Scream Queen Chapter 1

Zhu Yang went to university alone. Because the family was rich and spoiled, her parents simply set her a villa near the school.

So that she can avoid the pain of running in with others in the dormitory and focus on her studies.

However, it is hard to say whether there is academic concentration, but such a good condition of living alone, and the emperor is far away, and the hard conditions are necessary.

Zhu Yang is often lit up here, partying all night, and the noise of the music often arouses the dissatisfaction of nearby residents. He has been repeatedly complained by the door, and even the police have gone to the door and still keeps trying.

Zhu Yang’s birthday will be in a few days, and her vanity and publicity must be a big deal, so recently she has started to set up the atmosphere.

Occasionally, one or two friends will be brought over to help, come up with ideas and so on.

That day, Zhu Yang pulled plastic girlfriend Xie Xiaomeng over.

Of course, the best friend here is a modest speech for Zhu Yang. In fact, to outsiders, her best friends and even the sister group centered on Zhu Yang are her followers.

People like to point to this group of people from a moral height, but in private they can’t help but yearn for their extravagance and wanton.

There have even been people who have made various efforts to get Zhu Yang’s party invitation, because getting a relationship with this rich and beautiful circle is worth showing off and even has many hidden benefits.

Zhu Yang opened the door by himself, and asked Xie Xiaomeng to pick up things in the courier box. Recently, she bought a lot of decorations online.

Xie Xiaomeng complained in his heart, but said, “Why don’t you just give it to the planning company from the beginning? It saves you from working every day.”

Zhu Yang said, “I am idle anyway.”

Xie Xiaomeng cursed inwardly, you just place an order online and just move your mouth. In the end, it’s not them who are busy?

When they entered the house, the two threw the bags on the sofa and began to unpack the express.

Halfway through, Xie Xiaomeng found a flat box. She thought it was an eye shadow palette bought by Zhu Yang.

Open it and take a look: “Sexy beauty, vacant/temptation! European and American male models, going to sea/fighting?”

The fragrant title of Hong Guoguo made Xie Xiaomeng’s eyes look intriguing when seeing Zhu Yang.


Zhu Yang snatched the CD-ROM and sneered: “What kind of look do you think? I thought I bought it? I need to watch the movie? I would watch this kind of cheap and vulgar, thinking that there are people playing European and American gimmicks. A deadly piece of dirt?”

This is true, Xie Xiaomeng was quite disappointed.

Regardless of how **** Zhu Yang is, she is genuine to look beautiful, otherwise the head of the sister group will not be her turn.

Let’s put it this way, if her appearance is in the entertainment industry, nothing else will be enough to support herself as a vase.I was about to make a joke, ‘then why are you being targeted by the selling movie? ’

I heard Zhu Yang’s turn around: “I really will!”

Then, watching her happily plugging the disc into the player, Xie Xiaomeng was almost stunned by this sudden routine.

While Zhu Yang played the key, he warned Xie Xiaomeng, “Don’t go out and talk nonsense. If I hear any wind, I will tell others that you brought it and invited me to share it.”

Xie Xiaomeng quietly curled his lips. This **** university city is a hundred li around. It’s a matter of provocation. Who can bite you?

The picture in the TV room has come out. The opening scene is the ancestral Tokyo/Hot/Disco film.

Immediately after the screen turned around, I came to an empty room with a simple layout and dim light.

Zhu Yang thought that it fits the theme, but the tone is too dark, so dark that it is so depressing and heavy, not like that movie, but like the tone of a horror movie.

Thinking of this, a chair appeared in the screen, and then a woman in a white dress came over and sat down.

He took out a comb and combed her dark and soft hair again and again.

The woman’s hair/beautifulness makes her mediocre appearance even more dull.

Zhu Yang couldn’t help but said: “This female/excellent looks bad!”

As soon as the words came out, I don’t know if it was an illusion, the movement of the woman combing her hair in the mirror seemed to be stiff, and then she resumed her repetitive mechanical to a little strange movement.

However, Xie Xiaomeng got a little hairy as she watched it: “Do you think this picture is a bit familiar? The death tape of Zhenzi in the midnight bell is also about a woman combing her hair at the beginning?”

At the same time, the woman in the picture finally had a reaction, she looked up, as if looking at them through the mirror.

Then the corner of his lips curled up with a penetrating smile, then slowly got up and turned around—

“Hey! Is there really Zhenzi’s film?” Zhu Yang suddenly realized the voice of Zhu Yang in the silent room.

“Huh?” Rao Xie Xiaomeng was so scared that she could not help but be stunned.

Just listen to Zhu Yang’s explanation: “There was a funny variety show before. The female guest said that she likes watching all kinds of movies, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. They were talking about horror movies, but a group of people made a fuss. Then they mentioned Sadako. The Demon King is really surprised that Sadako still has it?”

“That clip is still circulated widely on the old waves!”

She said that Xie Xiaomeng also remembered: “No?”

Zhu Yang said: “What’s not? As long as you can make money, what can those people not shoot? This stalk is so hot, wait for it, there will definitely be a hunk behind the female ghost in a while.”

“It’s a good business opportunity to take a well-known terrorist character into the sea to make money.” Zhu Yang opened the bag of potato chips: “The atmosphere is well baked, quite restorative, but the female is really ugly, and the figure is not very good. , I guess it’s all a gimmick.”

When I finished speaking, I saw the woman on the TV turning around and walking towards the only window in the house. Before turning around, the already gloomy eyes seemed to look in Zhu Yang’s direction and became more vicious.

Then the woman turned over and jumped out of the window and disappeared into the picture. The room was still that room, and the picture gradually turned black.

The film is over!

Zhu Yang is stunned, there are no machos, no female ghosts from ghastly shy to passionate agitation, no sex!

Is this the end?

She was about to scold, but the phone ringtone rang before her voice.

At this time, the light in the room seemed to be particularly dim, and the sudden ringing of the bell surprised the two of them.

Zhu Yang was impatient and pulled out the phone from his bag, showing that it was a strange number.

When I clicked to connect, a rough and hoarse female voice came over there: “S-Sevenday!”

Silence and openness will amplify a tiny bit of voice. Zhu Yang didn’t let it go, but Xie Xiaomeng heard the content of the phone clearly.

Her face was pale, cold sweat came out, and the whole atmosphere was suffocatingly strange starting from the CD just now.

But Zhu Yang was not angry when he heard it: “SSS, you’re so big, your pronunciation is not standard, and you dare to cos the US version of the midnight ring. I understand you mischievous losers like to make themselves like that. I’ll ask you why the entire film is just an Asian-looking woman using the US version? I am not afraid of dissatisfaction and bad reviews!”

Unhappy hung up the phone, Zhu Yang stood up: “Wasting time, let’s continue to arrange.”

But Xie Xiaomeng, who had always followed her advice, stood up abruptly, with pale lips and trembling voice: “You, do you really think that is a prank?”

Zhu Yang was inexplicable: “Otherwise? Do you really believe that Shanzhai Zhenzi will climb out of the TV?”

Speaking of taking out the CD, he even threw the tape box into the trash can.

Xie Xiaomeng swallowed: “Then you are happy, I think this is not right, you don’t even feel that this house suddenly becomes gloomy?”

“Who do you think is gloomy?” Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows.

Xie Xiaomeng didn’t dare to offend her, but her strong feeling of being in the back made her afraid to stay here: “No, I, I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable. I will go back first, and I will help you arrange it another day.”

Seeing that her legs were shaking, Zhu Yang was too lazy to watch her unlucky, so he waved his hand: “Let’s go!”

Xie Xiaomeng was amnesty, and he was about to leave with the bag, and was stopped by Zhu Yang again——

“Take the garbage out and throw it away.”

Xie Xiaomeng and the girls around them are used to this kind of call. They usually chuckle their lips and don’t feel anything, but just now the disc was lying in the trash bag.

Xie Xiaomeng was a little embarrassed, but the lewd prestige taken by Zhu Yang had to pick up trash with his fingers before leaving.

Zhu Yang originally planned to arrange the specific layout today, because Xie Xiaomeng was only looking for her as a design major, but she was delayed by a video tape and nothing was done.

While cursing in my heart, I did feel that there seemed to be an uncomfortable feeling of coldness in the house.

This kind of cold seems to be absorbed in the pores, and there is a kind of irritability that follows the shadow.

Zhu Yang turned off the air conditioner. The high temperature in June soon made the room become hot and dry. In the past, Zhu Yang couldn’t stand it.

But now she actually felt that it was just right, as if Sen Leng was able to offset it.

This made Zhu Yang a little hairy for no reason, but his thoughts at this time were only to scare himself, thinking that it was Xie Xiaomeng that affected her.

I took out my phone and ordered a takeaway, and planned to take a hot bath at this time.

I wish my parents were busy with their business. They didn’t even show up when they bought the villa for their daughter. The assistant took care of the whole process. They bought them with luxury bags.

She has lived here for almost three years, because she often invites pig and dog friends to play, but she is not too deserted.

The water sprayed from the shower poured on her body, and the warmth made the pores open a lot, and the cold feeling was mostly gone.

Zhu Yang Xindao really scared himself. When he was about to squeeze the shampoo to wash his hair, he suddenly found that there were several large strands of black hair on the white bathroom tiles.

Zhu Yang cautiously stretched out his hand and stroked his hair along the way. With such a gentle stroke, there was a handful of fallen hair in his hand.

She raised her head sharply, her expression in the bathroom mirror was horrified, her hair was still falling a lot under the washing of the water, and her entire scalp appeared bald.

Zhu Yang was about to brew a scream, and the moderately warm water suddenly became hot, just like the boiled water poured down.

She reflexively ducked out of the shower area, knocked her elbow to wherever she felt a heartache, and then the whole person felt like returning to her soul.

Zhu Yang looked at the ground again, a lot of hair was gone, except for the amount of normal metabolism.

I was busy looking in the mirror again, and he was madly relieved, the hair was still there, not bald.

Carefully touched and tugged. After making sure that it was all right, Zhu Yang didn’t dare to stay here any longer, turned off the shower and hurriedly wrapped in a towel and went out.

When I got out of the bathroom, I received a call from my brother. Needless to say, I emphasized to her that I had already applied for the college entrance examination and I would come and live with her.

When Zhu Yang mentioned it, it was a fire. She was free and unrestrained here alone, and she couldn’t think of living with her brother when she was crazy.

After scolding his younger brother, he thought that his anger had diminished his fear. Zhu Yang dried his hair and changed his clothes. At this time, the takeaway also arrived.

After eating, she lay on the bed and used the drama for a while to go to bed, but there was always something oozing in her heart.

So he turned over and opened the search engine and searched for keywords such as ‘Sadako, horror video tape’.

Sure enough, most of the results that came out were around the film, and there were a few pieces of “Sadako vs. Penxian”, “Sadako vs. Kayako” and “Sadako avi”.

In short, it looks like a curious copycat title that the producer has already lost as his pants.

After turning over a hundred articles, I found nothing in the end.

Zhu Yang was a little disappointed and a little grateful, so he threw away the phone and fell asleep.

Woke up in the middle of the night, turned on the light and got up to the toilet in a daze.

When he washed his hands in the toilet, Zhu Yang seemed to feel a little bit, and slowly raised his head——

But it was not her face reflected in the mirror.

Normal look, shiny black long straight hair, white dress, she is the woman in the afternoon video.

Zhu Yangmu stayed for half a minute, then two lines of tears came down, his expression on his face was hopeless and helpless.

Seeing that she finally showed the panic that she should have, the female ghost couldn’t help showing complacency in her venomous eyes.

Just listen to this **** crying and saying: “You’re so **** scared, can you stop using this trick? I didn’t react at first sight, I thought I was like this.”

“If I want to be so ugly, I need to scare you? I don’t want to live anymore. What else is there to be afraid of?”

“Sure enough, the female ghost is ruthless, too special will catch the most scared side in people’s hearts.”

Female ghost: “…”

Let’s ignore the seven-day rule, and kill this **** thing now.


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