Mr Xie And His Cat Chapter 63

This night is destined to be a sleepless night.

Xu Luo was so angry with Xieyan and the others that they didn’t care about anything, and scolded Xieyan, Qin Lang, and Xiang Yunfei together.

“None of you really listened to the advice. You are worried, but can you think about the consequences?” Xu Luo turned to look at Xiang Yunfei, “And you, how many times have I told you not to help them cause trouble, You’re good, I just left for a short while before something happened.”

“You are also a medical student, it’s not that you don’t understand the power of it. Even if you want to try it, you can’t let Mr. Xie try it. I don’t know how many times heavier he is than Ji Qinghuai. Ji Qinghuai’s poisonous hair can’t control himself. , let him touch this kind of poison, do you think you have a long life and want to die sooner?”

Xu Luo has always been a very mild-mannered person. This is the first time Xiang Yunfei has seen him get angry. Xiang Yunfei tugged at Xu Luo’s clothes and whispered, “Don’t train me, think of another way.”

“I can’t help it.” Xu Luo sat down on the sofa slumped, “Originally, it could take some more time with medicine, but after Qinghuai transferred the poison from Mr. Xie’s body, his body could no longer bear it, his body would be Getting weaker and weaker, until the heart and blood are exhausted, the oil is exhausted and the lamp is exhausted.”

“I have a question.” Xiang Yunfei asked, “Since Young Master Ji can transfer the poison from Mr. Jie’s body, can we use this as a breakthrough to transfer the poison from Young Master Ji as well?”

“It’s useless.” Xu Luo said: “Mr. Xie is because the poisoning time is short and the toxin has not been integrated into the bone and blood. Qinghuai used his body as a medium to transfer the poison out, but the poison in Qinghuai’s body was discovered too late, it has long been Fusion with the body, there is no way to transfer.”

“Don’t we just watch Master Ji…” Xiang Yunfei didn’t dare to say the following words.

Then the living room fell silent.

Ji Qinghuai stood outside the door, listening to all Xu Luo said, and tightening his hand on the door frame, Ji Qinghuai raised his head, and walked towards the living room as if nothing had happened.

Several people heard the footsteps and looked over, and saw Ji Qinghuai walking out with a smile in his eyes, he walked over to Xie Yan and put a hand on Xie Yan’s shoulder.

“Tell you some good news.” Ji Qinghuai smiled and turned to look at Xie Yan, “We are ready to get the certificate.”

So that afternoon, Ji Qinghuai and Xie Yan stood at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, each holding a small red book, giving this relationship a home.

Ji Qinghuai couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes, he cleared his throat and held the marriage certificate in front of Xie Yan, “This young master officially announced that from now on, you are my legal partner, and you must love me well in the future. , don’t bully me, can you hear me clearly?”

Xie Yan chuckled and hugged Ji Qinghuai, her eyes full of pampering, “Write it down.”

The two looked at each other and smiled, Ji Qinghuai jumped up and hung himself on Xie Yan’s body, happily holding up the marriage certificate in his hand.

“I’m also a certified person, meow…”

A month later, on May 20th, Ji Qinghuai announced on Weibo that he was married in a high-profile manner, and easily put himself on the top of the trending search list. That is, on this night, Qin Lang, who has been single for many years, because of His brother met Ye An on Weibo and ushered in his love.

Ye An, the actor Ji Qinghuai once praised, was originally a docile and well-behaved little white fox. After Qin Lang and Ye An met, they worked together in a movie and fell in love for a long time. After going through some things together, they finally came together.

This year’s New Year’s Eve, Ye An spent with Qin Lang’s family.

On the first day of the new year, the four of them received red envelopes from the two elders together. Ye An had not received New Year’s money for many years. He was happy and moved, and his eyes were wet.

Qin Lang touched his head and took him into his arms. Ji Qinghuai looked unconvinced, wrapped his arms around Xie Yan, and made a face at Qin Lang.

Show what show, who has no object or what.

The crowd laughed together.

The snow outside the window is flying, the interior is warm and harmonious, and everything looks so happy. Once such a long time passes, Ji Qinghuai’s time is short and it seems to have become a dream.

Unfortunately, it was not a dream, but something that actually happened.

According to Xu Luo’s previous inference, Ji Qinghuai’s body will not survive the new year, but due to a combination of circumstances, some turning points have taken place in the second half of the year.

After helping Ye An with the housework, Ji Qinghuai returned Lin Chuxue’s demon pill to Ye An. When Ye An sent the dead to reincarnation, a ray of white light escaped from the demon pill and got into Ji Qinghuai’s body.

Since then, the toxins in Ji Qinghuai’s body have been controlled, and his condition has not deteriorated any more, which is why he has been alive and well until now.

After a few months, the calm and warm time was completely broken in Ji Qinghuai’s three-day coma. Xie Yan knew very well that Ji Qinghuai would not be able to last for long, and one day he would fall asleep like this and never wake up again. Come……

At this moment, Xu Luo rushed to the door, and the first sentence was, “I found a way to save Qinghuai!”

Xie Yan’s dim eyes finally had some brilliance, “What can I do?”

“I heard something a few days ago.” Xu Luo said: “Didn’t the head of the Weisheng family pass away? There are rumors that he was killed by his illegitimate son. The origin of this illegitimate son is not simple. His mother is The great pharmacist Lin Chuxue.”

“The blood of the Lin family has unique medicinal properties, you know that it can be used as medicine to detoxify?” Xu Luo continued: “Hundreds of years ago, the Lin family was wiped out overnight, and the bloodline was unrivaled. It has long been no secret, but I heard that, The illegitimate child of Weisheng Minghong is actually the Lin family, and he left after taking revenge.”

“The so-called strange poison requires a strange medicine doctor. This innate blood is the best medicine.” Xu Luo said excitedly: “As long as I find this person and ask him for blood, I can dispense the medicine and try it.”

After listening, the hope that had just ignited in Xie Yan’s heart was completely extinguished, and the whole person was involved in boundless despair.

Xu Luo saw that his face was not very good, and wondered: “Mr. Xie, what’s the matter with you?”

“This method…it’s useless.” Xie Yan couldn’t help laughing bitterly, “The medicinal power in Ye An’s blood has been removed by his father, and now he is no different from ordinary people.”


Isn’t Ye An Qin Lang’s boyfriend?

There is a lot of information in this sentence, and Xu Luo understood it after a little thought.

That being said, this is the only way to do it…

Xu Luo fell to the sofa, silent for a moment, and started to go crazy.

What should I do ah ah ah ah ah…

At this time, someone opened the door to learn about Yan’s family from outside, Qin Lang and Ye An walked in together, worried: “Is brother still awake?”

Xie Yan shook his head.

Ye An thought about it and asked, “Brother Xieyan, can I go see him?”

“You do it yourself.”

“Okay.” Ye An responded and was about to go with Qin Lang to see Ji Qinghuai. Turning his head inadvertently, Ye An found that Xu Luo was looking at him.

“Hello Dr. Xu.” Ye An greeted Xu Luo obediently.

Xu Luo thought about it and asked, “Can I borrow something from you?”

Ye An was puzzled.

“Lend some of your blood.”

Ye An subconsciously took precautions against Xu Luo, but after thinking about it, his blood is useless now, so there is no need to be so nervous.

Ye An said truthfully: “My blood has no medicinal power.”

“I know.” Xu Luo explained: “But I think that the medicinal power in your blood is innate, even if it is resolved, it cannot be completely cleaned up, and it will still be useful. I want to try it, just in case. This bloodline is still effective, even if it can’t be cured for a while, it’s fine.”

Ye An was stunned, “Can my blood help my brother detoxify?”

“It was absolutely possible in the past, but now I’m not sure.” Xu Luo said: “But this is the end, so I can only try it with luck.”

Ye An was overjoyed when he heard this, “There may be a turning point.”

Ye An looked at Qin Lang, “I made a deal with Fusheng Pavilion before, and Pavilion Master Meng left me a bottle of blood, but I don’t know if it’s still there.”

Floating Pavilion…

This may be the only hope to help Ji Qinghuai detoxify, but there is a problem right now.

Ye Andao: “Floating Life Pavilion is in the demon city, and the enchantment of the demon city will only be opened on the first and fifteenth day of the first year, but today is the third day of the new year. How can we enter if the barrier is not open?”

“Who said he couldn’t get in?” Xu Luo pointed at Qin Lang, “He can get in.”

“The reason why the demon city is protected by enchantment is because it exists at the junction of yin and yang, and Maple Leaf Street is actually the road from the world to the underworld.” Xie Yan said: “But the changes are unpredictable, except for the specified time, rashly If you break in, you will probably get lost and never get out again, but Qin Lang’s original body is a black cat, with a cold constitution, and he can walk freely between the yin and yang realms.

“But Mr. Xie, have you ever thought about the risk of doing this?” Xu Luo said: “Once the barrier on Maple Leaf Street is opened, if someone takes the opportunity to break in and cause trouble, how will you explain it?”

“But I can’t wait.” Xie Yan said: “I will try my best to guard the barrier. If something happens, I am willing to bear the consequences.”

Xu Luo knew that he couldn’t persuade him, but there was no way to persuade him. Ji Qinghuai might not wake up at any time now. It would be too cruel for Xie Yan to let Xie Yan watch Ji Qinghuai die in front of him.

A few people discussed it carefully again. Since they want to break in, then don’t delay anymore, and prepare to start tonight.

Maple Street is located in the most prosperous place in the East District, but there are few people there.

Xie Yan looked around, her eyes fell on a maple tree at the entrance of the street, Xie Yan walked over, touched the tree with her hands, and felt a strong spiritual power fluctuation.

That’s it.

Xie Yan took two steps back, mobilized his spiritual power, gathered all the power between his palms, and shot it out at the barrier. Under the impact of the external force, a faint golden streamer floated in the air, and began to contend with the external impact.

It is not easy to forcibly open the barrier of Maple Leaf Street, even Xie Yan was not sure, the two sides began to fall into a stalemate, sweat broke out from the corner of Xie Yan’s forehead, and his brows were slightly wrinkled.

Qin Lang walked over to Xie Yan, “I’ll help you.”

“No need.” Xie Yan said, activating his spiritual power again, and hitting the barrier with a palm, a circular golden circle appeared at the entrance of the barrier, a burst of power suddenly burst out, and Xie Yan spit out a mouthful of blood. .

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