Nonlinear Love Chapter 75

Extra 6

When Song Jiaci hugged himself and said “don’t leave me”, he seemed to be very dependent on himself.

Lin Yan didn’t know why, in that dream, Song Jiaci could become so resolute and cruel, but he refused to reply and didn’t respond.

He felt that in that short period of time, he had been abandoned once, standing in place, only dazed.

He repeated, “Promise me not to leave me.”

Song Jiaci’s heart shrank suddenly, and he looked up at the person, his handsome face was a watch he had never seen before.

In the past, Lin Yan was always not very concerned about anything, and his expression was light, as if he would never be disturbed.

But at this moment, his brows were wrinkled, and he looked very sad, very sad.

Song Jiaci raised his hand and stroked his brow lightly: “No, I don’t want it.”

“Well, if you promise, you can’t go back.” Lin Yan stared into his eyes and said persistently.

Song Jia’s ci zheng key point: “Okay.”

He didn’t know why the dream made Lin Yan so scared, but he didn’t want Lin Yan to be unhappy.

Lin Yan raised his hand and rubbed his head, rubbing his fingertips across the intact cheek, and said without reason: “I’m not a face control.”


“Oh, what are you doing, what are you talking about?” Song Jiaci was a little at a loss.

Lin Yan lowered his eyes and explained, “I’m afraid you may misunderstand me. I’m a good friend with you, not because of your cute looks, but because of your cute personality.”

Song Jia’s words are not good, si laughs: “suddenly praising me, it’s not good to blame or blame me.”

Lin Yan was dazed by the cuteness, and his heart relaxed a little, and said softly, “Did it scare you by running over suddenly?”

“I was just, a little surprised, just because of a fake dream, you, you are so anxious.” Song Jiaci spoke intermittently.

“That dream was too real, I felt like I couldn’t wake up at one point. No matter how I called or sent a message, you wouldn’t listen to me. I couldn’t reach you, I couldn’t find it, it seemed like I suddenly lost contact.” Lin Yan sighed softly, “I don’t know why I suddenly dreamed of this.”

After a thorough loss in a dream, he realized at this moment that Song Jiaci was very important to him.

The shallow love thought was used to, seems to have turned into a deep love before knew it.

Song Jiaci pinched his cheek like a prank: “Yuan, it turns out that our brother Lin Yan has such a timid time.”

“I’m afraid of death.” Lin Yan hugged the person and refused to let go. His heartbeat slowly recovered, but he was reluctant to let go.


His wrist was wrapped around his thin waist, which once felt unreal.

The two stood in the cold wind, and Song Jiaci blinked blankly: “Do we want to hug and hug for a long time?”

Lin Yan lowered his eyes and looked at the red nose tip of the man, and he couldn’t hold back his thoughts: “Ci Zi, do you have someone you like?”

I don’t know why the topic suddenly jumped here, Song Jiaci pondered for a while: “Which one do you like? I like you quite a bit.”

Lin Yan’s heart jumped abruptly, and then slowly regained his calm: “It’s like falling in love.”

Song Jiaci wrinkled her nose, “I-I’ve never been in love, so I don’t know what kind of relationship it is.”

Lin Yan hummed and tentatively said, “Would you be unhappy if I had a girlfriend?”


Song Jiaci glanced at him: “You, do you have a girlfriend?”

“I mean if.” Lin Yan felt helpless, “It’s just an assumption.”

Song Jiaci made up his mind about the scene and felt a little unhappy about that.

But he thought, he couldn’t be that selfish, and Lin Yan couldn’t be alone with him all his life, so he shook his head and said seriously, “Probably not.”

Lin Yan hesitated to say anything, but was so angry at the answer that he had nothing to say.


He continued down the topic: “We might hug, kiss, do very intimate things, and you’re no longer number one in my heart.”

Song Jiaci curled his lips: “If you really like it, I can’t help it.”

Lin Yan was helpless, and finally stopped here, just sighed: “Is it cold? Do you want to go back to sleep?”

“Fortunately, I just feel that it’s a bit silly to stand in front of me.” Song Jiaci said with a smile, “But my mother is still there, so I can’t invite you up.”

“No, you go back to sleep obediently, and see you at school in two days.” Lin Yansong expressed a forced smile.

Song Jiaci stepped on his slippers and took two steps to the door, then turned around and hugged him, coaxing a child: “You, if you have nightmares again, just call me or call me.”

“Okay.” Lin Yan nodded.

Song Jiaci added: “Yes, if you can’t sleep, you can, you can find me.”

Lin Yan: “Okay.”


“Go on, it’s about to dawn.”

Song Jiaci patted his broad back: “I’m worried about you.”

The sourness in Lin Yan’s heart was concealed. Although the boy he liked didn’t understand anything, he had already surrendered his sincerity.

“Don’t worry, it’s alright, go back.” Lin Yan let go of him and showed a sincere smile.

In the next few days, Lin Yan taught Song Jiaci to practice the New Year’s Day performance as usual.

Children’s brains are really smart, and they can get started very quickly. After just one month of training, mixing with their partner, they can’t hear any major problems.

The result of the performance was even more exciting than expected. After the class reunion, the two of them were not in a hurry to go home and took a walk around the school’s path.

Lin Yan put his pocket in his pocket and followed him, whispering, “You lied just now, didn’t you tell Xiao Jiu that you want to go home to do your homework?”


“You, you don’t, you say that your stomach hurts.” Song Jiaci replied, “I’m not looking at your eyes or the hints in your eyes.”

Lin Yan pretended to be stupid: “Am I implying that? You must have read it wrong.”

Song Jiaci was half-dead with anger, and quickened his pace: “Well, then I’ll go home.”

Lin Yan smiled and grabbed the man’s collar and dragged him back again: “I’m joking, how can it be easy to get angry.”

“What are they going to do when they were sneaky just now?” Song Jiaci asked.

Lin Yan replied lazily, “I guess it’s time to fall in love.”

Song Jiaci hummed lightly: “Nonsense, how, how is it possible for two men.”

“How can it be impossible for two men?” Lin Yan glanced at him sideways. The street light illuminated Song Jiaci’s eyes very brightly, making his heart move.

The eyes are very good-looking, the skin is very white, and the mouth is open and closed when speaking, it is bright red, and want to kiss it.

Lin Yan restrained his gaze away, fell into the distance, and rolled his throat lightly.

Song Jiaci was stunned for a second, then muttered, “It’s strange, everyone is male and female.”

Lin Yan blinked slowly, and said implicitly, “There are many kinds of likes in the world, and nothing is impossible.”


Walking along the dimly lit path, Song Jiaci was full of these words, until he sat in the bar with Lin Yan and waited for Chi Huang and the others to come over.

Can two men fall in love? This was beyond his previous knowledge, and he didn’t know how to react for a while.

The cocktail in front of me is very beautiful, blue and swaying, like a sea.

Song Jiaci was holding the glass, but he couldn’t control it, and he slammed into a dry breath.

The alcohol entered his throat, and a violent stimulation shot straight into his stomach, Song Jiaci frowned.

Over there, Lin Yan was persuading Su Lian to drink less, when he twisted and saw the empty cup: “Have you finished drinking?”

“Well, it’s delicious, let’s have another drink.” Song Jiaci’s voice was stained with a little drunkenness, and his drunken eyes swayed hazy, “Hey, two Lin Yan.”

Lin Yan was speechless, this fuckin’ one drink will get you drunk, what’s the amount of alcohol.

He squeezed the man’s slender wrist and held it loosely, fearing that he would accidentally slip off the sofa.

Chi Li came back from the bathroom, stared at Su Lian whose cheeks were a little red, and asked in a low voice, “You stole my drink?”

“Well, I’m thirsty.” Su Lian nodded and said slowly.

He stared at the person with gentle eyes, raised his hand to hook Chi Li’s neck, raised his lips and kissed him lightly: “I didn’t smell the smoke, I’m very good, I will reward you.”

When the intimate scene in front of him came into sight, Song Jiaci’s pupils trembled, and he sat up suddenly, drinking more than half of his sober: “He, he, they are, are, are…”

“The two of them are in a relationship.” Lin Yanshun followed his messed up message and helped to answer the question.

“But, but they’re all male.” Song Jiaci didn’t expect that what he said casually while walking just now would actually come true.

Lin Yan said in a low voice, “It’s okay for men, as long as you like it, it’s fine.”

Song Jiaci’s brain was dizzy, he thought, maybe everyone was drinking, and they became out of line and babbled nonsense.

Chi Li had already put his arms around Su Lian, and Lin Yan looked at him with his chin propped up: “Do you want to sit for a while, or go back?”

“Go back, go back.” Song Jiaci replied chaotically.

Lin Yan grabbed his arm and helped him up. Seeing him staggering and unsteady, he asked, “Do you want to vomit?”

Song Jiaci shook his head, followed him obediently to the side of the road to take a taxi, and remained silent the whole time until he got into the back seat.

Lin Yan poked his cheek and said with a smile, “What are you thinking about?”

“Think, think about the wrong master and brother Lian, are the two of them…really together?” Song Jiaci muttered to himself.

“Well, Chi Wang liked Su Lian for a long time, but you didn’t see it.” Having said that, Lin Yan whispered again, “A single cell that you can’t even see.”

Song Jiaci grabbed her neck and retorted in a low voice, “Who are you scolding?”

“Speaking of you, single cell.” Lin Yan gave him a stern glance, leaning on his shoulders, “I’ll be there soon, very soon.”

Song Jiaci tilted his head, chose a comfortable posture, and rubbed his neck as he rubbed his neck, he could smell Lin Yan’s breath.

Light, not the smell of perfume, but like the light fragrance that comes with clothes, it smells very good.

He felt his heart beating a little harder, and it was so noisy that he could hear it all over the car.

So he quietly raised his eyelids again, Song Jiaci secretly looked at people through the dim vision, his vision was blocked, and he could only see the edges and corners of Lin Yan’s lower jaw and the slightly open collar, which seemed to have a bit of sexy taste. .

Song Jiaci closed his eyes again, his mind was chaotic, and he thought that he was probably drinking wine, which was really crazy.

The car was parked at the gate of the community, Lin Yan paid and dragged someone out of the car.

Shaking ‌‌ two steps, Song Jiaci half squatted on the ground, propped up on his knees and said, “A little dizzy.”

Squatting on the ground this time, it really looks like a homeless puppy, pitiful.

Lin Yan looked at him condescendingly, stretched out his hand and said, “I’ll see if you dare to drink next time.”

“I still dare.” Song Jiaci defiantly provoked.

“I’ll carry you.” Lin Yan hooked his arm, pulled the person on his back, fixed it, and walked towards the unit building with ease.

The person on the back is still very light, and after feeding it for a long time, it seems that it does not lift the long flesh.

Song Jiaci dazedly hooked his neck and exhaled into his ears: “Lin Yan, you are really, really kind to me.”

After he finished speaking, he laughed stupidly again, feeling very happy.

Lin Yan hummed: “It’s good to know.”

Song Jiaci lengthened his voice: “Why?”

“What do you think?” Lin Yan asked back.

Song Jiaci thought about it for a few seconds, and the picture of Chi Wang and the two of them kissing flashed in his mind, and he blurted out, “Should you like me?”

Lin Yan pursed his lips quickly and didn’t speak, but the one he held in his hand was heavier, and Song Jiaci felt a little pain.

He went downstairs in silence, put the person down, leaned over slowly, and supported Song Jiaci’s shoulders against the wall.

Song Jiaci looked at the person ignorantly, and asked in confusion, “Why, how can I put it down, oh, well, it seems to have arrived.”

Lin Yan’s eyes swept over him slowly, the thoughts that had been hidden for a long time were surging in his heart, and suddenly he couldn’t hold back.

He approached slightly, and the tip of their noses almost collided, and there was a tangled ambiguity in their eyes.

“Lin Yan.” Song Jiaci sensed something was wrong, and gently pushed his shoulder, “What are you doing?”

Lin Yan didn’t move, and even used his ‌ slightly, pressing forward a little further, and said in a low voice, “Well, I like you.”

Song Jiaci held her breath, feeling the warm breath brushing against her ears with a little alcohol, it was light and itchy, and she felt dizzy.

Staring at the enlarged face in front of him, there was a momentary blank in his mind. After a second, he realized that Lin Yan was answering the nonsense question he just said.

“You, you, you… like me?” He widened his eyes, feeling half sober after drinking, but his mind couldn’t turn around, and his tongue slapped as if he couldn’t straighten it. Knot.

Lin Yan couldn’t move his eyes, and looked at the young boy he liked, his voice was very soft, not afraid of disturbing him late at night: “Remember the dream I had a few days ago? I dreamed of you, I was full of The world can’t find you. It’s been looking for you for years. Although the dream is fake, the feeling is real. Words, if you like me a little bit, do you try to accept me? ?”

Song Jia’s words were silent, but his heartbeat gradually became faster and heavier.

His back was against the cold wall, his palms were so hot that he wanted to catch fire, he wanted to hide, but he couldn’t move.

He stared at each other’s pupils, reflecting two little panics of himself: “I don’t know.”

He was just hit by same-sex kissing tonight, and now his good friend confessed to him with fiery eyes, but the matter of falling in love was unknown to him. He was in a mess and didn’t know how to react.

Song Jiaci spoke with difficulty: “You, are you sure? Could it be because of…drinking, drinking, drinking, and having hallucinations.”

Lin Yan made a light hum, his eyes fell, his fingertips slowly embedded in his fingers, and his fingers intertwined: “Yes, I liked it a long time ago. I want to hold hands, hug, and kiss, but because of you It’s too simple, so I pretend to be a good friend by your side. Song Jiaci, do you feel scared?”

The person in front of him seemed to have become very aggressive, so he stared straight at him, as if to lock in firmly.

Squeezing the back of his fingers, Song Jiaci trembled lightly and whispered, “I-I’m not afraid, I-I just didn’t think about it.”

“Are you refusing?” Lin Yan’s eyes dimmed, and he said a little disappointedly, “Really don’t think about it at all?”

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Song Jiaci opened his mouth, trying to explain that this was not the case, but the words came to his lips, but he couldn’t say a word.

He just didn’t know what to call liking and what to count as liking.

Feeling the person’s slight struggle, Lin Yan let go of his hand and lowered it to the side: “If it makes you embarrassed, we will still be the same as before.”

He laughed mockingly at himself. He had thought about Song Jiaci’s reaction before, but he was more confused than he thought.

I thought that one year was enough time to get enlightened, but now it seems that I am still too optimistic.

It seems that the relationship is still screwed up, Lin Yan thought.

Song Jiaci keenly captured the key point: “Really, really, can it be the same as before?”

Lin Yan pursed his lips quickly, and put his hands into his coat pockets: “I don’t know, let’s do it. It’s windy, go home quickly, and be careful of catching a cold later.”

“Oh, be careful on your way.” Song Jiaci entered the door in a chaotic manner, went up the stairs in a row, and walked slowly in the dim aisle.

Turning to the aisle on the second floor, looking at Lin Yan’s back from a distance, he didn’t say goodnight with a smile as usual, as if his reaction made Lin Yan sad.

Thinking of the sentence “Xu” just now, Song Jiaci suddenly shrank his palms, and suddenly panicked for no reason.

If Lin Yan is sad and doesn’t come back, or if he separates himself from himself, he doesn’t dare to think about what he will do.

A lot of pictures flashed in my mind, and the details of those past relationships spread bit by bit, almost swallowing myself up.

Before knew it, had already become accustomed to getting along with each other, and it seemed that Lin Yan had become an indispensable part of our relationship.

He likes to stay with Lin Yan, play around, and feel happy after class and whatever he does.

Seeing that person laughing, laughing along, watching him down, frowning, as if the other party’s slightest thread can affect him.

Song Jiaci pinched the palm of his hand, his fingertips sunk into the flesh, and it hurt. He felt that he was really stupid.

But the back has disappeared from the field of vision, want to call someone, but there is no chance.

He lowered his eyes in panic, his eyes fell on the necklace on his neck, and he pressed the button in the middle with trembling hands, as if expecting a miracle.

Lin Yan said before that as long as he called, he would appear immediately.

Song Jiaci trotted downstairs, panting heavily and looking towards the gate of the community, shivering in the cold wind, watching eagerly.

It’s just that Lin Yan didn’t respond in time just now, so Lin Yan was probably very sad, and he didn’t want to take care of himself anymore.

“Liar.” Song Jiaci muttered in a low voice, pulling the knot around his neck, “Root, it didn’t come at all.”

It was windy at night, and he blinked his sour eyes, thinking that he had to call someone back to make it clear, and he couldn’t just go over there.

So hurriedly ran out along the path in a sullen mood, without running for a short distance, and bumped into someone head-on.

“What are you running for?” Lin Yan looked down at him and said lightly.

Song Jiaci suddenly lifted up, and was a little stunned: “Why, how are you? This is coming soon.”

“I didn’t.” Lin Yan sighed, raised his hand to fasten the open collar for him, “Even if I receive your call, I will still come back.”

Song Jiaci’s eyes lit up for a moment, then the tip of his nose became sour, and his heart was sore. The shadow of being left behind is too heavy, this is the first time someone really wants to stand there and wait for him.

He felt that Lin Yan was so good to him, so good that he didn’t know what to do.

He closed his eyes suddenly, pressed down the mist that had spread out from his eyes, and stammered, “I, I just thought about it carefully, I think I, I seem to be happy…”

Lin Yan hadn’t practiced this sentence with him, so the words came to his lips, and he hated himself for stammering, and he couldn’t even express his words smoothly.

His cheeks flushed with anxiety, fearing that this person would be impatient and sullen, but he couldn’t say the words in response.

Lin Yan’s heart stopped for a beat, but he just looked at him fixedly, a little starlight lit up in his dim eyes.

“I like it.” Song Jiaci grabbed his collar and pulled it towards him, imitating what he saw tonight, rubbing his lower lip recklessly, continuing the next sentence intermittently, “You.”

“Connect.” Lin Yan smiled and kissed him back, and said slowly, “I like you.”

Song Jiaci hooked his neck abruptly, and whispered, “I like you, as Lin Yan taught him to speak countless times.”


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