Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 59

Netizens were shocked. Why did Yu Qing send such news at this time?

Yu Qing didn’t explain one by one, but said: It’s time to make a decision. The past is not important anymore, what is important is the present.

It is impossible for him to toss with Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian. Yu Qing did not toss before, nor does he want to toss in the future. Instead of letting them keep tossing about something that looks alike or not, even if he said no, Qin Mian would definitely hate him.

No matter what he does, blame him.

Yu Qing did this in order to completely cut off Ye Haisheng, because they had a bad relationship. Fortunately, he didn’t have much love for Ye Haisheng at the beginning. If you say deep love, it’s all fake.

Back then, Ye Haisheng was the first to pursue Yu Ren, but Yu Ren never agreed at the beginning. If Ye Haisheng hadn’t insisted, Yu Ren would not have a try with Ye Haisheng. This kind of trial doesn’t have deep feelings in itself, it’s the kind of unsuitable one that can be tried separately at any time.

Yu Ren also directly told Ye Haisheng, expressing his thoughts clearly. It’s not that Yu Ren didn’t give Ye Haisheng a chance, but Ye Haisheng compromised with the Ye family first, but if Ye Haisheng was stronger, didn’t compromise, didn’t get engaged with Qin Mian, and tried to protect Yu Ren, there would be no such things.


Because of the previous feelings, netizens knew what happened before and knew that Yu Ren had been hunted down. They all sympathized with Yu Ren. Obviously Yu Ren finally escaped the hunt, changed his identity, and was followed by them again. This is really evil fate.

“If you want to die, you have to do it. If you do it early, you will be told that it will affect your marriage.”

“Oh, Qin Mian’s NC fan blamed others for concealing his identity. Don’t hide it, waiting to be killed by your good Qin Mian?”

“If it were me, I would have let Master Lei bring down the Ye family long ago, and talk so much nonsense with them what to do.”

“Baby, you are not vicious enough, you have been hunted down, how can you be so innocent, fast, kill them!”

Netizens all think that Yu Qing is too kind, so why don’t Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng let go, and that Xia Ziyan, why doesn’t he retaliate against them fiercely?

Yu Qing: Xu lives for himself because he doesn’t care.

Yu Qing sent another message that he just wanted to live for himself, and didn’t want to toss about those messy things. Sometimes revenge is not the best solution. Revenge comes and revenges, and it doesn’t stop. Do you have to think about cutting the grass and removing the roots at that time?

Chopping the grass without removing the roots, the spring breeze blows and regenerates!

So Yu Qing didn’t want to toss, he didn’t want to get caught in these conflicts and couldn’t extricate himself. He didn’t want to live so tired, he just wanted to live in peace and stability.

If Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian hadn’t come to disturb him, he wouldn’t be able to send those messages, and it would be impossible to identify himself now. In the final analysis, Yu Qing is about to come to a decision. When he and Raymond are out on their honeymoon, he will decide the matter and let them know his attitude.

No revenge, no entanglement, and peace of mind.

Those people can say that he is timid, cowardly, and incompetent. Yu Qing doesn’t care. Life is his own, so why let him fall into hatred.

Yu Qing knew that he was hunted down because of Ye Haisheng, but Ye Haisheng didn’t do it, and didn’t know that it was meaningless to avenge Ye Haisheng. Qin Mian’s good friend who was looking for someone to chase him has gone to jail, and Qin Mian, even if there is no evidence that Qin Mian instigated his friend to do it, Qin Mian’s life is not easy now.


Under such circumstances, it seems meaningless to retaliate against these people.

Yu Qing is sitting on the bed and chatting with those netizens tonight.

“Not sleeping?” Raymond wondered if his sweetheart was afraid to sleep with him, so he went to disclose his identity. The sweetheart had a reason to sleep late, and a reason to leave him temporarily.

“Wait.” Yu Qing didn’t look at Leimeng, her eyes were still on the light brain screen, “Tonight, when I go back to them, it will be tonight.”

“Huh?” Raymond raised his eyebrows.

“I hope that Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian will not disturb our lives in the future.” Yu Qing turned to look at Raymond and said seriously, “No matter what the past is, now is a new beginning.”

Yu Qing was already with Raymond, he didn’t want Ye Haisheng’s matter to be floating there, to solve this matter thoroughly, at least let Raymond know that Yu Qing did not think about the past.

There was no deep love in the past, but can’t tell Raymond that when they were together before, they didn’t have any feelings at all. It was so shabby. Besides, it is not love, but friendship, which is also inappropriate.

There is no need to explain what happened back then, as long as you stop and let Raymond see his current attitude, this is the most important thing.


“Don’t look back, don’t worry, just look at the present.” Yu Qing said.

“Yeah.” Raymond nodded, “But occasionally I have to look back and think about the good memories between us. For example, we can think about last night now…”

The next moment, Raymond was kicked by Yu Qing.

“No, it hurts. You can kiss me.” Raymond pretended to suffer.

“Shameless!” Yu Qing was blushed by Lei Meng.

“Just to you.” Raymond was in a good mood, and Yu Qing was so public because he wanted to live a stable life with himself.

Ye Family, Qin Mian didn’t expect Yu Qing to admit that he was Yu Ren at this time, and he didn’t even think that Raymond didn’t care at all, and forwarded Yu Qing’s Xingbo, saying that he would be there in the future.

“Damn it.” Qin Mian hated Yu Qing. Those netizens didn’t blame Yu Qing or felt that Yu Qing was wrong in concealing his identity.


Even if Qin Mian made people guide netizens to pay attention to Yu Qing and changed his identity, netizens felt that Yu Qing went to the black market and Yu Qing used a fake identity… but few netizens paid attention to this.

Netizen 1: What age is it? Changing status is not necessarily a crime. Maybe someone is trying to escape.

Netizen 2: Can withstand the country’s censorship, change your status and change your status without committing a crime.

Netizen 3: According to the imperial law, Article 23 of Article 8, under special circumstances, citizens who change their identities through illegal channels will not be held accountable. This includes threats to their lives and they have been pursued and killed. How can they not be changed? .

Netizen 4: Oh, this is just to say that people have privileges. Just say it directly. If you are dissatisfied, report it. What a simple matter.

Netizens think that why there are always a few NCs who do not study imperial law well, it is enough to study imperial law well. For such a simple matter, there are related news on the Internet, so there is no need to look at the legal terms at all.

Qin Mian still didn’t make people stir up big tricks. Netizens were no longer silly and sweet to go out and out of the Internet. Their eyes were good, so how could they be led astray so easily.

“There are always people who think of me as the keyboard man these days.”

According to netizens, this is the case. They are not keyboard guys who do not distinguish between right and wrong, and they are not so justice. They advocate justice for others every day, and they don’t think about kidnapping people morally. Isn’t it good to eat melons quietly?

Oh, don’t you want them to eat melon quietly? Then they can also fight for reasons. Who will let them read books for many years?

Netizens in the interstellar age have good cultural literacy, of course, not only because of this, the key is their long life span, they have been fooled by others, they have been treated as silly and sweet, and they have been murdered by the knife… But, it has been a long time. , They will be able to see and understand, and don’t fool them.

When Xia Ziyan saw that Yu Qing was Yu Ren, she was shocked!

I never expected that Xia Ziyan, who was wearing it, always regarded Yu Qing as a passerby. Even if this passerby looks good, he is also a passerby, maybe it is a cannon fodder in the background.

Xia Ziyan never thought that Yu Qing was the real Yu Ren. He had thought about it, but he didn’t think that the other party really was. He suddenly thought of the original fanfare. He didn’t like to watch the fanfare. At most, he looked at the protagonist’s sweet fanfare. The author seemed to write about the fanfare of Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend.

At that time, Xia Ziyan thought that Extra Article must be unsightly, maybe it was a disgusting person, so don’t look at it. Even if Yu Ren really came, and it was not made by Qin Mian’s friend who had a plastic surgery, then Yu Ren must also want to separate the two protagonists, and then Yu Ren was killed.

What’s so good about this kind of extravaganza, don’t look at it!

That’s what Xia Ziyan thought. At that time, he just read the comments, but didn’t look at it carefully, as if someone said that Yu Ren should indeed have that kind of life. He thought that Yu Ren must have been attacked and thrown on a remote planet by the protagonist, or Yu Ren married a gambling civilian, and then Yu Ren was abused in various ways.

He never thought that Yu Ren would have a good ending. Wait, Xia Ziyan suddenly thought that the protagonist he saw had a few words written in Fanwai, as if the protagonist was a little flustered after seeing which noble lady.

Later, it wasn’t the protagonist’s extravaganza, so Xia Ziyan didn’t watch it. In case she continued to watch another’s extravaganza, it would be easy to be fed by accidentally, so don’t watch it.

“That noble lady is Yu Ren?” Xia Ziyan frowned.

In fact, what Xia Ziyan thought was correct. The author didn’t like Zhajian’s novels, but Zhajian made money easily, so the author wrote it. When the author wrote about Yu Ren’s extravaganza, he felt that Yu Ren was a poor man. He clearly did nothing wrong. Because the existence affected the protagonist, the two of them would have to be cannon fodder when they were together. It’s too pitiful. Such a talent is The person who deserves happiness most.

The original author thinks that the pair of scumbag protagonists will be together, don’t harm others, others don’t have to ask Ye Haisheng, people have more choices.

Therefore, if it is true that according to the original development, Yu Qing will not be with the original Xia Ziyan, but will be with other people behind, that person is Raymond!

Of course, what the original author wrote was one-sided, just like he wrote a one-sided novel after prying into a certain world, not so three-dimensional. In this real world, everyone has a mind. They are not puppets, they have their own choices.

“How is it possible?” Xia Ziyan looked at the light brain screen incredulously. No, something must be wrong.

If he had known that Yu Qing was Yu Ren, why would he be so tossing about him? He could still use Yu Qing. And now, he is also in a bad relationship with Yu Qing, and Xia Ziyan feels that his cognition has been shattered.

Qin Mian’s friend did not look like Yu Ren after plastic surgery. The real Yu Ren was Yu Qing, who had married Raymond early…

“It’s changed, it’s all changed.” Xia Ziyan was frightened, thinking that he could control everything by wearing a book, but everything was out of his control.

Fortunately… Fortunately, he still has Ye Haisheng, Xia Ziyan can only tell herself that he has been with the protagonist attacking Ye Haisheng and will be better in the future.


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