Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 51

Mrs. Chu San’s family did not care whether Mrs. Chu San was happy or not, and Mrs. Chu San had been dominated by Third Master for so many years, no matter how she might bow her head. Mrs. Chu San told people that it was because Mrs. Chu Er found a child who did not know from which remote corner pretended to be a child of the Chu family. She disagreed. Mrs. Chu Er and the others threatened the old man, and he announced this. Cut off relations with them.

If you are not your own person, you are not your own person. Sooner or later, Mrs. Chu will figure it out. Now let Madam Chu and the others be proud. They won’t be surprised when.

And Sanye Chu really listened to Mrs. Chu San’s words and thought that the old man could not really deny him, but he was instigated by the second room.

However, no one would instigate Mr. Chu at all. If Mr. Chu was really so easy to be instigated, then it would be impossible for Mr. Chu and the others to live so well.

It doesn’t matter what Mrs. Chu San says outside. There used to be banquets that Mrs. Chu San was invited to, but they are not invited anymore. Some people have gradually distanced themselves from Mrs. Chu San. They don’t think that Mrs. Chu is joking. They also learned from other sources that Lei Meng’s wife is the child, and they really did a paternity test.


There is no need for the Lei family to rely on the Chu family, and Mrs. Young Master Lei does not need relatives like Mrs. Chu Er. Not to mention that Mrs. Young Master Lei wants a strong natal family, hehe, a strong natal family, that is no better than a senior pharmacist.

Some people knew that the medicine prepared by Yu Qing was very useful. After some people knew it, it spread slowly to a small area. They also want to alleviate the riot when breaking through the power level, and also want to repair the dark wound medicine.

Elder Lei is very proud, and several of his old friends also bought medicine from Yu Qing at a high price.

“Twelve million.” Yu Qing received tens of millions in just a few days after delivering the goods and collecting the money.

He has never felt that a pharmacist is so profitable, but because he worked so hard in the company before, he should go out to sell pharmacy.

Tsk tsk, didn’t you see, he made this just in these few. Alas, he was selling medicines so cheaply on the black market, he must be considered a fool.

Yu Qing hopes that no one will mention the black market again. He feels that others are stupid and others think that he is stupid. As for him, it is really impossible to sell the medicines so cheaply, but to sell them more expensive, because those deep-sea herbs are rare things for other pharmacists, and he cannot break the laws of the market.

Even if Yu Qing is happy and in a good mood, and wants to give others medicine, it is impossible to send a lot. Most people still have to buy it, so it can’t be cheap.

“It’s not expensive, it’s not expensive at all.” Elder Lei said specifically to Yu Qing, “If I didn’t know them, I would not let you give them a discount. It would be more expensive.”


“…” Yu Qing nodded, and said that it was a 20% discount… It was more than 12 million after the 20% discount. The key is that those people still bought it.

Yu Qing said that he doesn’t understand the world of the rich, and he doesn’t need to understand it, as long as he knows how to count money, it’s OK to look at the amount of money on the light brain.

“If you dump Raymond someday, you can also own a lot of property and have a high net worth.” Mrs. Lei joked, “Under normal circumstances, the enemy may kill Raymond, but you will never kill such a powerful pharmacist. .”

“…” Yu Qing thought about it carefully, it is most likely to be the case.

“I’m still here.” Raymond reminded them aloud that this is the living room, not the outside. He is standing here. Such a big person is not fake. Don’t say this in front of him. No, you shouldn’t say this even with your back to him.

“It’s okay, you’re here, that’s the same.” Mrs. Lei said.

“Yes, it’s the same.” Raymond admitted, “but they must want to catch my partner even more.”


The next moment, Raymond was kicked by Yu Qing, who would he catch?

“I was wrong!” Leimen hurriedly said, “You are very strong, you can’t be taken away so easily, and I must…the empire will definitely save you.”

Just talking about himself, how unreliable, especially before Yu Qing analyzed the reasons for how unreliable Raymond is. Raymond thought that at this time the Empire was more reliable than him. For the empire’s senior pharmacist, he Leimeng must go to rescue Yu Qing.

“For the empire, for you, for me.” Raymond said the order, so it should be fine.

“Poor mouth!” Yu Qing was too lazy to say, this person is too good at talking.


Seeing that the New Year is about to come, Yu Qing and Raymond will prepare for the wedding when the spring starts next year.

Where did this year go? The Chu family wanted Yu Qing to pass. Of course, Leimeng hoped that Yu Qing could spend the New Year with him.

Yu Qing’s own thoughts are very simple. Which side is more comfortable is on which side. Judging from the current situation, even though Yu Qing has known Madam Chu Er and the others, they have never lived together, so it is hard to say whether they are used to it or not. They really want to spend the New Year together, or at most, have a meal together.

If you really let Yu Qing live in Chu’s house for a period of time, he must not be used to it.

Madam Chu Er also asked Yu Qing, if Yu Qing didn’t want to go there, then she wouldn’t go there. It would be nice to have a meal together at that time. This is much better than before, they thought the child was gone before.

“It is estimated that the main house will let everyone have a meal together.” After Mrs. Chu came to Lei’s house, she told Yu Qing’s domestic habits, “Only those who are approved can pass.”

If someone from the Chu family is recognized by the main house, they can also be invited over. Therefore, many people hope to go to the main house.

Of course, Chu Erye’s family can go, and the family relationship is so close, it doesn’t need to be strong. If you really talk about your strength, Chu Sanye would have been unable to go, but last year, Chu Sanye’s family returned.

“Speaking of which, Chu Tian is very pitiful.” Mrs. Chu Er said, “She had also made friends before, and planned to have a relationship for a while and get married again. But her friends knew the virtues of her mother. Sex, it’s nothing more than being disgusted, just don’t want to clean up the mess behind, people don’t marry and hold the mother-in-law.”

What is the age now, if the daughter-in-law doesn’t like her mother-in-law, there is no need to live together. People also have more choices. Longer life expectancy, so they have more time to fall in love and more time to choose.

“Later, they didn’t talk about it, and they didn’t get together again.” Mrs. Chu Er knew about this, and Chu Tian was also very sad at the time. I heard that Mrs. Chu San was not sad or guilty at all at the time, but instead felt that that person was the same. Not worthy of Chu Tian, ​​because he felt that the person was not good enough.

It’s just that Chu Tian didn’t make the matter big, that one thing happened quickly and was quickly suppressed.

Chu Tian had seen through her parents a long time ago, and moved out early to save time for other things to happen.

The reason why Mrs. Chu Er told Yu Qing this way was not to let Yu Qing sympathize with Chu Tian, ​​but to let Yu Qing understand that Mr. Chu still valued Chu Tian.

Yu Qing is not stupid, he understands what Mrs. Chu said. Chu Xiao also told him some things about Chu Tian, ​​Chu Tian was really miserable, so Yu Qing returned Chu Xiao’s medicine and asked Chu Xiao to transfer it to Chu Tian.

“She’s pretty good.” Yu Qing couldn’t be upset because Chu Tian hadn’t been kicked out of the Chu family. To be honest, he didn’t have much feeling for Madam Chu San and them. After all, he was still very young when he was thrown into the sea. After he grew up, he was not troubled by Mrs. Chu San, but by Mrs. Chu’s relative Qin Mian.

Yu Qing’s biggest feeling for the third lady of Chu is that these people have broken his deep-sea mermaid dream!

“With her, I can suppress those people a little bit.” Yu Qing’s idea is as simple as that. If there is a sensible person, then this sensible person will more or less say a few words about those people, and will suppress them a little.

Of course, Yu Qing doesn’t expect others to do so well. Anyway, a little effect is a little effect.

Ye family, Ye Haisheng has a headache recently. Ouyang Jing has no job, so he asks him to arrange a job.

Ouyang Jing was not a completely stupid person, and even knew how to keep evidence to threaten Ye Haisheng. Ouyang Jing didn’t want to leave the Emperor Star at all. He wanted to stay at the Emperor Star. If he hadn’t heard Ye Haisheng’s instigation, how could he go to Yu Qing again. He didn’t get the benefits Ye Haisheng promised him. Instead, he was fired by the company. .

Ouyang Jing wants Ye Haisheng to be responsible, and Ye Haisheng doesn’t want to be responsible at all. Evidence?

“Throw it out, put it online, and see what I will do!” When Ouyang Jing contacted Ye Haisheng again, Ye Haisheng said that, he couldn’t really arrange Ouyang Jing in the Emperor Star, he let Ouyang Jing be the Emperor Star If the other party doesn’t go, then don’t blame him, “I already like Aren, I love him deeply.”

Even if Ouyang Jing released the evidence, it would at best prove that Ye Haisheng had urged Ouyang Jing.

Ye Haisheng can explain that he really loves Yu Ren, because Lei Shao’s wife Yu Qing and Yu Ren look very similar, so he can’t control himself, always trying to verify whether Yu Qing is Yu Ren or not. He didn’t believe that Yu Ren was buried under the sea, he thought that Yu Ren was still alive, whether Yu Ren was married or not, he thought about Yu Ren.

As long as it is affectionate enough, a certain whitening effect can be achieved.

Ye Haisheng is not afraid. Anyway, he hasn’t been scolded by a scumbag before. He has a person he likes, but he is still with Qin Mian. He has long been known by the majority of netizens, so this is really nothing wrong.

“Ye Haisheng!” Ouyang Jing was very angry when he saw that Ye Haisheng hung up his light brain so quickly.

Ouyang Jing thought that he shouldn’t have believed in Ye Haisheng, and that Ye Haisheng was not a good person. Ye Haisheng is not a good person, and Yu Qing is not good either. Ouyang Jing thinks he has been hacked by Yu Qing, and Lei Mu deliberately ran to his company, causing him to lose his job.

Who caused this?

Ouyang Jing didn’t want to blame herself, but wanted to blame others. But what can he do now, Ye Haisheng is not afraid at all, he can’t threaten the other party, and get no benefits. Ouyang Jing could only choose to leave the emperor star. If he keeps consuming it, he will not be able to get any benefits at all. It is a terrible thing to sit and eat in the sky.

Just before leaving, Ouyang Jing also set up a regular email and sent an email to Qin Mian.

“Your husband slept with his mermaid secretary, did you know that?” Ouyang Jing also put the photos of the two men hugging each other in the email. It’s not easy for herself, and Ye Haisheng don’t think about it.

It’s just that Ouyang Jing can’t deal with Yu Qing anymore. He still wants to live and live a stable life.



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