Savage Addiction Chapter 43

The bonfire party lasted until late into the night. Although Li Mu had a good amount of wine and it was OK to drink a few bottles of big Wusu, he couldn’t live being drunk in turn.

Ning you can do nothing but entrust Li Chao with the task of stopping the wine. He and Ning Xin come to the double chair outside the square and look at the busy crowd from a distance.

“Why are you free?” Outside the workplace, Ning you talks casually to Ning Xin. Until now, he still can’t believe that so many acquaintances came to Xinjiang to cooperate with Li Mu to propose to him.

“Let’s see what’s good here.” Ning Xin is wearing a thick down jacket. He doesn’t wear his usual gold framed glasses. His eyes are open and look at the vast beauty under the moon.

“How’s it going?” Ning you asked, “it’s not bad here.” “The scenery is really good.” Ning Xindao.

Those who have been to Hanas will be convinced by its beauty. It is a pure natural beauty without any deliberate carving. In it, I can’t help but sigh how great the power of nature is.

“Why did you and Li Chao want to come to Xinjiang at the beginning?” Ning Xin suddenly asked.

“He showed me some pictures and let me choose. I fell in love with Kanas Lake at a glance.” Ning you said.

Now in retrospect, it’s like fate. Ning you is inexplicably attracted here. It seems that she is preparing for meeting Li Mu.

“Then you and Li Mu are really destined.” Ning Xin said, glancing at Li Mu in the crowd and said faintly, “he is very different from the city here“

Ning Xin has seen many young and promising social activists, but Li Mu is the first to eat so well in the countryside

“He’s handsome.” Ning you drank more or less. When talking about his sweetheart, his face can’t be covered up. He likes’ you haven’t seen him riding, that’s so handsome. ”

“I didn’t pour cold water on it, Ning you.” Ning Xin said without expression, “your growing environment is easy to be attracted by people like him. But over time, you may not like him as much as you do now.”

This is clearly pouring cold water.

Ning you subconsciously wants to refute, but when it comes to experience talking about such things, he always can’t find a tenable argument, because Ning Xin is older than him, that is, he has more say than him.

“So,” Ning Xin suddenly said, “feelings need to be managed. If you want to go on for a long time, my advice to you is to keep fresh.”

On the surface, it is pouring cold water, but behind it is blessing. Ning you smiled faintly, looked at Ning Xin and said, “thank you, mom.”

Six months later.

Hanas Lake in spring has a charming romance. Green vegetation covers the lakeside, and the breath of life comes to your face. From a distance, the snow and ice on the top of the snow mountain have not melted, and the green plants hold the snow top, which is the only spring scenery here


The environmental protection station stands at the entrance of Tuwa village. Passing tourists will stop at the public welfare bulletin board for a while.

Since the reopening of Hanas scenic spot, only more tourists have come. Ning you and Li Mu have fewer days to go down the mountain. They spend most of their time in small wooden houses or patrolling the mountains in the woods.

With the successful development of implantable monitor, the poaching rate of Hanas Geopark has been greatly reduced. At present, this technology is gradually promoted to other forest areas under the leadership of the government.

Ning you is no longer afraid of wild animals haunting in the woods, because the administrator app on his mobile phone can clearly see the activity tracks of wild animals.

“They all said not to come here!” The mobile phone gave an alarm. Ning you took out his mobile phone from his pocket and looked, “there are wolves coming!”

Li Mu glanced at Ning you’s mobile phone and accelerated the sprint: “it’ll be ready soon.”

Ning you leaned against the big tree with Li Mu’s waist between his legs. They left traces in many places in the forest, but none of them was as exciting as today.

When the wolves were still a hundred meters away, they finally finished and put on their clothes in a hurry. Li Mu rode on Hari and Ning you rode on Chagan. Two horses, one black and one white, ran in the opposite direction of the wolves.

These days, Ning you’s riding skills have made great progress, and his natural and unrestrained posture is no worse than Li Mu. The two men shuttled through the forest, sometimes the black horse was in front, sometimes the white horse was in the lead, and the place where the horse’s hooves had trodden raised a lot of dust.

After a while, Ning you’s mobile phone lifted the alarm, and the two gradually slowed down their horse speed and strolled in the woods.

“Don’t do this in the future.” Ning you said to Li Mu, “this is the last time. We won’t do this in the wild in the future.

“How many times have you said that?” Li Mu glanced at Ning you casually. “Next time you’ll still be happy to be naked in the woods.

“It’s different this time.” Ning you said with a guilty heart, “I’m serious.”

Once upon a time, Ning you couldn’t accept even playing in the forest, but after being with Li Mu, he has been shameless in the forest for many times.

But this time is really different from the past, because today they are about to leave here.

When returning to the cabin, Xiao Zhao had been waiting outside the fence, and their luggage had been put on the car. President Ning, do you have anything else to take away? “Asked Xiao Zhao.

Ning you went to the cabin and looked around. In fact, they didn’t have much to take away, only some electronic equipment and some clothes. Other items maintained the same as when they lived here.

“Nothing. Let’s go.” Ning you said.

This is also the last time Xiao Zhao works for Ning you. After arriving at the airport, she and Ning you will return to Jinshi respectively as the head of the administrative department of Ning’s technology.

Xiao Zhao drove ahead and soon disappeared. Ning you and Li Mu ride down the mountain and can finally enjoy the scenery of Hanas.

“Will you not give up?” Ning you casually takes Cha Gan’s reins and asks Li Mu nearby. “No.” Li Mu turned his head and looked at Xiang Ningyou, “it’s not to say goodbye to you.

The two horses walked out of the birch forest and came to the open grassland. On both sides of the road, there were many cattle basking in the sun, lying lazily on the green grassland, as if seeing them off.

“In fact, I’m a little reluctant.” Ning you looked around and suddenly felt a little melancholy. The scenery here is so beautiful that he doesn’t want to leave.

“We can come back anytime.” Li Mu said, “and the place we go is no worse than here.” The monitor will be popularized in Yunnan, and the next two will go to the mountainous areas of Yunnan.

“Not giving up is really not giving up,” Ning you takes back his sight from the distance and looks at Li Mu, “but I’m also looking forward to the next place.

Every day with Li Mu, Ning you feels fresh. He believes that after going to Yunnan, he can feel a different sense of freshness.

“Have you been to Yunnan before?” Ning you asked.

Yes. ” Li Mu said, “I have a tree house over there.” “I don’t know whether Hari and Chagan adapt to the climate there.” Rest assured, they are more adaptable than you think.

It’s said that people over there will eat insects. I don’t want to eat insects. ” I’m in charge of your food. No one will force you to eat.

Then I’ll have bridge rice noodles, steamed chicken, casserole fish… ” make it for you. I’ll make you whatever you want. ”

The two horses walked slowly down the mountain, leaving a black and a white back. Ning you and Li Mu are talking about something without nutrition. The passage of time seems to have become long.

Leaving the cage of the city, life seems to have become a long holiday. No matter where you go to work, you can feel the same mood of vacation.

Although Ning you and Li Mu left Xinjiang, there are countless beautiful places in the world waiting for them.


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