Nonlinear Love Chapter 76

Extra 7

September 5‌

Today is Su Su’s birthday. We set off from the capital for a two-month pre-wedding trip. We are very excited.

I was going to surprise him on the plane, so the blending crew borrowed the radio and sang the newly written song by Mr. Su Lian three times in a loop. I would like to thank my friend Lin Yan for the arrangement.

The passengers in the cabin looked very excited, and some even yelled at Encore, which seemed to be very effective, but his expression seemed to be a little cracked.

I thought deeply, maybe it was because I didn’t open my voice in the morning and didn’t sing magnetic enough, he was embarrassed.

September 6‌

‌The hotel rested for a day, and I slammed around and finally explained the reason for Susu’s black face.

It’s not that I don’t sing well enough, it’s because I started by saying “I love Su Lian three times”, which made him lose face from home to abroad.

I comforted him and said that social death should be a thing, you should have gotten used to it by now, it’s no big deal.




Just after saying this, was beaten by Fatty, and back hurt.

September 8‌

Susu, I feed the three big ice creams, it’s so sweet, forgive him for beating me two days ago.

Because after all these years, I still love him so much. It’s really terrible.

September 9‌

On the Double Ninth Festival, I made a video with my parents on both sides, and they worked hard to help them prepare for the wedding. I have to say that my dad’s style has been flamboyant for ten years, and I refuse the idea of ​​getting a fleet of luxury cars to go around the city.

After all, they are all cultural people, not big money, but high-end atmosphere and style.

The family was arguing, and finally Susu knocked on the board: Keep everything simple.

The whole group was silent for a while, and Old Su Zhi agreed: He is right, and we will do it this way.

It is worthy of the ancestral cool brother, and there are not many cruel words.

Oh, it seems like should change name to Dad now.

September 10‌

It is impossible to be simple, and I managed to abduct him and marry him, and it must be done in a big way.

When I was in high school, I fantasized about our wedding. Chinese and Western styles are fine. The most important thing is that this person must be on the side.

I couldn’t get a permit in China, so I picked a few countries, thinking that if I could find a day to get the permit, I would definitely tie Su Lian to death.

He laughs at me like a young man who has finally found a partner in the marriage and love market, and he is anxious.

Yes, I’m just in a hurry, I can’t help it.

September 13‌

I have to say that there are so many thieves in France, even stealing Laozi’s wallet. The key is that there is our graduation photo in it.

Well, I saved an electronic version of my wit back then. When I return to China, I will print ten copies, enlarge them and hang them on the wall of our new home.




Anyway, we are not the back of the head, we are the protagonists.

September 16‌

The churches in Italy are very beautiful and there are many tourists. The key point is that the hotel is good, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides. In view of the harmony, the specific content will not be repeated.

In general, Su Daji is the eternal god.

Susu said that he never wanted to come to this ghost place again, but I wanted to come again 10,000 times.

It doesn’t matter whether you look at the scenery or not, the main reason is that the hotel’s breakfast is really delicious.

September 18‌

Because the first two days were too presumptuous, Susu was very cold these days, and even refused to hold me.

I think it’s been so many years, how can I be so embarrassed, it’s still the same as when I was a teenager.

However, I often look at his profile in a trance, and I can think about a lot of our high school past. It was a wonderful time.

Secretly having a puppy love, doing exercises, passing notes in class, making appointments with food stalls, all the trivial things, as long as you have a one-off with him, you will feel happy.

Of course, now too, I love him as always.

September 19‌

Routinely made a wish at the Roman Wishing Pool, and now both parents are still healthy, I don’t have to guess, I just concluded that he was a wish.

At this time, Su Su always has an overly obsessive piety, and every time I think of this, I feel very distressed.




I said that his wish will always be that one, and it will not change. I hope Chi Wang can live a long life.

I stood side by side with him, tossing the coin as devoutly as I did, and I promised that I would grow old.

Anyway, it all means the same thing, we both have a lifetime, until 2100.

September 21‌

Standing on the seaside in Greece, the sun is shining and the surroundings are noisy. I couldn’t hold back my cheap hands, so I splashed him with a splash of water, and the shirt was half soaked.

He wasn’t angry, he stood there for a few seconds, and borrowed a bucket from the kid who was digging a tunnel next to him.

Ah, a big wave of sea water from the beginning to the end, the sea water is really cool.

September 24‌

‌Children Su bought a windmill, a local specialty. He said with a cold face that he didn’t need it.

But I clearly saw him smiling, and when it was windy, I took it out secretly and turned it around a few times.

It’s so fucking cute, is this the charm of Cool Brother’s disgusting integrity?

September 27‌

Yesterday it was windy, Susu seemed to have a cold, and she was clinging tightly to me. She hugged me when she went to bed at night.

Every time this time, he would be very soft, and he would call “Brother Chi” coquettishly in a low voice.




To this day, I still can’t stand these two words, they fall into my ears and become numb.

[The book chasing app recommended to me by an old book friend who I have known for ten years, Mimi read! It’s so easy to use, I rely on this reading aloud to pass the time before driving or going to bed. You can download it here 】

Of course, sometimes called brother is even more.

Not to mention, he didn’t feel very well, so I went to him to boil hot water.

October 1‌

Registered marriage today, choose to celebrate with the motherland.

We became legitimate lovers in the true sense.

October 4‌

The gloomy London is drizzling, and there are still British uncles in trench coats singing in the subway station. It’s not bad, but it’s not even better than me.

Susu used to say something, and I was full of thoughts about how nice his British pronunciation was, and then I saw that he took the microphone.

He sang the song “If It’s You” that I sang many years ago, and there was a lot of people around him. They couldn’t understand it, but this time I finally heard the lyrics clearly, and I felt really good in my heart. ‌It’s very sour.

The rain was fine, he stood there quietly and looked at me, I wanted a warm hug from him.

He has indeed changed a lot. The introverted teenager at the time was already willing to stand on the street to express his love to me.

October 8‌

Bath’s hot springs are good, Liverpool’s teams are average, and the fish and chips are terrible.

This time we lived in a villa in the suburbs. Susu went to the supermarket to buy a lot of dishes and asked to cook, saying that she couldn’t bear to watch me starve.

I was very impressed, then turned my head and saw a pot of customized health porridge with no discernible material.

It’s weird that the UK also sells these? Hold.

October 13‌

To be honest, felt a little nauseous after eating health porridge for six days.

I really don’t dislike it, after all, eating the same thing will always get tired, right?

In the middle of the night, couldn’t sleep, looking at the misty moon in the distance, it was really not as good as the sleeping face of the person on the bed.

So I lay back on the quilt and gave him a very soft kiss.

I still have to be gentle at this time, I’m afraid of waking him up, I just wish he could have a good dream every day.

October 15‌

In order to no longer be tortured by health porridge, I decided to set off for a country.

The plane was a little bumpy, he leaned on my shoulder and slept soundly.




I couldn’t sleep, so I just stared at him for six hours.

October 19‌

I didn’t expect that two big men would go to a place like Disney, surrounded by children, it was really noisy.

Su Su stood in line in the middle of the crowd with a cold expression on her face, which was actually a violation of peace.

But the fireworks at night were very beautiful, and the sky was dazzling. I borrowed flowers to offer Buddha, and told him again that I loved him very much.

His eyes were lit very brightly, inexplicably reminding me of the meteor that flashed by that night.

Afterwards, we had some wild kisses in the crowd, so romantic.

October 22‌

Find an island in the past two days and plan to lie down for a few days. Counting the time, it has been a month and a half since we came out, and there are exactly 20 days left until our wedding.

The invitations were all sent out, and the class group of Class 6, which had been silent for a long time, exploded in an instant.

I haven’t seen them for a long time, hope everyone will be here, and miss everyone.

October 25‌

Gu Anjiu mysteriously asked me if I could bring my family, and he said he could double the money.

After many years of motherhood, this person has finally been quiet, but at first glance, he has no experience, and showing affection is blunt.

However, when saw the photo in the small group, she was a very cute girl, more than enough for him.

There is just one question, can he also get rid of the little sister’s sister? beasts.

October 28‌

Lying on the beach is really comfortable, but it’s hot. Susu won’t let me take off my clothes and get some sunshine. I have to follow the example, so I also ask him.

So the two of us wrapped up tightly and lay down with umbrellas, covering our sweat.

November 1‌

As soon as got out of bed, saw the hot search, and Lin Yan actually posted it on Weibo directly, which was very lively. It was an intimate photo with Song Jiaci.

He is really hot, and there are three hot searches in a row: #林燕出口#, #林燕爱爱#, #林燕高 climbbu ‌#.

The third entry is a bit familiar, oh, my dad said that too.




Maybe up to now, even though I have changed my face and become a new person, my dad still feels this way.

So my brother and I are pretty cool.

November 5‌

After a circle, we finally returned to the country. We followed the Sichuan-Tibet line all the way to the south, slowly approaching the direction of Wucheng.

Susu had some high-profile reactions, and his face was very pale, but he still held my hand.

I thought to myself, he was just afraid that I would get lost.

If I really don’t, what should he do?

November 9‌

At four o’clock in the morning, we were waiting on the mountain to see the exit. He looked at me quietly, and suddenly sighed: “It’s good to be alive.”

I understand, and being able to walk through these places hand in hand with him in a safe and healthy way was a dream that was once out of reach.

As it got closer and closer to my life, I could feel his nervousness and unease, and we still wore that worn-out talisman.

In fact, I am also very nervous, whether it is about the wedding or the future, everything is still in the future.

I pray to God, I hope to live a little longer, a little longer.

November 12‌

Today is my twenty-sixth birthday, and today is my son and Su Lian’s wedding.

Chi Huang paused for a while, then slowly collected the printed note on his hand and put it aside.

He looked at the stage, and the banquet hall covered with dark blue petals was full of people, all with smiles and blessings on their faces. It was the wedding scene he had imagined.

Withdrawing his gaze, his eyes fixed gently on the person in front of him, and he could no longer look away.

Su Lian and him were dressed in suits of the same color, with the broken hair on their foreheads combed, revealing handsome eyebrows and foreheads, and the whole shape was outlined to be tall and slender. From a young man to a young man, he still looks good.

Chi Wang held the microphone, and the always arrogant person’s palms became sweaty for the first time: “The memory I just shared is only a small part of our lives, and we have been in love for eight years. I Very greedy, I want to write more notes with you and go further. I don’t know what life will be like after the age of twenty-six, but I want to Take all the time of your life to you.”

“My twenty-six, thirty-six…until I’m ninety-six, it’s all yours, and I’ll work hard to live until that day.”

Su Lian blinked slowly, looking at the other party with slightly red eyes.

He had nothing else to ask for, but hoped that Chi Wang would be healthy and safe, stay with him all the time, and don’t leave.

The people who applauded desperately in Taiwan only heard the sweetness in it, and no one knew what kind of separation they had experienced, and the reunion after a long absence.

But there is also a relationship. Those sorrows have all passed away, and they still love each other, which is enough.

Su Lian choked up and said softly, “Mr. Chi Wang, twenty-six years old, I am very happy to officially enter into marriage with you today. I will be as promised by my oath, no matter if I am sick or healthy. , rich or poor, always loyal to you, not even death can separate us.”

Not even death can separate us, I still love you, always.

Only this time, there is no disease, no pain, no heart-wrenching separation, no unbelievable shame.

Completely from youth to adulthood, all the unfinished regrets of the previous life have finally been completed in this life.

They exchanged rings, hugged and kissed in the sound of everyone’s blessings.

After the thank-you ceremony, the two of them toasted at the table, and the banquet hall was very lively, with laughter and blessings everywhere.

Su Lian’s drinking capacity was not good, and after a while, he became a little drunk, but he still held the glass and refused to put it.

Chi Huang pulled him aside and said in a low voice, “If you feel uncomfortable, I’ll drink it for you.”

“No, I’m happy today, let me drink two more glasses.” Su Lianyang pouted, with mixed feelings in his heart.

“It’s good to finally marry you.” Chi Wang leaned against his shoulder, his voice was very soft, “Just now on stage, in front of everyone, I didn’t say a word. This time, I will definitely be later than you. If I die a little bit, if there is the pain of parting from life and death, I will bear it.”

Su Lian raised his head slightly, the end of his eyes were a little red: “Brother Chi, I’m overjoyed, don’t talk about that.”

Chi Wang pursed his lips: “This time has made you worry, right?”

During the two-month journey, he often woke up from nightmares, then grabbed his hand and repeatedly checked his pulse and heartbeat.

Every time see such a tense conditioned reflex, heart aches, and the pain of the previous life has been sewn into Su Lian’s body, becoming an indelible injury.

“I forgot.” Su Lian looked at him with a smile, and said calmly, “I just said, I am very happy now.”

Chi Wang held his hand with tears in his eyes: “Happy wedding, Susu.”

In the distance, Gu Anjiu put his arms around his little girlfriend and stood at the door in a daze, shouting, “The groom is here to take a picture with us, can you do it?”

“Come on.” Chi Huang put the wine glass aside, raised his hand and hooked Su Lian’s shoulders and walked towards the small garden outside the banquet hall.

The sun was exceptionally bright today, illuminating this side of the world brightly, and the people in Class 6 were noisy and crowded, reminiscing about the old days.

Su Lian looked around and saw that almost all the students in the class were in attendance, all dressed in grand clothes, and the youthful shadow of those days was no longer there.

Liu Youyou was still as public as before, smiling with crooked eyes and said, “The CP I slapped actually got married, after-sale jumbo candy, I’m crazy! Many little sisters wanted to come today, I just posted the photos of the scene, You won’t be angry, will you?”

Chi Wang said casually: “Even if you share, I don’t mind.”

“I didn’t expect the two of you to hold on for this long. I’m really shocked.” Li Guoqing, who is now completely bald, patted the two of them on the shoulders kindly. , There is also a legend of two studying gods in the third middle school, and I should have a face.”

“Thank you, Teacher Li, for taking the time to come here.” Su Lian replied with a smile, “I’m very happy to see you.”

Director Cheng, who was unexpectedly invited, snorted softly next to him, but hesitated.

Qi Tian shouted loudly: “Hey, aren’t you happy to see us? I’m pushing hundreds of thousands of business over here.”

Su Lian said solemnly: “For the cost of the loss, let President Chi make you money.”

Everyone instantly burst into laughter, and they all praised the general atmosphere of Chi.

The photographer was squatting, and the conductor next to him said, “There are too many people. You should stand in several rows, and the two grooms will stand in the middle. I will call one, two, three, and everyone will do their best.”

Chi Li and Su Lian were wearing the same suits, with their shoulders resting on their shoulders, looking at the front camera.


Everyone began to tidy up their clothes and grooming. It was a rare moment to gather today, for fear of leaving bad memories.

It’s just that they lost their proper form soon, and they shrugged their shoulders, laughed and laughed, and made a fuss.


Chi Li turned his head to the side and met Su Lian’s eyes, both of them looked at each other quietly. Time and space overlap, and suddenly it is like returning to the graduation season of that year, their brave and hot love.

‌One second before the camera was pressed ‌, Chi Wang grabbed Su Lian’s neck strap towards him, tilted his head and kissed ‌‌ affectionately.


The camera flashed, and the photo was frozen.

In the picture taken, Director Cheng is still half-faced, but his eyes are gentle and smiling.

Everyone turned their heads back as if they were in a good mood. All of them opened their mouths, stretched their necks, and looked at the newlyweds in the center. In the photo, the backs of their heads were all black.

Time seems to stop forever. In the noisy midsummer of the graduation season, the boy love kisses quietly.

The heart of a young man is like a long time.

——End of the whole article——


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