Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 52

No matter how cowardly a person is, he may bite, just like a rabbit bites in a hurry.

Before Ouyang Jing left, he sent a big gift package to Qin Mian. He thought Qin Mian must be very excited.

Qin Mian was indeed very excited. He thought about Ye Haisheng’s little lover outside, because Ye Haisheng didn’t love him. But, he still didn’t want Ye Haisheng to be outside, and he didn’t want things to be placed in front of him.

“Ah!” Qin Mian yelled angrily and began to throw things. How could Ye Haisheng do that.

When the servant heard the movement in Qin Mian’s house, he was not surprised at all. It was not the first time that Qin Mian had thrown something. After a forbearance, he passed. After waiting for a while, Qin Mian let the robot clean up, and told others that he was in the room with his voice and doing yoga…

In fact, it was clearly Qin Mian who threw something angrily.

However, none of these servants could say anything. Didn’t anyone else who didn’t see the Ye family know it? Then, of course the servants didn’t know.


Qin Mian wanted to go to the Ye Family Group to inquire about Ye Haisheng, but as soon as he walked out of the door of the Ye family, he changed his mind and went to the hospital instead. There should be Ye Haisheng’s baby in his stomach, and the wild flowers outside will wither sooner or later.

Don’t be nervous, he could have allowed the Ye Family to force Ye Haisheng to give up Yu Ren, and could allow Zuo Li’an, who is already in jail, to find someone to chase Yu Ren, so he can now also deal with Ye Haisheng’s little lover.

Qin Mian believed that Ye Haisheng would fall in love with him sooner or later, and that those little lovers would become a thing of the past sooner or later.

Xia Ziyan really fell asleep with Ye Haisheng as he wished, one took the initiative to seduce, and the other half pushed. Xia Ziyan’s Alpha pheromone is strong, and it is against Ye Haisheng’s Alpha pheromone, but Xia Ziyan used a special medicine to temporarily suppress the concentration of Alpha pheromone. After sleeping with Ye Haisheng, the fish’s tail was revealed.

People have different attitudes towards Alpha and mermaid. Xia Ziyan wanted to use the mermaid status to make Ye Haisheng feel soft, so that he could still have children.

Ye Haisheng thought that he was sleeping with an ordinary Alpha, the one that was not responsible, anyway, the two Alphas would not be so good. Never thought that Xia Ziyan turned out to be a mermaid. Ye Haisheng hated others for designing him. Xia Ziyan was not a natural mermaid, but a transformed mermaid.

The nobles with a little brain know that Xia Ziyan designed that time, and Ye Haisheng naturally saw it. He originally thought that although Xia Ziyan had a poor work ability, at least he had a strong Alpha pheromone and a stronger aura.


And when Ye Haisheng learned that Xia Ziyan was transforming a mermaid, he felt that people like Xia Ziyan were a scheming person, without any ability, it would be shameful for an Alpha to perform a mermaid transformation operation!

But Ye Haisheng didn’t break up with Xia Ziyan. Instead, he arranged for Xia Ziyan to live in another place. He would come once in a few days and let Xia Ziyan continue to work.

“It’s nothing more than a plaything.” Ye Haisheng viewed Xia Ziyan in this way, but Xia Ziyan thought about the superior.

Ye Haisheng used to guard Yu Ren like a jade, and after rolling the sheets with Qin Mian, he let go. In fact, it can’t be said that he defended Yu Ren like a jade at the time, it should be said that he used his own actions to fight against the Ye Family and deliberately embarrassed Qin Mian.

Qin Mian was pregnant, and when Ye Haisheng came back at night, he said.

“The baby needs your company.” Qin Mian wanted Ye Haisheng to come back every night.

“If you have a child in your stomach, then you shouldn’t think about those messy things.” Ye Haisheng didn’t like Qin Mian, and naturally he couldn’t like the child in Qin Mian’s stomach that much. But if he has a child, he can also increase his bargaining chip for the Ye family property, so he still hopes that Qin Mian can give birth to the child safely, “Why, regardless of the child in my stomach, want Alpha?”


“No, it’s not.” Of course, Qin Mian didn’t have a physical relationship with Ye Haisheng when he was pregnant. He just wanted the other person to go home.

Yu Qing didn’t know that Qin Mian was pregnant. When he knew that Qin Mian was pregnant, Qin Mian had already miscarried.

It was two days before the Chinese New Year. The news of Qin Mian’s miscarriage spread, and the person who murdered the child in his stomach was Xia Ziyan… It was said that Xia Ziyan murdered, but it was not entirely true. Xia Ziyan deliberately let Qin Mian know more about it. His news still appeared in front of Qin Mian, Qin Mian was angry, and Xia Ziyan didn’t care about it…

After going back and forth like this, Qin Mian had a fetal gas, and she was not stable when she was pregnant. After somehow, she ran into Xia Ziyan again, and Qin Mian had a miscarriage.


Originally this had nothing to do with Yu Qing, but Xia Ziyan was originally Yu Qing’s colleague. If this is not the case, some people have conspired, thinking that Yu Qing asked Xia Ziyan to hurt Qin Mian, saying that Yu Qing played a big game of chess.

“Mianmian had a miscarriage, are you satisfied.”

“A vicious person like you is not worthy of happiness!”

“The body belongs to one person, and the heart belongs to another person. It’s so patience.”

Of course, there are very few people who say these things, and these people are basically Qin Mian’s hardcore fans and diehard fans.

It’s just that those netizens are not blind. They have already picked up that former Alpha colleague before. In order to marry a wealthy family and a nobleman, they have undergone a mermaid transformation operation Alpha. It’s just that there were not many picks at the time, the person was not completely dug out, and other information about this person was ignored.

No, thanks to Qin Mian’s brain-dead fans, netizens know more. Look, this is the Alpha that does not want mermaid, but the Alpha that wants to become a mermaid to marry aristocrats.

“Tsk tsk, if something happens to your sleep, you will find someone else, and your sleep will be wronged.”

“I’m really worried about your family’s sleep, in case he really gave birth to a child, then… what a big white lotus flower!”

“Bundle people every day, for fear that there is no heat? If you don’t have any ability, just use polyangularity to fry, just like that, go on hot search, and buy it.”

“When someone else has no fans, you have fans in Mianmian.”

Yu Qing is Raymond’s partner. Yu Qing has never said that others are wrong on the Internet. Raymond is a great nobleman who has been on the front line.

Those netizens are not stupid. Of course, they know who to support. Others are trying their best to protect you with their lives, but you hurt their partners. You are really capable, so capable.

Therefore, Qin Mian’s fans once again aroused the anger of the majority of netizens. A person who resembles an Internet celebrity, is doing hot searches there every day, which makes people really upset to see it.

When Yu Qing saw those comments, she also liked them.

“No hand skating!” After Yu Qing liked him, he occasionally reposted some posts. He clearly stated that he didn’t have hand skating. He just liked it because he thought Qin Mian was not good.

It’s about to celebrate the New Year. It’s really miserable to stage the tragedy of ‘I love you but you love him, and I have a miscarriage’.

As for Xia Ziyan, Yu Qing said that the current Xia Ziyan is very different from the Xia Ziyan he had known in the past. It is like two completely different people.

Especially when Yu Qing saw the video of Qin Mian and Xia Ziyan arguing, it was a struggle between the original partner and the mistress. Oh, Qin Mian is also the third, the third is already in the top position.

“This video is pretty good.” Lei Mu passed by the living room and heard the sound of Yu Qing playing the video. She had already watched it. “Young people nowadays, no matter how big or small things are, they like to put them on the Internet. Not afraid of dissatisfaction at home.”

In scandals like this, few normal people will put videos on the Internet, except for public figures.

“But they are also very good like this, making everyone happy.” Lei Mu said, “You know Mrs. Chu San, oh, you shouldn’t say three now, ranking three, saying three is actually nothing, she She and her relatives like this and behaved very affectionately. They were persecuted by others.”

Lei Mu knew a lot. In order to deal with these noble ladies, she didn’t check the news less. No, Lei Mu knew more, even the dark history of those people.

“I thought that after so many years, there is no record on the Internet? They are still there.” Lei Mu sneered, “It’s just that few people go to dig out things that have been so many years.”

According to the keyword search, the sort order is in chronological order, so it is difficult to search if there is no precision.

Lei Mu had seldom talked to Madam Chu San before, because she felt that this person was unreliable and could destroy other people’s families anytime and anywhere, and then said she was doing them for their good.

“There is not only one Ye Haisheng in the Ye family, wait, Ye Haisheng can only do business.” Lei Mu said, “In politics, military, there is no breakthrough, businessmen, it is impossible to do too much.”

Just by looking at Ye Haisheng’s performance in recent years, you can tell, not to mention that Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian’s affairs have repeatedly made trouble on the Internet, treating the Internet as the back garden of the Ye family and the Qin family.

“No matter what.” Yu Qing didn’t pay much attention, and occasionally liked and reposted Xingboduo.

Anyway, he is not a public figure, nor does he get fame on the Internet. Yu Qing doesn’t care about being hacked, so he can do whatever he wants.

“Would you like to listen to it?” Lei Mu asked, “Just listen to it as a story and don’t need to learn it.”

Lei’s mother said that she did not force her daughter-in-law to study, she simply told stories, “Back then, her husband liked another person, her friend, she just…”

On New Year’s Eve, Yu Qing spent time with Lei’s family and did not go to Chu’s house.

Except for Chu Tian, ​​no one of Chu Sanye’s family was invited over. Mrs. Chu San learned that Yu Qing hadn’t gone there, and she told others that this was not his own or his own.

“…” The person who heard Mrs. Chu San’s words didn’t want to receive a call from Mrs. Chu San at all. Yu Qing didn’t go to Chu’s house, it was also at Lei’s house. The Lei family is no worse than the Chu family. Yu Qing can choose to go to the Chu family or stay at the Lei family.

Then, that person didn’t continue to listen to Madam Chu San’s complaints, but interrupted what she said, “Your nephew has a miscarriage, how’s it going?”

This time it was Mrs. Chu San’s turn that he didn’t want to talk anymore, and the nephew was too careless. He taught those three. Of course, he gave birth to the child first, and did whatever he wanted later. It’s not easy to get the child away. Fortunately, it is impossible for the Ye family to divorce Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian.

“It’s okay, the children will still have them.” Mrs. Chu San said, if there are any more, it is not a big deal.

“Oh, you didn’t go to Chu’s house this year.” The person continued, “That’s right, you have all severed the relationship.”

“Chu Tian is gone!” Madam Chu San gritted her teeth.

“Poor boy, be sympathetic,” the man said.

“…” Mrs. Chu San hung up the light brain, what did this person say, what does it mean to be sympathized.

In the middle of the night, Chu Tian received a message from Mrs. Chu San and asked her if she had told him in front of Mr. Chu what his attitude was.

“It’s cut off, you say, what kind of attitude can you say?” Chu Tian rolled her eyes, “That means it is impossible to go back and forth again. It’s late at night, so you go to dream. You have everything in your dreams, and you can get together in your dreams. have a meal together!”


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