Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 54

After Yu Qing and Chu Yuan had a pleasant chat, two bottles of potions were sold. According to Yu Qing, the previous preparations have not yet passed the shelf life, which means that the shelf life is not long, which is about two years. Unlike those newly formulated medicines, some have a shelf life of up to ten years. .

As for some pharmacists, they say that the shelf life of medicines is hundreds of years…In fact, few pharmacists’ medicines have been left for so many years.

Chu Yuan was in a good mood, so he directly transferred the money to Yu Qing, and the tens of millions were just set aside.

Yu Qing thinks that the medicines prepared before can still be sold, which is great!

Chu Yuan thought, it happened that the little friend wanted to buy, and the money paid by the little friend, you are welcome.

Master Chu was very happy to see them getting along so well, and he didn’t say much about Chu Sanye. In the eyes of Mr. Chu, the one who sever the relationship is severing the relationship. It is impossible to care about Third Master Chu any more. Don’t care about the third son, and ruin the family relationship with other people. This is not worthwhile.

At the dinner table, no one talked about the Chu family’s third room. Everyone enjoyed this meal.


When Yu Qing and Raymond got in the car on the way to Lei’s house, Yu Qing still sighed with Raymond, “Pharmaceuticals are so profitable.”

“Yes.” Raymond nodded. This is not the first time my sweetheart has said this. The medicine is so profitable, and it depends on whether the pharmacist can formulate efficient medicine. If it cannot be prepared, it is of no use.

Ye Family, since Qin Mian’s miscarriage, his mood has become worse. Fortunately, Ye Haisheng feels a little guilty towards him.

When Qin Mian went to Xia Ziyan at the time, he didn’t even think that something really happened. At most, he was pretending to have fetal gas. He didn’t expect that the child was so unbelievable, and that Xia Ziyan really dared to confront him tit for tat.

What if Ye Haisheng feels guilty towards Qin Mian, there are still other people outside, and he didn’t let Xia Ziyan stay in the company anymore, but arranged Xia Ziyan in another place.

Some nobles are just a wife at home, and there are many little lovers outside. Ye Haisheng didn’t worry that Qin Mian was making too much trouble, and the Qin family couldn’t make Qin Mian making too much trouble.

No, Madam Qin told him when she came to see Qin Mian.

“Alpha, I’m very energetic. I really want someone outside. Just open one eye and close one eye.” Mrs. Qin’s husband has a lover outside, and the lover also gave birth to a child.


Mrs. Qin didn’t bother to find her husband’s lovers outside, because it was useless at all, and it would only make her husband tired of her even more. So what she has to do is to manage everything in the family well and become a good helper. If the husband wants the illegitimate child to transform the adult fish and raise it at home, then raise it.

The Qin family doesn’t lack that little money, and Mrs. Qin doesn’t mind, as long as the lovers don’t come home.

It’s not that Mrs. Qin is not jealous, but sometimes jealousy is useless. It’s better to take good care of everything in her hands.

“First raise your body, children, there will be more.” Mrs. Qin advised, “That Xia Ziyan… will not last for a long time.”

Originally, Xia Ziyan was almost with Yu Qing, and Yu Qing and Yu Ren looked almost exactly the same. Mrs. Qin didn’t think Ye Haisheng would stay with Xia Ziyan for a long time. Most of Ye Haisheng was just playing, and a period of time passed.

“It’s still kept outside.” Qin Mian gritted his teeth.

“Xia Ziyan once admired Yu Qing and confessed it.” Mrs. Qin said, “I can’t help it.”


“Brother Haisheng doesn’t know, he still raises it now.” Qin Mian once thought that as long as he didn’t have Yu Ren, he would be able to stay with Ye Haisheng safely, but he didn’t expect things to change like this again. This made Qin Mian very angry and couldn’t accept it, but even so, he had no more options.

The person Xia Ziyan… didn’t know how many nobles he had hooked up, and it was useless for Qin Mian to talk to Ye Haisheng. Ye Haisheng wanted to be with Xia Ziyan now.

Qin Mian knew that this was also Ye Haisheng deliberately angering him, and Ye Haisheng thought that if it weren’t for him, Ye Haisheng would have been with Yu Ren a long time ago. Maybe I should let Ye Haisheng and Yu Ren stay together for a while, and then let Ye Haisheng slowly dislike Yu Ren, that would be good.


Some people don’t talk about love for long at all, one or two years…always wait until their relationship breaks down.

“No problem, it is difficult for Xia Ziyan to conceive a child.” Mrs. Qin has long been asked to investigate. The Alpha pheromone is too thick, thicker than when it was not a mermaid, and its power level is lowered. Such a modified mermaid itself is difficult to attract. Alpha.

If Ye Haisheng was with an Omega or a mermaid with a high pheromone match, then he would be more worried. If Xia Ziyan is like this, there is no need to worry too much.

“Yeah.” Qin Mian nodded. He has already invested too much emotion in Ye Haisheng and spent a lot of things. It is absolutely impossible to retreat. As soon as the Qin family does not allow him and Ye Haisheng to have a problem with their marriage, they just Can go on.

Ye Haisheng did raise Xia Ziyan, but he really didn’t have any affection for Xia Ziyan, and he still thought that this man had a serious heart. He just wanted Xia Ziyan to get those things, and then dumped Xia Ziyan to make Xia Ziyan lose those things.

Haha, Xia Ziyan actually confessed to Yu Qing that it was not just that this person’s brain was pumped to undergo a mermaid transformation operation, maybe they were already together.

After Ye Haisheng knew that Xia Ziyan and Yu Qing were almost together, he felt uncomfortable. When was with Xia Ziyan, didn’t think of Yu Qing and Yu Ren. If it weren’t for Xia Ziyan’s tossing, Yu Qing wouldn’t have been stimulated to go to the Gene Management Bureau, so Yu Qing would not be able to marry Lei so quickly. Mongolian.

Yes, Ye Haisheng hates Qin Mian, but he also hates Xia Ziyan. But Xia Ziyan didn’t know. Xia Ziyan thought that Ye Haisheng was very good to him, and arranged a place for him to live without actually sending him out of the emperor star. Maybe Ye Haisheng would tell others that the matter had been resolved, or that he had sent him Xia Ziyan out of the Emperor Star, but Xia Ziyan knew where he was, that was enough.

Xia Ziyan thought that Ye Haisheng would inherit the Ye family as in the book sooner or later. It’s just that Ye Haisheng couldn’t divorce Qin Mian yet, and he had to continue this hopeless marriage. Xia Ziyan thought that Ye Haisheng was going to divorce Qin Mian, but did not believe that Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian might still be together for a lifetime.

Xia Ziyan was not like Ouyang Jing, he did not contact Yu Qing. The original owner loves Yu Qing, but after he said he was going to undergo a mermaid transformation operation, Yu Qing married again. Now he doesn’t have that much contact with Yu Qing, lest he send a message to find out that he has been blacked out, or that the other party doesn’t send a message. Reply, also afraid of the other party’s various slaps.

Therefore, it is impossible for him to send a message. Xia Ziyan is firm, as long as he grasps Ye Haisheng by himself, it is enough, there is no need to add too much drama to himself. When he said those things to Yu Qing, didn’t he still let Yu Qing give up? The other party should also be grateful to him for marrying Raymond.

Xia Ziyan thinks that there is nothing wrong with Yu Qing. He is not the original owner, so naturally it is impossible to be with Yu Qing. That is also a deception.

“Mrs. Ye…” Xia Ziyan stood in front of the window looking at the potted plants. She was not afraid of being called Mrs. Ye, but really wanted to be Ye Haisheng’s Mrs. Ye.

On the front line, after several months of struggle, Yuanxia has already handled the things that should be handled. Yuan Xia is the original Xia Ziyan. He did go to the field to fight before and served as a soldier for a few years, but he did not stay in the army. Now he is Yuan Xia and is on the battlefield. With the ability of the original family, it seems that There is no need for him to work to support the family.

Yuan Xia contacted Yuan’s family, and Yuan’s family hoped that he could join the army and be promoted level by level in the military headquarters. Of course, if he doesn’t like it, he can also be a politician or a businessman.

Join the army!

This was Yuan Xia’s choice. He used to be an employee of an ordinary company, and his mouth was not as good as a politician. He didn’t know the twists and turns, so he might as well be on the battlefield.

As for the status of a merchant… There are indeed people of various identities in the aristocratic circle, but everyone obviously values ​​those who work in the military and politics more.

Yuan Xia wants power, so much. He still can’t forget Yu Qing. Yu Qing is the one he loves with his heart. Now, Yu Qing was stimulated by Xia Ziyan to go to the Gene Management Bureau and married Raymond. Yuan Xia was worried that the Lei family was too powerful, and she was afraid that Yu Qing would be ignored by Raymond and rejected by the Lei family.

It would be different if he had power. If he had power, he might be able to help Yu Qing in the future. If Raymond and Yu Qing are divorced, Yuan Xia is also willing to marry Yu Qing. He has love and guilt for Yu Qing. Whether or not the person who wears him stimulates Yu Qing, he thinks that it is his original body. , I also have inseparable concerns with myself.

Maybe I didn’t confess to Yu Qing at the beginning, Yu Qing would not be so easily irritated.

No matter what, Yuan Xia couldn’t forget Yu Qing now, and became even more unforgettable.

When Yuan Xia returned to Emperor Star and took the step of God Star, he wanted to find Yu Qing. But he can’t. His current status is not someone who knows Yu Qing.

“Lean.” The original lady saw her son’s skin become dark, not as white and tender as before, and she thought that her son must have suffered a lot on the front line. Fortunately, the son looks much more mature than before. He is not as inconspicuous as before, especially after doing wrong things, he can repent.

At that time, Mrs. Yuan heard that Yuan Xia took the people to the battlefield almost completely wiped out. When no one was found, her heart ached and almost stopped beating. Fortunately, the son is still alive and has not lost his life.

“Mom.” Yuan Xia looked at the caring expression of Yuan Xia. He had some memories of the original owner, but he still felt alienated.

Yuan Xia wanted to explain the truth to Madam Yuan, but she didn’t dare to tell it. Because this kind of thing is too unbelievable, and not everyone can believe it when he hears such news, and Yuanxia doesn’t want to be locked up. He is not afraid of being kicked out of his original home, but he is afraid that he will not have the opportunity to work hard.

He still wants to climb up, and also wants to see Yu Qing, the person he loves.

“It’s good to be back.” The original lady turned red eyes and smiled, “It just so happens that your cousin is getting married.”

“Cousin?” Yuanxia frowned, who? Don’t… Don’t be Yu Qing.

“Is it a cousin, it’s Aunt Jiang’s youngest son.” Madam Yuan thought for a while, “Or the brother next door?”

“…” Yuanxia only felt that the original lady was going to scare him to death.

“Back then, I said that if your Aunt Jiang gave birth to Omega, I would let you get married.” The original wife said, “It’s just… later… even if you were, you are still indifferent, making people worry and getting older.”

“…” Who on earth is Aunt Jiang’s child? Recently married? Yuan Xia wanted to come on, so he thought of Yu Qing, if… he actually thought shamefully that if it was Yu Qing, if Yu Qing was not married, he would use this identity to pursue Yu Qing…

However, this is all he thought in his heart!


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