Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 65

Extra 2

(1) Yuan Xia, the former Xia Ziyan!

Yuan Xia, the former Xia Ziyan, he worked very hard on the battlefield to make merits. He wanted to climb up and wanted to see Yu Qing more. He could have the ability to protect Yu Qing.

Mingming Yu Qing never used him as a spare tire, and he didn’t need to work hard to protect him, but Yuan Xia just wanted to protect Yu Qing. It seemed that Yu Qing would marry Raymond, it was his fault, even if Yu Qing had a very happy life, he also wanted Raymond to treat Yu Qing badly one day.

It’s hard to hide the look of one person caring about another person’s eyes.

Besides, Yu Qing is so good, knows how to prepare high-level medicines, and looks good. Many Alphas like Omega Mermaid like this.

Even though Yu Qing became Lei Meng’s partner, and even gave birth to a child, many people still adore Yu Qing.

No, Yuan Xia’s comrades admired him when they talked about Yu Qing. It happened that two people were camping in the wild, training new recruits, and sometimes they said a few words and chatted.


“Speaking of speaking, Master Lei is really enviable.” Yuan Xia’s comrade Li Song said with emotion, “At first, others said that Mrs. Young Master Lei had no family background and was incapable. Who was the partner of Mrs. Young Master Lei’s ex-boyfriend? I did a live broadcast to say that he was not. Let me say, Lord Lei picked up the treasure, senior pharmacist, not a pharmacist apprentice who grabbed a hand at the side of the road.”

Li Songzheng nibbled on the steamed buns, and said that this matter is quite exciting, “With such a senior pharmacist, it is easier to break through the abilities. The life span is not only longer, and the strength becomes stronger. If you encounter danger, you can’t decide. You can still save lives with medicine, which is equivalent to a few more lives.”

“That’s true.” Yuanxia nodded.

“Dude, tell me, are you secretly in love with Mrs. Lei Shao?” Li Song put a hand on Yuan Xia’s shoulder, “Don’t hide it, you see Mrs. Lei Shao’s eyes are different.”

Before, Yu Qing had visited their unit and sent high-level potions to outstanding soldiers. At that time, Li Song saw that Yuan Xia saw that Yu Qing’s eyes were not right, and he was holding back his love.

“But it’s okay. If you have a crush on him, you are not more than you, and you are not a lot less.” Li Song said, “If he hadn’t been married so early, there must be many people chasing him. Tell you, there are still a lot of people. Waiting for his divorce, senior pharmacist, so good-looking, so awesome.”

“…” Yuan Xia’s mouth twitched slightly, so many people were waiting.

In fact, Yuanxia still doesn’t want Yu Qing and Raymond to get a divorce on the day. If they really get divorced, then it means that Yu Qing must have a bad life and must be injured. Otherwise, how could a divorce be possible.

No matter what Yuanxia thinks, this day still has to go on. He can’t be single all his life, it’s just that the age of marriage is too late.


About a hundred years later, Yuan Xia obeyed her original mother’s arrangement to go on a blind date, and soon got married.

Yuan Xia’s partner is a female Omega, and some people said before her that Yuan Xia had a crush on Yu Qing, and that Yuan Xia was too late to get married. After waiting for so many years to get married, then Yuan Xia’s marriage does not mean that she loves someone. Maybe it just feels right.

“What’s wrong? Is it wrong?” Mrs. Ohara doesn’t think it is wrong. Not every couple has a sincere love, and they can live together without deep love. “Isn’t it just a crush on someone? Married, when I am Qin Mian?”

She is not so stupid, it is impossible to deal with Yu Qing, don’t want her to trouble others.

That’s how Mrs. Ohara treats those who want to provoke discord. She can’t be stupid.

Hara Xia respects his current wife and treats her very well. The past secret loves are all past, and he has to be responsible to his current wife.

“Being so good to me, guilty of conscience?” Mrs. Ohara said amusedly.

“No, I just want to be nice to you.” Yuanxia said, “I simply want to be nice to you.”


Since he has married her, he should be responsible, he should cultivate his feelings, and he should be well.

“Yeah!” Mrs. Xiaoyuan nodded. She knew that Yuanxia would treat her. The other party was a very responsible person, a serious person, and feelings would gradually develop.

(2) Xia Ziyan wearing it!

Since Xia Ziyan was dumped by Ye Haisheng, he can only hope to be with other nobles.

But other nobles are not fools. As long as you check it, you will know that Xia Ziyan’s Alpha has a strong pheromone. After the mermaid transformation operation, the power level has dropped much and the body is not very good. Alpha pheromone is strong, which means that it is repellent to other Alphas, it is not easy to get pregnant, and it is not easy to cultivate relationships even on weekdays.

Under such circumstances, more nobles just want to play with Xia Ziyan, don’t think they don’t know about Xia Ziyan and Ye Haisheng’s stuff, they have all been searched. If they married a partner like Xia Ziyan, they wouldn’t have to be laughed at by others.


So there is no noble who really wants to be with Xia Ziyan. Even if he is with him, he just wants to have fun, but he doesn’t even want to marry him.

Xia Ziyan finally found a noble who treated him better and was willing to marry him, but that noble had the conditions, that is, if Xia Ziyan became pregnant and had a child, he had to give birth to Alpha before he could marry in. Alpha’s supernatural talents were not enough. Low.

Even so, Xia Ziyan was still willing to fight for it, thinking that when he gave birth to an excellent Alpha, his life would be better.

“Sorry, Omega is already pregnant with my child, I want to marry him.” The nobleman did wait for Xia Ziyan for more than 20 years, but Xia Ziyan has not conceived a child for a long time, so he happened with other Omegas. It happened that Omega was pregnant, so the family asked him to marry him in.

“Didn’t you say you’re waiting for me?” Xia Ziyan looked at the nobleman incredulously.

“Our family is not that strong, and that Omega has a better family background, so…” the nobleman said, “If you want, I can continue to raise you.”

“…” Xia Ziyan couldn’t say to leave, because he had no ability at all, he was raised by others.

What about Xia Ziyan’s memories of the original owner? He doesn’t understand the technology of this era. Even if he goes to learn, his IQ is not that high, and the things he learns are limited, so he still can’t do so well. Especially when he always died in these years because he was raised by a nobleman, and he was treated with respect, so he was abolished.

So Xia Ziyan didn’t leave. At least this noble was kind to him. If he was replaced by another noble, he might be much worse.

After that nobleman got married, his partner could bear it. His partner’s idea was very simple. An Alpha mermaid with weak physique didn’t know how long the other’s life was. It doesn’t matter even if the other party has a long lifespan, the most important thing is that it is difficult for Xia Ziyan to conceive a child.

Instead of asking her husband to find other people who are easy to get pregnant with children, it is better to let her husband and Xia Ziyan be together. Xia Ziyan has no children, and her husband can’t be so stupid that Xia Ziyan has too many things. He will definitely think of the children at home.

Later, as expected, like that noble’s partner, even though that noble liked Xia Ziyan, he cared more about children after all. Good things are for children, not Xia Ziyan.

Does Xia Ziyan dare to make a fuss? He dare not make noise!

“Today, my oldest son won the prize.”

“Yes, my youngest son is very good.”

Xia Ziyan often heard that nobleman say that, he was in a bad mood and had to smile. There is no shortage of food and clothing, but his heart has never been as happy as when he hadn’t crossed.

What story, what original work, Xia Ziyan regretted it. He shouldn’t have undergone mermaid transformation surgery at the beginning, but should work hard to practice supernatural powers. Maybe he can live better now instead of becoming a canary without freedom.

How long can this canary last, and what should he do when he grows old?

Xia Ziyan was worried, but was helpless. He could only think about saving more money, and he would have to support him in the future.

Later, Xia Ziyan adopted the child, and he told the adopted son, don’t be too high-minded, be down-to-earth, and don’t be like him. He doesn’t lack food and clothing, but he is not mentally bad. This is not to blame on others, but to himself.

Xu shouldn’t underestimate these people from the beginning, nor should they participate in it, it was his fault.

Xia Ziyan regretted it, regretted it very much, but couldn’t go back to the past.

(3) Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng!

Ye Haisheng inherited the Ye family after all, but he didn’t like Qin Mian. There was Qin Mian at home, and there were other lovers outside.

Qin Mian became a qualified marriage partner, not much to say that Ye Haisheng was not, and he did not go to those lovers to make trouble. Even if Ye Haisheng’s lover made a fuss in front of him, he could deal with it lightly.

His heart would still hurt, but he couldn’t. All of this was irreversible long after his actions were seen through by Ye Haisheng.

Over the years, Qin Mian didn’t want to save Ye Haisheng, it was useless.

“Tomorrow, Xiaowu will come to the house, look at the arrangement.” Ye Haisheng said to Qin Mian.

Ye Haisheng still had an illegitimate child outside after all. He didn’t let the illegitimate child of Alpha outside come to this home, he just let Omega come.

“Omega, I will marry out in the future.” Ye Haisheng emphasized.

“Understood.” Qin Mian nodded, what he is doing now is the same as Qin’s mother, arranging the husband’s illegitimate child at home so that they can grow up and get married.

Ye Haisheng is too ruthless, Qin Mian thinks so, his heart is already full of holes.

“Don’t worry, Alpha didn’t come.” Ye Haisheng said, “They will get some money in the future, but there will be absolutely no shares in the company. Unless you are born disobedient and uneasy.”

“Yeah.” Qin Mian understood. These words are what his father said to his mother, and that’s what Qin’s father and Qin’s mother said.

Qin Mian thought that she must not be like his parents before, but in the end, his life was still like this.

Regret it? Qin Mian thought he couldn’t regret it, at least he became Mrs. Ye, the head mother of the Ye family, and those people couldn’t pass him.

If he married other little nobles, he might not have the power he has today. If the little nobleman had other people, then his life would not be as good as it is now.

Yes, Qin Mian compromised with real life, and he became another Qin mother.

As for Ye Haisheng, he felt that he had given Qin Mian a lot of things. He didn’t apologize to Qin Mian, he was sorry to Yu Ren.

Ye Haisheng’s lovers are more or less similar to Yu Ren, and Ye Haisheng’s speed of changing lovers is also fast, it all depends on his mood.

If you can’t be with the person you really like, then let’s go out of the way, Game Flowers, Xu Shi is still said to be affectionate, no one says who he loves.

“That’s it.” When the night was quiet, Ye Haisheng also felt his inner emptiness, so he told himself that he had been like this for the rest of his life.

Having a career and many lovers is enough.

The author has something to say: Receiving the document: Break up, I want to marry another Alpha[穿书]

Wrong door? Are you making things difficult for your boyfriend’s relatives?

Break up, you dog Alpha, I’m going to marry someone else.

Dog Alpha: That’s still me, I’m fine!


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