Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 58

The fish is so slippery and not lost…Oh, no, the mermaid is so cute, you can still eat other fish.

After Yu Qing and Raymond went downstairs, they did see the fish on the table. It was a steamed fish. This made Yu Qing couldn’t help turning his head to look at Raymond, he thought of himself fluttering in the water.

“Make up.” Raymond caught Yu Qing with fish, he really didn’t mean anything else.

“…” Yu Qing was too lazy to speak, so let’s eat fish quietly.

On the other side, Yuan Xia met Xia’s mother. His original parents were indeed selfish, but he hadn’t given less money before. And now that Xia Ziyan had a mermaid transformation operation, he didn’t care about Mother Xia and others at all. That Xia Ziyan must think he was not himself, so there was no need to care about these people.

If you can use someone else’s identity, what right do you have to say that someone else’s is not? It would be okay to just use someone else’s identity, but now Xia Ziyan still uses his body.

Just as Yuan Xia didn’t say much about the original owner, because he occupied the original owner’s body, he was not qualified to talk about the original owner. Perhaps the original owner owes someone else, but it really doesn’t owe the person who has taken up the original owner’s body.


“You continue to sue Xia Ziyan!” Of course Yuan Xia can’t say that he gave them money for Xia Ziyan, otherwise they would have to think whether he was interested in Xia Ziyan, and they might want to tell Xia Ziyan to him, such as Xia Ziyan. Yan be his lover or something.

Yuan Xia knew that his original parents could indeed do such a thing. They must think that Xia Ziyan is better with him than with Ye Haisheng, because Ye Haisheng is already married.

So Yuan Xia could not say that he paid for Xia Ziyan. Not only could he not say, he had to make Mother Xia and others think that he was in conflict with Xia Ziyan.

“He has money.” Yuan Xia said, “I just won’t give it to you.”

“Sue, you must sue to the end!” Xia’s mother had planned to sue Xia Ziyan before, “We have a legal agreement in hand, and we will definitely win.”

“Okay.” Yuan Xia nodded, “Emperor Star is not something he can stay with.”

“It’s not that he can stay. It’s just that he has grown up and is not in our control.” Mother Xia still knows this. They can’t control this. Where Xia Ziyan wants to stay, that is Xia Ziyan’s freedom, and they are also free. They couldn’t interfere with Xia Ziyan’s marriage, otherwise they would let Xia Ziyan marry other nobles instead of hanging on Ye Haisheng’s head.

Ye Haisheng is a nobleman, but Ye Haisheng is already married, and he is still married to a natural mermaid, and Qin Mian is no match for others.


Mother Xia thought that Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng couldn’t have a good result, but she couldn’t control it. If Xia Ziyan was with other unmarried nobles, she might be able to marry into the homes of nobles and live a good life.

Forget it, Mother Xia doesn’t care, she only needs to get the money, and as long as Xia Ziyan pays the money every month, it will be done.

“Yes.” Yuan Xia is quite satisfied. Look, these people are some of the best, but they still know how to score, knowing that they can’t manage too much. This is because he was willing to sign an agreement before and give it to Mother Xia and others every month. Because of the money.

Sometimes things that can be solved with a little money, why not solve it without money? If there is a lot of money, it is not easy to solve with money.

“That money…”

“Special account money, I will call you every month.” Yuan Xiadao, “has been filed in the bank, and there is a sufficient amount of money in it, an independent copy, and it is not affected by my property changes.”

Yuan Xia used to be Xia Ziyan, and he thought this was what he should do, except that he couldn’t give them more things except for the money. Just like the previous agreement, to make money every month, Yuanxia remembered his current identity, and he was responsible to Yuanjia.


“Okay.” Mother Xia was very satisfied. Even if there was a problem with Xia Ziyan, at least the person in front of her would have the money as a guarantee. But she still had to work hard to sue Xia Ziyan, anyway, the relationship between them could not get better, then the money must be paid, unless Xia Ziyan died.

Xia’s mother didn’t think Xia Ziyan would die so easily, and she would just collect the money at that time. She didn’t recognize that the Xia Ziyan who appeared here was not the original Xia Ziyan. After all, they hadn’t had much contact for a long time. It was a normal thing that the other party really needed to change, especially since their relationship was not good. Mother and son.

The wearing Xia Ziyan didn’t want to give Xia’s mother money at all. He thought that as long as he compromised once, there would be a second time…Even if Xia’s mother had a legal agreement in hand, Xia Ziyan was not willing to give it. There was indeed not much money. , But even if there is not much, don’t want to give it. give it now. What if the Xia family wants more in the future.


Xia Ziyan wanted to tear Xia’s mother by hand. She had sold miserably on Weibo before, and it was of no use at all. He can only go to a lawyer, hoping that the lawyer can help.

“The other party’s request is reasonable and legal, and there is an agreement, sorry.”

Almost all the lawyers Xia Ziyan asked for answered this way. Those lawyers really believed that the money Xia family asked for was within Xia Ziyan’s tolerance.

The amount of money in this agreement was also determined based on the economic level of the planet where the Xia family lived. From all aspects, it was Xia Ziyan who made the first mistake. The Xia family came to ask for money, but Xia Ziyan was still unwilling, all sorts of tossing, this was Xia Ziyan’s fault.

No lawyer is willing to help Xia Ziyan fight this lawsuit. This is a lawsuit that is destined to lose unless the Xia family has not raised Xia Ziyan before. But Xia Ziyan was born to the Xia family, and Xia’s father and Xia’s mother really raised Xia Ziyan to grow up, and also gave Xia Ziyan to school.

Don’t talk about compulsory education or free education. If it is a good school, most of it still charges tuition.

The school Xia Ziyan went to before happened to charge fees. Xia’s father and Xia’s mother were not good at all, but they all had better schools for their children and paid. In this way, it is considered that Xia’s father and Xia’s mother had invested in the early stage. If the children did not go to a good school, then they would not be able to make so much.

Xia’s father and Xia’s mother are not big lions. They are weak and unable to work for a long time, so they can do some simple work and make some money. So Xia’s father and Xia’s mother didn’t ask for much money from the children, which also complied with the interstellar law.

“They are adults and they are not old yet.” Xia Ziyan seized on this, “Can’t they also make money now?”

Xia Ziyan told the lawyers that way, but the lawyers didn’t think so, “They have low power levels and no combat ability; they are not well-educated and cannot perform tasks that require too much mental power. They have robots for ordinary physical strength, and their bodies are exposed to radiation. The impact, although there is work injury identification and compensation, but the body is weak and needs to take some drugs on weekdays…”

The lawyer just talked about these things to Xia Ziyan, one by one.

“Under such circumstances, the law supports their legal demands.” The lawyer said bluntly, “If you have a difficult life in your basic life, you can defer it or make less of it…”

Based on the current situation of Xia Ziyan, the lawyer does not think that Xia Ziyan can agree to the lawsuit, not to mention that Xia Ziyan has also become a third party. Although it is not against the law to be a third party, the judge cannot say that Xia Ziyan does not have a job. Without money, the money in the bank account is placed over there, and Xia Ziyan’s food is good, not justified.

“Trash!” This is what Xia Ziyan thinks. If he knows how to win a lawsuit, he still has to find a lawyer to do something. These lawyers are really useless.

In the past two days, first Ye Haisheng’s trumpet was on hot search, followed by Xia Mu’s complaint about Xia Ziyan… These one by one made people wonder if they were buying hot searches.

By the time Yu Qing saw these messages, it was already two days later, the day before Lei Mu and Lei Father were about to leave the Emperor Star.

Because Lei’s mother and Lei’s father were about to leave, they finished their meal together.

“If someone makes you unhappy, just go over it.” Lei Mu wanted to understand. The medicine Yu Qing prepared was better than those prepared by senior pharmacists, so Yu Qing could be considered a senior pharmacist.

Since Yu Qing is a senior pharmacist destined to be pleased by many people, there is no need for Yu Qing to wrong himself.

Lei Mu knew that she couldn’t always attack those people because she had a lot of worries and she didn’t have that great ability. But Yu Qing is different from her. Yu Qing is much more capable than her, and she can just go over it without fear of causing trouble. Lei Mu thinks that she too has the burden of a good wife, so she has been working so hard to be dignified.

“Whether you are Yu Qing or Yu Ren, who doesn’t have an ex-boyfriend.” Lei Mu said.

“I didn’t!” Raymond said, don’t let your sweetheart think that you have an ex-boyfriend, no ex-boyfriend, and no ex-girlfriend!

“You haven’t, are you forbidden to have others?” Lei mother glared at Raymond and was about to leave. Of course, she had to let her daughter-in-law understand her attitude. As a mother-in-law, she sometimes does not do well, but she is really not that kind of wicked mother-in-law, and it is impossible because Yu Qing has an ex-boyfriend.

“Yes.” Raymond said, how could it be possible? Don’t dig a hole for him by his mother.

When Yu Qing saw this, hey, he didn’t say that he was not Yu Ren, and these people’s brains are not stupid, they can guess it.

Although the empire has strict household registration control, it is still easy to take advantage of some remote planets. Some people like to nest in the forest or in other corners, and some do not have a household registration because of other reasons.

This also makes it relatively easy to obtain hukou on remote planets, and it is also easy to get confused.

Yu Qing’s current identity belongs to a remote planet. Well, there is really nothing to conceal. It is estimated that these people all know that his identity is fake. No, his identity is also real. He uses it himself, not to buy someone else’s. It is natural for him to make his identity. It’s true.

“You don’t need to be burdened.” Lei Mu thought it would be better to explain his attitude before he leaves.

“You have a burden, what can Xiao Qing have.” Mrs. Lei thought that Yu Qing just wanted to say goodbye to the past, and didn’t want to say anything about his identity. Just the attitude of Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng, plus a Xia Ziyan, oops Before telling the identity, it was like stabbing a hornet’s nest. If it was said, those people would not be more noisy, “What has passed is passed, don’t worry about it.”

This is the attitude of Mrs. Lei, Yu Qing is real, and now this identity is also recognized by the empire, and that is what it is.

It is true that people cannot change their identities at will, but some people can always have privileges, and Mrs. Lei doesn’t think this is anything. To put it awkwardly, if the nobles have no privileges, which nobles are willing to go to the front line more, you must know that the sacrifice rate of the nobles is not worse than that of the common people. It can be said that the nobles are enjoying the privileges with their strength.

“…” Lei Mu didn’t say anything, these people can handle it well, so he doesn’t need to worry at all.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter if you speak out.” Yu Qing said bluntly, “I am indeed Yu Ren!”

In this way, the night before Lei Mu and Lei Father left, Yu Qing also sent a message on Xingbo: Farewell to the past, Farewell to Yu Ren, now it is just Yu Qing!

“…” And Raymond was a little dazed, how did my sweetheart choose to say it at this time?Wouldn’t it be that you want to like to mention the hot search?


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