Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 68

Extra 5

When a person can formulate a unique high-level medicine, it will always make some people want to steal it and openly persecute it. It is also said that it is for the development of the entire industry and for the entire mankind.

For example, there are idiots who think that Yu Qing can go to the deep sea to pick herbs, so let Yu Qing go and prepare what kind of medicine. Let him collect herbs from the deep sea and let other pharmacists prepare medicine. Other pharmacists will definitely be able to make more good medicines. Medicament. Otherwise, how many potions can be made by Yu Qing alone.

They never thought that Yu Qing kept picking herbs, his power level did not increase, his lifespan was not extended, and how much he could pick… They just considered the immediate benefits.

They are not pharmacists, even if they are pharmacists, they are pharmacists of bad character, pharmacists who want to take shortcuts.

Really powerful pharmacists don’t say this, because they know that it’s no use just relying on Yu to ask someone alone, let alone Yu Qing can give birth to children, let Yu Qing have children, and let his children continue to go into the deep sea. What do those people think, Yu Qingneng is so good, it is a chance, others are not so easy.


Yu Qing was thrown into the sea shortly after he was born. If they had the ability, they would throw the mermaid child into the sea, and also throw the transformed mermaid into the sea.

Hehe, everyone’s brains are flooded, isn’t it? How can you say that for granted?

Yu Qing hadn’t refuted it, but those senior pharmacists and the pharmacist association began to refute it.

“The person who said this must not be a pharmacist.”

“Who knows if it is. Anyway, I, a senior pharmacist, can’t make it.”

“Why are the same pharmacists different from using the same herbs to prepare potions? That’s because of different personal abilities.”

“It’s over, there is so much water in my mind, most of it is not saved, I suggest throwing it into the sea, maybe they can wake up a second time.”

“Tsk tusk, every day I want to use others as fertility machines, and I want to squeeze others. What are we pharmacists, the knives in their hands?”

“We just want to prepare the medicine quietly, please don’t kill with the knife.”

One by one, the Lei family and the Chu family don’t exist, oh, some people must think that their pharmacists are afraid of the Chu family and the Lei family to say so on purpose.

The pharmacists understand it too well, because when they develop a highly effective medicine, there are so-called people who are for all mankind, who want them to disclose the formula of the medicine, and they are not allowed to swallow it alone.


When others are stupid, if everything is disclosed, do they want to make money to support their family? Just lock up their pharmacists. They see those people clearly treating pharmacists as slaves and wanting to squeeze them. Everything is their fault and they are selfish. If they make it public, those people also say that this is what they should do. Who made them choose the profession of pharmacist?

But go to these people. If you have the ability, you can do your own research and talk about what others do. It’s easy to see what others do, so it’s their turn to see for themselves.

Do you have dreams every day, don’t you know the difference between the individual and the individual?

Yu Qing thinks these pharmacists are pretty good, but they have published many prescriptions. Although the herbs in some prescriptions are deep-sea, they can also see if there are alternative herbs on the land.

However, in most cases, some herbs cannot be replaced, nor can they be artificially synthesized.

The existence of every kind of creature in this world has its particularity, and it can’t be replaced by other creatures casually. Some have the same tablet, which can indeed be replaced in some medicines, but some cannot.


Deep-sea plants cannot be cultivated artificially, which is difficult.

“It’s okay, the boss has offspring, and offspring of offspring, they can’t all go to the deep sea, they can study it slowly.”



The philosophical pharmacists said that they study by themselves, and then look at other people’s research. Some prescriptions need to be researched, and some have the same efficacy, so there is no need to research more.

Raymond originally wanted to show himself well, but it was a pity that before it was his turn to anger everyone, the pharmacist stopped doing it and helped Yu Qingzhao.

When Raymond went to the laboratory to see Yu Qing preparing the medicine, he couldn’t help but said this.


“Isn’t that good? Think I was suppressed?” Yu Qing asked.

“Of course not.” Raymond shook his head, “I’m very happy.”

There is no opportunity for performance, this is a good phenomenon, which shows that the sweetheart does not have to be so wronged.

“Everyone is not stupid.” Yu Qingdao, if he is suppressed by others and used as tools, the pharmacists are also afraid, because it may be their turn next moment.

“Yeah.” Raymond wanted to hug his sweetheart, but his sweetheart was preparing medicine. “Alright? It’s time to eat.”

“It’s almost done, just pack the medicine and put it away.” Yu Qing replied.

The lives of Yu Qing and Raymond were so simple and smooth. Other countries couldn’t win Yu Qing, and they couldn’t make Yu Qing a member of their country. They didn’t even think about killing Yu Qing.

Because Yu Qing is alive, people in their country can still beg for something that is really going to happen. Otherwise, when I really look for someone, I find that the person is dead, and I am going to die. That would be really desperate.

There may be many disputes in this world, but every kind of dispute will kill people, and it is possible to coexist peacefully.

“There is a prescription for medicine that has to be studied.” Yu Qingdao, “the effect is not so good…”

“If you need any herbs, I will accompany you to gather them.” Raymond chuckled, “Deep Ocean, I can’t accompany you, other places are fine.”

If it was the deep sea, Raymond could only stand by the sea and wait.

“The herbs in the desert can be bought.” Yu Qing thought that not all the formulas of deep-sea mermaid are good. Some land-based medicines have better formulas, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

But Yuping still doesn’t like going to the desert, where the desert water is low and mermaids don’t like it.

“It seems that I don’t need to go, and you don’t go either.” Raymond walked beside Yu Qing.

“Yes.” Yu Qing nodded, “If you have time, just take care of the little fat fish, don’t really put yourself in the pot and cook.”

Yu Qing feels helpless to her eldest son. This kid also likes to play cooking games, if only cooking fish in the river. The child even ran into the pot by himself, letting other children use their abilities to cook the pot.

My god, Yu Qing was worried when she saw it, but the eldest son replied: I’m not that stupid. I jump out when I get hot.

This made Yu Qing how to say, so it is, but it is unavoidable to worry.

“Let’s go back and let him go to the desert to play.” Raymond suggested, “Some deserts can make omelets, but the fish is probably the same.”

“…” Yu Qing twitched slightly, these people.

Well, I can’t bear it, let Raymond teach it, don’t spoil it too much.

In fact, Leimen didn’t spoil the child very much, but Mr. Lei and Mrs. Lei were there. They also said that they both stared at them personally, and they were staring at them. There were so many eyes.

What can Raymond do to spend more time with his sweetheart? It is estimated that he will be called Bo Liang again, saying that he only remembers his sweetheart, not the child.

Obviously not, he often plays with his children.

Two children: We really don’t need adults to play with, adults are so annoying.

“I have braised fish today.” Raymond shifted the topic to the dishes, “eat more.”

Yu Qing smiled, he also lived an ordinary life, but warm enough, this is a kind of happiness.

The author has something to say: It’s over, let’s open: Break up, I want to marry another Alpha[穿书]

Introduction to Copywriting:

Wrong door?Are you making things difficult for your boyfriend’s relatives?

Being despised by your boyfriend’s subordinates, you think he is pretentious?Think he is incompetent?

Oh, you all want that Alpha to marry a better Omega.

Yes, break up, you dog Alpha, I want to marry someone else.

Dog Alpha: That’s still me,


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