Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 62

Many fruits are grown on the planet MK23, among which cherries are the best grown.

Raymond took Yu Qing to the planet MK23, and let Yu Qing taste the fresh cherries. He could also look around, and he could reach out and pick those cherries.

Yu Qing wondered if it was because he had eaten a lot of cherries before, so Raymond brought him.

At this moment, they are in the cherry orchard.

“If I eat more durians, will you take me to the durian garden?” Yu Qing asked Lei Meng.

“Maybe.” Raymond thought for a while and nodded earnestly. “Fresh is better. Some fruits will be stored for a long time. It is inevitable that you have to soak the fresh-keeping potion.”

Even the fruits of the interstellar age have to be kept fresh for a long time, and they have to rely on fresh-keeping potions. Some fruits are not easy to transport and are perishable. Not all fruits are easy to put in the space button, not to mention that the space button is expensive.

After all, the space button is not that big. Nowadays, most of the space buttons are used to put mechas and the like. Some people buy space buttons as suitcases, but that’s a small number. Regardless of the former or the latter, the space is limited. If the space button is used to store the fruits, then the cost will go up.


So not all fruits are placed in the space button, but the space button has a much better fresh-keeping effect.

“In addition to this kind of fruit planet, there are also planets with a lot of ocean coverage.” Raymond said, “There is no planet with a lot of desert, too little water, not suitable for human habitation, and it is difficult to transform.”

“Indeed.” Yu Qing didn’t like planets with many deserts. He had been to a planet with many deserts before, and then he felt his tail itchy. The air humidity on those planets is low and not suitable for mermaid life. It is not easy for ordinary people to live there. If there is a way, those people will move to other planets.

Planets with many deserts, of course, also have their specialties and also have a profitable side, so some people still like to stay on planets with many deserts. It depends on everyone’s ability.

Raymond took Yu Qing around, went to the orchard, and ate jam…

Ye Family, Qin Mian was in a good mood when he learned that Ye Haisheng and Xia Ziyan were separated. But he hadn’t been in a mood for a few days before he learned that Ye Haisheng was in the right place with those celebrities again.

Qin Mian was very angry, so he made trouble with Ye Haisheng.

“It’s just a play every time.” This is Ye Haisheng’s answer, “You want my wife’s seat. Give it to you. You are my legal partner. Why, you are not satisfied. You are a third party, you should know , You can be a third party, and others can be a third party. Either live with peace of mind and leave it alone, or you can divorce me. Do you think you can get away with it?”

Ye Haisheng had already figured it out. He and Qin Mian were married, and there was no need to worry about that much. Marriage, there is no emotion, it is a struggle for interests.


“Relax, outside, I also respect you.” Ye Haisheng is alienated, his attitude towards Qin Mian is different from the past, although there is still ridicule, but not so angry, but a lot colder.

Ye Haisheng thinks that he is also wrong, so he should be angry, and he should be angry at himself. Qin Mian caught his desire for the Ye Family, Ye Haisheng felt that he and Qin Mian were both taking what they needed, and no one was sorry for anyone.

“You…” Qin Mian was sad. He understood what Ye Haisheng meant. “You just want someone else?”

“Does your father also have other people?” Ye Haisheng sneered. “Your mother still treats your father’s child as her own. If your mother can do it, I believe you can do it too. But I am not so shameless for the time being. What’s the use of having so many children, is it possible for the children to undergo mermaid surgery?”

Ye Haisheng glanced at Qin Mian. Qin Mian was full of lies. He was not a natural mermaid. He must have persuaded his girlfriends to chase Yu Ren… Qin Mian didn’t have a few truths in his mouth, and Ye Haisheng didn’t dare to believe Qin Mian. just thought they would just forget it.

They are a marriage, a combination of interests. When they have children in the future, they will cultivate children with their heart.


“Oh, if your child grows crooked, maybe you really need someone else to give birth to me.” Ye Haisheng said, “Are there few children raised crooked by your Qin family? I always like to be a third party and murder other people’s children. How many times have you murdered Yu Qing, your relatives?”

“Brother Haisheng…”

“Well, those things are over, you can be your Madam Ye with peace of mind.” Ye Haisheng interrupted Qin Mian, “Accept your fate, don’t toss, this is your only choice, and it’s your first choice.”

Looking at the indifference on Ye Haisheng’s face, Qin Mian opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

Why did Ye Haisheng become like this?

In fact, there are signs to follow. Qin Mian understood that it was he and the Ye family that pushed Ye Haisheng to this point step by step. To say that Ye Haisheng really did something wrong, the other party did not do anything wrong at the beginning, they forced Ye Haisheng to give up Yu Ren, they kept forcing Ye Haisheng to choose, and Ye Haisheng had no choice at all.

“Okay…” Qin Mian finally said the word, even if Ye Haisheng had someone outside, he would recognize it.


As Ye Haisheng said, Father Qin also has other lovers out there, but Mother Qin still raises those illegitimate children.

Mother Qin once told Qin Mian that Qin Mian didn’t want her partner to do the same, but if she really wanted to meet him, he could really bear it. Because he had no choice anymore, the people around him would also let him endure it, as a mother could endure it, why couldn’t Qin Mian endure it.

The people of the Qin family value interests, and it was for profit that Qin Mian was married into the Ye family. The Qin family itself is not as good as the Ye family. It is impossible for the Qin family to divorce Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng. If Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng divorce, Qin Mian will not find a better noble to marry in the future.

From the very beginning, it was destined that after Qin Mian married Ye Haisheng, he could only go one way to the dark.

Few people care about whether Qin Mian is happy or not. They only care about what this marriage can bring.

“Yu Qing is not something I can think of, nor can you frame and deal with it.” Ye Haisheng reminded Qin Mian, “The Qin family is gone, then you don’t need to stay at Ye’s house.”

Ye Haisheng’s meaning is very clear, if Qin Mian offends Yu Qing, offends the Chu family, offends the Lei family. Then the Ye family must choose to give up Qin Mian, anyway, there is no Qin family, there are other families, they can still marry.

“…” Qin Mian only felt very tired. In the end, she only got a cold marriage, no love, only benefits.

In the interstellar age, the transportation is convenient, and it can also jump in space, there are many places to go, and there are many planets to see.

Yu Qing had never played around like this before. He attributed the reason to his being poor, poor, and of course he didn’t have so much money to play everywhere.

On this day, Yu Qing and Raymond went to the black market. Of course, the two of them didn’t show their true colors, but used drugs and changed their faces. She also wore a mask exclusive to the black market and wore very ordinary unmarked clothes.

“One million!” When someone asked Yu Qing if he had any potions to ease the breakthrough of the power, Yu Qing took out one, “No price.”

Yu Qing sold more than 10 million to other people. This time he came to the black market and sold such one. He thinks that once in a while, the price is not high, so that those who have saved some money to try their luck can also afford it, just see who can win the prize.

Yes, Yu Qing assumed that he was here to give out rewards, to see who was the lucky one.

It’s just that some people are still reluctant to buy it because they heard it cost one million.

After all, most things on the black market are not guaranteed. Some black markets can indeed test the properties of some drugs, but not all drugs can be tested. Sometimes buying something is really a matter of luck, sometimes it may just be buying a fake, sometimes it’s good value for money.

Yu Qing’s behavior is not a disruption to the market, because he is not the only one doing this. There are also some people who don’t understand the value of what they have, and sell high-priced things at a low price. There are also other pharmacists who come to the black market to sell medicine. Therefore, many people try their luck on the black market.

It is also said that pharmacists should not come to the black market to sell medicines, but should go to regular pharmacies to sell them, so that no one sells medicines on the black market to fool people.

But even if there is no pharmacist to sell it, someone else will sell it, saying it’s a flip.

This kind of thing can’t be forbidden, you can only look at the people who buy things, and look at their ability to distinguish.

“No one buys it.” Leimen saw that Yu Qing had been sitting there for a while, but no one had bought it yet.

“This is normal.” Yu Qing didn’t feel strange at all. “One million is not too much for you, but for some people, it may be accumulated for decades. Of course, you have to be more cautious. There are others. Desperately, you have to be cautious if you want to buy a good medicine.”

Many people who come to the black market to buy medicines do not have enough money to buy such good medicines, so they want to buy them on the black market and want to fight for it. Maybe for a low price on the black market, you can buy a potion with good efficacy.

Some medicines are really useful, but they have big side effects, but those people can’t manage so many, you get what you pay for.

“If it sells for tens of thousands, it will sell faster.” Yu Qing wanted to sell it too cheaply. Maybe someone else would throw the medicine in the corner and stop drinking it temporarily. Because they think it’s so cheap, it’s definitely not good. They’d better drink the high-priced ones first.

Yu Qing thought of his cousin, who had spent hundreds of thousands in the first place, alas, each other used to be fools.

“But since one million has been said, don’t lower the price, otherwise they will only think that we are a liar.” Yu Qing sighed, “Wait for the next time.”

But the next time it is estimated that it will be a long time later, it is impossible for Yu Qing to always go to the black market to sell medicines so cheaply. Occasionally, it is done once. The welfare lottery does not have a lottery in every round. There is a time interval between the first and the first.

“People who don’t lack money buy it.” Raymond said, “They will also come to the black market.”

Those who are a little bit poorer have to grit their teeth and think about it. Those who are rich?

“…” Yu Qing thinks what Raymond said is indeed very reasonable, so it is not easy for him to want to be a brave and upward poor.

MD, it will be cheaper next time, just 160,000. It really can’t be cheaper anymore. It’s really a special prize.

In the end, Yu Qing’s medicine was sold. It was not someone who had saved money for many years, but someone who seemed not short of money.

“Don’t you get fat?” The guy who is not short of money said, “You still have dark circles? Alas, if the medicine prepared by you pharmacists is sold on the black market, most of them will have strange side effects.”


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