School Uniform Gentleman Chapter 70

Extra 3

In the hot summer, C University has just started a new semester.

Walking up the open-air stairs of the teaching building along the cicadas and shade, the students are talking excitedly in the ladder classroom of C University.

“They are all saying that we have a new teacher for microeconomics this time?”

“Yes, I heard that all undergraduate and graduate students are t-university students. After graduation, they were invited to exchange and study in Ivy League colleges for half a year. They just returned home – because of their brilliant resume and exceptional promotion to lecturer, they came to take us first.”

“Yes, that’s great. Don’t you know?”

“What’s so happy about the lecturer teaching?”

“Our monitor saw it in our college office this morning. The male teacher is very handsome!”

“How handsome?”

“It is said that there is no problem rolling the first ten school grasses of our school.”

“Really? Isn’t that exaggerated?”

“Don’t believe it. Our monitor secretly took a picture. The broken pixels and death perspective are God’s beauty, and the real person is definitely more — hey, here it is!”

The girl here was beating her companions excitedly and staring at the front door of the classroom.

There are not a few students who look forward to the same as her. The originally noisy classroom is much quieter. In the eyes of the crowd, a long leg trimmed with neatly lined suit pants first stepped in from the door.

Polished black leather shoes stepped on the ground, and the young man in a smoky gray suit walked slowly to the podium.

Put down the lesson plan, tidy up the desk, turn on the multimedia projection equipment, and put on a micro microphone for himself – after that, the young man looked up. The silver mirror leg holds the thin frameless flat lens, which reflects a little cold light like water. Under the gentle glasses, the smile on that clear and handsome face was gentle and harmless.

The man raised his eyes and scanned the huge ladder classroom.

“Hello, I’m Yu Rui, the teacher of microeconomics.”


The silence in the classroom has lasted since he entered the door. It is about this sentence that finally brings everyone’s consciousness back to reality.

A few seconds later, the students in the classroom woke up one after another, and their voices were disordered and shouted in unison:

“How handsome.”

“My God, is this really a teacher, not a star?”

“I’m so handsome. How can I have the mind to attend class in the future? I must just stare at his face!”

“It’s over, I’m not afraid to hang up…”

The young men on the podium seemed to turn a deaf ear to those comments, the smile on Qingjun’s face remained unchanged, and his eyes remained gentle and indifferent.

He opened the lesson plan, “I hope our teachers and students will cooperate happily in the next semester. Before starting the class, I will explain the grading standards and corresponding requirements of this course at the end of the term………….”

The clear voice echoed in the classroom, like a washed mountain spring. In the hot and dry summer, it still made people feel as comfortable and happy as sweet lilies. In the last row of the whole ladder classroom, which is also the top of the classroom, in an unnoticed corner, there is a man lying on the table in a casual shirt and jeans. Hearing the sound, the man’s ears moved.

A few seconds later, the man in the black baseball cap raised his head.

The dark eyes hidden under the hat slowly focused on the young man on the stage. A few seconds later, under the baseball cap covering half of his face, the man’s lip angle slowly evokes a deep arc.

The first class of microeconomics is definitely the required course that these students have the fastest time since they went to college. When the bell rang at the end of the big class, I saw the young men on the podium begin to clean up the lesson plan. Many students woke up and showed their faces like waking up from a dream.

“Even if you are handsome, how can you give lectures so well…”

“I didn’t think it was his class. I didn’t think it was his class.”

“I’ve been a professional for one year, and I feel the charm of economics for the first time… This kind of elite gentleman talk really kills me – I think it’s a pity for him to give a lecture.”

“If all such teachers teach like this, I would like to stay in the classroom every day.”

“Who wouldn’t?”


When the discussion in the classroom calms down a little, Yu Rui has also packed up his teaching plan. After making two clicks on the table, the whole classroom was quiet and focused.

Yu Rui smiled faintly. “At the end of each class, there is a time to ask three questions – the rest will be sent to my email, and I will reply carefully if necessary.”

The quick student swished his hands up.

Yu Rui ordered two people. After two serious course questions, there was only one last chance left, and the girls in the front row raised their hands more enthusiastically.

Yu Ruigang wanted to order another one. In the corner of the last row of the classroom, a lazy voice sounded:

“May I ask… Miss Yu?”


Yu Rui’s figure stagnated.

A few seconds later, he covered up the accident behind the lens and lifted his eyes to look at the highest and last row of the classroom.

The man in a black baseball cap and casual clothes stood there, unable to tell his age.

Yu Rui’s eyes shook slightly, and his gentle smile dyed his eyebrows and eyes again, “yes.”


Other students at the clever baby level in the classroom were stunned. Obviously, they didn’t think they could ask directly. They looked back angrily at the unruly man.

Then the girls stayed there again.

“Is this… Our professional boy?”

“How could it be? So handsome… We’re not blind and won’t know each other for a year? I think he’s not from our school at all, otherwise this face must have been exposed by the school Post Bar Forum.”

“What’s the peach blossom day today? For the first time, I feel that there are so many handsome guys in the world.”

“I like both.”


The student talked a lot, but the man stopped talking and stood there.

——Even though Yu Rui can’t see clearly when he is a little far away and covered by the baseball cap, he can feel that his aggressive eyes haven’t left his body a little from beginning to end.

Yu Rui strained his gentle and harmless smile, “this classmate, you can ask questions.”

The classroom quieted down slowly.

Then they heard that the boy in the last row smiled lazily, “sorry, Mr. Yu, my consultation on this question involves my personal * * – it’s not convenient to ask here.” As he spoke, he stepped out of his seat and slouched down the steps of the classroom step by step.

In front of the podium, the man put in his trouser bag and looked at Yu Rui in suit and shoes on the podium.

With his back to all the students in the classroom, his dark eyes under his baseball cap no longer covered any emotion. He was greedy and slowly “raped” the young teacher in front of him from head to foot.

Then the man lowered his head and gave a happy smile, “can you… Mr. Yu?”

Yu Rui lowered his cool eyes and smiled gently like a spring breeze.

“Of course.”

“Hey -” the students in the classroom made a voice of regret or dissatisfaction, but the opportunities for three questions had been exhausted, and no one dared to entangle them – although the young teacher on the podium looked gentle and harmless, the cold elite style just gave them a bit of awe inspiring alienation.

The students dispersed in the classroom.

Yu Rui closed the multimedia, put away the lesson plan, turned and walked down the podium. From beginning to end, he didn’t look at the man standing under the podium. “I’ll go to the political and religious office to return the key first, and you can keep up.”

The man in the baseball cap smiled and had no objection. “Yes, Mr. Yu.”


After leaving the political education office, Yu Rui went directly back to the office building of the school of economics.

C University has strong teaching resources, especially in the school of economics. All the formal lecturers have an office for two. Yu Rui takes out the key and opens the door of his office. There is no one in the door.

He loosened the door handle and went straight in. “Just leave the door open. Ask if you have any questions.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the door of the office behind him clicked shut, and then “clicked” again, and the lock fell from the inside.

Yu Rui stopped.

Two or three seconds later, he turned faintly and looked at the man wearing a baseball cap standing by the door, “classmate, what’s up?”

“… nothing.” Under the baseball cap, the man hooked his mouth and smiled a little grimly, “but Mr. Yu, have you been abroad for a long time and have no sense of self-defense after returning home?” As he spoke, the man approached and stopped in front of Yu Rui.

He leaned forward and his dark eyes hidden under the brim of his hat finally showed up – but then he half closed, the man bowed his head, followed by his slightly burning breath, crossed the young teacher’s eyebrows and eyes, and finally stopped on Yu Rui’s shirt, which was meticulously tied to the top button – by his white neck, it seemed that he could hear the pulse beating faintly.

The man grinned at the corners of his mouth.

He slowly raised his eyes with this posture of bending over, and looked at Yu Rui with an indifferent look from under the baseball cap. “Teacher Yu, I’ll take a bite, OK?”


Yu Rui frowned slightly, “No.”

The man smiled heavily. The next second, he suddenly straightened up without any sign, clasped Yu Rui’s wrist, twisted the man’s backhand and pressed it directly on the wall.

Before Yu Rui could resist, the man behind him had tied his hands and feet with ropes taken out from nowhere, and tied them firmly.

Yu Rui reacts and the mask of gentle smile on his face finally breaks. He screwed up his eyebrows and angrily said to the man, “Xie Li, loosen it for me!”

“Miss Yu recognized the wrong person.” The man had pulled off his baseball cap and threw it aside on the ground. He squatted at Yu Rui’s feet and patted the knot he had tied at Yu Rui’s ankle. Then he put his elbow on his knee, raised his face and smiled at Yu Rui, “I’m not Xie Li, I’m an admirer of Teacher Yu.”

“… admire your uncle.” Yu Rui is so angry that he bites his teeth and scolds him.

He even wanted to kick the dog man over with one foot. Unfortunately, his hands and feet were tied and he couldn’t move if he wanted to.

“Tut,” the man smiled low and then stood up slowly, “it’s a pity that my father is the eldest son and no uncle admires me – if you like this generation, I can call you that in the future – eh, uncle Yu?”

Yu Rui was so angry that his eyes were slightly red.

Xie Li looked deeply into his eyes, and then he lowered his head and laughed hoarsely, “but I have to pay for lowering my generation. Well, Mr. Yu finally returned home. Let me fuck more times today, and I can call it whatever I want in the future?”

“… fuck off.”

Yu Rui just finished speaking hard, and was directly held back by Xie Li. He carried it to his shoulder and took it to the direction of the sofa.

Yu Rui was stunned for two seconds and gritted his teeth, “Xie Li -”

Before he finished, he was thrown into the sofa by Xie Li. Xie Li knelt down on one knee to the edge of the sofa. As soon as the other long leg was lifted, it pressed on Yu Rui’s sides and tied Yu Rui, who was already tied together, so sleepy that he couldn’t move.

Xie Li looked down and appreciated Yu Rui’s beautiful facial features. A little ink at the bottom of his eyes seemed to burn like a fire.

He rubbed his wrist and smiled slowly. “Monitor, don’t blame me for the pain today – go out to study for a few months and come back to C University without showing your face in front of me. Today I have to let you try whether you can cry.”


Thinking of the man’s deadly energy, Yu Rui suddenly changed his face.

He froze for a few seconds and slowly relaxed, showing a very rare sense of softness. “Didn’t you also delay seeing me for several days when you came back?”

Xie Li paused with a smile and frowned, “I’m different.”

“What’s the difference?”

“…” Xie Li didn’t speak.

Yu Rui originally just wanted to find a reason to help him get away, but when he saw that Xie Lizhen was silent, he felt a lump in his heart again. After a long silence, Yu Rui frowned, raised his knee and coldly pushed the man, “get up and roll without saying.”

Xie Li revived. He leaned over and directly clasped Yu Rui’s wrist and pressed the man into the sofa. “I just came out of the army at that time.”

“So what?”

“… you don’t remember what kind of hairstyle I saw you that day? Shaving close to your scalp and shaving so ugly. What if you change your mind?” At the end of the sentence, Xie Li hummed.

Yu Rui stayed for a long time. “Is that why?”

“Yes.” Xie Li obviously didn’t want to mention this black history. He lowered his head and took a vicious bite on the young man’s lip, “you have to force me to say – now I change the conditions and don’t cry enough.”

Yu Rui’s eyes were slightly stiff.

The man bent over his neck smiled in a low voice, “my monitor is also proud in bed. Today… Let you hold me and cry and beg for mercy. How about it?”

The air died for a few seconds.

“… Shelly! Are you sick of him?”

“Tut, did you know?”


[end of full text]

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