Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 67

Extra 4

Yu Qing is not a true deep-sea mermaid, but he can dive into the deep sea, which is a place that current technology still cannot reach. Don’t look at the relationship between Yu Qing and Raymond, but Yu Qing occasionally went to the deep sea to gather herbs, which may last for ten days and a half.

There is no signal in the deep sea, Yu Qing cannot contact Raymond, and Raymond cannot locate Yu Qing in the deep ocean. With the current technology, he can only locate to a certain depth.

Therefore, after Yu Qing went to the deep sea, Raymond was tantamount to losing Yu Qing’s information.

Raymond thought that the only thing he could feel at ease was that Yu gave birth to a child early in the morning, and the child was on land, so it’s impossible for Yu Qing not to come back. He was also worried about whether Yu Qing would encounter any danger in the deep sea, and he couldn’t go to the deep sea, and he couldn’t help Yu Qing.

When Yu Qing came back from the deep sea again, Raymond was standing by the beach, and he waited for a long time.

Raymond didn’t know which beach Yu Qing would land from, but as long as Yu Qing swam to a certain distance from the sea, Raymond could detect where Yu Qing was. Based on Yu Qing’s moving trajectory, he could infer where the other party was going to land. Wait here.


“Didn’t you say it, don’t you need to wait for me?” Yu Qing was still very happy when she saw Lei Meng.

“But you are happy.” Leimen saw the smile at the corner of Yu Qing’s mouth, “I am also happy.”

Since both parties are happy, of course he has to come, Raymond said again, “It just so happens that there is nothing important in his hands, so come and see. You believe me, I am not a father, and it is impossible to be on the battlefield. Run over and wait for you.”

“…” Yu Qing smiled helplessly, of course he knew it.

It was impossible for Yu Qing to choose Raymond to go to the deep sea when he went to the battlefield, so as to save Raymond from being uneasy.

“How many herbs have been picked this time? I won’t use them in the near future.” Raymond said that he was worried that Yu Qing would go into the deep sea every time and ignored him. He feels wronged, it is easy to get away with the partner of other people’s family, but his sweetheart is hard to find.

“No.” Yu Qing shook his head gently, “Where do you need so much? After all, you rarely use the herbs in the deep sea. Once you use it, it’s amazing.”

Mostly it is a high-level medicine at a critical moment, Yu Qing thought so.

Yu Qing understands Lei Meng’s worries, that is, he is worried that something will happen to him in the deep sea and that he will not go back. It’s impossible for him to do that, the scenery on the land is so good, and his children.

Later, there was a quarrel between Yu Qing and Raymond, Yu Qing did not go to hide in the deep sea, but went to a planet with a large area of ​​the ocean.

Raymond didn’t find Yu Qing for a while, and he deliberately made people stare at the sea for fear that Yu Qing would run into the deep sea.

“…” This made Yu Qing quite speechless. He had already said that he couldn’t run into the sea as soon as he quarreled with Raymond.

“Insecure.” This is what Raymond said. “I can’t go. The place I can’t reach is unpredictable. What if you get anxious.”

I didn’t care about what I had said when I was anxious, Raymond thought that the possibility was too high.

“Did you do too much?” Yu Qing asked.

“No, absolutely not!” Raymond replied, “The most exaggerated thing is that when I secretly fell in love with you in the past, I took a few more glances.”

Yu Qing thought that the other party was tossing about when he said he wanted to stay in the room.

“In the beginning, I haven’t seen it a few times.” Yu Qing said, “The pheromone is also sealed, just a little bit, you are controlled? Believe in the matching degree?”

“No, I don’t believe in matching. I saw you first and paid attention to your pheromone.” Raymond did see Yu Qing first, instead of focusing on what pheromone or pheromone is. .

Raymond is not a pheromone person, matching degree, that is just the icing on the cake.

“It’s just you, I am not qualified to say that the match is not matched.” Because the two of them are highly matched, Raymond can’t say whether the relationship between them is related to the pheromone.

“Of course!” Yu Qing nodded, “Do you think I am a person who is entangled in this kind of thing?”

Some people like to say that they love the pheromone or this person. Sometimes, there is really nothing to say about this kind of thing. The important thing is the relationship between two people. If the relationship is good, it will be good. If the relationship is not good, then this is not right and that is not right.

“No.” Raymond said, “Xu is love, just think about it.”

Because of love, sometimes think about it, and because care, worry about whether the other party is dissatisfied.

The relationship between the two of them is good. Even if it is good, there are bumps and bumps. A marriage without bumps is not a normal marriage.

The author has something to say: Receiving the document: Break up, I want to marry another Alpha[穿书]

Wrong door?Are you making things difficult for your boyfriend’s relatives?

Break up, you dog Alpha, I’m going to marry someone else.

Dog Alpha: That’s still me, I’m fine!


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