Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 63

The side effects of the medicine, let Yu Qing say, it is really strange, but the medicine he formulated is really impossible to make the other’s panda eye.

Yu Qingzheng was about to say it, and heard the other party continue to say, “Forget it, I will go back to explore and explore, after all, coming here to buy medicine is luck.”

This person who is not short of money thinks that since he didn’t drink it directly anyway, he still has to be tested by someone first. In case it is toxic, where can he drink it casually? Even those who don’t have much money will let kittens and puppies have a taste, so as not to be poisonous.

“Unknown, that would be a surprise.” If you are not short of money, you want the other party to say that the other party may not know.

After all, most of the people who failed to formulate the medicine did not take the failed medicine, and did not study much. Even if some data were calculated, the cold data calculated by the light brain may not necessarily represent reality.

Because the optical brain is calculated through big data, and it is calculated based on the existing drugs. And each medicine is somewhat different, especially the medicine formulated by the pharmacist, which is not a machine. How can it be so precise.

“It’s okay.” Yu Qing nodded, and did not say any more. Anyway, there are not so many strange side effects.

“Last time, a woman took the medicine prepared by your pharmacist, but she grew her hair and had to shave.” She was not short of money and said, “After growing for a whole week, she didn’t dare to go out.”

“…” There is really no way, Yu Qing said that he can’t represent all pharmacists, and other pharmacists can’t represent himself.


After selling the medicine, Yu Qing left with Raymond and did not stay in the black market anymore.

Raymond originally asked Yu Qing if he wanted to take a stroll, but Yu Qing refused.

“There is nothing good here. For someone with your status, instead of waiting to try your luck, it is better to offer a high price reward.” Yu Qing told the truth, the black market, there are indeed good things, but for those with high status and wealth For people, they don’t need to come here to try their luck.

As long as those people offer high prices, some people will deliver things to the door.

The black market, some things do not comply with the laws and regulations of the empire, but the empire cannot forcibly ban them. There is a certain necessity for the existence of this kind of black market.

“Occasionally,” Raymond said, “Sometimes it can be rewarding, just like an adventure, with treasures, rewards, and fun.”

“…” Yu Qing can only say that he doesn’t understand the ideas of rich people.

After leaving the black market, Yu Qing and Raymond moved to other places. When there were no other people, they went to the medicine on their faces, changed back to their original appearance, and changed the clothes they were wearing outside.

It is best to conceal your identity when going to the black market, and to be careful not to let people follow you.


When Yu Qing went to the black market, he was very careful, but he was careful at the beginning, but there was still negligence, but fortunately nothing happened.

“There is a plum blossom forest near here.” The reason why Raymond added this planet in his itinerary is because the plum blossom forest on this planet is very beautiful. Plant a sea of ​​flowers, “Would you like to go and see.”

“What’s so nice at night?” Yu Qing asked, “Look at the plum blossom under the light?”

The plum blossoms in the moonlight probably don’t see much. Yu Qing hasn’t seen the objects under the moonlight before, or thinks that if the moonlight is not bright enough, you really can’t see anything, and there are many details that you can’t see.

Flower viewing, of course, has to be viewed during the day. When a gust of wind comes, petals fall to the ground.


If it’s night and you can’t see the color of the petals, it doesn’t make much sense.

“Have a snack.” Leimen coughed slightly. The plum blossoms at night are really nothing to look at. The plum blossoms are not suitable for watching at night, and some flowers need to be watched at night. “There are pastry shops specially made of plum blossoms.”

If it is during the day, it can be more romantic, but at night, it seems that there is some food.

“Come tomorrow.” Yu Qing smiled, “I can walk more tomorrow.”


Yu Qing looked at the appearance of Raymond pleasing him, with a smile on his face, and his heart warmed. Fortunately, his partner is not a cold and merciless person.

During the period when Yu Qing and Raymond were on their honeymoon, someone still sent a message to Yu Qing to buy medicine, but Yu Qing set up an automatic reply. If these people want to buy potions, after waiting for him to return to the Emperor Star, when he is playing outside, there is absolutely no time to make potions.

It is impossible for Yu Qing to count how many people want to buy his medicine at this time. Everything will be discussed after he returns from his honeymoon.

Xu is the person who loves each other more conducive to pregnancy, or because Yu Qing awakens the memory of the deep-sea mermaid, before the end of her honeymoon, Yu Qing is pregnant.

Yu Qing and Raymond had to stop temporarily, and instead of traveling to other planets, they returned to Emperor Star.

This also made it impossible for Yu Qing to prepare so many medicines for the time being, and the time spent in the laboratory was shortened. Those who were waiting to buy Yu Qing’s medicines just thought: Can Lei Meng be less anxious?

Raymond said that it has nothing to do with whether the monkey is anxious or not. His power level is high, and he didn’t expect his sweetheart to become pregnant so quickly.

After returning to Emperor Xing Lei’s house, Yu Qing rarely attended banquets. He had to raise his body. The most important thing was that he didn’t like to attend those banquets.

Qin Mian often attends those banquets. He wants to deal with those noble ladies and do good wife diplomacy. However, many people don’t like Qin Mian. They don’t like him showing aggrieved appearance at every turn. That is not what a noble lady should show, it is too Bailian.

Those noble ladies really like to be dignified, and no one likes to say a few words and just feel wronged by the other side. They didn’t come here to be wronged.

Also because Qin Mian once attacked Yu Qing on the Internet, Yu Qing is Yu Ren, Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend, and Yu Ren who Qin Mian’s girlfriend seeks to kill. Those people were afraid to upset the Lei family and the Chu family, so they alienated him even more.

Even so, Qin Mian still managed to get posts to attend those banquets, trying to clean up, saying that he was ignorant before, and no longer behaved so wronged. When Qin’s parents taught the mermaid, they wanted them to hook Alpha’s heart, make them weaker, and let Alpha pity.

Qin Mian had received that kind of education in the Qin family before, but Ye Haisheng didn’t like it, and Qin Mian realized that Ye Haisheng was almost impossible to fall in love with him, so he could only hold on to the identity of Ye Haisheng’s partner, and he had to talk to these noble ladies. You have to change your attitude when dealing with them.

When someone told Yu Qing that Qin Mian was squeezed out by your lady’s circle, Yu Qing didn’t care.

“I have nothing to do with him.” That’s what Yu Qing said. He never wanted to avenge Qin Mian, it didn’t make sense.

Everyone’s life is his own, not someone else’s. If you always get revenge, this life is too boring.

Mrs. Lei did not leave the Emperor Star, nor did Mrs. Lei. The two of them originally planned to wait until Raymond and Yu Qing’s honeymoon was over, they left Emperor Star and traveled around, but they didn’t expect Yu Qing to become pregnant so soon, so of course they didn’t leave, instead they planned to stay to see their little great-grandson. .

Mrs. Lei specially invited a chef with good cooking skills to cook Yu Qing in a variety of ways.

“Don’t count on Lei Meng.” Mrs. Lei brought a bowl of chicken soup to Yu Qing and asked him to sit in the living room and drink it before going out to walk around. There really isn’t anything good to drink. Just watch him stew. If two mouthfuls don’t taste good, don’t drink it.”

“…” Raymond was walking out of the kitchen with a plate of pastries. He knew it would happen. He heard that his grandmother also disliked the food made by his grandfather. But, I am disgusted and disgusted, and I am very pleased and in a good mood to see the other half making food with heart.

“Have you tasted it?” Mrs. Lei asked.

“It’s okay.” Leimeng’s mouth twitched slightly, and of course he had to taste it first if he made it himself. If it doesn’t taste good, how dare you let your sweetheart eat it. He was also worried that his sweetheart would eat his stomach. Raymond said he was really not that stupid, and it was impossible to let his sweetheart eat it even though he knew it was difficult to eat.

Forcing your sweetheart to eat the unpalatable things you make, it’s really not caring about your sweetheart, it’s murder.

“You try?” Raymond said again, every time he was rejected by his grandmother.

Mrs. Lei didn’t move, but looked at Yu Qing, “Small bite first, then leave it if it doesn’t taste good.”

“The taste is okay.” Yu Qing did not compare with the chef, but it was not bad.

“That said, it shows that what he did is really not good.” Mrs. Lei said, “You can comfort him, okay, you eat, I will go outside to see my flowers.”

Old lady Lei can’t stay here to disturb his grandson and grandson-in-law, of course he is going for a walk.

One month before Yu Qing was about to give birth, he found a box that Raymond had secretly hidden in the study, and there was a photo of him when he was Yu Ren. He thought Raymond was hiding some treasure, but he didn’t expect it to be his previous photos, which looked quite young.

“Before, you had a boyfriend.” Raymond was wronged. If Yu Ren had a boyfriend, he would go after him.

“Now, it’s your partner.” Yu Qing smiled.

There is no need to talk about the past.

Yu Qing didn’t ask much, after all, he was really not that familiar with Raymond at that time, and he hadn’t lost his memory. As for Raymond’s photo and crush on him, it’s not a bad thing. Yu Qing as long as they are living happily now.

“When you went to the Genetics Administration, I was the one who matched you the most.” Raymond walked to Yu Qing’s side and picked up the photo in the box. “I refused. Darryl saw your face and followed me. Having said that, I will go to your residence and see if it is you.”

“That day, you were outside the house?” Yu Qing was living in the residence arranged by the Mermaid Conservation Association. At first, he felt that there was someone outside, but he didn’t see it. It was just an illusion.

“Well, it’s you.” Raymond nodded, “Maybe such a short time is not sure, but I don’t want to regret it, so I went to see you. Even if it may be designed by someone else, I have to see if it is you.”

At that time, Raymond thought so.

“You are hidden in my heart. Only a few people know it. It is unlikely that it was someone else’s design.” Raymond added, “Your pheromone is unique.”

“So you have also become my unique companion.” Yu Qing maybe this is the destined fate between them.

The author has something to say: There is a side story behind, there is a phantom essay next door, you can check it out if you are interested~

“The God of the Small Mountain in the Sixties [Wearing Books]”


The small mountain god woke up and found that the mountain was going to be bald, so she didn’t want to be a bald girl.

drought? No, no, no, it’s raining!

Who wants fortune telling… Feudal dross…

Yes, the small mountain god decided to do a big vote, the correct way to discuss scientific comprehension.

Five-hundred-year-to-semination, three-hundred-years simulation to walk, how to make an animal reasonably become a sperm.

After five years of qi training and three years of simulating practice, how can human beings fly into the sky alone.

Xiaoyang Village has changed a lot, and the reborn girl is stunned!


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