Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 64

Extra 1

Yu Qing gave birth to an Omega little mermaid in her first child, and an Alpha in her second child.

Of course the little mermaid is spoiled, and Alpha needs more training.

Lei Yi said that his elder brother is really a cruel mermaid. He also likes to make all kinds of medicines, saying that he needs to practice more. But the medicines prepared by their mother and father are all good medicines, and many people come to buy them, begging to buy them.

And the medicines prepared by his brother have various side effects, and they are almost not humans or other creatures.

All of a sudden dark circles, and all of a sudden the hair grows very long.

Lei Yi suspected that he couldn’t make friends anymore, just because he had such a brother. My elder brother wouldn’t play pranks on other children, but after he got acquainted, he would ask people if he would like to try his medicine.

Then, it’s over, Alpha is always cheated by his brother, and those Alphas deserve it too, thinking about scammers at a young age.


Look, I didn’t succeed in fooling, but I became a test drug.

“Mother, father, brother, he is making medicine again.” Lei Yi could only tell his mother and father, that is, mother and father had to spare more to teach his brother, but father didn’t say much, but father said that mermaids still have to protect themselves.

Haha, how can a mermaid who is as cruel as my brother has no ability to protect himself.

I heard that my brother inherited from his mother and father, his fishtail is very hard, and he has supernatural powers, so he can’t be bullied at will.

Lei Yi felt that his family was the weakest, but he was an Alpha. The family said that they would let themselves stand the test, and the family would have to rely on him in the future. He thinks that if he doesn’t need to hold it, his brother can hold it.

Oh, his brother said that he would marry in the future, and he couldn’t stay at Lei’s house all the time.

This made Lei Yi unable to, so he could only exercise hard to protect his brother in the future.

“I already told him, don’t always let you use it.” Yu Qing felt sorry for the younger son, and of course it was impossible to let the older son toss like that.

Drugs that have not been tested should not be used on others at will. Even if they have been tested, drugs that have not been tested should not be used on humans.


Yu Qing warned the eldest son many times that the children are naughty, and sometimes they are not successful. For example, the elder son would say that the medicine should be used as itching powder, which made Yu Qing quite speechless. When he was a child, he was definitely not so naughty. It must have been inherited by Raymond.

“Next time, if he doesn’t obey anymore, he will lock it up.” Yu Qingzhen had thought about it this way and had to teach his eldest son a lesson, how could he make up medicine.

The eldest son does not have the inheritance memory of the deep sea mermaid. Yu Qing is very lost. There is no inheritance memory. This is not important. Then he, the mother and father, taught the eldest son the prescriptions, and let the eldest son learn to know the herbs. At least the eldest son’s water quality is good, maybe he can go to the deep sea in the future and collect all kinds of deep sea herbs.

Raymond is not a deep-sea mermaid, he is a human, and a human and a mermaid give birth to children, even if the children are mixed.

Yu Qing couldn’t think that his child would still have the memory of a deep-sea mermaid. The genes of the deep-sea mermaid have been reduced, and indeed they may not be awakened. The awakening deep-sea mermaid inheritance like Yu Qing is also very rare.

However, he has inherited memory, and he can sort out some textual materials, which can also be used by other pharmacists.

It’s just that there are many prescriptions that require deep-sea herbs, and those prescriptions are of no use to ordinary pharmacists.

“My brother will be very sad, so don’t let him eat chocolate.” Lei Yi suggested that if my brother eats so much chocolate, he will cause tooth decay.

“Okay.” Yu Qing said in a funny way, and the younger son wanted to dig a hole for the elder son.

“Then I’m going to find great-grandfather.” Lei Yi trot out.

Elder Lei and Mrs. Lei are still in the Emperor Star. They feel that their great-grandchildren are still young, so they should take more care and take care of them so that Raymond and Yu Qing have more time to get along with each other.

Yu Qing thinks that the old man wants to look at the junior, not thinking about whether other people have time to get along. He didn’t point it out, and he agreed with them to stay.

“The age difference is small, so happy.” Mrs. Lei felt that the age difference between the two great-grandchildren was small, but they were only three years apart, so they could play together.

“That’s true.” Yu Qing didn’t think that she would be pregnant again soon, but if she was pregnant, of course she had to be born.

After having two children, Yu Qing and Raymond had no plans to continue having children for the time being. They were talking about them first.

At night, when Raymond and Yu Qing were in the house, they were about to rest when they heard a knock on the door.

“Father, mother and father, my brother asked me to find you.” Lei Yi said that his brother wanted to fool him, hehe, he said it out.

“…” Leimeng’s mouth twitched slightly, very good, because his brother asked him to do so. I really thought he didn’t know that his younger son wanted to come over.

How come these two sons are so clever.

“Don’t pay attention.” Raymond pulled Yu Qing, “He will go back in a while.”

Sure enough, after waiting for a while, Lei Yi went back and told his brother when he turned around, he had been here.

“…” Yu Qing knew about the temperament of the two sons, and he was speechless. Who on earth did this child look like?

“Continue with us.” Raymond thought that they don’t want children for the time being, so they have to sleep.

Pull the light and sleep!


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