Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 55

“What is it called?” Yuan Xia still asked, instead of waiting to check later, he wanted to know earlier, besides, this was just a normal question.

“Yu Qing, I didn’t change my surname.” Yuan said, “It doesn’t matter whether you change it or not. After so many years, he has grown up.”

Mrs. Yuan thinks that changing the surname but not changing the surname is not the point. The point is attitude, as long as the person is alive. Now Yu Qing and Raymond have obtained the certificate, and he can prepare medicine again, whether it is from the Chu family or not.

“Don’t you…” The original lady thought of the son’s stubborn temper. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“…” Yuan Xia was helpless, he understood what Mrs. Yuan meant, the original owner was indeed a person who talked nonsense. Although the original owner didn’t mess around outside, there were also verbal upscaling and teasing others.

Since he used the body of the original owner, he couldn’t say more that the original owner was not. Everyone’s personality is different. To be wrong, Yuan Xia said that the original owner’s deeds on the battlefield were fooling around, otherwise, it would be impossible for so many people to die.


He is not the original owner, and he has seen death, but he doesn’t like the original owner who blindly kills others.

But if it were not for the original owner to be blind, the original owner would not die, and it would not be possible for him to wear the original owner. Now Yuan Xia, as a vested interest, does not say much, he treats the original family better, which can be regarded as making up for the original family.

“Why, I can’t speak anymore?” Madam Yuan felt that her son had changed a lot, but it was normal to have changed a lot. The battlefield honed people, not to mention that her son made mistakes on the battlefield… Madam Yuan could only do her best to make up for those who lost their loved ones. , Gave some compensation.

Of course Mrs. Yuan knew that monetary compensation was not compensation, and money could not make people alive. But that’s all she can do. She hopes her son will learn his lesson and stop doing such stupid things.

“I can tell.” Yuanxia said, “Where is my brother?”

“I haven’t come back yet.” Mrs. Yuan replied, “Go, go to tidy up, take a good rest, and call you when the meal is ready.”

“Okay.” Yuan Xia nodded. He didn’t dare to stay in front of Mrs. Yuan for too long, for fear of leaks.

After all, it’s biological, so how could it not be able to see anything unusual, it’s just because it’s the same body, even if it’s the same gene, it’s the same gene. In the end, it will definitely come down to the moments of life and death on the battlefield. Hara Xia understands too well that war and death can indeed make a lot of changes in a person.

After returning to the room, Yuan Xia took a bath and changed her clothes, and then read the information about Xia Ziyan sent by the detective.

Xia Ziyan went to be a junior, and went to be with Yu Qing’s ex-boyfriend Ye Haisheng, who looks almost exactly the same, which made Yuan Xia really angry.


How could Xia Ziyan do that? Yuan Xia wanted Yu Qing to be Yu Ren, how heartbroken it would be. If Yu Qing is really Yu Ren, Yuan Xia doesn’t think there is anything wrong with Yu Qing not telling him. After all, this is not a trivial matter. Yu Ren was once chased down into the sea.

Yuan Xia feels sorry for Yu Qing, God is too unfair to Yu Qing, so Yu Qing suffers so many painful things. Don’t say that Yu Qing marrying Raymond is a happy thing. A high genetic match does not mean that you are really happy. Even if Yu Qing is now found by the Chu family, it may not be so good.

The Chu family itself is more complicated. The reason why Madam Chu Er’s child was lost was also because of Madam Chu San’s relatives.

Yuan Xia didn’t know that Yu Qing was the child of Mrs. Chu’s second wife, but in order to better adapt to the new identity, he asked people to investigate a lot of things, and he also knew some things about Emperor Star’s family.

“Such a body…” Yuanxia wanted the heavens to return her to her original body. She estimated that she would be crazy, but she should still work hard to live, choose to go to other planets, and start again. It’s just that changing from Alpha to a mermaid is really a huge insult. He doesn’t want to be like that at all. Maybe he will be struggling to find a way to change from a mermaid to an ordinary person and reverse the mermaid transformation operation.


It’s just that there is no medicine to reverse the mermaid transformation surgery in this world. What’s more, ordinary people have to sacrifice a lot to transform adult fish, such as shorter life span, lower power level, weaker body… various side effects, so the empire strictly controls the transformation of mermaid. Surgery, if ordinary people can survive, it is impossible to undergo mermaid transformation surgery.

It is difficult for ordinary people to afford so much money for mermaid transformation surgery. If they succeed, they can marry a nobleman, and they can still pay the nobleman back. Even if the mermaid’s remodeling operation fails, he will have to repay his debts.

“Forget it.” Yuanxia thought it would be better to continue to use the original Yuanxia’s body. The original owner has died, so let’s use it.

After all, he was also selfish and didn’t want to return to that riddled body.

Recently, Xia Ziyan has a headache, not only because Ye Haisheng is a little colder towards him, but also because the Xia family found him. The Xia family also filed a lawsuit against the court saying that he did not follow the original maintenance agreement and did not pay money every month. They also said that the account has no money. If the account has no money, they will recognize it. The key is that Xia Ziyan ran to be someone else. How could he have no money for his lover.


The Xia family already knew about Xia Ziyan and Ye Haisheng being together, how could Qin Mian let Xia Ziyan go? Of course, he asked the Xia family to find Xia Ziyan.

Qin Mian didn’t want to come out in person, and didn’t want to be known by Ye Haisheng anymore, he just had to hide behind.

“Injustice.” When Mother Xia arrived at Xia Ziyan’s residence, she began to broadcast live, so that everyone in the interstellar world could see. She just let those people understand how unfilial Xia Ziyan is. Xia Ziyan has so much money in her hands, but They refused to give such a small amount of alimony, and they didn’t want much, just according to the original agreement.

The original agreement didn’t have much money, it was also set by the original Xia Ziyan and Xia family, with a lawyer and a notary.

“How could I raise such a son…”

Mother Xia was crying over there, she was not afraid of Xia Ziyan threatening her, or what she was afraid of. Xia Ziyan is her biological son. She didn’t have a mistake. She also worked hard to pay for her son’s tuition. She raised her son, but she used to ask for more money. Didn’t she change it later? She also decided with her son. protocol.

And now, it’s Xia Ziyan’s son who doesn’t respect the agreement, so she can’t be blamed.

Netizens only think that these melons have been eaten one after another. Why does Ye Haisheng’s wife, little lover and their related people like to do live broadcasts so much? But it’s good to do live broadcasts. If they don’t do live broadcasts, how can they let the vast number of netizens eat such a shocking melon.

Hey, Ye Haisheng’s wife is a junior. Although the police hasn’t found anything, Qin Mian must have the intention of murdering Ye Haisheng’s original boyfriend; Xia Ziyan is also a junior. The three of them are Hengsan, Xia Ziyan Becoming the mistress between Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng, Xia Ziyan was still a hypocritical person who ignored his family in order to climb into the nobility…

“I didn’t run away, this is the taste of the surname Ye.”

“That ex-boyfriend is the most pitiful, in order for others to play, he has to be cannon fodder.”

“According to the novel, is it true that the ex-boyfriend will die within three chapters?”

“Upstairs, without three chapters, you can die at the beginning!”

Few netizens stand on Xia Ziyan or Qin Mian’s side. Qin Mian has never missed netizens before, and Xia Ziyan is a third party, and his character is not much better. Not to mention that Xia Ziyan didn’t know that Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng were husbands. The wedding banquet between Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng was broadcast live. Moreover, Xia Ziyan was Ye Haisheng’s assistant before. Qin Mian had even found Ye Haisheng in the company.

So, Xia Ziyan is not a person of good character, a person of bad character, then the other party may indeed be unfilial, let alone what the original family is like… The money required in the agreement is not much, like Xia Ziyan Such a person can definitely be obtained.

If Xia Ziyan didn’t do mermaid reconstruction surgery, if it was just an ordinary job, then Xia Ziyan would also give Dechu the money.

Netizens have sharp eyes, and Qin Mian arranged for someone to talk about the Xia family on the Internet, so netizens know more.

Of course Qin Mian could not say that Xia Ziyan was good, but let people say that Xia Ziyan was not. Your own reputation is not good, so don’t want Xia Ziyan to have a good reputation.

So the two people tossed each other, Xia Ziyan also used a trumpet to say on the Internet that Qin Mian was not.

Xia Ziyan saw the live broadcast of Xia’s mother and cursed a few words in the room, and then she could only find the memory of the original owner. Anyway, she said that Xia’s mother was very strange.

“My younger brother and sister are so old, don’t they work? Why do they keep asking me for money?”

“How old is my mother, she’s not yet ready for retirement.”

Xia Ziyan went to attack those netizens, but few people bought it. Because the agreement had already stated that Xia Ziyan’s parents were not in good health, so Xia Ziyan was asked to give the money. It’s just that Xia Ziyan wears the clothes now, and doesn’t care much about the agreement. He just stunned people there, and grabbed the original family.

“Brother, this is my monthly bank account after I work.”

Xia Ziyan’s younger siblings came out, and they also took screenshots of their current accounts, as well as vouchers issued by the bank. They are indeed very grateful to the brothers for their help over the years, but the brother did not follow the agreement and went to be a junior. This is over, this brother is no longer the stalwart brother in their hearts.

It is true that Xia Ziyan’s younger siblings also have a wonderful side, but they transferred the account, then it was reasonable, and they did not default.

This time, Yu Qing was not involved, he was busy preparing medicine in the laboratory.

“These people have good vision.” Yu Qing was in a good mood.

“Don’t be so busy.” Raymond said, “This requires you to prepare it yourself, and it is not capable of mass production. They all understand.”

“Before the wedding, the last batch of medicine.” Yu Qing thought about selling another wave before the wedding.

“This is considered post-marital property.” Raymond reminded Yu Qing that if it was pre-marital property, it would be fine to fight it. Now it is post-marital property, which is considered post-marital property.

“Why, do you want to divide?” Yu Qing opened his eyes wide, staring at Raymond, and said clearly.

“No, it’s my share for you.” Raymond said seriously.

“Then the money I sell the medicine, isn’t it mine?” Yu Qing snorted lightly, “Is that what I mean.”

“…” Well, Raymond felt that Yu Qing had won.

“Some people can’t wait.” If you can delay for some time, Yu Qing will also delay. The key is that someone has failed when breaking through the ability before, and he has already had a dark injury on his body. Recently, there has been a problem with his body. People, Yu Qing can’t continue to drag on.

Maybe some people think that they have endured it for so many years and are not in a hurry for a few days or two, but sometimes something really happens. It may be a matter of days or even a few hours.

As a pharmacist, Yu Qingzhen met such a person and chose to prepare the medicine first. It’s not about professional ethics, nor is it soft-hearted, but it’s just a matter of effort, it’s not difficult, and there is money to make money, so why didn’t he do it.

Preparing the medicine at this time can also make people grateful and win favors. If it is really late, others might hate him.

“You…” Raymond didn’t stop Shang Yu Qing’s sincere gaze. Perhaps it was because Yu Qing had always seen so clearly that the other party could grow up so well and become the existence he happens to love.


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