Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 50

The relationship between the second master Chu and the third master Chu is inherently stiff, regardless of whether the second master Chu finds the youngest son, this matter cannot be over so soon, and they cannot forgive the people in the third room. But after listening to Mrs. Chu San’s words, he felt that Chu Erye didn’t care about it sooner or later. The child would have died long ago. Even if the one he found now is true, it has all passed by. Sanye Chu is Erye Chu’s. Brothers.

I have to say that the reason why Sanye Chu and Mrs. Chu San can always be together happily is because Sanye Chu’s mind is not much better.

Madam Chu naturally saw Madam Chu San’s comments in Lei’s circle of friends. It’s really…someone else’s family matters, is Madam Chu’s turn to take care of it? She commented blindly. Someone had been caught by Lei’s mother before she saw it. Have you been stunned?

Tsk tsk, it’s no wonder people in the second room don’t like the people in the third room so much, no wonder they don’t like Mrs. Chu San, who would like such a person.

Mrs. Chu thinks that only Sanfang can do so, and it’s no wonder the old man doesn’t care about them.

There is no impermeable wall in this world, and Mrs. Chu San’s actions quickly spread to Old Man Chu’s ears. Old man didn’t want to care about these things, but felt that Sanfang was challenging his bottom line. Why is Sanfang so happy? Is it because you have too much money in your hand?

When Mr. Chu split up, he did give Sanfang some money and shares in the company. But now it seems that shares in those companies should not be given to them.

“Father.” Chu Sanye thought he was wronged, and after hearing his wife’s words, he came to see the old man. Then Yu Qing is not a real Chu family, why should he return so many things to Yu Qing, “Second brother is too much, for Fighting for the family property, I even falsified, thinking that there is someone who is Mrs. Lei Shao…”

Papa, Old Master Chu slapped him severely before Third Master didn’t speak.

Elder Chu hadn’t slapped people for many years. He thought what this son was doing when he came over. He always hoped that the other party would understand a little bit, but he didn’t expect that the other party didn’t want to understand at all.

“The property of the Chu family has nothing to do with you.” Old Master Chu said coldly, “Don’t worry about it anymore. When the family was separated, it was already distributed to you.”

“In your hand…” Chu Sanye was slapped fiercely by the old man, but he was not too afraid. He had been beaten in his early years.

“What do I have in my hand, what does it have to do with you?” Mr. Chu sneered, “Should I, today, we will announce the severance of the relationship between father and son?”

“No!” Chu Sanye opened his eyes wide.

“Even if it hasn’t been cut off, it has nothing to do with you!” The old man Chu emphasized once again that the people in Sanfang had even beaten his idea of ​​property. Since he beat his son and Mrs. Chu San, it has become worse and worse.

Mr. Chu felt sorry for Chu Tian, ​​how could there be such a pair of bastard parents.

“Tomorrow, the lawyer will look for you.” It’s impossible for Mr. Chu to indulge these people anymore, he must show them some color before they know they are afraid. Otherwise, what’s the use of just beating and scolding? It’s not like that Old Master Chu has never done this before. The key is that the third master Chu has a thick skin and is not afraid at all.

Elder Chu didn’t listen to the nonsense of Chu Sanye any more, he had already made a decision, so no one could change it.

When Chu Tian learned that Mr. Chu was about to sever ties with her family, she thought it was pretty good. Then her family could no longer rely on the Chu family’s prestige, and they should know how to restrain themselves. Even if those people will suffer various blows in the next period of time, that’s good, saving them from stimulating others all the time.

Chu Tian didn’t feel that she had a bad life without the Chu family. Besides, Mrs. Chu recognized her, but he didn’t recognize Mrs. Chu, Mrs. Chu, oh, and their children who were taught badly. Some admit it, some don’t, the strange mother of my own must want to make a fuss more.

But if people are cold, how can they indulge you.

Before Yu Qing had thought about how to face Madam Chu San in the future, he learned that Old Man Chu unilaterally announced that he would cut off his father-son relationship with Sanye Chu.

My dear, Yu Qing feels like a disaster, even if he didn’t do anything, but he is also the cause.

Lei’s family, after Master Lei learned of Master Chu’s actions, he sighed slightly and shook his head.

“What does such a son keep these for? Do you think he hasn’t raised enough to waste it?” Grandpa Lei thinks that it is too late to sever the relationship between Older Chu and Sanye. Xiao Yuqing should be cut off when he was thrown into the sea, and when Mrs. Chu San helped her relatives escape.

However, Mr. Chu didn’t cut off his relationship with Sanye Chu at that time, he was clearly still thinking about this son. Grandson doesn’t have a son, and there are so many grandchildren. Grandpa Lei doesn’t need to think about the mentality of Grandpa Chu at the time, so he just wanted to split the family.

Separation is good, but even with Chu Sanye’s temperament, separation is still of little use. Because the second master of Chu’s family has also been separated, then in the eyes of the third master, Chu is not only dissatisfied with him, but also dissatisfied with the second room.

As far as Qiqi is concerned, people think so, and it is difficult for others to change their minds.

“I can waste some more.” Mrs. Lei thought for a while.

“…” The old man Lei turned his head and looked at his old wife. After thinking for so long, he answered this sentence?

“Couldn’t it just be abolished?” Mrs. Lei rolled her eyes, “Look at it, just how many people like his three daughters-in-law have offended these years. The Chu family denies them anymore, and someone tentatively steps down. Not to mention that afterwards, it was before that when they separated, someone had already stepped on it.”

Just by looking at Mrs. Chu San’s lack of growth in recent years, know that it is probably her relatives playing with Mrs. Chu San. Even if someone invites her to the banquet, it’s not because of Mrs. Chu’s face, but on the face of Chu’s family. .

Mrs. Lei doesn’t care about this, as long as Mrs. Chu San doesn’t go to Lei’s house to toss about it.

When Yu Qing passed the living room, he heard what Elder Lei and Mrs. Lei said. He doesn’t know much about the Chu Family, even if he has been in contact recently, he still knows very little.

“Fruit-flavored potions are good.” When Mr. Lei saw Yu Qing passing by, he thought of the smell of potions. In fact, he always wanted to drink good potions since he was a child, but some potions are always particularly unpleasant. People doubt the point of life, especially those senior pharmacists who care about the effects of the medicine, not the taste of the medicine.

Grandpa Lei thought he was embarrassed to ask those senior pharmacists, then his granddaughter-in-law could count on it.

“Additives affect the efficacy.” Yu Qing replied very seriously.

“Then use fruit as medicine.” Elder Lei said.

“Not every kind of fruit can be used as medicine.” Yu Qing is not a medicine that doesn’t want to prepare fruit flavors, but it is really too difficult.

The inheritance memory didn’t tell him how to configure the medicine to be the same as the fruit. At most, it just slightly suppressed the taste. But in the final analysis, the taste of those medicines is not that good. If the taste changes, most of the substances and chemical molecules are changed. If this changes, then the medicine will not have that effect.

Therefore, the taste of the medicine itself is difficult to change. It is necessary to add substances that can suppress the original taste, and it is not possible to cause chemical reactions between those substances and the substances in the medicine.

It’s too hard, it’s really hard.

At this time, Yu Qing thought that he was still a young man, not an old monster who had lived for many years.

“Don’t listen to your grandfather.” Mrs. Lei said funnyly, “It’s not that there is no sugar in the house. If it is awful, he just adds some sugar. In most cases, the medicine is sugar.”

“Sometimes you can’t put sugar.” Yu Qing said.

“I can’t let it go.” Mrs. Lei nodded, “Look at how powerful a person is usually, but sometimes he is afraid of taking bitter medicine. He still dare not let people know, for fear…”

“No, someone knows.” Elder Lei interrupted his wife, “Many people know that I don’t like to drink medicine.”

“That’s because they all think you think you are strong instead of taking medicine, and you choose to rely on your own resilience.” Mrs. Lei cruelly exposed her husband, “Lei Meng didn’t like to drink medicine when he was a child, now…with you there, He must not dislike it.”

“…” Is it because you are a pharmacist? Yu Qing’s mouth twitched slightly, and he didn’t like to drink medicine either.

In the evening, when Yu Qing was walking with Raymond, Yu Qing asked Raymond if he was afraid of taking medicine.

“Fear, afraid of drinking the medicine prepared by others.” Raymond nodded, “You are not afraid, your sweetness.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Not all of the medicines prepared by Yu Qing are sweet, some are bitter, and some taste strange. There is a medicine that tastes similar to durian, and some tastes similar to green onions.

There are all kinds of herbs, all kinds of substances in the world, and some of them are matched together, and the taste is naturally…different.

“Believe you.” Raymond chuckled, “I don’t like to drink medicine. Sometimes I feel that drinking medicine may not be effective. I think it can boil it for a while and it can also increase physical fitness. If you can’t boil it, you should drink medicine or You have to drink medicine, even if it tastes fruity, if you want to make vegetable juice, that’s okay.”

Raymond has drunk the vegetable juice made by Yu Qing many times. He has always been curious about how Yu Qing makes those vegetable juices into various flavors.

“So many flavors, did you study it carefully?” Raymond asked.

“No.” Yu Qing shook his head, “Toss about when I’m in a bad mood, it’s non-toxic, it doesn’t hurt my stomach, and everything tastes good.”

If there is a problem with those weird vegetable juices, Yu Qing can’t give Leimeng to eat, “There are strange plants in this world, some can’t be mixed together, some can be.”

Yu Qing was under a lot of psychological pressure, and when he couldn’t make a good medicine, he fumbled and made those strange vegetable juices.

“You and I can be mixed together.” Raymond nodded.

“…” Yu Qing wanted to roll his eyes. They weren’t herbs or vegetables!

On this day, the Internet was very lively, and the Emperor Stars were also very lively. They all saw the lawyer-certified letter issued by Mr. Chu to sever the relationship with Mr. Chu Sanye. Tsk, it’s really lively.

Mrs. Chu San was very angry and wanted to post a post to question Mr. Chu, but the letter had been written very clearly, Mrs. Chu still reserved someone to answer the questions. This caused Mrs. Chu San to look at her own writing a few more times when she wanted to post a post. Once she posted it and was attacked, she immediately deleted it and prepared to post it again.

“Come on, delete it, just see what you can send out again.”

Those netizens think so. See what kind of tricks Madam Chu San can do. She has already got so many things. She once killed her nephew, and now she is still tossing about it. No, she has tossed her husband’s family and cut off relations with them.

Mrs. Chu San kept reading those comments and was very anxious. Before she waited for a long time, her mother’s family called and asked her what was going on.

“It’s still the people in the second room, they are a scourge!” Madam Chu three gritted her teeth. Madam Chu second is a bad guy. Fortunately, she introduced him to the second master Chu, but the second master Chu didn’t agree. NS.

Mrs. Chu San’s mother’s family doesn’t care who is the scourge, they are very clear about what they mean, “Don’t make trouble, go to apologize to the old man, it’s still a family.”

How can we sever the relationship? Absolutely not. If we sever the relationship, then Madam Chu San is not a member of the Chu family, and cannot do things in the name of the Chu family. They, Madam Chu San’s maiden family will also have to follow the bad luck.


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