Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 60

Existences like Yu Qing, who appear so little in the original work, are background characters, at best they can be regarded as extraterrestrial characters. Such a character can’t play a big role in the plot. Didn’t you see that Yu Qing hadn’t fought Qin Mian much before? It was Qin Mian who had collected it online.

Xia Ziyan thought that as long as he didn’t run into Yu Qing and be stupid, there should be nothing wrong, yes, that’s it. He must suppress the panic in his heart. He has already undergone a mermaid reconstruction operation and has a bad relationship with Yu Qing, so there can be no other accidents.

Ye Haisheng only felt heartache after seeing the news on the Internet. Yu Qing did not admit or deny before, but now he does.

Ye Haisheng realized that he really didn’t want Yu Qing to be Yu Ren, but hoped that Yu Ren would live, and Yu Ren was still waiting for him. Even if he asked Ouyang Jing to find Yu Qing before, thinking that Yu Qing is Yu Ren… His heart is very contradictory, but now it is useless to contradict, Yu Qing is Yu Ren.

“Why?” Ye Haisheng was very decadent. He sat alone in the apartment, facing the light brain screen, not knowing whether he was asking himself or someone else.


The people of the Ye family had a hunch before that Yu Qing should be Yu Ren. They used to beat Mandarin Duck, but when Yu Qing didn’t recognize it, they didn’t say much. Yu Qing recognized his identity, and they couldn’t say more. Those were all past events, and the Ye family didn’t want to reveal the past events.

Yu Qing has become a child of the Lei family and is still a child of the Chu family. Of course, it is impossible for the Ye family to say more, lest they accidentally offend others. To ask them to say sorry, it is impossible, there is only silence, when that period of time has passed.

Mrs. Ye and the others were very happy, thinking that Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend had admitted his identity, so other people must look at the faces of the Lei Family and Chu Family, and perhaps even cooperate with Ye Haisheng even less. Madam Ye always wanted her children to inherit the Ye family, not Ye Haisheng, not let the people in the next room inherit.

It’s just that Ye Haisheng is also surnamed Ye, so he is afraid that it will affect the rest of the Ye family.

Madam Ye didn’t come to Elder Ye and said that she knew what she said didn’t work, anyway, Elder would need to know about the Internet sooner or later.

Raymond and others did not pay attention to how the Ye family reacted. By the next day, Lei Mu and Lei Father were leaving.

Early in the morning, Yu Qing got up and put away the medicines given to Lei Mu and Lei Father so that they could take them. There were also some herbs, which might be useful to them.

Yu Qing now has a lot of money, but he still doesn’t know what to give away. After all, Lei Mu and Lei Father are not short of money. If Yu Qing can buy it, they can also buy it. Therefore, Yu Qing still sent the medicine, and each medicine was affixed with a label and description.


“Take care of it.” Mother Lei smiled, she didn’t think Yu Qing was cursing them. She knew that the medicines prepared by Yu Qing were very good. I didn’t see Mr. Lei’s friends paying such a high price for medicines.

Lei Mu thought that Yu Qing was a good one. The senior pharmacist who was needed by others wouldn’t dare to offend him easily, and he didn’t need to pay attention to this and that.

“It’s time to go.” Father Lei was not surprised to see that his wife was not embarrassed by his daughter-in-law. His wife was like that. As long as she wanted to understand, she would be easy to talk. If the wife doesn’t want to understand, then it can be an awkward toss.

“You can go and play when you have time.” Lei Mu said, “I will stay soon, but occasionally it’s okay to play.”

“Okay, I have time to go.” Yu Qing nodded. They are Raymond’s biological parents. If you have time, you have to go take a look.

“If you don’t want to do it, just retire.” Raymond said this.

“Do you think your mother is old?” Mother Lei rolled her eyes, “Believe it or not, we will give you a brother.”

“Sir.” Raymond replied.

“…” Lei Mu felt that Raymond must be deliberate, knowing that it would be difficult for them to have children. Father Lei’s power level is not low. Although Lei mother is weaker, it is also stronger than other Omega powers. This also leads to the fact that the fertility rate of the two of them is not so high, and the children are not what they want to have.

Lei’s father and Lei’s mother left, and they took the medicine sent by Yu Qing and left.


And Raymond and Yu Qing are going to spend their honeymoon in a few days. Elder Lei and Mrs. Lei stay in Emperor Star temporarily and sit in Lei’s house.

When Ye Haisheng arrived at Lei’s house, he only dared to stand far away, afraid to go over, for fear of hearing Yu Qing say something that made him feel uncomfortable. He didn’t need to think about it and knew that Yu Ren couldn’t look back. They had a family. Yu Qing didn’t recognize his identity before, but did it after the wedding with Raymond. This is enough to explain a problem.

He has always known that Yu Ren is a person who takes his feelings seriously, and he never takes his feelings as a joke. The other person is serious when he is with him, not perfunctory.

Ye Haisheng wanted to hear Yu Qing again, and wanted to hear what the other party would say.


“If you want to go in, just go.” Qin Mian chased him. He has been paying attention to Ye Haisheng’s behavior these days. Whether Yu Qing is Yu Ren or not, Qin Mian is Ye Haisheng’s legal partner. “Would you like me to kneel on my knees? In front of him, it was all my fault?”

Qin Mian was a little hysterical, Ye Haisheng had other people, and he was still thinking about Yu Ren. Qin Mian felt that Ye Haisheng was very unfair to him, how could the other party do that, betraying him both physically and mentally.

“Is it your fault?” Ye Haisheng sneered, “As you wish, Yu Qing is Yu Ren, he is already with others, I have no chance!”

If there is no chance, there is no chance. Ye Haisheng thought he was worthy to be with people like Qin Mian.

Ye Haisheng cheered up, and without the one he loved, he had to stabilize his career. What kind of love, what kind of partner, it doesn’t matter, in the future, all he has is his career.

If Xia Ziyan was here at this time, then he would definitely be able to see that Ye Haisheng’s expression had changed a lot, and he would definitely think that Ye Haisheng at this time was the Ye Haisheng described in the original book, and the various abuses of Qin Mian and his career. Cheng Ye Haisheng.

It’s just that Ye Haisheng can no longer have a deep love affair with Qin Mian anymore. Many things have changed. The Xia Ziyan wearing it has indeed changed many things.

“Brother Haisheng…” Qin Mian’s eyes were red. Did Brother Haisheng finally understand?

“Qin Mian, you are not a natural mermaid.” Ye Haisheng said, “It’s just a transformation.”

Ye Haisheng had known for a long time that every time he saw Qin Mian claiming to be a natural mermaid, he found it ridiculous, “Mermaid, don’t take yourself too seriously. If I ask you to be Mrs. Ye, just take it, no Let, you are nothing.”

“The Ye Family’s Inheritance Right…”

“So you are Mrs. Ye.” Ye Haisheng interrupted Qin Mian. After listening, Qin Mian still likes to say that, “We are also getting what we need. Congratulations.”

It’s just business marriage, marriage.

Ye Haisheng thinks that this is the case in his entire life. It doesn’t matter what he loves or not, he just waits until he has a child, and then raises the child.

Qin Mian’s good relative, Mrs. Chu San, also saw the information on the Internet. She hadn’t been invited to attend Raymond and Yu Qing’s wedding before, so Chu Tian was able to go.

Mrs. Chu San is in a very bad mood recently. The little friends who used to play with her do not come to her. There are always various reasons. Mrs. Chu San was very angry, and said that if they didn’t come to her, she didn’t look for them either. They thought they were who they were, and who would want to play with them.

No matter how Mrs. Chu San’s mood or attitude is, those people just don’t come to Mrs. Chu San.

Third Master Chu loves his wife, but he is helpless. Who made the Chu family sever the relationship with them? He wanted to talk to Chu Tian.

“Don’t say it, there is no need to say, dreaming, dreams have everything in them.” Chu Tian replied, “Sleep more, and have plenty of rest time to relax your body, how nice it is.”

Chu Tian is not stupid, so she can’t ask herself to be boring, and these people don’t want her to offend others, she still has a future.

Maybe it was because Yu Qing was going to spend his honeymoon with Raymond, saying it was a honeymoon, maybe he might play for a longer time. If Yu Qing and Raymond flew everywhere and went to different planets, it would not be so easy for others to find them face to face, so there would be more people looking for Yu Qing to buy medicine.

Those friends of Grandpa Lei also have children and grandchildren, and some of those people’s children and grandchildren also want to buy medicine. They had Yu Qing’s contact information earlier, and they also ordered medicine. They all want to get the medicine early. They don’t want to wait too long. If they have to wait, then others will wait. They can add more money to get the medicine.

So Yu Qing went to the laboratory again, and prepared some more medicines while he was still in Emperor Star for a few days. After all, it doesn’t take seven to forty-nine days to prepare medicines. Sometimes it takes a little longer, that is, one or two days. Why is it difficult to prepare medicines? The main reason is that it is difficult to find all the herbs.

Yu Qing had all the herbs in his hand, and it was faster to prepare medicines.

“Before the wedding, you rushed out a batch, and now you are rushing.” Leimen helped Yu Qing deliver medicinal herbs. “There are always people who can’t wait.”

Raymond thought it was not those people who couldn’t wait, but Yu Qing thought those people couldn’t wait.

“If you have a physical problem, it is better to treat it earlier.” Yu Qing can’t always say that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder, saying that since the deposit has been received, he should put other money in his pocket as soon as possible.

It just happens to be in Emperor Star these few days. As for the luggage for traveling, it is also simple. Just stuff some clothes into the space button. Moreover, Lei’s family is not without other people, but the housekeeper will help them clean up, so Yu Qing is very relieved.

Another point is that the money has been collected from others. If the medicine is not prepared early, Yu Qing’s heart is hanging there, and he feels that something has not been done well, and that he has not done it well.

“Did you give your parents what you prepared before?” Raymond knew that Yu Qing had prepared several of the same medicines before, and it was absolutely impossible to disappear all at once.

“Yeah.” Yu Qing nodded, “In addition to breakthrough abilities and repairing hidden wounds, there are also others. Don’t worry, there must be more complete for you.”

“…” Raymond thought he didn’t care about this, but his sweetheart gave him a more complete set, which was also very good.

Raymond said that he was not jealous, just that they were newly married Yan Er, shouldn’t the sweetheart look at himself more, why came to toss these herbs.

“Then these few days.” Raymond said, “Don’t face these herbs when you go out to play.”

Do these herbs have their own beauty? Raymond thinks he can still play with his sweetheart. Can these herbs?Alas, the sweetheart is too good, what should he do.


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