Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 56

The wedding of Yu Qing and Raymond is scheduled for the sixth day of February, and Emperor Star is in a good time for the flowers to bloom in the spring. Moist air makes people feel good and feel good.

The wedding banquet venue was held in Lei’s manor. There was a faint fragrance of flowers in the air, but not strong. The flowers form a bright red happy character, the long vines have flowers like bells, the chairs and other furnishings are mostly light blue, azure, the color of the sea, and other places are decorated in pink and red.

There are not many guests, most of whom are invited relatives and friends of the two families who are closer. It’s not that it’s not grand, but there are more people. It doesn’t necessarily mean solemnity. If there are more people, it’s easy to turn a wedding into a networking meeting for others. If there are not many people, it’s good that important people are here.

“Maybe I should drink a bottle of medicine.” Yu Qing sighed.

This was still sitting in the dressing room, Yu Qing didn’t want to go out, a little scared.

“Relieve the rapid heartbeat?” Raymond asked.

“No, let the expression on the face avoid facial paralysis, then others won’t know that I’m nervous.” Humph, Yu Qing snorted lightly.

“Then others have to say that I am forced to marry.” Raymond joked, “Tie you to be the wife of the village.”


“That’s not necessarily.” Yu Qing shook his head, “Do you know what others say about you? With a straight face, do you want to compare with Lei Gong?”

“…” Raymond really knew it, but he didn’t care about it.

“Alright? You have time to talk at night!” Lei Mu came to see Raymond and Yu Qing, “Hurry up.”

“…” Yu Qing didn’t want to talk anymore, what night.

On the green grass field, Yuan Xia was standing there. He came with Yuan’s family and did not go to see Yu Qing in advance. He knew that his current identity was not familiar with Yu Qing. Even if the original mother and Mrs. Chu were friends, Yuan Xia was also It is impossible to say let the original mother introduce it, so as not to make people misunderstand.

Yuan Xiadan had her current status, and it was impossible to use this status to do things at will.

“Brother Xiao.” Yuan Xia was a little smaller than Chu Xiao. After seeing Chu Xiao, he respectfully called someone, and the other party was Yu Qing’s own brother.

“Yeah.” Chu Xiao nodded, his impression of Yuan Xia has not been very good, especially what happened some time ago. Yuan Xia wanted to be a dude, don’t direct blindly if you don’t know what to do. He killed a lot of people and didn’t talk about it, and almost took his own life in.

Those who died were mostly from the original family. Therefore, the leaders of the military department did not care too much. The most important thing was that Yuan Xia was changed later to redeem his merits.

The military department is afraid of people who know their mistakes and never correct them. Knowing the mistakes and correcting them can be used instead. After all, there are indeed command errors on the battlefield, but sometimes they can be completely avoided. Yuan Xia’s mistakes are of the kind that can be completely avoided.


Even if others say that the original summer has changed, it can still be used. Chu Xiao still didn’t like Yuan Xia very much. The battlefield was a very serious place, not a place where those dudes could be blindly commanded. He had to be responsible to himself, to his subordinates, and to the people of the entire empire.

Of course, if the other party changes it in the future, it will also be used.

It’s just that Chu Xiao still can’t have a better attitude towards Yuan Xia now, that’s not his style.

Yuan Xia was indeed cold by Chu Xiao, but he was not upset. He became Yuan Xia, so he had to endure this.

“Master Lei likes Qing… his partner very much.” Yuan Xia almost missed her mouth and quickly changed. Where can she call someone else’s partner at will, so that they won’t be upset.

Yuan Xia saw the deep affection in Lei Meng’s eyes, and saw Lei Meng’s care for Yu Qing. Yuan Xia can feel it, because he also likes Yu Qing so much, but now he can’t like it openly, at least not for now.

Maybe one day someone finds that he likes Yu Qing very much. Yuan Xia thinks that others can indeed know that estrus is more than courtesy, and admiration returns to admiration, but it does not cause trouble to other people’s lives.


“Yes.” Chu Xiao turned his head and glanced at Yuan Xia, how did he feel a bit strange about this person, “Leimeng has a crush on for many years.”

Chu Xiao didn’t want Yuan Xia, the dude, to get in. Who knows how far the dude can toss, don’t mess with others.

“…” Yuan Xia was not stupid, and he heard what was wrong in Chu Xiao’s words.

That’s right, Chu Xiao in front of him is an extremely powerful figure, and he is also very famous in the military, who is careful and keen on making suggestions. If such a person perceives that his emotions are abnormal, that would be normal. Yuanxia knew that it would be too difficult and too difficult to control himself not to like someone. All he could do was not to bother and watch from a distance.


Yu Qing didn’t wear a fishtail skirt. He didn’t like turning his legs into fishtails in front of everyone. At the wedding, there is no need to deliberately pursue the so-called mermaid beauty, and there is no need to wear a mermaid skirt.

The Lei family did indeed prepare a fishtail skirt for Yu Qing, and did not force him to wear it at the wedding. With so many sets of clothes, Yu Qing could change casually. They respected Yu Qing’s ideas very much.

The guests who came to the wedding did not stupidly think that Yu Qing is not a mermaid without wearing a fishtail skirt. The Gene Management Bureau cannot make such a low-level mistake, and it is impossible to treat an ordinary person as an adult fish. Whoever says this is stupid, they can’t say it anyway.

Mrs. Chu Er watched Yu Qing and Raymond stand together and took the oath. Her eyes were reddish. It didn’t take long for her youngest son to be found. Not only did the youngest son obtain the certificate with others, he also had a wedding. And she didn’t take care of her little son, but she is still very happy today.

After the oath, everyone should also have a dinner at the table.

Yu Qing thought that this wedding really had a lot of cumbersome details and various procedures. If it was possible, there would still be fewer divorces and fewer marriages in the future.

If Raymond knew that Yu Qing had such an idea, he would regret simplifying some of the procedures, he would want to be more serious, no matter how simple it was. It was too simple to show how much he liked Yu Qing.

“Hello.” When Raymond and Yu Qing walked to Yuan Xia’s table, Yuan Xia clenched the glass in his hand, “I wish you happiness.”

Yuanxia only hopes that Lei Meng can really treat Yu Qing well. If you really love and affectionately, please be sure to cherish it.

Thousands of words… can only be hidden in my heart, cannot be said.

What Yuan Xia can say is a blessing, wish sweetheart and other Alpha happily, just want them to have children as soon as possible. He hates the pain in his heart, and he is so painful that he can’t breathe. Please allow him to fall in love for a few more years. Everyone’s life span is so long. When he loves for a few more years and sees Yu Qingzhen having a very happy life, then he will be happy. There are reasons to forget.

“Thank you.” Raymond said with a smile.

On this day, Raymond was in a good mood, especially when he heard the blessings from these people, of course he and Yu Qing would be happy for a lifetime.

Raymond knew that many people didn’t really bless them at all, but as long as those people said, he was happy. It is impossible for him to know that Yuan Xia is the original Xia Ziyan, and he does not know that Yuan Xia now likes Yu Qing so much. If he knew, he might be very happy to hear Yuan Xia’s blessing words.

Yu Qing is good at preparing medicines and has a keen sense of smell, but he really doesn’t know Yuan Xia is Xia Ziyan, so he can’t recognize it. He had never observed Xia Ziyan carefully, had never lived with Xia Ziyan, it was just that the relationship between senior, junior, and colleagues was not so familiar, so how could he recognize it, not to mention the short time of meeting.

At night, Yu Qing put on a fishtail skirt, revealing his fish tail.

“This way, it’s really suitable for serving.” Raymond chuckled, served it, and ate it!

Both of them have received the certificate and the wedding was held again. It is impossible that nothing will happen.

Raymond was worried, and Yu Qing also knew that he would not be able to hide tonight.

“It looks raw.” Yu Qing spread his hands. “Man and fish are originally two species. Human skin temperature is relatively high, while fish tails are cold.”

Yu Qing really didn’t understand, why do some people and fish tails who like mermaids still do it in mermaid form? Although he himself was a mermaid, he didn’t understand it very well, especially in those years when he regarded himself as a deep-sea mermaid, he always thought that those people were too heavy on taste.

The mermaid…can’t it also become a human? How nice is the human shape…oh, natural mermaid and modified mermaid can’t just turn fish tails into legs casually. Some natural merfolk can, but other mermaids can mainly rely on it. Take medicine to turn fish tails into legs.

In order to avoid drug damage, do you do it with a mermaid? Or is the mermaid form more interesting?

Anyway, Yu Qing still thinks that humans are better in human form, and in mermaid form…still weird, please forgive him, who made him think that he is a deep-sea mermaid before, and that he and these humans are not the same species.

“Then what?” Raymond asked, “Do you choose?”

“…” Yu Qing was silent, and the other party allowed himself to choose whether he wanted to see whether his taste was more important or less?

I’ll go, Yu Qing said that this is a difficult problem. He is a mermaid. Does this still have to be a choice?

“First wash.” Yu Qing coughed lightly, this is the key point, “Activity.”

For example, if you swim first, the fish’s memory is only seven seconds, but of course the mermaid’s memory cannot be seven seconds.

Yu Qing now hoped that his memory was only seven seconds, and turned his head to forget about Raymond, and went to play by himself. Yes, he is shy.

An innocent mermaid doesn’t really understand the things of these adults.

“It’s the activity.” Raymond nodded, “Research how to eat fish!”

“…” Yu Qing subconsciously thought of how to kill fish in the kitchen, should he shoot the fish’s head with a knife first, so that the fish don’t jump so hard, stun the fish, and cesarean…

No, can’t think about it, Yu Qing shook his head fiercely. Blame it, fish species…fish can become human food.

Of course, Raymond couldn’t bother Yu Qing shook his head or not, but held the mermaid in his waist.

Yuan Xia and Yuan Xia and the others returned to the original home. Of course, Yuan Xia didn’t notice Yuan Xia’s abnormality, and she didn’t talk about the original agreement with Mrs. Chu to let the two children get along first.

“If you have something you like, you can bring it back. We don’t care about the family.” After returning home, the original mother couldn’t help saying to Yuanxia.

“Train first.” Yuan Xia returned to the emperor star this time, mainly to participate in systematic training, so that he could be better on the battlefield in the future. “Other things are not in a hurry. The son has realized his shortcomings, so he must work hard first and look up to the eldest brother and the others. .”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s in line or not. What’s important is…” The original mother thought for a while and said, “Safe.”

“Yes, my son knows it.” Of course Yuanxia knows the importance of life, and he can’t make fun of other people’s lives.

The Ye family and Qin Mian knew that Yu Qing and Raymond had their wedding today. They did not receive the invitations or the live broadcast news. But Qin Mian continued to use Xingbo and the live broadcast platform, just to see if Yu Qing and Raymond did live broadcasts, or if others did live broadcasts of their weddings.

No live broadcast, no photos… At most, some text messages. Neither Yu Qing nor Raymond did not post messages online, nor did they send wedding photos…

Both Yu Qing and Raymond thought it was unnecessary, and they weren’t those artists, so it was unnecessary to post them all on the Internet. Even the soldiers did not see their marriages openly on the Internet, so neither Yu Qing nor Raymond did that.

“I don’t have any information, is it easy to get a divorce in the future?” Qin Mian sneered.

Qin Mian just didn’t want to see Yu Qing and Raymond having a grand wedding, just didn’t want to see Yu Qing who looked exactly like Yu Ren had a good time.


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