Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 53

“Who is your mother?” Madam Chu San wanted to ask this sentence.

“You.” Chu Tian replied. Do you still have to ask, “Okay, go to bed and dream earlier.”

Chu Tian hung up Guangnao, really didn’t want to talk too much to this mother, it was useless to say it. It’s like telling her to her mother, let her keep a low profile, don’t be so mean, don’t talk about those who don’t, don’t offend people.

And her mother ignored her words at all, and even felt that her daughter was not caring. Chu Tian didn’t want this to be her real mother, she still didn’t say those things. Now, you can’t go to the main house, be cut off, and not look for problems in yourself, but also look for problems in others.

Chu Tian didn’t bother to say those things to her mother, anyway, the other party wouldn’t listen, and she would think she was talking too much and said she didn’t understand. Then, her mother snapped and talked about the past, in a series of words, to the effect that the people of the Chu family disliked her because her family background was not good enough, disliked her for not being so good, disliked her…

It’s all other people in the Chu family who are not good, their eyesight is too high…

“Hey.” Chu Tian sighed, “just so.”

Chu Tian thinks that her mother has not suffered less during this period of time. heard that people who used to play with her mother don’t play together much now.

Tsk tsk, those people were originally interested in the Chu family, and they thought that Mrs. Chu San would take them to find Mrs. Chu.


Chu Tian understood too well. Before the Chu family had not separated, her mother liked to take people home and introduced them to Mrs. Chu. Hehe, others didn’t want to see her, so her mother asked Mrs. Chu if they looked down on her and forced them to see her.

At that time, Chu Tian felt very embarrassed when she watched her mother do those things, and felt that her mother shouldn’t do that. After a long time, get used to it. Getting used to it is one thing, but not wanting to see it is another thing.

Two days later, Yu Qing and Raymond arrived at the main residence of the Chu family. They were going to accompany Mr. Chu and others to dinner together. In the afternoon, they would chat and talk with their peers.

“Are there any medicines sold lately?” Chu Yuan and Yu Qing had little contact with each other, and if they wanted to talk about a common topic, they might not be so easy to find. He thought that the medicine Yu Qing had prepared was good. After knowing about it before, he didn’t chat with Yu Qing alone. A few days ago, he also learned that Yu Qing had sold the medicine to others. One medicine was more than ten million…

This made Chu Yuan once again think of the medicine he had bought on the black market for more than 100,000. The medicine was indeed very cheap…Oh, he still doesn’t say that Yu Qing is a little fool.

“The medicine you sold on the black market was good.” Chu Yuan had already determined that it was the medicine Yu Qing sold him.

“If you are in a good mood, it will be cheaper.” Yu Qing said quickly, don’t call me a fool in your heart!

“…” Chu Yuan felt the weirdness in Yu Qing’s tone.


“When you’re in a bad mood, you won’t sell it for 100 million!” Yu Qing emphasized, so he was in a good mood at the beginning, so he sold it so cheaply in the black market.

If he had known that these people could spend so much money on that kind of medicine, he would have sold it at a high price.

Yu Qing felt that he had missed hundreds of millions. When he turned around, he bought a few more potions to sell, would he be able to buy the planet soon.

“Yes, this is good.” Chu Yuan is not stupid. He suddenly wondered if Yu Qing didn’t know the value of the potion before, or thought that the potion was a failure? But it shouldn’t be a failed product. Any pharmacist with a conscience can’t just sell a medicine that fails to make it, unless it’s just a medicine with a lower effect.

If it is a medicine that fails with large side effects, most of the pharmacists will directly destroy the medicine.

“Of course.” Yu Qing nodded, “That’s because you are lucky. If you buy now, the discount will cost you tens of millions.”

Who would let himself be less ignorant now, young and ignorant… just missed several planets, if he had gone to open up the pharmaceutical industry in the first place, he would have embraced him now.


Leimen heard what his sweetheart said, and then looked at Chu Yuan. He thought that Chu Yuan probably knew that Yu Qing was talking nonsense with his eyes open. The other party must have known that Yu Qing didn’t know the specific price of the medicine. It’s just that everyone doesn’t try to expose Yu Qing. Is Xu Yu Qing young?

“Look at what, if your friends buy it, give them a discount.” Yu Qing looked at Raymond, “but I don’t sell potions all the time…”

“It depends on your mood.” Raymond knew it, so there is no need to stress the sweetheart, she looks a little cute.

“Yes!” Yu Qing nodded, that’s it.

“…” Raymond didn’t speak, and his sweetheart nodded again. Isn’t it a sign of a guilty conscience?

Is Yu Qing the kind of person who prints business cards? of course not!


People like the Chu family want to contact Yu Qing, and they can directly ask for the Guangnao ID, what kind of business card.

Yu Qing thinks that people who sell medicines as expensive as their own should stop printing business cards to others. It is completely unnecessary. He didn’t plan to put a lot of medicines on the market. Not every medicine can be bought so expensive, and it can be eaten for many years as soon as it is opened.

Isn’t that a bit of a superior look?

Yu Qing looked serious, and Raymond just wanted to be serious and serious, that would not change the other party is a little cute fact. Raymond had seen Yu Qing’s expression on the surface before, and returned to the scene of rolling on the bed in the room, lamenting that the money was really good.

The prerequisite for this profit is that Yu Qing can go to the deep sea to collect medicine, and the medicine that others can’t get, Yu Qing can collect more, of course it is easy to earn. If others could easily get the potion, maybe Yu Qing would not be able to make so much at once.

“There are so many days a year, there are always times when you are in a good mood.” Chu Xiao smiled. With a senior pharmacist such as Yu Qing there, people would always be sent to the door and be slaughtered… Oh no, there were always people who came to the door and begged them to help with the line. Buy potions.

Chu Xiao thought of her opponent’s head bowed, but it shouldn’t be possible that the other party could go around the corners and go around many procedures, and let others go to Yu Qing to buy them.

Elder Chu didn’t ask more about Yu Qing’s medicine. Yu Qing was not raised in Chu’s family. He, the grandfather, had never done anything before Yu Qing. Even if he made some compensation, it was nothing. The old man Chu knew clearly that he was not qualified to invite Yu Qing to do this and that, as long as Yu Qing was willing to sell the medicine to the Chu family, that would be fine.

There is still a long time to come, and these young people can gradually cultivate their feelings. If they have deep feelings, they will be easier to handle.

So Mr. Chu didn’t care too much, he still had to look at the young people.

When Mrs. Chu saw Mrs. Chu Er, she talked about Mrs. Chu San. Mrs. Chu San had called her several times before, but she didn’t answer it.

“It didn’t stop the black.” Mrs. Chu didn’t go to the black, she had a reason. “If anything happens in the future, you can get news in time.”

Without saving when it was really going to happen, Mrs. Chu San made a fuss there again. For people like Mrs. Chu San, there is no need to pay attention to them, as long as they know the key news. To deal with Madam Chu San, all you need to do is to do everything on the surface, so that Madam Chu San takes a sigh of relief in her heart, so she can’t vent it, that’s right.

“It doesn’t matter if it is black, there is Chu Tian.” Mrs. Chu Er blacked Mrs. Chu’s light brain number, and there was no need to keep it.

“Chu Tian, ​​it’s a pity.” Mrs. Chu sighed.

People in the Chu family felt that Chu Tian was very pitiful. If Chu Tian was not the child of Mrs. Chu San, she would definitely have better development. Just because Chu Tian has a real mother like Mrs. Chu San, some people are reluctant to approach Chu Tianduo for fear of being bitten by Mrs. Chu San.

You must know that if a person like Mrs. Chu San focuses on a person, it is basically equivalent to destroying that person.

“Maybe.” Mrs. Chu Er thought Chu Tian was good, but she couldn’t sympathize with Chu Tian. Chu Tian is the biological daughter of Mrs. Chu San. When Mrs. Chu Er had not found Yu Qing, she felt that her youngest son was the most pitiful. Until now, Mrs. Chu Er also believed that her youngest son had suffered the most harm.

Since my youngest son has suffered so much damage because of Madam Chu San and the others, why should I sympathize with Madam Chu San’s child?

As for whether the juniors are willing to communicate more, it is impossible for Mrs. Chu Er to stop them from talking.

Madam Chu understood Madam Chu’s attitude, but didn’t say much about Chu Tian, ​​”Does Little Qing like to eat something?”

“Anything is good.” Mrs. Chu Er doesn’t know what Yu Qing likes to eat. She thinks that Yu Qing eats a lot of different kinds of things, all kinds of fruits, all kinds of meat…The main thing is that it tastes good, Yu Qingcai He was willing to eat it. Yu Qing didn’t take a look at the bitter fruit. There was also the kind of food that was very bland and almost tasteless.

For example, Yu Qing likes to eat cherries but not lotus mist.

Mrs. Chu Er smiled, “It’s good if it tastes good, and there are so many foods here, he can always meet those he likes to eat.”

It was because of this that the younger son was found. Of course Mrs. Chu wanted to take more care of Yu Qing, but the younger son lived in Lei’s house. She sometimes cooks something for Yu Qing, and she finds that Yu Qing eats a lot of things. If it tastes good, she will eat it. If the taste is not good enough, Yu Qing will either not eat or eat less, and eat it all without any hesitation.

Madam Chu was in a good mood thinking of her little son, and finally she didn’t have to be so sad.

On the other side, Chu Yuan’s younger brother betrayed Chu Yuan after all, “Yes, my eldest brother originally thought that you were hung up and beaten by the grandfather and grandmother of the family, and the beating was miserable.”

“…” Chu Yuan twitched slightly, what kind of broken brother is this, can I apply for not having such a brother?

“How miserable?” Yu Qing frowned and looked at Chu Yuan, so the other party still thought he was a little fool?

So angry, Yu Qing said quietly, “It’s pretty bold to spend hundreds of thousands on the black market to buy a potion for someone who doesn’t know the details. Drink it directly without any stupidity. It won’t work, just in case it is discarded. On the surface. Non-toxic, who knows if there will be other side effects.”

Resolutely can’t be regarded as a little fool. If you want to be regarded as a little fool, then the buyer is regarded as a little fool.

“It’s quite stupid.” Chu Yuan said. Of course, he can’t say that the little cousin is stupid.

“Yes!” Chu Yuan’s younger brother agreed, hahaha, look at his brother, just admit that he was so stupid, because he was afraid to upset his little cousin.Humph, eldest brother also has such a day.

“Like your cousin Chu He, if he sees it, he will probably just take a look and not buy it.” Chu Yuan said, “Lack of the eyes to discover treasures, not able to discern talents, and not able to recognize talents.”

Yu Qing was in a good mood. Is the lobby brother boasting himself? Boast!


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