Mermaid Omega Marries Into a Wealthy Family Chapter 9

After all, the housekeeper had been in Lei’s house for many years. With Lei Meng’s eyes and a word, the housekeeper knew that the master didn’t want to see Ye Haisheng.

Ye family heirs are not few, cousins, brothers, all. Ye Haisheng is considered to be quite outstanding in this generation, precisely because Ye Haisheng is still outstanding, the talents of the Ye family let Ye Haisheng marry to marry a mermaid, otherwise it will be the rest of the Ye family.

Another point is that Ye Haisheng’s current mermaid fiancé likes him very much, otherwise others can compete. This also caused the rest of the Ye family to think that Ye Haisheng was too capable and gave it to the mermaid fiancé. Why did they still read an ordinary Omega? It’s not that no one in the Ye family wants to replace Ye Haisheng, and the mermaid wants Ye Haisheng to replace it.

“Are there any guests?” Yu Qing walked to Raymond, “If there are guests, don’t worry about me, you can eat by yourself if you have hands and feet.”

Yu Qing didn’t think about asking others to accompany him, he was different from those weak mermaids who needed someone to accompany him. Those mermaids need someone to accompany them, and it cannot be said that those mermaids are wrong. Originally, those natural mermaids were spoiled and grown up. Some modified mermaids have become poorer, insecure, and want people to accompany them. That is also extremely normal.

He never said how squeamish those mermaids were, the environment they grew up in was different, and their physical fitness was different. He was not qualified to talk about how other mermaids were.

Yu Qing just cares about himself, he doesn’t need to compare with other mermaids.

“Nothing in a hurry, just let him go back.” Leimeng looked at the housekeeper with a serious expression. When he looked at Yu Qing, his expression became very gentle. “There are always people coming on weekdays, and there is no need to see everyone. If so, See you here, see you there too, where can I have time to eat.”

For people like Ye Haisheng, Leimen thought there was no need to see him now. Xu is Ye Haisheng wondering if Yu Qing is Yu Ren, the other side wants to know, do I have to let the other side know?

Raymond thought that he was not a netizen on the Internet who specialized in answering questions, nor a search engine. There was no need to explain so much to Ye Haisheng, and there was no need to answer so many.

“Right.” Yu Qing agreed with this point. There must be a lot of people like the Lei family who want to establish a relationship with the Lei family.

Although not everyone knows where Lei’s house is, someone always knows it.

Yu Qing married Raymond, but he didn’t want to see those people all the time. He didn’t like to communicate with others too much.

“In the future, if someone wants to see you, you don’t have to see them all.” Raymond said, “Don’t be afraid that they are unhappy, they are unhappy with them, you just feel comfortable.”


Don’t look at Yu Qing now as a mermaid, but Raymond is still worried that Yu Qing will be ridiculed. For example, people will say that Yu Qing is doing mermaid surgery to marry aristocrats, and one by one compares the mermaid to a fertility machine.

Hey, those people obviously want mermaids so much, and they mock others so much. There is also the comparison and mockery between mermaid and mermaid.

“Okay.” Yu Qing nodded, even if the other party didn’t say, he would do that.

Outside Lei’s house, Ye Haisheng waited anxiously. He thought he could get in, but was finally rejected.

“Is Lord Lei not free? What about Mrs. Lei?” Ye Haisheng didn’t want to say Mrs. Lei, but he might as well say otherwise. If the name is used directly, the housekeeper might think that he disrespects Lei’s family.

“Madam is accompanying the adults.” The butler replied. Seeing Ye Haisheng’s behavior, the butler could also detect something wrong with this person, “Go back.”

The steward knows more or less about the major nobles, and Ye Haisheng in front of him has long been engaged to the mermaid. But came to Lei’s house for a while. didn’t see Master Lei, so saw Mrs. Lei. Of course the butler couldn’t foolishly ask Yu Qing if he was free. didn’t want Ye Haisheng to come in if he wanted to come. The housekeeper would go again. Asked, it was extremely unqualified.

Ye Haisheng didn’t see Raymond and Yu Qing. He was extremely unwilling. He stood outside Lei’s house and refused to leave.

For so many years, Ye Haisheng has refused to marry a mermaid, and his heart aches. He had been on the front line, but was transferred away from the front line by his family members. Each of them told him not to read about his ex-boyfriend anymore, and asked him to cherish the people in front of him.

But every time he faced the mermaid fiance, Ye Haisheng didn’t feel like it. After all, he didn’t like the mermaid fiance so much.

Seeing that Ye Haisheng had not left, the housekeeper turned around and left without telling him more.

If those people stood outside Lei’s house and stood there forever, they would be able to see people. Then it would appear that Lei’s family was incompetent and would be threatened casually. No matter how long those people stood outside Lei’s house, the big deal was to let people deal with them and throw them away.

This time, Raymond didn’t ask much, he had to accompany his sweetheart to breakfast.

“Just tell the butler what you want to eat.” Raymond is always worried that he didn’t do a good job. “Don’t worry about the money, it’s not a problem.”

Yes, you must let your sweetheart eat the best and use the best person to make your sweetheart reluctant to leave. Because if you leave, you won’t be able to enjoy so many good things, then your sweetheart will hesitate when you want to leave.

Raymond thought that it was impossible to do something to sorry his wife, but it was difficult to prevent Ye Haisheng’s silly fork that made Yu Qing upset and troubled Yu Qing, and then Yu Qing died.

“I can say it.” Yu Qing felt that the breakfast of this nobleman was quite different from that of ordinary people, and the taste of these things was also very good, which was different from the ordinary steamed buns on the side of the road.

The flour is different, the meat tastes different…

Yu Qing thought, no wonder so many people want to marry into the rich, want to marry the rules, tusk, there are several things just for breakfast. It’s not like I either buy quick-frozen ones to let the robot heat up, or go to a roadside store to buy them.

“…” Raymond was holding a knife and fork, thinking about what else to say.

If he reprimanded his subordinates, Raymond could say a lot, and when facing his sweetheart, it would be easy to find the topic. It’s not that I can’t find it, but I’m worried that my sweetheart doesn’t like to talk about that topic.

“Don’t eat it?” Yu Qing said, seeing the food in front of Raymond without moving, “It’s impossible for me to be full.”

Beauty and food… If you are really hungry, beauty is of no use.

Yu Qing has been to other planets. Some planets are rather chaotic. Beauty in those chaotic areas represents money. Once caught, he may be sent to an underground auction, or he may be sent to a black clinic to be transformed into an adult fish. If you are lucky, you can survive the mermaid transformation operation, but if you have bad luck, you will be gone.

“Well, I eat.” Raymond began to eat.

They just got married, don’t worry, otherwise the other party should suspect him. Even if they are highly matched, it is impossible for them to fall in love and know each other so quickly.

Raymond said that he understood that he suddenly thought Omega was in heat, as did the mermaid Omega.

Although there are drugs on the market that can delay the estrus period of Omega, they are three-point poisonous, and eating too much is not good. He and Yu Qing are already married, and sooner or later they will have more contact.

“Which planet do you want to have your wedding on?” Raymond finally found a more secure question.

“It’s okay.” Yu Qing hasn’t done this before, just want to live an ordinary life. Ordinary people don’t have so much money, and it is impossible to spend so much money on weddings. Even so, Yu Qing still didn’t think about it.

At this moment, Yu Qing finally realized that he had really gotten married with someone, so he really had to consider the wedding.

“If you don’t have time, you can take some time.” Yu Qing said, Raymond must be very busy.

“There is time.” How could there be no time? Leimen said that he still had to let those people know that Yu Qing was his wife.

It’s just that when he said these things for a while, how did Raymond feel that the conversation between them was dry, not very warm, as if it was an official business, step by step. Ah hello, he doesn’t want such cold and indifferent steps at all, he wants gentle and warm steps.

“If you have an idea, just tell me.” Well, don’t talk to the butler or them so much. Raymond thinks that he absolutely must participate in the discussion of this matter, rather than the butler decides it.

The butler not far away felt a bit cold, maybe he should go outside to see if Ye Haisheng had left.

Of course, Ye Haisheng hadn’t left yet, and this was not the only door of Lei’s family. He wouldn’t know if the Lei family had left other doors. But Ye Haisheng was standing at the front gate, thinking that it would be nice if he could see Raymond.

When the housekeeper came out and saw Ye Haisheng again, he didn’t hesitate to send a message to the Ye family, asking the Ye family to come and lead them. If the Ye Family really had something to do, it would also be for someone in charge or a more important person to come over, not Ye Haisheng this hairy boy.

When the Ye family learned that Ye Haisheng had gone outside the Lei family’s gate, they found it incredible and couldn’t figure out how Ye Haisheng could get outside the Lei family’s gate.

“Mrs. Lei looks almost exactly the same as his ex-boyfriend.” In the end, some people still know about Raymond’s marriage. They also read the marriage certificates of Raymond and Yu Qing. “Hai Sheng does not think that Mrs. Lei is his ex-boyfriend. Bar.”

Elder Ye had always asked people to see who knew how Ye Haisheng ran to Lei’s house.

This question, someone said the words of the ex-boyfriend. At first, some people didn’t like Ye Haisheng, and they felt that Ye Haisheng valued Ye Haisheng too much.

“Go and bring him back.” Old man Ye sneered, worried that his grandson Ye Haisheng couldn’t think about it.

The matter is over. If that Mrs. Lei is really Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend, I am afraid that the ex-boyfriend had deliberately performed a mermaid transformation operation to retaliate against them.

In the past few years, the Ye family has not expanded its exhibition industry, nor has it developed better. Instead, it has been weakened a bit. Elder Ye didn’t have much feeling before, at most he thought that his children and grandchildren were not up to date. If the Lei family really took a cruel blow to the Ye family, then it would be difficult for the Ye family to be better.

“Go now, go right now.” As soon as the Ye master spoke, someone from the Ye family went to find Ye Haisheng back.

Ye Haisheng doesn’t want to come back? Then tie it back!

Ye Haisheng didn’t fall to the point where he was tied back to Ye’s house. He didn’t want to be ashamed, and in the end he obediently followed the people back home. Before he could sit down and take a drink, he was called by Old Man Ye.

When he came to the study, Ye Haisheng saw the cold face of Old Man Ye. The last time he treated him this way was a few days before he was going to be engaged to his current mermaid fiance.

At that time, Ye Haisheng was unwilling to get engaged, so he wanted to find his sweetheart. Where is the old man Ye willing to let Ye Haisheng go out? If Ye Haisheng dared to go, then Ye Haisheng would not have been in the Ye family, and Ye Haisheng would no longer be a nobleman.

Ye Haisheng was frightened. He passed all the responsibilities to others, and it was Elder Ye and the others who forced him.

“That’s Mrs. Lei.” Elder Ye reminded Ye Haisheng that whether Yu Qing is Yu Ren or not, they should all be regarded as Yu Qing not Yu Ren. “You already have a fiancé. You should also think about getting married. Don’t always drag on. .”

“Grandpa.” Ye Haisheng still didn’t want to get married.

“The Qin family is indeed weaker now. It doesn’t mean that the marriage contract between you can be terminated.” How could the old man Ye not know what Ye Haisheng was thinking, “There are fewer mermaids and fewer natural mermaids. You have a good talent for supernatural powers. But it’s still tender.”

When the grandson is older, you will know how important the offspring is.

Regardless of the fact that the Ye family looks at a large number of people now, it is also because everyone has a long lifespan, and some powers with lower power levels are more likely to have children. This also shows that a large number of people is not necessarily a representative of a strong family.

Can love be a meal? No way. And the thing about love is that the door is not right. The longer the time, the longer the two people are together, the more they understand each other, and the more shortcomings of each other can be seen. In this way, each other may not be able to see each other, one side thinks that the other side does not understand the rules of the rich and nobles, and the other side thinks where there are so many rules.

No matter which side it is, people may be ridiculed. The nobleman is said to have found an ugly duckling that can never turn into a swan.

Elder Ye didn’t want to wait so long, and didn’t have such a good intention to fulfill Ye Haisheng, he just wanted to let Ye Haisheng marry the right one.

“At the beginning, that person didn’t even have the courage to perform mermaid reconstruction surgery for you…”

“He is Omega!” Ye Haisheng interrupted Old Man Ye.

“It’s just an ordinary Omega.” Old man Ye doesn’t think that ordinary Omega is so good. If ordinary Omega can give birth to highly talented children for the strong, what do you want a mermaid to do, “Don’t forget who you have now. yours.”

“It was given by the Ye family, but…”

“It’s fine if you know that it was given by the Ye family, but no.” Elder Ye waved his hand, “Go back and think clearly, the Ye family can give it to you, or take it back.”

“…” Ye Haisheng didn’t say any more, he was so cowardly, he didn’t dare to resist. Maybe he should work hard, he shouldn’t have come back from the front line.

Ye Haisheng clenched his fists tightly, it didn’t matter, he had to work hard, and sooner or later he would be able to take charge of everything about the Ye family. At that time, he would no longer have to look at the face of the old man.

No matter how much this Ye family brought him, it also controlled him. Ye Haisheng didn’t want to be a puppet.


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