Scream Queen Chapter 100

At the present time, Li Wang Xin also grabbed Zhu Yang and burst into tears, and went to the lounge to finish recounting the old days. Less than three hours passed.

Generally, celebrities still have to do image makeup when they arrive at the scene, and various preparations before going on stage, so they come to the TV station early in the morning. In fact, the recording of the show is in the afternoon.

Wang Xinyi’s situation was not right, so no one urged him to come out and prepare.

How to remind? Where are the bosses and executives? The emperor is not in a hurry, it is your turn to be an eunuch?

It’s just that it will be a long time before the show is recorded, but there are a lot of people who have arrived early now, and the staff will not say anything. Of course, the live audience will not let in so early.

But there are always a few special ones in the fan base that have such a convenient pass for their idol’s public occasions.

The people working on site are so restrained, and Wang Xinyi’s own fans are also so restrained, but other people’s fans are not the same thing.

These are only the three major traffic masters. Excluding the traffic floret, another male artist and Wang Xin belong to that kind of direct competition.

Fans have to pinch each other on the Internet if they have problems or nothing. Stepping on a pinch is simply a daily operation, and catching a little bit of each other can spread infinitely.

The other person is also popular and has a good background. It’s a good deal.

It’s just that I really want to talk about the artist’s work capital. The other party is active in variety shows to attract fans, but Zhu Yang’s TV dramas and movies are not splashy. The awkward acting skills are routine operations. The large cost investment just makes his film remuneration account for the bulk. , Has been playing clothes and turning **** without seeing.

The film and television were criticized, and the performance of the songs was average. Fans and navy forces used too much force, but they provoked a wave of ridicule.

On the other hand, Wang Xinyi, after all, are escorted by two big players in the industry. Although the traffic is traffic, there is no shortage of representative works.

The standards for selecting scripts are also strict, and they will not make excessive consumption of themselves for money, and in the early years when the music circle was not so confused, there were also many representative works.

Although I haven’t released many new albums in the past two years, the comparison of strengths and the steady performance of the top are slamming the opponent.

Fans on both sides pinched hard, but the popularity of the passerby is definitely Wang Xinyi slamming each other, and also the praise of many predecessors in the circle, Wang Xinyi’s fans naturally have a sense of superiority in the pinch.

The official announcement of the show a few days ago was another pinch. When they were outside, fans from both camps still had various noses, not noses, eyes, or eyes. If it hadn’t been for the fight on the spot, it would have been torn into a ball.

So when fans sometimes do something for idols, they don’t need a reason at all, or even for idols. Good deeds can break through obstacles.

A fan of the other party saw this scene, secretly filmed it, and quickly passed it to the outside accomplices.

When the on-site staff came over and emphasized that what was just now was a program arrangement, and when no one was allowed to spread it outside without authorization, the arrangements had been made clear.

Even if everyone at the scene turns off their mobile phones as required, it does not prevent the matter from being fermented online at a rapid rate.

The organization manpower is on his side, and it spreads out in minutes to reach tens of thousands of reposts. The speed of news dissemination in contemporary society cannot be underestimated.

When the four people finished talking and finally called the assistant in, they saw the other party hurriedly holding a tablet in.

The above is a headline that made the top search.

[Wang Xin also cries bitterly]

[Wang Xin also pulled the beauty and wept bitterly]

[Let Wang Xin cry girl]

[Wang Xinyi’s ex-girlfriend]

[Wang Xin also Zhu Yang]

After several days of hot searches, the front page of the human platform was slaughtered in such a short time, and the action was so fast, with such a short time, Zhu Yang’s name was already listed.

It can be seen the speed of others, and there is no shortage of guys who fit inside and outside.

The following fans are unanimously fried-

[Who is this? I just have lunch and open the black out, the world will change? 】

【I, my heart is not good, give me quick-acting heart-relief pills, hurry! 】

[Where did the wild woman take our brother out of the country? Did you hide the paprika and onion water in your hand? 】

【what! ! ! ! I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, people, get out and talk and tell me this is the effect of the show. 】

[The effect of the program is not like that, right? Didn’t the last variety show arrange for my brother to fry CP? Is Yiyi’s coffee a good newcomer? It must be followed by Yiyi. 】

[Does the newcomers fight like this these years? Want to be famous and crazy, right? Which company? Resolutely resist her debut. 】

[Substitution, this show does not want to offend people to change as soon as possible. 】

[Hahaha! You guys are too broad, right? Still not happy people have seven emotions and six desires? I couldn’t help but cried bitterly. The inconsistency was a white moonlight cinnabar mole many years ago. Do you pig spirits really think you are their girlfriends? Hahahaha, get ready to call sister-in-law. 】

This is obviously the one who came here to provoke, but who can be indifferent in the network environment.

He rolled up his sleeves and tore them apart, tearing tens of thousands alive in half an hour.

Wang Xinyi’s fans here are very powerful, but they can’t stand the waves of fierce news from the other side.

Wang Xinyi also had a lot of fans at the scene, but it happened so suddenly that the official didn’t give any explanation.

One or two of the leaders even deliberately asked the assistant, and the assistant also looked dumbfounded. He was not sure what was wrong with his boss?

Let alone the small boss, the attitude of the big boss is obviously not an ordinary person. Can this be perfunctory?

What should I do if the truth comes out after I talk nonsense here? So the fans asked him to be perfunctory.

This attitude proves the specialness of that woman even more. It’s okay to say, “Just an ordinary newcomer, listen to the program arrangement later.”

The key is that the assistant dare not, the big boss and sister Qiao both come to look for people, he dare to lower the cards here?

So while chasing, while staying silent, fans on the Internet have a fighting capacity, but their lack of realism first cut their morale by half.

The pictures of the other party also burst out one after another, so I found a coquettish face that is unforgettable.

There is no blind spot in various sneak shot angles, and it is clear and blurry without compromising its appearance. The key is that when the sneak shot was taken, it was still so beautiful without the beauty filter.

The thought of everyone’s brother blasting out a **** in the sky, seeing a deep/explosive/explosive/bullet hanging above the sea level is about to fall.

Because the unknown source of Bitch was sprayed out by the opponents, all the guns were aimed at Zhu Yang.

It didn’t take long before there was a super topic of “Zhu Yang Get Out of the Entertainment Circle”, and countless people liked it.

All kinds of insults were endless, and all kinds of specious black materials started flying all over the sky.

Outsiders in others’ circles naturally can’t bear it, and they think why your fans are using such a big malice to try to figure out a strange girl.

For a time, the scolding war and carnival set off on the Internet was extremely lively, scolding Zhu Yang, scolding fans of other families, and conspiracy theories.

Of course, it is not uncommon to scold Wang Xinyi, and many people even threaten to show off fans.

After the assistant showed the situation to a few people, he cautiously said: “I have already told the agent, she is already organizing public relations–”

Before I finished speaking, I heard the big boss say: “No, you ask her to call me.”

The phone number of the agent here has not arrived yet, the phone number of the haunted house over there has arrived.

It was the **** who called, and said: “What’s the matter? The talents came out for less than a long time, and the whole network was black?”

\”It’s a thing that can tell us Yang Yang, what is it? Have you asked us? The darlings we hold in our hands, you dare to—\”

The **** couldn’t help but exploded a series of swear words, and then said to Zhu Yang: \”Yang Yang, don’t worry, I will go online and stand on the street for you right away. Let’s take a look at the female ghosts together, and we will give a little bit of influence. The celebrity is still okay, absolutely squirting so **** denial.\”

\”Even if you come back to work, don’t we have to be comfortable? Don’t have to be bullied by some vulgars. Oh, yes, back to back, I’m busy with the mirror girl now, and haven’t gotten used to the network environment here. I asked her to hurry up and be sure to break the wind direction on the Internet before night.\”

\”What is it? You don’t need to go online now, just play games, save trouble.\”

He was very emotional and his voice was louder. Naturally, the Wang family could hear them clearly.

The two big guys gave Wang Xinyi a fierce look, but he can’t be blamed. His response was really unstoppable, but as a public figure, it was normal to be pushed to the cusp of the storm.

Of course, since they dared to admit their relatives in such a big way, naturally they did not intend to cover it up, but they did not expect that the on-site management was not in place, so it was fermented after a while, and Zhu Yang was scolded.

Wang Xinyu took Zhu Yang’s cell phone and said to the dandy on the other end: \”It’s not a waste of effort, we will take care of our affairs, and we must give everyone a satisfactory explanation. According to your statement, perhaps you and Yan The total influence is enough to reverse the direction of the wind, but it’s not a good idea to put my sister in unclear muddy water.\”

\”Untie the bell, you need to tie the bell, and we will be responsible for her reputation before today.\”

The **** is still dissatisfied with this guy. Yang Yang originally came back to see them and watched them. He killed a group of old acquaintances halfway through. During this time of visiting relatives, there were people who jumped out to fight, seeing them uncomfortable.

It’s just that he is right. Although it is not unreasonable to control public opinion, what good is it to Yang Yang?

Zhu Yang didn’t take this seriously either. She showed up in front of the whole world in the last world, and she must have polarized her evaluation afterwards.

She couldn’t even look at such a large-scale public opinion, and it was not a matter of the small fan circle to spray, anyway, no one dared to scold her in front of her.

Besides, it was just an accident, so he said to the dude on the other end: \”Well, you guys do your own work, don’t pay too much attention to this side, what a big deal. I guess I have to stay in the program group for a few days, It’s too embarrassing to make trouble, so don’t get involved.\”

The **** had to reluctantly ask before hanging up.

Immediately after the agent’s call, she called, but she could talk to Wang Xinyi, but facing the big boss, she was cautiously discussing the posture.

\”How do you react this time? Or take advantage of this topic to continue to air the show? The heat at the moment—\”

Of course, the agent is purely for the benefit of the team, which is understandable, but the big boss refused without waiting for her to finish: “No, we will send a push immediately, and the letter will be sent personally. You and the public relations department follow us The idea of ​​action is.\”

\”Don’t care about the heat and topic, everything is based on protecting girls, um! That’s it.\”

The agent hung up the phone blankly. The assistant reminded her when he contacted her, but she didn’t expect the big boss to be so concerned.

Wang Xin also took out his mobile phone and logged in to his account. This kind of official account must be taken care of by the team at ordinary times, and every push sent is exquisite.

He pulled Zhu Yang: \”Come on, look at the camera, eggplant——\”

Only after pressing to shoot, there were two more heads on the screen, and it was his brother and sister Qiao squeezed in.

Wang Xin didn’t care either. He saved the photo and typed a series of simple words on the Internet——

[My family found it, thank you all for your help over the years. 】

Just as he was about to send it out, Ah Qiao glanced at it: “No, just the family has to talk about it, let’s be more specific.”

Wang Xin is also happy: “Good! I said my sister found it.”

When he finished speaking, he was slapped by his brother and sister Qiao: \”It’s still daytime, but the dream is beautiful.\”

\”You forgot to publish some information before? My sister can’t.\”

\”That sister can’t, and now there is still a trainee status.\”

When he said that, he complained to Zhu Yang: \”You just have to come in and play with us. Whatever you want to do with other companies?\”

Zhu Yang rubbed his hair: “My identity is my aunt, my own person, who has been separated for many years, because she looks like a mother, so she recognizes her.”

The three of them were silent–

Although her image here is still as tall as it was back then, this generation is not too messy, but when she is really announced to the outside world, looking at her younger appearance than a few others, this feels a kind of violation.

However, this statement is also compatible with the previous information revealed by the missing person, so I changed it and posted it directly on the Internet.

At the moment, the Internet is choking lively, and tens of millions of fans suddenly receive such a message.

Suddenly the home game was turned back from the messy topic building outside.

Everyone in the mixed background of Wang Xinyi knows that the well-known Xiuxing boss’s younger brother has a strong background.

It’s just that their two brothers are not the second generation of good backgrounds, and they are well-rounded with family resources.

Instead, they came out of a closed mountain village, relying on their own ability to come to this day, the two brothers’ experiences are very legendary, and this is what fans are proud of.

Of course, as well-known as this is that when they were young, the village caught fire and their relatives were separated. The brothers have been looking for each other for many years.

Although this point is also suspected by Heizi for selling miserables and sympathizing with consuming relatives, they have not given up their efforts for many years.

Now that someone has found it, it’s not too normal for people to burst into tears when they can’t control their emotions.

My elder brother explained that this is their sister-in-law, who is a bit younger than them. They grew up together when they were young, and they are now the only relatives of the two brothers.

I didn’t deliberately suspend the fan’s enthusiasm, and immediately explained to the public after the relatives were tender, there is no intention to use this matter to ferment hype.

Wang Xinyi’s fans got this reassurance pill, and they were shocked immediately, and they sprayed back at the previous sunspot.

[Come on! Who made the yin and yang weird out of context in the first place? When I came out and got beaten, my mouth was so dirty, I’m afraid it wasn’t because of drinking the steamed footwashing water from your home. 】

[The star is not a human? What happened to the emotional out-of-control when the relatives who had been looking for so many years appeared in front of you? Still not human? Take this out to spray? 】

[A certain gloating face is really nauseous and vomiting, why? Shouldn’t you come out and apologize if you have been beaten now? Your identity verification and blog posting screenshots can be kept well, don’t want to deny it. 】

[Congratulations to brother, it turned out to be family, and congratulations to sister. 】

[What girl? You called the girl? Auntie! 】

[Auntie, look at me, look at me! Can you give me your nephew? 】

[Go upstairs, I am discussing marriage with my aunt. 】

[Only I want to be auntie? 】

[Is their gene so strong? The elder and younger brothers are so handsome, even the aunt is so beautiful. 】

The attitude of traffic fans is very well controlled, the idol’s family and friends, Aiwu and Wu Caihong. If you have some skills or strengths, make sure that the rainbow **** is enough.

But if it involves an ambiguous role, how well-intentioned the top, the bottom can be repaid ten times maliciously.

Believe it or not, there is a blessing and congratulation now, among them is the one who just cursed the most?

But this is not important. If you don’t even look down on these things, don’t be confused.

In less than two hours, the wind on the Internet has changed, and ridicule from the whole Internet is another self-moving style.

Of course, the battlefield is still there, but under the strong wind, not only Wang Xinyi’s fans, artists under Xiuxing, friends in the circle, and many respected seniors also sent out congratulations.

Suddenly, even many social problems caused by accidents, trafficking and separation of relatives also emerged with this enthusiasm.

The dirty water splashed on Zhu Yang’s body has not fallen to the ground, and no one cares about it.

And this wave of routines has also brought higher enthusiasm to the variety show. Family members who have been separated for many years reunite in the TV show. This is a bridge only on TV, right?

For a while, people look forward to her performance.

Because I was hacked, I felt embarrassed about Zhu Yang’s attitude towards Zhu Yang so far, so his attitude changed sharply for a while and his Tao was still friendly.

The hot search topics also changed within a few hours, and finally stayed at——

[Wang Xin also performed on the same stage with my aunt]

However, due to the continuous turnover and explosive traffic in this short period of time, the platform today has collapsed several times.

After eating at noon, I started to make styling.

Because of Zhu’s explanation, Zhu Yang naturally arranged a private dressing room temporarily. However, Wang Xiaoer said that her team was more professional than the temporary one, so she was here to prepare.

Zhu Yang was also willing to talk to them for a while, so he made a styling on Wang Xiaoer’s side.

Then it was almost at night when Sister Qiao asked someone to bring an appetizing meal over. After having dinner early, she finally had to start recording the show.

This is a little bit later than originally anticipated, but given today’s turmoil, there is no alternative.

The fans are very comfortable. The other two stars are a little dissatisfied, but the boss of the show star and the top of the TV station are there, and the dissatisfaction has to be swallowed. Instead, they smiled and greeted them for a while.

It is not difficult to record the inside scene of the scene. The Taiwanese book has already been memorized, so just follow that.

Because Zhu Yang suddenly broke out of this huge relationship household status, plus Zhu’s escort.

For a newcomer, the program team also temporarily added a lot of shots in. Although it will not steal the limelight of the three main coffees, the gap between the newcomers is wide.

The theme of this show is that the three groups of stars received missions to explore supernatural places. The mission group was the first to win. Therefore, the focus is on the location. Today’s recording does not account for a significant proportion, and most of the significance is in the beginning and publicity.

Everything went well, but the program was halfway through the recording and the mission was released.

[Protect Wang Xinyi’s safety from the ghosts. 】


When Xu Wei and the three of them heard the task, they subconsciously looked at Wang Xinyi’s side, but they suddenly saw the face of their boss.

Qi Qi was shivering all over, the ghost of Nima, who is a copy of Nima, has done evil for eight consecutive lives before he will stare at the person under their boss, right?

Not to mention Zhu Yang’s greatness, the dozens of ghosts in the haunted house are pulled out, and one ghost can pierce you into all kinds of holes.

Originally, if the tasks were not particularly conflicting, they were still considering whether to remind the ghost to run fast this time, and why would the Great Demon King patrol the mountain for a walk?

Wouldn’t it be good to let them lie down?

It’s all right now, let’s quietly mourn for each other.

Wang Xinyi, who was drinking and taking a break, looked back and saw Zhu Yang’s expression unhappy, and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Zhu Yang smiled and asked him: \”Did you offend someone recently?\”

Wang Xiaoer said nonchalantly: “This is not impressive, but there are definitely more people who hate me than my legs.”

Zhu Yang glanced at his ankle. The male artist took care of his own image very meticulously, and he certainly couldn’t have indecent leg hair.

This guy looked malnourished when he was a child, and his eyes were big and watery. At the moment, he has broad shoulders and long legs. He is a real walking male god.

Wang Xin also saw her look over, and immediately blushed, stuttering, “You, what are you looking at?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Forget it, it doesn’t matter. From now on, you stay with me. I will let Li Shi follow you at any time and call him in the toilet. Recently, you have something wrong.”

Wang Xin’s expression also changed, and he asked others to tell him “Brother, you are in a **** disaster.” He is sure to be a money-fucking neurosis.

But Zhu Yang said that he didn’t doubt it at all, and said without hesitation: “Good!”

Then I asked: \”Can it be the village——\”

Zhu Yang sneered and waved his hand: “How could it be that your sister and the others have cut it all at once, and there is no way to reincarnate as a beast.”

\”Sure, let me tell my brother and see what clues he has.\”

Zhu Yang nodded, and Wang Xinyu’s heart sank as soon as Wang Xinyu got back to receive the news, but Zhu Yang had more confidence in his heart out of thin air, so he made an appointment for the division of labor and arranged for his brother to follow her recently.

In fact, he wanted to take advantage of the pretext of protecting his younger brother, and the three of them would act together, but the real tyrant was too busy to become a dog. Where could there be so much time to wander around?

So when he closed his job, Wang Xin followed Zhu Yang back happily, feeling that it was a blessing in disguise.

However, they are going to be out on location tomorrow. They were originally a team, so it would be convenient to get in and out together.

But the guys in the haunted house saw this guy go out a little bit, and it was not good to come back with a little fresh meat.

In particular, Playboy, desperately opening the screen like a peacock encountering a rival in love, exuding charm and aggression, came to ask questions, and finally learned that the claimed relationship was his aunt and nephew.

This guy immediately changed his attitude. A pair of elders looked at each other, and Wang Xiaoer was very angry.

But after learning that Zhu Yang was actually the big boss here, Wang Xiaoer’s expression was also out of control for a time.

After passing through shock and admiration and You Rongyan one after another in his heart, his focus stayed on this——

\”You have become such a big family business here, don’t you come to me?\”

As soon as the words were spoken, they were despised by the two little ghosts. Ghost doll and Xiaogang were holding a bottle of bedtime milk in their mouths, and were about to go to bed after drinking.

\”Will you drink milk? It’s shameless to be such an adult, our children haven’t cry for sugar to eat.\”

The ghost doll also handed over the milk: \”Do you want it?\”

Wang Xiaoer: \”……\”

Knowing that Zhu Yang loves luxury and enjoyment, she was picky when she was in a haunted house or an apartment. Now when she comes back, she naturally takes care of her daily life with the highest standards.

It is more luxurious than the private service of the Seven Star Hotel, and the few people who stayed with Zhu Yang also enjoyed it together.

Even Wang Xiaoer received a lot of entertainment as a big star, and the enjoyment here is unparalleled. After all, how can the service of a mortal compare to a guy with mana?

After a good night’s rest, the two of them arrived at work the next day.

The scene on the first day is an abandoned mental hospital and a haunted sanctuary in recent years.

After the ghosts in the haunted house entered the public’s field of vision, the world has undergone great changes, and the presence of ghosts has become stronger.

It used to be rare for people who didn’t have that chance to see ghosts, but now as long as ghosts appear, they can be seen. Although these existences are soul bodies, they are not as easy to be ignored by people as before. The number of people claiming to see ghosts with their own eyes has also surged.

However, for a variety show, especially in the current state of society, it is definitely impossible to make a little suspenseful atmosphere and pretend to be a ghost.

For the purpose of the program, the program team even hired a few ghosts-not employees of the haunted house. Since the introduction of relevant national laws, although most of the ghosts are still unwilling to be controlled, or they are obsessed with some purpose and are unwilling to be regulated .

But there are not no ghosts with corresponding ideas. As a ghost citizen, although the strength is uneven, because it is still rare, it is easy to want to work and make money.

There are exactly three entrances and exits to the mental hospital. Each group of people enters from a different entrance and wins if they find the target props placed in the program group, but they have to go through various clues guessing, ghost frights, and the rendering of a horrible atmosphere.

It sounds simple, but the program effect is actually quite outstanding. The unknown side of traffic stars facing extreme environments, although this side is a script carefully designed by the show crew, it is definitely pleasing enough.

In addition, the theme is novel, the plot is humorous and funny, and there are real ghosts out of the country. As long as you don’t edit with your toes in the later stage, it should be fine.

A team of three people, Zhu Yang’s captain must be Wang Xiaoer, besides her there is a male player.

The anthropology is Erqie Liaotouqing, and Wang Xiaoer always gives people the image of a sharp tongue, and only this configuration knows the positioning of their group.

It’s just that a Zhu Yang was squeezed in midway. At first, the program team was a little worried that the effect of the temporary application would affect the sense of coordination.

Wang Xin also packed the ticket and said: “Don’t worry, when my aunt did not let people guess the routine, instead of restricting it with scripts, it is better to let her play normally.”

After all, when she sent the village chief to marry a toad/mao, they saw with their own eyes how the old lady was painted like a ghost.

Later, I heard another sister in the family say that the toad/mao was so scared that she almost bit her tongue.

As a result, the program was recorded. As expected, the program crew was quite satisfied with the results. They praised Zhu Yang for his unexpected sense of variety, and he performed well on the spot. Honestly speaking, he was always in awe of ghosts and humans. , She dare to act like this.

But when the wages were settled for the hired ghosts afterwards, they were puzzled–

\”Huh? Is there that one among the ghosts we were looking for?\”

This program is broadcast once a week, and the time is Saturday’s prime time.

Due to the traffic of the three celebrities, the number of visits to the solo website that bought the program rights soared.

Some people have been refreshing it more than half an hour ago, clearly determining the playing time, but still doing this kind of unnecessary action.

It finally arrived at seven o’clock, and after the lengthy commercials, it really ushered in the premiere of the show.

The prelude is very brief, just introduce the people and the nature of the program. Who doesn’t know the three streams? For the time being, the six newcomers are not interested.

It was his aunt who was in the group with Wang Xinyi, and the topic of the relationship between the two was still very interesting.

Except for the rainbow farts of fans from all walks of life, the barrage that drifted across the screen was [good aunt] [auntie is so beautiful] [what is the price of my nephew?]

Then the picture shifted to the location. After the host announced the mission, three groups of people entered through different doors, and the photographer followed along behind to take pictures.

This is a gloomy place with haunted legends, and the program group has arranged and rendered in advance, plus a later soundtrack.

Suddenly, people entered the horror atmosphere, even though they knew that this was the effect of the show, they still got their hearts out for his rare idol.

Wang Xinyi’s group went up the rusty stairs, fingers and sliding over the rough railings, and there was a horrible sound.

Then the sound effect played, the classic horror sound effect with erratic and slightly sharp gravel, accompanied by an ethereal whistle.

It makes the scalp numb.

Then suddenly I heard Wang Xin yelling at the back impatiently: “Why? Turn off the phone and sing it, right?”

The camera was pointed at the rookie brother in the team, the horrible sound effect stopped abruptly, and it instantly switched to a humorous sound effect similar to the waning emotions.

I saw a smirk on his somewhat silly face: “Well, I like to whistle when I’m nervous. It’s scary here, why don’t you blow with me?”

At this moment, the barrage suddenly burst into joy–

[Let me go, the sound effects are still provided by real people? It almost scared me to death. 】

[Little brother 66, blowing the world’s wonders in such a terrible place, your courageous way is really strange. 】

[Yi Yi is so cute hahaha, emoji packs are available here-I don’t have a pig teammate like you! 】

With the lively scene on the barrage, the program is also advancing layer by layer, and the shots of the three groups are constantly switching.

As the clues obtained between the groups increased, the interesting reactions of the various stars in the horror atmosphere during the period, suddenly the audience in front of the screen was overwhelmed.

While cutting the advertisements, lively discussions have already begun on the Internet, and countless stalks and jokes have been produced in just half an hour.

Those jokes were edited and posted on the Internet, which attracted more people to watch, and the number of hits kept rising.

Then Wang Xinyi’s group followed the clues to the locker room on the third floor of the hospital.

Inside the dressing room was dilapidated and gloomy, with a few chairs upside down, and the iron wardrobe was also rusty.

The three of them turned on the lights, and the dim light flashed several times before it stabilized. Team leader Wang Xinyi read the clue note in his hand——

\”Open wardrobe 038, you will get what you want, but be careful, maybe some people are not happy to see it.\”

He shrugged: “What’s this time? There is another skull waiting for me?”

Zhu Yang smiled, knowing that it was all over again, and when she entered this room, she felt the first malice so far.

Seeing Wang Xiaoer was going to open the closet, she stopped him and said: “Be careful.”

Barrage is still laughing at the moment [hahaha from the love of my aunt] [aunt of 23’s fist and love to my nephew of 26] [Yiyi, auntie loves you, and it’s rhyming. 】

Wang Xiaoer would not ignore Zhu Yang’s words. He approached slowly, and did not touch directly with his hands. Instead, he found a stick to open the cabinet door and prepared to slowly open it.

But at this moment, there was an accident, and a sharpened steel bar suddenly popped out of the cabinet. The length of that kind of length couldn’t understand how it appeared in the cabinet.

A sharp incision rushed towards Wang Xinyi’s door. Although he was more than a meter away from the cabinet, this happened so quickly that there was no time to dodge it.

The surprise on his expression and wide eyes can be seen on the screen, and everyone who saw this scene exploded.

Then he said that the time is too late, and his body suddenly changed its position, and the steel bar’s attack was lost at the very moment.

However, the timing was too thrilling, and the incision just now almost poke Wang Xinyi’s eyes.

The barrage suddenly exploded–

[This is a funny variety show, right? Does it need to be so hard? 】

[Is the production team sick? What should I do if I really poke someone at such a close distance? Look at the speed of the steel bar, can you control it? 】

[Woo, brother is too hard. 】

The curse on the Internet at this moment has no effect on the situation at the time, but the whole episode of humorous stimulation in this cold sweat accident made the people who saw it seemed to be irritated by the cold water and became more energetic.

Then they saw that in the panoramic view was the “auntie” pulling Wang Xinyi away. The motion of extending his hand was so fast that the camera could not capture it clearly, so this paragraph was replayed again.

The above display has slowed down five times.

The people of Yiliu expressed their amazement at the speed and responsiveness of ‘Auntie’. In the discussion, I’m afraid it’s not a solid beating woman, right?

Then after seeing her settled in, Wang Xinyi turned to look at the ominous closet, showing a grin.

[Sister Kuangmoyang went online, non-combatants quickly evacuated. 】

This barrage blasted the entire screen densely, blocking the faces of people. It was obvious that people who had seen it turned their heads back, and the “Auntie” became “Sister Yang”, which shows the impact.

People turned off the disturbing barrage, and then saw the unheard of harassment appear in front of them.

Suddenly there was only one thought in my heart, yelling “Sister Yang 666”


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