Scream Queen Chapter 10

In the early morning, a terrified scream resounded throughout the villa.

The residents who came out for a morning run and walked their dogs were terrified when they passed this place. They were thinking about what happened. They turned around and saw this villa, and then they did not wonder what they were doing.

The owner of this building is a little girl in her early twenties, who is keen to have fun and often annoys the people late at night with parties. A group of young children go crazy and do all kinds of pranks.

It’s no surprise that the surrounding residents have been surprised. Last night, it was all night and lively. It is estimated that who throws up on whom in the morning?

The atmosphere outside is still peaceful and bright, but the villa is not as good as always thought at this time.

The first girl who woke up had looked at the dead body and got up to the bathroom, but when she stood up, she saw a female ghost who got stuck in the TV.

The female ghost seemed to be struggling temporarily, her posture was terrible, wet and smelly water dripped on the land in front of the TV.

Fiasco’s swollen arms and jet-black nails, you can imagine how terrifying the opponent’s face is covered in hair without looking.

Everything that happened last night returned to the cage in an instant, and the girl finally broke out with a heart-piercing scream.

The scream was too harsh, and the people around also woke up one by one. They looked at the sound source displeasedly, and the girl tremblingly pointed her hand to the TV.

Suddenly there was deathly silence in the whole house, and then chaos that overturned the roof.

Fortunately, there were a few more sensible ones, before the movement did not attract outside attention, they covered the mouths of the people next to them, and signaled everyone to silence.

“Shut up! Do you want to call in the police?”

Most people are afraid and afraid, and their understanding of the status quo is still unclear.

Someone hurriedly said, “Quickly, wake up Zhu Yang, what the **** is going on?”

Then the people around shook Zhu Yang awake, who knew that this guy was not in a better condition than they were after waking up.

A pair of eyes circled around blankly, and when he saw the TV, one shivered and awoke.

Turned to his feet and stood up, pointing to the TV and cursing at everyone: “Who the **** drunk last night and went to plan other people’s graves? He planed the corpse and inserted the body into the TV. Don’t let me live in this house?”

“Oh, I’m going, how can I go back with someone?” He glanced at the boys around again, and said with disgust, “You didn’t do anything else to the corpse, right?”

All the boys were shivered by her words.

One after another anxiously said: “Planning the grave? You are afraid that the wine hasn’t woken up yet. You forgot that you were the one who pulled the other person out of the TV last night and lost a meal and then stuffed it back alive-no, it’s dead now.”

“So this is a ghost? Is it a ghost or a human? It looks like a corpse.”

Zhu Yang hurriedly took out three consecutive bullets of denial: “I am not, I don’t, don’t talk nonsense, I don’t dare to catch cockroaches, you say I catch ghosts? Not to mention I have the courage and the strength.”

When everyone saw her, she didn’t recognize it, and was anxious: “This is your video last night. Is it possible that you can push it on your own stall?”

So someone hurriedly took out last night’s video, and when it was released, everyone around them gathered around.

They all felt anxious about their iron gallbladder and copper lungs last night. If they really want to travel back a few hours ago, they must have a meal first without saying anything. Then, if you pour the yellow soup, you won’t find Bei’s stupidity. Nima is so terrible. The ghosts are booing.

A girl couldn’t stand it anymore, she turned around and retched and said, “I actually took her to take a picture, and shook hands with her to compare my mind?”

I turned out my phone, and sure enough, there were photos stored in it. This kind of photos had to be viewed by one person late at night, and I was probably scared to death.

The girl quickly deleted it and didn’t say anything about the coolest ghost party or passing ins to show off.

The boys have even more elegant expressions, one by one as if they swallowed, “This Nima, what have we done to the female ghost?”

All kinds of bludgeoning, all kinds of uproar, and finally violently stuffed people back.

Instead, Zhu Yang said after reading the record: “No, I still have some fragments, I can’t remember what happened last night.”

“You said I did it, but from this point of view, why is it like you are making a noise and bullying others?”

When everyone saw that she still wanted to stay out of the matter, they were a little annoyed: “No, that’s what you are telling me. Are we all listening to you?”

Zhu Yang Tanshou: “Is there? But I was drunk too, I just said a few words, and I didn’t get to the manual.”

This is indeed, except when this guy was attacked by a female ghost throughout the whole process, he really only moved his mouth. If he was lucky enough to say that he was the main culprit, but everyone was drunk at the time. If all the members were drunk and crazy, she What he said does not have any subjective motivation and logic to attack.

Knowing that everyone has a share of this matter, and that no one should think of being alone, the atmosphere in the room suddenly wilted.

Zhu Yang clapped his hands at this time: “What frustrated? You have also seen this thing. This thing crawls out of the TV and can be pressed back to the TV. It is obviously a ghost. There is no law that says that when a ghost is dead, people are burdened. responsible.”

When everyone heard that this was the truth, they immediately became energetic, and they were all future elites with promising future, and they were afraid that this matter would cause trouble and ruin their good life.

Zhu Yang looked at the half of the card’s TV again: “It’s just that this corpse is so easy to cause trouble, so it’s because of me, I really have to take more risks, and leave this stuff to me. Right.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Zhu Yang, the most terrible thing, was able to take it, and of course they were also a hand.

But I saw Zhu Yang put away the camera: “I will handle this too, do you have any comments?”

People with clever brains jumped in their hearts, and there were all evidences of their evil, but Zhu Yang’s handling of the corpse was risky, but it was really impossible to prevent her from using this as a guarantee.

Some people’s expressions were a bit tangled and complicated, and they heard Zhu Yang’s voice bewildered and said: “This incident, if you leave this room, it’s considered to have never happened. It’s a secret limited to the people present. Once it’s announced, it’s not good for anyone. Right?”

Everyone nodded, believing her statement.

The boys may just be taken away by the rhythm that is too late to react and unknowingly become accomplices.

But the girls had to understand Zhu Yang a lot in comparison. Looking at her, they knew that this **** was pretending to be drunk, and the follow-up process was clear and neat.

The whole thing is not fixed by her. Although female ghosts and other things actually exist, they dare to bet that with today’s handle, the entire sisterhood, or the people present, really can’t help it. Defies her.

A few people, such as Lin Qianzhi and his ilk, would always think about finding something for her to pull her off the horse and try to sit on her head, but after today, everyone has to be coerced by her.

For example, Zhu Lina and Xie Xiaomeng really knew the cause and effect of the whole thing, and even had a chill in their backs.

This **** not only killed the female ghost, but also slammed the person who wanted to make small actions behind her, holding a handle in his hand. Who would dare to provoke her in the future? Even the boys have to be vaguely controlled by her.

Where is the female ghost coming to her for her life? Obviously, it is to give her the opportunity to do more with one stone.

Julina was chilling all over, and she didn’t know what would happen next when she left.

But no one cares about her thoughts.

A group of people came out of the villa, and when they opened the door, they ran into a young man, and both were taken aback.

There was something in everyone’s hearts. When a stranger came, they panicked subconsciously, but the boy frowned and said, “Who are you?”

“You, who are you?” a boy said.

Zhu Weixin looked at them: “This is my sister’s house.”

Everyone found out that this young man looked a bit like Zhu Yang, not to mention that the two brothers and sisters were both beauties.

Zhu Yang’s beauty is obvious to all, and this young man is no exception. His height and physique are not much worse than those of the three or four seniors present. His face is handsome, and his facial features that are somewhat similar to those of Zhu Yang have turned into his face. Refreshing and heroic style.

Although the temperament is still a little immature, the youth’s exuberant energy and young and wild aura make people dazzling. In terms of appearance, the seniors who are known as campus male gods are not a gradient when compared with others.

The girls present were scared to be like that just now, and they still couldn’t help feeling stunned when they saw such a handsome little brother.

They all wondered when Zhu Yang would bring him to the school to play, or come here to have more parties, forgetting that the female ghost corpse was waiting to be cleaned up.

Someone consciously figured out why no one could catch Zhu Yang in the past three years, and his younger brothers are so handsome, so they don’t know what the standards of boyfriends are.

And Zhu Yang inside didn’t even know that her brother was here. She walked around the TV a few times and looked at the female ghost for a long time—

“It’s really the same as a corpse, eh, will this thing disappear? When the ghost dies, it will leave the corpse and cause trouble to people. How dull is this bitch?”

Xie Yi shrugged: “What are you asking me for? How would I know?”

Zhu Yang raised his head, looked at him, and said with a smile, “Don’t you know? I thought you were going to take care of this.”

A hint of surprise flashed in Xie Yi’s two-hundred-and-five hundred expressions, his eyes darkened at random, and the taste: “Huh? How did you detect it?”

Zhu Yang rolled his eyes: “I’m not blind. Although I don’t know what you and the female ghost are muttering, but you can easily hold her down, and you can make her give up struggling with a word, fools can see the problem.”

It didn’t matter to Xie Yi, or he meant it, otherwise he wouldn’t know that this guy was not drunk more than a taboo.

He sat down slowly: “Don’t worry, it will disperse in a while, no special treatment is needed.”

Zhu Yang breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this. This saved her effort. Then Xie Yi asked her: “How do you know that you can kill her by plugging her back?”

“I don’t know!” Zhu Yang shrugged: “I just think that since it is a game, then Bitch certainly cannot have an absolute winning point. Although no one knows how to operate it, as long as she reverses her behavior, Can you always try to break the rules that must be followed?”

Xie Yi didn’t expect her to be so logical in maintaining her rule, but for the female ghost, she relied heavily on intuition.

I was stunned for a while, and then laughed: “Hahaha…, I’m speechless, I really have this kind of instinctive talent.”

Then he came over: “Now, I am very optimistic about you. If you choose to come to the game field, you might be able to fight together one day.”

“You have said so much, why haven’t you said anything yet?”

“Me? I’m just a player with a little more seniority than you. I usually take over the job, but I didn’t expect to receive the screening game this time.”

“Strictly speaking, old players can’t make it easy for the reserve, so I have to paddle, but the observations these days are really worth the price. According to the scoring principle, your victory or defeat in this round will definitely give you one. The initial capital is beyond expectation, right?”

“Well, it’s not convenient for me to say that there are too many, waiting for you to become an official player——”

“Wait!” Zhu Yang interrupted him: “I’m not a reserve at all. It is Julina’s **** that came back after taking a life. Even if this female ghost bites me madly, she won’t lose her reputation. Right? I don’t owe anyone a life.”

Xie Yi smiled mysteriously: “I suggest that you still agree to it. What do you think this game is a reasonable existence?”

As he said, he got up and prepared to leave, but at this time Zhu Weixin walked in.

Zhu Yang was taken aback when he saw his brother’s face, but saw that the idiot had seen his relieved face stiff when he saw the TV.

Then he was silent for a while, rolled up his sleeves—

“Sister, where is the shovel, let’s dig a hole first.”


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