Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 61

When going out to play? Yu Qing said that he might still be worried about medicinal herbs, such as seeing very precious medicinal herbs outside.

But he still shouldn’t talk to Raymond, because he’s afraid that the other party is unhappy, that’s not good. Yu Qing didn’t want to make Leimeng upset, but wanted to be happy for the other party, “Just make up these medicines today and make up some more tomorrow, that’s enough.”

“Don’t ask someone to buy medicine from you tomorrow.” Raymond said, “Don’t be so busy.”

Raymond didn’t stop those people, nor did he stop Yu Qing from developing his career, just pay more attention to it.

“Of course, I have to rest, too.” Yu Qing couldn’t make medicine for those people every day, and couldn’t not pay attention to her own life.

So, Yu Qing first finished preparing what he had on hand, and didn’t take any more work, and waited for him to come back after a round of playing outside. If you have time outside, you can also prepare some.

“…” Raymond thought he had to persuade his sweetheart, but he didn’t expect his sweetheart to agree so easily.


Five days later, Raymond and Yu Qing set off. They should have set off two days ago, but they were delayed when they encountered a little incident. It was only two days late.

Raymond felt that there were so many people with physical problems, why didn’t he know before. But this is also normal. Those people used to go to other places to buy medicines, and they didn’t hang around in front of him, and they didn’t find Yu Qing. Now they find Yu Qing, Raymond also knows.

“An Xin, there is nothing big, just have fun.” Mrs. Lei smiled and said to Yu Qing.

Nothing is so coincidental, it is impossible to have a big war so soon, and it is impossible to have Raymond on the battlefield.

It’s always played in TV dramas. When the protagonists are together, then there is an unexpected event that makes them have to separate again. After the separation, various misunderstandings began again. If you don’t perform this way, it seems that there is no content and you can’t continue the performance.

In fact, where so many major events have come from in real life, if this were the case, the world would have been dead for a long time. After all, there are couples together every day. Soldiers also have to fall in love. What happens every day here and there, do you have to live your life?

“Don’t be in a hurry to come back.” Mrs. Lei said, “Actually, we have nothing to do with Emperor Star, that is, staying here for a while, just to find an old friend to talk about the past.”

As for the Lei family’s properties, since someone is taking care of it, Elder Lei can also handle those things.


In this interstellar age, the era of respect for the strong, the important thing is the power level. When the power is strong, everything is easy to say, and some things become easier. Just like those who work in Lei’s family, they don’t dare to have bad thoughts at will.

“You can also play more.” Raymond said.

“I didn’t talk to you.” Mrs. Lei glanced back at Raymond, “But I told you now, take good care of people, go to planets with good weather, and don’t run to planets with sand everywhere.”

The mermaid needs water. Mrs. Lei remembers this. Someone once took a mermaid companion to a planet with many deserts and almost dehydrated the mermaid. Those young people are like that, pursuing excitement, but forget that some people’s bodies are simply not suitable for that environment.

“I didn’t go.” Of course, Raymond couldn’t take Yu Qing to a planet with sand everywhere. Those planets were hotter. “The schedule is fixed. I checked the planets to go to and the environment of those planets. ”

It’s just not sure how many days to stay on those planets. If you feel good, you can play for a few more days. They are not going to work. If they want to work to make money, they should pay more attention and don’t waste time.

In a corner of Emperor Star, Ye Haisheng was breaking up with Xia Ziyan. He didn’t plan to be with Xia Ziyan anymore. He could have other lovers, but he was definitely not a person like Xia Ziyan.


“Haisheng.” Xia Ziyan was stunned. He thought he had heard it wrong, “What did you say?”

“The real estate in this place is your compensation.” Ye Haisheng said coldly, “Don’t go to me in the future.”

The house of Emperor Star is valuable, but the price of Emperor Star is also high. It is not possible to live in Emperor Star by just one person. And Xia Ziyan, who was wearing it, had no abilities and lack of ability to work. He just wanted to marry Ye Haisheng, and wanted to live a prosperous life in the future.

Xia Ziyan thought that if he knew about the original work, he could snatch Ye Haisheng from Qin Mian’s hands, but he didn’t know that Ye Haisheng himself was not a kind person.

“Is it Qin Mian, no, is it Yu Qing…”

“It has nothing to do with Yu Qing!” Ye Haisheng interrupted Xia Ziyan. Yu Qing did not say what Xia Ziyan said in front of him. Ye Haisheng was dissatisfied with Xia Ziyan and wanted to toss Xia Ziyan. “Know why someone risked their lives. Do mermaid transformation operations, but haven’t many nobles marry those mermaids yet?”

Even if the mermaid reconstruction operation may fail, even if those people have to bear debts after the operation fails, even if the operation is successful, there are various sequelae… But there are still people who fight for it. As long as the fight is successful, they can marry the nobles. It’s just that there are too few successful people who can pay off the money owed before.


“Some people have only ambitions and no brains. The nobles are not stupid. It is impossible to marry those modified merfolk with ulterior motives for the sake of their heirs.” Ye Haisheng knew that Xia Ziyan had undergone mermaid reconstruction surgery, and the other party was a modified mermaid. Xia Ziyan wanted to use it before. This made him sympathize with him and asked him to come over more, “I really want a child, raise it outside, and wait until they give birth to a child and take it back.”

Don’t think that the mermaid protection association, the nobles dare not do that. The nobles not only dared to do that, but also abandon them after transforming the mermaid and giving birth to children. What can the Mermaid Conservation Association say, and nothing can be said, because the nobles and the reformed mermaid have already agreed from the beginning, not to marry the reformed mermaid, but to reform the mermaid to have children.

With an agreement between the two parties, the staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association naturally cannot say more, because some transform mermaid to climb up, and some transform mermaid just don’t have so much knowledge. The staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association have to admit that there are many shortcomings in the transformation of mermaid, and natural mermaid also have shortcomings. If one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer, then there is nothing.

“What?” Xia Ziyan looked at Ye Haisheng with wide eyes.

“A modified mermaid with high Alpha pheromone is difficult to conceive offspring.” Ye Haisheng said, “Plus the high degree of genetic matching, it is very likely that it is not comparable to ordinary Omega.”

Ye Haisheng thinks that occasionally playing with Xia Ziyan, a modified mermaid with high alpha pheromone, is good, otherwise it will take a long time, and the pheromone rejection between Alpha and Alpha makes people very uncomfortable.

“How is it possible?” Xia Ziyan looked at Ye Haisheng incredulously.

Ye Haisheng didn’t care if it was possible. He left, so he left, and didn’t tell Xia Ziyan about anything else.

How willing is Xia Ziyan to catch up with him, but his power level is not as good as Ye Haisheng, and his physical fitness is not as good as Ye Haisheng. Ye Haisheng naturally avoided him if he wanted to avoid him.

It’s just that Ye Haisheng turned his head back, “Oh, if you are not happy, you can go live, you can go to the star blog, whatever you want, but it’s just some lace news.”

Yes, Ye Haisheng has already seen that he can’t get his sweetheart, and this generation can’t get it either. He hadn’t tried to fight for it, causing the sweetheart to be chased and killed. If it weren’t for the sweetheart’s ability, I’m afraid the sweetheart is already dead.

Therefore, Ye Haisheng is not qualified to destroy the life that Yu Qing has now, nor is he qualified to think about defeating Raymond and regaining Yu Qing. He is married to Qin Mian, and he has other lovers. He really is not qualified to talk to Yu again. When Ren is together, he will hide Yu Ren in his heart. That is the beauty of the past, and it is also a pure and sincere feeling that he can recall in the future.

Ye Haisheng realized his own problem. He was cowardly and didn’t dare to fight. After all, he still wanted to ask the Ye Family. Since he chose the Ye Family, don’t think about love, love, there are so many people in this world, he can find anyone he wants to be a lover, he can find a few, but Yu Ren has nothing to do with him.

“You…” Xia Ziyan didn’t dare to say any more to Shang Ye Haisheng’s cold eyes.

Why did it become like this?

Xia Ziyan didn’t understand, shouldn’t he own Ye Haisheng? Shouldn’t Ye Haisheng spoil himself? How did things become like this?

He wanted to say that they could continue to be together, but Xia Ziyan who was wearing it was arrogant. He thought he was wearing a book. These people around him were all producers, and he was different from the others.

Xia Ziyan didn’t want to compromise. Without Ye Haisheng, he could find other people. He was a mermaid.

Whether Xia Ziyan is a mermaid or not, it has nothing to do with Yu Qing. Yu Qing did not pay attention to the harassment on the Internet, and whether or not someone involved him in the messy things, he, as long as he lived his little life well.

And Qin Mian didn’t dare to go to Mrs. Chu San recently. Mrs. Chu San recently ignored her because her friends ignored her. She was upset when she saw that Qin Mian had to complain about those things.

What idea can Qin Mian give Madam Chu San? There is no good idea. A person who had been abandoned by the Chu family had no great abilities, so Qin Mian naturally couldn’t approach Mrs. Chu San.

Mrs. Chu San was only busy with Qin Mian, she had seen those things on the Internet, and asked Qin Mian to deal with it.

“Pay more attention to rest.” Madam Chu San still told Qin Mian that way in the video.

“Okay, sure, so are you.” Qin Mian still talked to Mrs. Chu San Shengsheng, in case there is any need for the other party in the future.

As soon as Chu Tian came over, she saw Madam Chu San and Qin Mian’s video, she really didn’t know what to say. Her mother still thinks Qin Mian is okay. Didn’t she see that the other party wouldn’t be here now?

“What do you do with so much nonsense with him.” Chu Tian sneered, “When you are down, he won’t come.”

“What do you know, so many things happened to him…”

“Yes, I had a miscarriage before.” Chu Tian rolled her eyes. “You can pet him and see how he left you in the cold.”

Chu Tian felt that she shouldn’t come back, because her own daughter didn’t seem to be her own.

“You’re busy, I’ll go back, and I’ll see you in my dream.” Chu Tian thought for a while. It’s better to see in the dream, but I can say a few more words about them in the dream. In reality, it’s not so easy to say.

In the dream, I am always out of control, slamming the door, yelling, all. Chu Tian sighed that she was really an unfilial daughter in her dream, but she really couldn’t control her screaming in her dreams. These people are always tossing about.

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When walked through, the original body had just finished drinking the added wine, and was about to find the male lead to recommend the pillow…

Ling Shaoze: It’s impossible to get this young master to post, it’s impossible in this life, the plot goes on horseback!

He left immediately and chose a handsome guy with long legs.

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