Pretending to be an NPC Chapter 296

Many Years Later

Years later, the people of the Wasteland still speak of him.

Those players who have turned from newcomers to old people, only when they talk about that legend, will their numb souls glow with the gorgeous colors of life.

“I have followed all his videos, I have watched him appear here, and I have watched him spread his wings. Although it is a bit of an afterthought at this moment, when I first saw that video, I knew that the corner of the desolation was left behind. Don’t let him go.”

When a newcomer enters the barren corner, the old man will also tell him the story of that person: “You know what? In the original barren corner, there is no tradition of the ten major transformations into the ecstasy. It is a hopeless world, like stagnant water, alive. Just struggling.”

The newcomer can’t imagine what the more desperate Desolate Corner looks like, nor can he imagine the demeanor of that person.

“You can go and watch his video.”


And those who have actually met him, and even the top ten who have had a brief contact with him, will also talk about him when they are enjoying the benefits of the ecstasy with a beer in their spare time.

Although there have been many newcomers in the top ten in the past two years, the five of them are still habitually grouping themselves and others into a group, and do not have dinner with others.

“He said there would be a surprise for me, and I never thought it would be this.” Wen Li poured soda and ice into the lemon juice.

Seeing the ice cubes gurgling in the drink, many small bubbles appeared in the juice with the sound of ‘chi’, and her mood became as soft and happy as the bubbles.

In the once desolate corner, they did not have such happiness. No matter how beautiful the top ten are, they are also little bugs that will be crushed by the wheel of fate at any time.

Not only Wen Li, but everyone else never imagined that these poor **** in prison would one day be like a free citizen, illuminated by the real sun, enjoying such a pleasant afternoon tea in the bustling and lively streets.

Yes, this is not a desolate corner, nor is it a copy of a hidden crisis, but an ordinary but precious source world.

This is not a particularly famous place, just an ordinary commercial street, an ordinary tavern. But the sunlight outside the window is free, and the world outside the window is also free.

This is their off-duty time, and Wenli and others like to find a favorite source world to stay in. Not just for rest, but for research. They have to choose a world they like best as a retirement home in a few years.

“I don’t know which world the little rabbit is in. If I find it, I will live in his world.” Wen Li wanted to do this, so she has always been paying attention to the entertainment industry in each world.

“Really? If you find it, don’t forget to tell me.” Chen Shen was drinking the delicious blended wine, she liked the aroma of the coffee in it, “I’m going to open a shooting gallery, and I’m used to staying in the desolate corner for a day. It’s uncomfortable not to touch the gun.”

“Really? I want to open a library, so can a flower shop.” Wen Li smiled.

Desolation Horn promises that when they leave, they can choose to take certain skills, items or money with them. With their personalities and abilities, even if they go to the ordinary world, it is impossible to live a peaceful life.

“Cough, cough, cough.” Ke Bei, who was sickly in the corner, coughed low. His disease was cured, but he still coughed habitually. I don’t know if the environment where Ren Yifei lives is good or not. He wants to go to a place with better air quality.

Shan Chuan, who was drinking tea, glanced at him and suddenly said, “Ke Bei seems to know.”

It’s not a question, it’s a statement.

Ke Bei raised his eyelids and looked at the peaceful mountains and rivers. And Shanchuan just nodded to him: “Check the coordinates of the world you have traveled recently.”

Several other people’s eyes rolled, but they didn’t say anything, it was time to drink and drink.

Ke Bei twitched the corners of his mouth: each one of them is as refined as a ghost.

They all knew that the Black Rabbit was the evil god. At that time, everyone wondered why the Horn of Desolation launched the profession of Soul Seducer, so it showed them a video.

It is the video of the dark blue copy Ren Yifei transforming the prototype. Even across the screen, the ability of that extraordinary life to evoke emotions and desires still affects them, making them unbelievable.

“This is my agreement with him,” said Desolate Horn, “let you work for me, and finally let you go.”

Then there was no such thing. They easily accepted this setting, and all applied to become soul-suckers-this name is too cliché, but the corner of the barren insists on it, and the aesthetics are worrying.

In any case, they are now full-time employees of the Horn of Desolation, although there is no salary, only a promise to leave.

No player can refuse the temptation to leave the Wild Corner, and neither can the Big Ten.

After afternoon tea, it was time for work. Everyone was assigned ten audited objects. They had to audit all the selected objects within 24 hours, and most of them were off-duty hours.

Each of them works in a different way, but they are all equally efficient.

Wenli likes to work at night in the world of the audited object. She has the ability to dream, and she can figure out a person’s foundation in ten minutes.

In the dream, the subject will repeat the process of killing himself.

Sometimes she didn’t even have a second to judge. This was the case with the last auditee. Wen Li saw that she was seven or eight years old, and reached out and pushed his sister into the dry well with a smile on his face.

“Pass.” She directly stamped, “Next.”

Not long after she left, Shan Chuan appeared in the same place. He looked down at the sleeping girl who looked very sweet, that is, seventeen or eighteen years old, stuck on the “adult line” stipulated by the Horn of Desolation.

He stretched out his hand and turned his five fingers into metal organs. The fingertips were blades. He easily cut through the skin and dug out the heart from his chest.

It was the heart of the soul, not the body, but the girl’s face on the bed was instantly gray.

He took out a prop, a scale, with golden feathers on one side and empty on the other. This is what he got in a copy of some kind of Egyptian civilization, which can weigh a person’s good and evil.

He put the girl’s heart on it, ‘boom’, the golden tray sank directly to the bottom, making a crisp sound.

“Pass.” Yamakawa stamped and threw his heart back.

The two passed, and a third person was no longer needed, and the girl was directly selected to be taken away. She slept on the bed, her breathing stopped, her ruddy face a lifeless gray.

Shanchuan turned to leave, and he had to do the next task.

“Ding dong.” Butterfly in another world received a notification of ‘review object change’, and you don’t have to think about it to know that one of the audit objects has been ‘excluded from the two links’.

“嘁.” He curled his lips and dropped the half-dead in his hands.

He was the slowest every time, which was really annoying.

He patted the man’s face with the hot gun barrel in his hand. His face was expressionless, and his eyes were cold: “If you don’t know how to play with guns, don’t play, okay?”

The reviewer, whose eyebrows were pierced by ten bullets, trembled. If it wasn’t for his soul state, he would have wet his pants.

“pass through.”

Before leaving this world, Butterfly discovered Ke Bei. He was covered with a layer of pity, and the person being audited knelt in front of him and wept bitterly. come out.

From peeking at the widow next door taking a bath, to committing financial fraud and ruining the family, as long as he can remember, he will say it.

But this aura is only useful to those who have a view of good and evil. If a person is naturally anti-social and feels that killing is the happy and right thing to do, the clergy aura will fail.

At that time, this morbid holy spokesperson will physically subdue the demon.

“It will never be more neurotic than those four people (Wen Li, Chen Shen, Shan Chuan and Butterfly).” Ke Bei, a late control freak, thought so.

At this time, Ke Bei also saw a butterfly passing by, and the two people who had been in the bottom of the line all the year round looked at each other.

“How many are you?” Butterfly asked, he knew that Ke Bei was also slow, and maybe he was also the first task target.

“Two, how about you?”

“…Goodbye.” Butterfly turned and left without looking back.

Butterfly went to the world of the next task object, but he saw Chen Shen sitting on the roof desperately calling the Horn of Desolation.

“What are you doing?” Butterfly asked, not understanding why she had such a bitter expression.

Chen Shen raised his head: “I just found out that the target of the task is a corrupt official. Corruption and bribery led to the collapse of a building that had only been built for ten years, and more than 100 people were killed and seriously injured.”

“So?” Butterfly tilted her head, a question mark appeared.

“Hmph,” Chen Shen snorted coldly, “I applied to review all these batches of officials I dealt with, and one of them was killed to ensure that there were no wrongful convictions. But the Horn of Desolation actually pretended to be dead for me!”

After speaking, it was crazy to communicate again, and the fingers almost appeared phantoms.

Butterfly: “…I take the liberty to ask, where did you work?”

“The Disciplinary Inspection Commission.”

The butterfly that has always been the killer: “Sorry, farewell.”

Butterfly worked hard all day. Although he tried his best not to ‘play games’ with the person being reviewed, he was still late this day.

“I’ll be the last one.” He lowered his head expressionlessly, feeling depressed.

However, when we arrived at the tavern, there was no one there.


“Hello, is that Mr. Hu?” The clerk came over with a blushing face, and even though she watched this group of handsome men and women with their own characteristics for several days, she still couldn’t resist, “Your friend left you a note .”

When the butterfly picked it up, it was a coordinate, and a black rabbit was drawn next to it.

“Thank you.” He grabbed the note, turned and left the pub.

In Ren Yifei’s world, at seven o’clock, the sun has set.

The huge platform on the second floor of his house had already heated up the frying pan and charcoal.

In the morning, Ren Yifei suddenly said that he was going to eat barbecue today, and then he bought a lot of ingredients.

“You buy so much, and we can’t finish it.” Saman was a little helpless, but he was the first to put on an apron and roll up his sleeves to skewer the meat.

Ren Yifei shook his head: “There will be friends coming.”

Saman thought it was the friends he knew in the circle: “I’ll go buy some beer to chill. Summer barbecues go best with cold beer.”

After being brushed with oil and sprinkled with seasoning, a string of barbecue ingredients have been placed. There are four or five bottles of beer in the ice bucket on the table, and the air is filled with the heat of the charcoal fire.

Saman had already fried Ren Yifei’s favorite luncheon meat on an iron plate. He carefully blew the heat and fed his boyfriend to his mouth: “Try it?”

Both of them were wearing T-shirts of the same color and style, and they looked like ordinary couples.

As soon as Ren Yifei opened his mouth, the sky suddenly cracked, and a few people in black uniforms fell down.

With a dark face, Ke Bei silently put a box of cakes that had been thrown in a mess behind him: “Long time no see.”

“Hi.” Wenli got up and shook the wine she brought, “It looks like you are just about to have dinner, can we join in?”

The others also stood up, all carrying things in their hands. Chen Shen brought fruit, Shanchuan brought tea, and Butterfly even brought a huge bluefin tuna that shook its head and tail, and it weighed more than 100 kilograms.

“Cough, time is tight, make do with it.” He said.

A smile fainted from the corners of Ren Yifei’s lips: “Take what you want to eat, you have been waiting for a long time.”


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