Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 8

At night, Yu Qing returned to the bedroom, took a shower, changed clothes, and sat on the sofa to play with his brain. There is no excuse for preparing medicine and going elsewhere.

What kind of medicine is prepared, you can’t avoid it.

Leimen looked at Yu Qing’s wet hair, and simply took out a towel to help Yu Qing dry it.

However, when Raymond approached, he found Yu Qing stretched out his hand.

“Thank you.” Yu Qing took the towel directly from Lei Meng’s hand. If he knew the fire power, he would use the fire power to dry his hair.

Fire abilities are very useful, not only to set fire, but also to increase the temperature, as long as they are well controlled.

Yu Qing couldn’t brush it even if he wanted to be handsome, so he could only dry it slowly with a towel. Even if it is freezing skills, it is too cold, and you accidentally freeze yourself into a popsicle.

“I’ll help you.” Raymond is a multi-line supernatural player, among them the fire element. He grabbed Yu Qing’s long hair and said, “Is it the same at work on weekdays?”

Yu Qing wanted to take back her hair a little. When she became a mermaid before, her hair grew instantly. He can’t control the energy in his body a bit. When he has memory, he lives in the blue sea. There are all kinds of creatures in the sea, and he doesn’t lack food.

Later, Yu Qing saw the ship driving on the sea, the suspended car in the sky, and the spacecraft flying high in the sky…

Yu Qing hid quietly in the sea, behind the big rocks next to the beach, watching those people… He controlled the fish tail to turn into legs, and when he arrived on land, he was just six or seven years old.

Even though Yu Qing arrived on the land early in the morning and had the status of an orphan, his inheritance memory told him that he was not much the same as those people. He had strong abilities, but it was not easy to control. By now, Yu Qing was able to control some of his abilities, but he didn’t use it much.

Sometimes when Yu Qing became a mermaid, sometimes if he didn’t control it well, his hair would grow wildly, and his hair would reach waist.

“No.” Yu Qing didn’t pull his hair back from Lei Meng’s hand, and the other party held his hand, “It’s all short hair.”

Yu Qing wanted to know that it didn’t feel much to cut his hair. It didn’t hurt or itchy. Why did the other person’s hand touch his hair? It felt weird. He felt that he was not a mermaid, but a cat begging for fur.

In fact, Raymond was very nervous, for fear that he would accidentally pull off his sweetheart’s hair. Fortunately, when he was in the field before, he also used abilities to dry his hair, so that he didn’t use too much force.

“You can use a robot.” Raymond reminded Yu Qing that if he is not there, the other party can use the robot and let the robot help to dry the hair instead of getting wet.

“Save some electricity.” Yu Qing joked, “I prefer to do things naturally.”

His hair was wet when he was in the sea.

After arriving ashore, Yu Qing didn’t always blow-dry his hair, and no one cares whether he blow-dried his hair or not.

“Fish like water.” Raymond said, let the hair dry naturally, there is more water in the hair, but this is not good for transforming the mermaid, “but it is better to dry faster, otherwise you will get a migraine in the future.”

The body of the transformed mermaid is not so good, and the body will be much weaker than before the transformation. Transforming a mermaid is not a real fish. In the final analysis, it is still a human. The habits of life are also biased towards humans rather than fish.

Raymond didn’t mention transforming the mermaid more in front of Yu Qing, fearing that the other party would remember the sad things in the past. He has not yet investigated how his sweetheart had undergone the mermaid transformation surgery, and what setbacks he experienced in the process, he only needs to ensure that his sweetheart will live well in the future.

“Play for a while and rest early.” Raymond dropped a kiss on Yu Qing’s forehead. He had already dried Yu Qing’s hair with his powers. “I’ll go to the study to deal with some things. You should rest first.”

Raymond was excited and nervous, but he was afraid that his actions would scare his sweetheart. He just wanted to go to the study room next door to read the documents, calm and calm, and when he came back, he would find that he had no dreams, and his sweetheart was lying on his bed.

“Okay.” Yu Qing nodded and breathed a sigh of relief, whether he was used to staying with each other.

Today was the first night they officially received the certificate. Even if Raymond didn’t do anything closer, Yu Qing was still a little scared. He almost revealed pointed ears that were different from the modified mermaid and the natural mermaid. Sure enough, Raymond should not be allowed to help him dry his hair, but fortunately, the other party did not dawdle.

But Raymond thought that he had deliberately delayed for a while, my sweetheart didn’t know. The hair quality of the sweetheart is still very good. You can’t touch other parts. It’s always okay to touch the hair.

Yu Qing did not see Raymond’s red earlobes, Raymond did not see Yu Qing’s pointed ears.

Both are very thankful: didn’t find it, great!

After Raymond arrived next door, he didn’t process the documents and couldn’t keep going. He was so excited that he could drive the spaceship to go around the Emperor Star, no, he couldn’t go far, just in case his sweetheart would look for him.

The old-style clock, second hand, minute hand, and hour hand were placed on the table. Raymond stared at the clock and watched the second hand move little by little. The house is very quiet, the movement of the second hand is very clear, click, click, click…

Maybe it was a ‘click’, Raymond didn’t think about it, he just thought about 120 revolutions when the second hand, no, it’s better to make 60 revolutions, just the 60 minute hand, one hour. Will one hour be too long? He and Yu Qing only get the certificate. If they go back too late, will the other party think that he was with each other just to get people to give birth to him?

The second hand turns 30 times, or 20 times?

In the end, before the second hand had turned 10 laps, Raymond went back to the house again.

At that time, Yu Qing just turned off Guangnao, climbed onto the bed, ready to lie down, closed his eyes, and went to sleep. And he hadn’t progressed to lie down now when he saw Raymond.

“Recognize…recognize the bed?” Raymond was a little nervous, “I just arrived in a strange place, it’s not easy to sleep. It’s okay, I’m right by the side.”

After saying this, Raymond wanted to slap himself a bit. But he still stood there with a cheeky face. Yes, mermaids are soft-tempered and fragile, and they need company.

“It’s okay.” Yu Qing didn’t expect Raymond to come back so soon, thinking that the other party was going to look at the papers next night. After all, people like Raymond must be very busy. Even if you don’t work overtime for one night, it will be very late, and how long has passed since, “If you are busy…”

“Not busy.” Raymond interrupted Yu Qing, “Nothing is more important than being with you. Those things are just small things, and I don’t need me to stare at them.”

So Raymond got on the bed with two quilts instead of one big quilt.

This is what Raymond intends to confess to the housekeeper, so as not to have a bad sleep and make my sweetheart not covered by a quilt. Raymond usually sleeps on his own, even in the wild, it is a light sleep, subconsciously paying attention to whether there is danger around him.

Raymond worried that he would not believe that his sweetheart was there for a while, thinking it was a dream, and kicking him away.

Then, after Raymond lay down on the bed, his body became stiff. After Yu Qing fell asleep, he didn’t fall asleep. He did not fall asleep until the latter half of the night. He slept lightly and subconsciously tensed his body for fear of kicking his sweetheart.

In the early morning, when Raymond woke up, Yu Qing was already in his arms.

Yu Qingzheng stared at Raymond with his eyes open, “Can you let go?”

Perhaps the bed was too soft, or it was too tense at first, and Yu Qing slept soundly in the back. After he woke up, he found himself in Raymond’s arms and wanted to struggle away, but the other party held his arms even tighter.

“It’s morning.” Raymond hadn’t let go, he did feel a little in the middle of the night, remembering that his sweetheart was beside him. Then, he seemed to hug the person directly into his arms. It felt very soft and comfortable. It happened that Yu Qing had no response at that time, and Raymond hugged him and couldn’t bear to let go.

Even in sleep, really want to hug sweetheart.

“Yes.” Yu Qing replied, it was definitely morning.

“…” Raymond’s eyesight is very good, and he can see it in the dark. Even if the room was still dark, he could feel Yu Qing’s patience. I’m afraid that if he doesn’t let go of his hand, the other party will reach out and break his hand, “Would you like not to rest for a while?”

“The fish’s memory is only seven seconds, but it is impossible to forget how hungry the stomach is.” Yu Qing said.

“Get up, it’s time to get up.” Leimen hurriedly said, letting go, letting go, and definitely not hungry sweetheart.

The Lei family is not something ordinary people can enter at will, even if Ye Haisheng is a nobleman, he can’t enter at will. Although the Lei family had many houses, Raymond basically lived in one place. Ye Haisheng wanted to find the place where Raymond lived. It was relatively simple. If you don’t know, you can ask other nobles.

Besides, most nobles live in one area, commonly known as the noble area. Of course, this community is not called such a simple and rude name, but Chendong community.

Not all nobles live here, but most nobles in this city live here.

“I’m looking for Master Lei.” Ye Haisheng came to Lei’s house after all and rang the doorbell.

Ye Haisheng was looking for it yesterday, but he didn’t find the place where Raymond lived for a while, so he came here late.

Seeing Ye Haisheng’s face, the servant didn’t let Ye Haisheng come in directly. It was useless to report home. There were many people who came to Leimen, and not everyone could come in.

When Raymond heard the servant say that Ye Haisheng was looking for him, he frowned. Why did Ye Haisheng come over so soon.

“Is there something urgent?” Raymond wanted to say nothing, but when he saw Yu Qing walking downstairs, he changed his statement.He thinks that he should be more normal to say this. It is not that he does not want to see his love rival, nor is he deliberately preventing his love rival from seeing his sweetheart. He is just…

Well, he was careful, just didn’t want Ye Haisheng to see Yu Qing.

No matter what identity the sweetheart returns, it has nothing to do with Ye Haisheng.

What kind of thing is Ye Haisheng, Ye Haisheng is a scum, and he is no better than Raymond.Tell yourself daily that it is impossible for your sweetheart to turn your head back, absolutely impossible.


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