Mr Xie And His Cat Chapter 64

The End

Qin Lang hurriedly supported Jie Yan, raised his eyes and saw that the aperture was split into two in the process of turning, the barrier opened, Xie Yan wiped the blood on his lips with his fingertips, and said to Qin Lang, “This crack is at most. It can only last for ten minutes, you have to pay attention to the time and be more careful after entering.”

Qin Lang nodded, then turned into a black cat and quickly got into the barrier.

The street was quiet again, a maple leaf fell from the maple tree, and lightly landed at Xieyan’s feet, Xieyan turned around suddenly, and the fierce palm wind mercilessly struck out, cutting the maple leaf that hit behind him in half.

Suddenly, a stream of light appeared at the feet of Xie Yan, and immediately activated the restriction to trap him. At the same time, a figure passed in front of Xie Yan and disappeared into the enchantment.


Xie Yan broke the restriction that trapped him and wanted to chase in, but the moment he entered the barrier, a force flew out, Xie Yan propped on the ground with one hand, and spun his body to the ground.

At this moment in the barrier, the person who attacked Jie Yan was walking quickly through the silent street. The world in front of him was gray, and the mist was shrouded everywhere. The deadly silence made people feel depressed.

However, when the man was about to walk to the end of the street, he suddenly stopped.

At the end of the street, a straight figure stood in the mist with his hands behind his back, the broken hair on his forehead was gently blown by the cold wind, and a pair of red eyes were particularly eye-catching, revealing a strangeness in the mist.

Shen Xie looked at the people in front of her, and said lightly, “For the sake of you helping them, I just pretend that nothing happened today.”

The man said anxiously, “I just want an answer.”

“No one here can give you the answer.”

What else did the man want to say, when a gust of wind suddenly blew up, bringing a burst of killing energy.

Shen Xie said coldly, “Get out of here or I’ll send you out.”

The powerful coercion is terrifying. As long as he dares to disobey, he will be dead in the next second. The man clenched his fists, stepped back, and turned away.

On Maple Leaf Street, Xie Yan concentrated on guarding the barrier. Seeing that the man who broke in earlier came out and didn’t care about him, the time was approaching, and he was a little worried about Qin Lang.

“Meow…” With a cat meow, the figure of the little black cat jumped out of the barrier, and immediately, the barrier behind it closed in advance and returned to its original state.

The little black cat looked back.

It felt a strong sense of oppression just now, and there should be people inside.

But Xie Yan didn’t have the time to wonder what his master was doing inside, and asked Qin Lang, “Have you got it?”

The little black cat nodded.

Xie Yan finally rekindled hope in her heart, and hurriedly went home with Qin Lang, and handed the bottle containing Ye An’s blood to Xu Luo.

Three days later, Ji Qinghuai took the medicine given by Xu Luo and went home with Xie Yan. Qin Lang and Ye An also stopped their work and went home to accompany Ji Qinghuai. Xu Luo told them that although the antidote was prepared, Ji Qinghuai did not. The poisoning time is too long, he only has a 50% chance of success, and the outcome can only be left to fate.

After dinner, Ji Qinghuai leaned on Xie Yan’s arms and chatted with him in a random way. The topic was always irrelevant. In fact, Ji Qinghuai didn’t know what he wanted to say. He could only think of what to say.

Gradually, Ji Qinghuai felt a little sleepy, so he cast his eyes on the glass beside him.

What is there is the antidote that determines his life and death.

“Yan Yan, do you think we will have an afterlife?” Ji Qinghuai asked calmly.

“No.” Xie Yan replied decisively.

Ji Qinghuai looked up at him, “Why?”

“Because… I don’t want to.” Xie Yan’s voice was a little hoarse.

“I don’t want to either.” Ji Qinghuai hugged Xie Yan, “You said you want to love me well, I can remember that, so I can’t be so cheap to you.”

“Yes.” Xie Yan raised her hand and stroked Ji Qinghuai’s face, “So you have to wake up so that I can’t default on my debt.”

“Look at the mood of this young master.” Ji Qinghuai said so, but he hugged Jie Yan reluctantly, raised his head and kissed him.

The kisses in the past were always lingering, with the throbbing and scorching heat of young people, but this season, Qinghuai didn’t want to think about anything. He just wanted to reconcile Yan Qin again.

Both of them wanted to be greedy for more time, but Ji Qinghuai’s consciousness had begun to blur. If he let it go to sleep like this, he might not be able to wake up. Ji Qinghuai was heartbroken, let go of Xie Yan and turned around. The liquid inside was drained.

With a “bang”, the glass fell from Ji Qinghuai’s hands, fell to the ground and shattered into pieces. Ji Qinghuai leaned into Xie Yan’s arms again and slowly closed his eyes.

This sleep is January.

The summer sun is getting hot, and Xie Yan and Ji Qinghuai have known each other for two years.

A feather crept up close to the kitten and brushed lightly on the tip of its nose.

The kitten didn’t respond.

I swiped again, but the kitten still didn’t respond.

Ye An gave up and said to the kitten softly, “Brother, Qin Lang and I’s movie is going to be released. I have all the tickets ready. Wake up, let’s watch it together.”

The kitten didn’t seem to hear it and continued to sleep.

Ye An could only sigh in disappointment.

Qin Lang held Ye An’s hand, “Don’t worry, brother will definitely wake up.”

But these words are more to comfort him. They all know that Ji Qinghuai’s breath is getting weaker day by day, if he doesn’t wake up again…

Xie Yan stood by the door and said nothing.

Since then, Xie Yan has never been out of the house again. Every day, he and Qin Xiaorou will make all kinds of food temptations. Ji Qinghuai is a foodie, and he is the most greedy. Xieyan is looking forward to this little greedy cat will wake up because he is hungry. .

But God didn’t seem to want to miss him. In the anticipation of Xie Yan for dozens of days and nights, the kitten seemed to be unable to hold on, and the breath was so weak that it was almost impossible to check.

Xie Yan stretched out her hand to help the kitten smoothen her hair, and said to it, “I remember that you don’t like other people touching your hair the most. I shaved you bald before and you still had trouble with me, Huaihuai, if you don’t wake up again, I will I’ll shave you bald again and let you…”

A drop of clear tears fell and fell on the kitten’s face.

In these days, Xie Yan hadn’t had a good night’s sleep. He looked very haggard. Maybe he had been holding on for too long. He was a little tired and fell asleep beside the kitten.

In a daze, Xie Yan felt like a human being around him, he woke up suddenly, and when he looked up, he found that the cat on the bed was gone.

Xie Yan’s heartbeat stopped for a moment, and he hurriedly got up to look in the room, and then ran out to look for it, but he searched upstairs and downstairs and couldn’t find the silver gradient figure.

Xie Yan was completely panicked.

Qin Xiaorou and the others are not at home today. He is the only one at home. How could Ji Qinghuai suddenly disappear.

Xie Yan ran into the yard, very scared in her heart, it would be bad if someone with a heart took the kitten away while he wasn’t paying attention.

Xie Yan couldn’t help but blame himself for being too careless, how could he fall asleep at such a time, how could he make such a mistake!

Xie Yan slammed his fist on the wall, regretful.

“Ji Qinghuai, if you don’t come out again, I… I’ll divorce you!”

Just as Xie Yan finished speaking, a smiling voice suddenly came from his ear.

“Yo, is this what I said from my heart?”

Xie Yan turned his head suddenly, and saw Ji Qinghuai leaning under the eaves and smiling at him. Ji Qinghuai was holding a banana in his hand, and he had already eaten more than half of it.

Ji Qinghuai took a bite of the banana, “I just went to get a banana, but you’re going to divorce me, go, leave.”

Xie Yan raised her foot and walked in front of Ji Qinghuai, “Who dares to leave me, I will tear down the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

“You’re the real murderer.” Ji Qinghuai threw away the banana peel in his hand and embraced Xie Yan with open arms, “What I said before doesn’t count.”

“Forget it.” Xie Yan said: “I will love you well in the future, and I will never bully you.”

Xie Yan hugged Ji Qinghuai tightly, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Spring has hundreds of flowers, autumn has moon, summer has cool breeze and winter has snow.

There are four seasons in the world, and I have you.

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“Spring has hundreds of flowers and autumn has the moon, summer has cool breeze and winter has snow” from “One of Fifty-Five Songs to the Ancients”, author: Song, Shi Shaotan.

Thank you for the nutrient solution that all the CPs I sipped are so sweet.

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