Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 66

Extra 3

In the upper class, this circle says that it is big or not, but it is not small. There is still a chance that Yu Qing will meet Qin Mian. They met at a banquet.

Naturally, Qin Mian didn’t come through Mrs. Chu San. Mrs. Chu San had no position at the time. Many people were unwilling to play with Mrs. Chu San. After a long time, Mrs. Chu San was also excluded from this circle, and it was difficult for Mrs. Chu San to come in again.

The status difference between Qin Mian and Yu Qing is still very large. Yu Qing is a senior pharmacist who everyone flatters, and Qin Mian is just Mrs. Ye.

Ye Haisheng is a businessman who inherited the Ye family’s business, and Qin Mian is Ye Haisheng’s partner, occasionally relying on this identity to enter some more important banquets.

Under normal circumstances, Yu Qing and Qin Mian rarely show up at a banquet, and it is impossible for people who know what happened to them to invite them to a banquet. But sometimes, it is still unavoidable. For example, the person who owns the post brings other people, or the person holding the banquet does not know it, and the organizer of the banquet thinks that the venue is so big that they can sit in different corners.


When Yu Qing saw Qin Mian, he only felt that this person seemed to have grown a lot, and was also a lot haggard.

Qin Mian didn’t dare to get too close with Yu Qing. He took Ye Haisheng from Yu Ren’s hands with great pains, but Ye Haisheng didn’t treat his partner as good. Qin Mian felt that standing in front of Yu Qing was a joke, so don’t get too close to the other party.

Yu Qing didn’t come to Qin Mian’s face either, there was no need.

“Such a banquet is crowded.” When Mrs. Chu saw Qin Mian, she was worried that her younger son was in a bad mood.

Qin Mian is Madam Chu San’s nephew, and Madam Chu did not want to see Qin Mian.

“It’s a little too much.” Yu Qing said, “turn around and leave early, so that the two young ones at home are not obedient and fight again.”

“Children are young. Fighting is normal.” Madam Chu Er thought of the two young ones and chuckled, “When they grow up, you will be able to relax.”

“I’m a hundred years younger than Chu Xiao.” Yu Qing wants him to give birth to Raymond in the future, so he still has to look after the children.

“Back then, I wanted your elder brother to take care of you more.” Madam Chu Er recalled that year, she really thought that way, thinking that being an elder brother could take care of her younger brother.

Of course, Mrs. Chu Er didn’t think about throwing the children to other sons, just let them take care of them occasionally. It’s just… Mrs. Chu’s second wife didn’t think too much, the youngest son had already been found, and the important thing was now.


A few days later, Mrs. Chu San went to see Mrs. Chu again, wanting to ease the relationship between the several families, and wanted Old Man Chu to recognize their house again.

Mrs. Chu did not see Mrs. Chu San, so don’t think that a few years will be able to ease the relationship. Do you really think they are just showing Yu Qing and Lei’s family?

Impossible, Mrs. Chu doesn’t care if others do superficial skills, anyway, she definitely doesn’t do superficial skills. Speaking of severing the relationship with the people in Sanfang, that means severing the relationship, and it is impossible to help them anymore. Elder Chu still recognizes Chu Tian, ​​and Chu Tian is different.

Mrs. Chu thinks that Chu Tian is sensible and understands things. Chu Tian is not a person who can make an inch, or someone else.

“Sister-in-law.” Madame Chu didn’t see Madame Chu San. Madame Chu San met Madame Chu through other means. She blocked Madame Chu’s way. “Father’s anger is gone?”

Mrs. Chu San has had a hard time in recent years, all her former friends have left her, and she was not invited to the banquet. She wanted to continue to be arrogant, but the good marriage she originally wanted to tell Omega’s son was horrible, and the other party was unwilling to marry her son. To put it bluntly, she hated that they had severed their relationship with the Chu family.


In the eyes of Mrs. Chu San, how could he be rejected by others because his child is so good. If this person doesn’t work, change someone else.

Madam Chu San wanted to marry Omega’s son better, so she contrasted with Raymond and couldn’t let her son marry better than Yu Qing. But her son is not a senior pharmacist, and his temperament is not good. Those with higher status are not stupid. Wherever he might fall in love with Mrs. Chu San’s child, they don’t want to marry someone who has many strange relatives behind him.

So Mrs. Chu San has never found a son-in-law who is right. No, Mrs. Chu San wants to ease the relationship with the Chu family. As long as the Chu family continues to recognize them, it will be different.

“I’m not your sister-in-law.” Mrs. Chu said bluntly, “Father does not have your daughter-in-law.”

“What are you talking about, sister-in-law…”

“Don’t call it that.” Mrs. Chu interrupted Mrs. Chu San. “It won’t sound good to talk about some things. What my father said is not a lie, and there is not only one child of his old man, since he doesn’t recognize you anymore. , Then it is impossible to recognize it again. If he does, how will he face everyone in the future?”

Not to mention that Yu Qing is a senior pharmacist, they also need Yu Qing to prepare medicine. Even if Yu Qing didn’t know anything, Mrs. Chu thought it was necessary for Mrs. Chu to sever ties with Sanfang. Mrs. Chu San’s actions were too disgusting, and Mrs. Chu Sanye had been indulging Mrs. Chu.

Mrs. Chu left, she didn’t want to waste her tongue with Mrs. Chu San at all. This person would never understand how deeply others were hurt by her, and only knew that she had a bad life.

Later, when Mrs. Chu met Yu Qing, she didn’t say anything about Mrs. Chu San. She didn’t think it was necessary to care too much about Mrs. Chu San’s affairs.

And Yu Qing didn’t take care of it, even if he was stopped by Mrs. Chu San’s Omega son once and said that he was unworthy to be with Raymond, Yu Qing ignored it. Such a person is a beaming clown, don’t care, just let the other party make a fool out of there quietly.

Chu Tian learned that her younger brother had trouble with Yu Qing, so she turned around and ran to warn her younger brother. She felt very sorry for Yu Qing and made her feel embarrassed to ask Yu Qing to prepare medicine.

When Chu Tian came to see Yu Qing, she brought some food that Yu Qing liked to eat. She didn’t talk about her brother in front of Yu Qing, and didn’t want the other party to be upset.

“Your brother is your brother, and you are you.” Yu Qing made a clear distinction, and Chu Tian couldn’t control so much. Everyone is an independent individual. “You ask me to prepare medicine and pay for it. Don’t feel embarrassed. ”

Yu Qing sometimes finds it difficult for Chu Tian, ​​and Chu Tian’s family can offend people too much. If Chu Tian apologized in front of others, she might still be regarded as a show, and some people would think that Chu Tian ignored her family and apologized, and Chu Tian’s Anxin family continued to make mistakes.

So, Chu Tian is simply not good at apologizing to others on behalf of her family, and Chu Tian can’t say much.

“Thank you.” Chu Tian smiled lightly. In addition to bringing gifts to Yu Qing, she also gave Yu Qing’s children’s toys. Sometimes she wants to be born in the second room, so she doesn’t have to face the strange people in the family, but when she was born in the third room, then she has to face it.

Chu Tian could only be thankful that she hadn’t been raised and abandoned, and her father was still arrogant in the early years, all because of having a powerful father, Mr. Chu. As for myself, my father was not as powerful as his grandfather, and he did not inherit the Chu family, and was not qualified to be arrogant. If he was like his Omega brother, he would not be able to enter the Chu family, and he would have to be severed.

Yu Qing prepares medicine for Chu Tian, ​​collects money, and makes money, but it is impossible to control Chu Tian’s private life, nor can he say so much.

When lying on the bed at night, Yu Qing also said to Raymond.

“She is still younger, and after a hundred years, Xu will break the relationship.” Raymond said, “Wait.”

“Sure?” Yu Qing raised an eyebrow.

“We’ll know until that day. We are now just letting time pass faster.” Raymond said solemnly, and the next moment, he pulled Yu Qingzuan into the bed.

Caring about what those people do is better than caring about his partner. Raymond thinks that the night is still long, so let his partner take care of himself.

“…” Yu Qing had nothing to say, always feeling that her partner’s energy was too strong.


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