Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 57

For a person like Qin Mian, even if he has a bad life, he expects others to have a bad life. If he has a good life himself and hopes that others will have a bad life, then he will be able to stand in front of others and show off how well he is.

Qin Mian didn’t like Yu Qing just as he didn’t like Yu Ren. Even if Yu Qing did not admit his identity, Qin Mian did, but Yu Qing did not admit it. It just so happened that Ye Haisheng felt that Yu Ren was a very ruthless person. On Ye Haisheng’s head.

Even if Yu Qing didn’t step on Ye Haisheng, Qin Mian thought so, he believed Ye Haisheng must think so too.

Ye Haisheng did not receive the invitation from Raymond and Yu Qing to the wedding banquet. He couldn’t get in, and he didn’t. He just hides in the house and drinks alcohol. He is not with Qin Mian or Xia Ziyan. He just stays alone in another apartment.

Yu Qing is Yu Ren, Ye Haisheng thinks so, he doesn’t believe that Yu Ren is dead. He doesn’t want to watch Yu Qing marry someone. Yu Qing can prepare medicines, and he can also prepare very good medicines. Like Yu Ren, he has a high talent in medicine. How could he not be alone.

“I’m not good, I’m not right…” Ye Haisheng sneered. If Yu Ren showed a little more back then, let everyone know that Yu Ren can formulate better medicine, then they can be together.


Ye Haisheng also knew that this was an extravagant hope. Maybe Yu Ren didn’t have such a strong ability back then. It was only after suffering outside that he forced him to be strong and became what he is now. Yu Qing didn’t show off in front of Ye Haisheng. The more Yu Qing was like this, the more Ye Haisheng couldn’t forget.

People, that’s it. If you don’t get it, you think it’s the best, and the more you worry about it.

Ye Haisheng missed Yu Qing very much, thinking how nice they would be if they could be together. It’s a pity that they can’t be together anymore. What Ye Haisheng does is nothing better than Raymond, even if he works hard now… But he is a businessman, not a member of the military, and he is not as good as Raymond. The Lei family has many years of experience. Accumulation, that is not something that the Ye family can catch up casually.

Ye Haisheng turned on Guangnao and used his affectionate trumpet to send a message: He is still alive and married, but the bridegroom is not me.

“How can I not compare to him?”

“Yes, I’m not as powerful as he is.”

“Not as rich as he is!”

“The power level is not as high as him!”

“But I really love you.”

Ye Haisheng sent a lot of words on his trumpet, one sentence by one message, and several sentences at once.

Those who followed Ye Haisheng’s trumpet soon saw the news from Ye Haisheng. The reason why those people have been paying attention to this account is because they feel the sweetness and sourness of love on this account… little by little, what they see is this process.

Married? is it today?

Those people will pick it up. There are indeed many people who get married today. Among them, the most famous are Raymond and Yu Qing. No matter how famous entertaining stars are, they are no better than those with strong abilities and those with exhausted military exploits.

“Is it Mr. Raymond Ray?”

“Oh, you are not Ye Haisheng, are you?”

“If it’s really Ye, vomit!”

Netizens are guessing who the owner of this account is, whether it is Ye Haisheng. It’s not that they don’t want to guess about other people. One is that no one else is married around them, and the other is that someone around them is not likely to be involved with this blogger. The third is that Raymond and Yu Qing are holding a wedding banquet today. People are seated.

Some netizens pick it up carefully, and the more they pick it up, the more they feel that this number belongs to Ye Haisheng.


Hehe, what kind of affectionate, that is pretending to be affectionate, not really affectionate at all.

If you are really affectionate, how can you be so easily beaten by a mandarin duck? How can you easily accept the arrangement at home? How can you marry Qin Mian…

Gee, it’s so disgusting to pretend to be.

Why, let everyone know now, do you want Yu Qing to see this?

Vomiting, really going to throw up.

Don’t expect netizens to think that this person is so affectionate, and some of the content has traces to follow, can match Ye Haisheng.

Ye Haisheng didn’t go to see what the netizens said. He used to use this number to record the bit by bit between him and Yu Ren. When he gets old, he and Yu Ren will look at it again. Maybe you can’t wait to get old, and that is to let Yu Ren see his affection on a certain day and make Yu Ren happy, then the two of them can be together happily.

After all, Ye Haisheng’s use of this number is not simply to record those things, but also for other purposes.

When he thought that Yu Ren had betrayed him, Ye Haisheng still used this number. How could he forget his affection so quickly, he still had to remember it.

In the middle of the night, Ye Haisheng’s trumpet climbed the hot search.

Qin Mian, who was not sleeping, also saw this hot search, so he ran to look at Ye Haisheng’s trumpet.


“Brother Haisheng…” Qin Mian always knew that Ye Haisheng had a deep affection for Yu Ren, and then saw the other party record these things on a trumpet. After they got engaged, Ye Haisheng was still recording.

Qin Mian liked Ye Haisheng’s long love, and hated Ye Haisheng for just caring about Yu Ren.

“Alright, let’s cut it off like this today.” Qin Mian whispered, Yu Qing is Lei Meng’s partner, and Ye Haisheng will never be with Yu Ren anymore with the kind of public certification. It’s just that it is difficult for him to dig out that piece of rotten meat from Ye Haisheng’s heart. Yes, Yu Ren is that piece of rotten meat.

A Yu Ren is destined to lie between them, even Xia Ziyan is not as disgusting as Yu Ren.

And after Xia Ziyan saw Ye Haisheng’s hot search on the trumpet, he was not surprised at all. This was written in the original book. This is also a plot point where the protagonist is attacked by Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng has a conflict.

In the original book, in order to coax Qin Mian, Ye Haisheng not only made another account to record the little bit between him and Qin Mian, but Ye Haisheng also designed a very grand and romantic confession, which made Qin Mian feel better.


But now, Qin Mian’s best friend has been in prison for finding someone to chase Yu Ren, Ye Haisheng must doubt Qin Mian, and the relationship between Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian is not as good as in the original novel. Xia Ziyan thought that Ye Haisheng would definitely not be able to please Qin Mian so much, so he couldn’t confess that much.

“Little San is Little San.” Xia Ziyan looked down upon Qin Mian very much. As for the three, you should be prepared for being a third. Xia Ziyan doesn’t think he is a junior, he is different.

Almost all juniors think so, they think they are different, they think they are true love, or they think they are just for the benefit, not really the third party.

Early the next morning, when Yu Qing woke up, he felt like he was going to become a salted fish, the kind that had been salted, the whole body was sour and soft, and the salty dehydrated…the kind that can be thrown directly into the pan and fried. fish.

“Water.” If Yu Qing still has the strength, he must slap Raymond fiercely with the fish tail a few times, always feeling that the opponent’s ability level is higher than his own, and he is always suppressed.

“My ability level is indeed higher than you!” Leimen gently hugged Yu Qing, and when he carried him into the bathroom, he also answered Yu Qing’s question.

Yu Qing had already muttered last night, and Raymond had heard Yu Qing say it again today, so he answered.

“…” Yu Qing was silent, okay, he couldn’t beat Raymond himself.

It’s normal to be younger, much smaller than the opponent, and not able to compare to the opponent’s power level. If the other party has the ability, go into the sea with yourself to see if the other party can beat yourself.

The sea is Yu Qing’s main venue, but obviously not many people are willing to go to his main venue, and no one wants to stay on the bottom of the sea for such a long time. Others are not stupid.

Raymond wiped Yu Qing last night. If the other party says water, then give it water.

Elder Lei and the others couldn’t say that Raymond and Yu Qing got up late. They didn’t have breakfast together. Young people, the newlyweds should be together more often.

After the wedding banquet was held, Raymond wanted to take Yu Qing around for a while. There was Elder Lei on the side of Emperor Star. If those people really had something to do, they could send messages to his brain.

It’s just that Raymond and Yu Qing hadn’t set off so soon, they had to wait a few days.

Father Lei and Mother Lei planned to return to the planet they were stationed on, and Mother Lei did not ask Lei Father to let Lei Father go to the frontline battlefield any more.

When Yu Qing didn’t go downstairs, Mrs. Lei was bored, and she looked at Guangming for a while, and saw the hot searches on Ye Haisheng’s trumpet.

“These young people just like to fool around.” Mrs. Lei didn’t pay attention to Ye Haisheng.

Mrs. Lei thinks that Ye Haisheng didn’t handle those things well and was given up. It was too normal. Not everyone is willing to share suffering with another person, and not everyone is willing to bow his head to please another person’s relatives. Obviously there are more choices, so why must he hang on a tree.

After all, if it is hung on a tree and there is no fruit, it will really die. It’s better to look more, the forest is so big, there is always one tree is good.

“It’s just for the sense of existence.” Lei Mu also saw things on Xingbo, there is no need to care too much, people like Ye Haisheng like to pretend, and want others to read him again. This kind of trick can be understood by someone with a little brain.

Lei Mu didn’t think that Yu Qing would not be able to understand. After reading it, she would only hate Ye Haisheng’s actions even more.

No one is going to suppress Ye Haisheng’s hot search, but it just feels unnecessary. There is no pressure, no attention, let Ye Haisheng know that he is not so much concerned, then Ye Haisheng must be uncomfortable in his heart.

Upstairs, Yu Qing hasn’t gone to see Xingbo. He is not thinking about Xingbo. After soaking in the water for a while, he didn’t want to get up. Water is the best medicine for fish.

“Do you want to eat fish?” Raymond asked deliberately when he was about to serve breakfast, “Sashimi, or fried fish, pan fried fish.”

“…” Fish eating wool, a cone of ice appeared in Yu Qing’s hand, and he directly threw the cone at Raymond, who had a higher power level than him.

Then, Raymond grabbed Bing Cone easily.

“…” Yu Qing wanted to say: I’m sorry to bother you. Oh, the high level of power is really amazing.

Also, is Raymond molesting and teasing him?


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