Ren had a good life; on the other hand, he felt that he was sorry for Yu Ren, but the guilt was very small, so small that he was soon suppressed by the pleasure in his heart.

“Young man.” Lei Mu deliberately said to Ouyang Jing, “You will find that you are down today, and you will be even more down in the future. Even if no one interferes with you and obstructs you, you can still break through today’s downfall, relying on you. A black heart is enough!”

Not to mention that some people make things difficult for Ouyang Jing, with so many planets, Ouyang Jing can’t go to other places. In addition, Ouyang Jing had so many classmates at the time. If it is impossible, you can ask someone to help. Why should you send anonymous emails?

In the final analysis, it is that Ouyang Jing’s heart is dark, usually not visible, but when he is slightly oppressed, he appears.

Lei Mu didn’t rush Ouyang Jing to be the Emperor Star, but just let Ouyang Jing lose a job. It’s not that she’s not cruel enough, but she thinks this is enough, she came out in person, how dare other pharmacy institutes ask him again.

If Yu Qing and Raymond divorced and Yu Qing became Raymond’s ex-partner, how many people would dare to ask Yu Qing again?

A report pays a report, that’s it.

When Lei Mu did these things, she didn’t tell Yu Qing. Yu had blocked Ouyang Jing early in the morning, and naturally it was even more unlikely to receive Ouyang Jing’s information, not knowing Ouyang Jing’s situation.

At this moment, Yu Qing was facing his mother, and Mrs. Chu Er came to Lei’s house early in the morning.

“Did someone bully you like this before?” Madam Chu Er was angry when she saw the Moments messages sent by Lei’s mother. These one or two were unpleasant, and those noble ladies, some even encouraged Lei’s mother.

Fortunately, Lei Mu directly stunned him, otherwise Mrs. Chu would have to talk to Lei Mu.

Mrs. Chu Er really didn’t like Lei Mu very much before. She thought Lei Mu was too strong to ignore the surrounding environment. Instead, she missed a lot of things that made people laugh at jokes. Madam Chu didn’t like it or not, but she didn’t say how they were wrong. After all, everyone is special and different. If you want to be strong and don’t harm others, then it’s nothing.

“Nothing.” Yu Qing thought about it carefully. The small fights in the orphanage are not the same, it’s not a bully. If it is really bullying, Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian are disgusting people, “Did the third madam look for you?”

“Just her?” Madam Chu Er sneered, “Every day I think about instigating discord, thinking that the whole world is surrounding her, and thinking that others are not good. She is good alone, and she can still benefit her relatives and friends.”

Mrs. Chu Er smashed Mrs. Chu San yesterday, and Mrs. Chu San also sent a message to scold her. Mrs. Chu Er didn’t care, just to see if the other party could curse a flower. Then pass the news to the second master Chu, let the second master Chu show it to the third master Chu, and tell the third master Chu that the beams they knot with are bigger.


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